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One Day At Disney World

How To Ride Every Disney World Ride In One Day

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Welcome to Disney Week at The Points Guy! All week well be covering everything there is to know about Disney parks all around the world. After youve read this guide to riding all 48 rides at Walt Disney World, make sure to check out our other Disney stories the list is at the bottom of this page.

With 40 square miles of fun, Walt Disney World can easily keep a family of all ages entertained for a week or longer. Youre almost guaranteed not to be able to take advantage of all of the seemingly endless shows, restaurants, resorts, theme parks and water parks that entice you to come back and try to finish them all another time.

But what if you could do it all, not in a one-week trip, but in just one day?

More specifically, what if you could ride every single Disney World ride, not just within one park, but in all four theme parks in a single day? This is the question that TPG contributor Ed Pizzarello and I pondered.

Walking Distances At Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is bigger than Magic Kingdom at 135 acres, but tends to not feel as large as the other parks. We typically dont do as much walking here because of the layout of the park, but again, this is an easy park to get caught backtracking in.

Its about 1.2 miles to walk around the park completely, and if you plan on booking it to Galaxys Edge upon rope drop, that will be about a half a mile walk from the front gate. If Slinky Dog Dash is where you would rather head, the walk from the front gate to Toy Story Land is about 1/3 of a mile.

How Many Miles Do You Walk At Disney

The average person is supposed to get in 10,000 steps a day for health benefits, and that equates to about 5 miles. A mile is about 2000 steps, so its pretty easy to figure out how many miles you walk during your trips.

On past Disney World trips, weve walked anywhere from 15,000 steps and upwards to even 35,000 steps a day thats over 17 miles! Since the Disney World parks are quite large, and when you add in Disney Springs and massive resorts, its easy to see where you can walk several miles each day on your Disney trip.

How many miles you walk at Disney will depend on what park you visit, how long you are in the park for the day, and the paths you take around the parks.

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How To Have A Great Time If You Only Have One Day At Disney World

As weve discussed in the past, Disney World is an incredibly large park. Thats one reason why so many people take advantage of multi-day packages that will give them the flexibility and time thats required to enjoy everything on their list.

With the hectic lives that many of us seem to be leading these days, however, a multi-day vacation may not be possible. Or perhaps youre simply in the mood for a quick trip where you can enjoy yourself without spending tons of money or taking a lot of time off work. How do you experience the most with just one day at Disney World? Wed like to share some quick ideas with you to help make that happen.

Consider Choosing Just One Park

How to Do All Four Parks in One Day at Disney World  The ...

Disney World consists of four separate parks Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT and each one is quite sizable. Many visitors will choose a couple of parks and take advantage of Disneys Park Hopper ticket. While thats certainly a good idea, keep in mind that if you only have one day at Disney World, youre going to eat up at least an hour getting from one park to another.

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Walt Disney World Basics And Essential Tips

Walt Disney World is a vacation destination outside of Orlando, Florida with four theme parks, two waterparks, numerous hotels, world class dining, and several other offerings .

If youre brand new to Walt Disney World planning, start with our Basic Things To Know About Walt Disney World. Thats a quick read that will get you familiar with Walt Disney World.

Then move on to our Essential Tips for Planning Your First Disney World Vacation. Theres some overlap between that list and this guide, but thats okay, youll just be a little ahead of the curve in the rest of your planning.

Plan To Stay To The End

If you only have one day at Disney World you need to plan for a long day with an early start and seeing the day out right through to when the parks close. This will give you the best chance of doing as much as possible and getting you the best value for your park tickets.

Allow for time to take some breaks during the day and there are some clever ways of doing that which Ill share below .

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Dont Waste Time On A Single Ride

A 15- to 20-minute wait for a ride may not sound like much of a delay in a major theme park, but when you want to ride all 48 rides across four parks in one day, it simply isnt an option. We wouldnt wait in any line that was more than 5 to 10 minutes long unless we had no other option. Our longest line of the entire day was 15 minutes, and that was for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which frequently has a two-hour wait. The second-longest line was for Peter Pans Flight, close to a 15-minute wait, but we got in line at 10:59pm, one minute before park closing. As long as you are in line for a ride when the clock strikes, you get to enjoy a final thrill of the day.

The My Disney Experience app is your friend for monitoring wait times, but you should also check the wait boards as you pass rides, as the app isnt always 100% accurate.

One Day Ticket At Disney World Wrapping It Up


The biggest takeaway from this post should be that you can definitely manage one day at Disney World. You need to choose your park, make a plan, and avoid wasted time. It does not need to be rushed or feel rushed, to see a lot of the park in one day. Regardless of how you plan your day, it will be a magical day full of memories!

Looking to find out how we plan our routes? Check out this post here!

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Plan For Fastpass+ Way Ahead Of Time

Basically, Fastpass+ allows you to skip the line at different rides. You can make three reservations in ONE park. After you use all three, you can make another one at a kiosk or on your app.

However, these spots book up quickly, so you want to book as far ahead as possible. If youre a normal park goer, you can start 30 days prior, and if youre at a resort, you can do it 60 days prior.

As you know from above, we, uh, didnt have our stuff together until the night before we went to the parks, so we didnt get a single Fastpass+ ride. Whoops! It worked out, though, because we used the next option:

What To Do With Only One Day In Walt Disney Worlds Epcot

Posted by: Stacy Milford January 10, 2022

One day may not seem like a lot to spend in Walt Disney Worlds EPCOT. And true, you wont be able to see and do everything at the Park in that time. But that doesnt mean you cant get an excellent taste of what EPCOT has to offer in just a day.

Here are a few things you wont want to miss if you have just one day in Disneys EPCOT Theme Park.

Test Track

To avoid long lines, its a great idea to ride Test Track in World Discovery as soon as you arrive in EPCOT if you dont have Disney Genie+. Guests can design their own car, and then hop aboard a ride vehicle to test how your creation fares in various scenarios. Post-ride, there are fun activities you can take part in .

Remys Ratatouille Adventure

This 4D attraction in the France Pavilion at the World Showcase is so new and popular that its not covered under the basic Disney Genie+ service, and the virtual queue previously in use for the ride ends as of January 10. This means youll either have to purchase Individual Lightning Lane access to skip the lines at Remys Ratatouille Adventure, or just take your chances in the standby line.

Frozen Ever After

Space 220

EPCOTs newest table service restaurant is simply out of this world. Guests board a space elevator where youll watch the ground recede as you ascend to a space station far above Earth. During your meal, gaze at spectacular views of the planet below you.

Soarin Around the World

The Seas With Nemo & Friends


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Mornings Are The Most Important Part Of The Day

Morning is when crowds are lowest and when you have a chance to implement a good rope drop strategy that gets you on your first few rides of the day with next to no wait. You have three mornings which means you get to pick three parks to rope drop.

Theres a big caveat thoughyou need Early Theme Park Entry to really make mornings work. Early Theme Park Entry is a perk of staying at a Disney hotel that allows these guests exclusive access to each park every day for 30 minutes before other guests. On a three-day trip, it will usually make sense to pay a bit more to stay at a Disney hotel and enjoy this perk.

If you dont have Early Entry, you can still have a good morning , but youll be entering the park to decent crowds already.

Here are our posts for rope drop posts followed by our recommendations for where to start your days

    Obviously we said to give a full day to Magic Kingdom, so youll be rope dropping that park.

    We also recommend spending one morning at Hollywood Studios. Even with Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane purchases, Hollywood Studios is made much simpler by a successful rope drop.

    How Much Does It Cost To Go To Walt Disney World For One Day

    Disney World in One Day

    This isnt as simple of an answer as you might think. There are several factors that go into the cost of spending a day at Walt Disney World.

    For starters, youll need valid park admission to one of the four theme parks . A one day ticket varies depending on the exact date you plan to visit. Currently, the pricing ranges between $109 and $159 per day for a one-day base ticket.

    *For current ticket options and pricing information head HERE.

    Of course, youll also need food throughout the day. There are ways to minimize the cost of food, like packing your own. Weve estimated with an entrée and fountain beverage that on average for breakfast, lunch, and dinner one adult guest will spend about $45 dollars per day if they went to a quick service location for each meal. Lets round that number up to $50 to be on the safe side.

    *Walt Disney World has a wide range of restaurant options which you can find information on HERE additionally, the resort offers prepaid Dining Plans which you can learn about HERE.

    If you are parking your car at the theme parks you will be charged a fee for standard parking, although that price may vary depending on other factors.

    *For more information about parking at Walt Disney World click HERE.

    *As there are so many variables that go into planning even a single day at Walt Disney World, many choose to use planning and travel professionals such as official DIS sponsor Dreams Unlimited Travel.

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    Buy Tickets Online In Advance

    Dont wait to get to the parks to purchase your Disney World one day ticket. Buy it in advance online. In the past, the last thing you want to do is spend precious time waiting in a line to buy a ticket or even to pick them up at Will Call. Currently, you can only get into the parks with advanced reservations.

    Traveling Mom Tip: We recommend purchasing your Disney tickets through Get Away Today. Not only does the company have the lowest prices, it offers a best price guarantee. If you ever find park tickets cheaper, Get Away Today wont just match the price, the company will beat it. In addition, with the uncertainty of a pandemic in play having an agency on your side makes everything more secure. If your vacation is impacted they will do the work for you.

    Get Between The Parks As Quickly As Possible But Try To Allow An Hour In Between

    Honestly, Im lowkey annoyed with how inefficient the transportation between the parks is. There are four ways:

    • Monorail
    • Lyft Minnie Drivers
    • Boats occasionally

    The Monorail only works for some resorts, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom. Why the eff the monorail doesnt go to every single park is beyond me.

    The shuttle buses do their best, but they still have to go on the main roads outside of the parks, which means they sometimes get slammed with traffic. Hey, how about creating a lane ONLY for buses?!

    Theres apparently a gondola thing being built for the 50th anniversary, but I dont know any more details on that. We just saw the construction signs for them.

    I just When you map the drive between the parks, theyre maybe 10 minutes away from each other. The fact that it took us an HOUR for everything seems a little ridiculous.

    But I digress. If you dont mind spending the money on Lyft, then Id try to take those as much as possible to cut down on time! Just keep in mind Uber does NOT work in Disney, its only Lyft.

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    Arrive Early And Stay Until Closing

    Many visitors dont seem to take advantage of the hours that Disney World is open. First off, you should show up at least half an hour before the gates open so that you can get a head start. It will especially help if you already know which rides are most popular and go there first. The crowd will the heaviest in the afternoon and then lighten up in the early evening, so you should also stay until closing or as late as you possibly can.

    Am : 30 Am First Ride: The Avatar Flight Of Passage


    Anyway, our first stop was, of course, the Avatar Flight of Passage. Take a moment once youre in though to appreciate the Tree of Life. Its incredible.

    Then book it over to the line for the Flight of Passage, because its going to be a long wait. Everyone warned us this was the crazy busy one, and they were right. By the time we walked over to the end of the line, the wait time went anywhere from 60-70 minutes. This was FIRST thing in the morning!

    Luckily, the line went pretty quickly. If it did take a full hour of waiting, it didnt feel like it. The line was constantly moving, and it snakes through the Valley of Moara, which is pretty breathtaking. Just when you think of the level of creativity and attention to detail when it came to creating every prop in this one place, its amazing.

    Anyway, the Avatar Flight of Passage is a simulated ride on the back of a banshee, and its insane. Initially, we were a bit skeptical and grumpy that we were waiting in line for a simulated ride. However, trust me, its worth it first thing in the morning. The effects are cool, and the 3D is amazing. The scenery reminds me a bit of the Zhangjiajie mountains in China, Victoria Falls, and a bit of those gardens in Singapore.

    There are videos of the ride on Youtube, but theyre not that good, and I think they spoil the effect of the ride. As someone who reads the last page of books and loves spoilers, Im highly recommending you DONT!

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    Contact World Class Vip For An Incredible One Day At Disney Experience

    By following these simple tips, just one day at Disney World can be a fantastic adventure for you and your family. World Class VIP can help you along by providing you with a private Disney World tour that includes loads of perks. With our VIP experience, well assist you with spending less time in line, navigating the park, making hotel reservations, discovering new foods, finding your favorite characters, and more. To receive a free, no-obligation private Disney VIP tour quote, call our team at 270-0956 today.

    Disney World In One Day

    How do you even begin to contemplate exploring everything Disney World has to offer in just one day? The entire Disney World resort covers 40 square miles, essentially the same size as the city of San Francisco! Trying to accomplish as much as possible in just one day requires plenty of planning, research and a strong desire to achieve the goals you set.

    We figured that we had about a 12-hour window to explore Disney World so rather than trying to visit all four parks, our challenge was made a little easier when we decided to visit just three. Easy right? Ok, maybe not given the vast size of these parks and having to take into consideration travel time between them etc. More on that aspect later.

    Anyone visiting Disney World for the first time will certainly want to visit the iconic theme park, Magic Kingdom. Its pretty much a given that everyone needs to experience the magic at least once so this was at the very top of our list of must-see parks.

    As avid world travelers, the World Showcase at Epcot was another area we just had to experience so this was second on our list and the intriguing prospect of taking a Kilimanjaro Safari meant that Animal Kingdom was added to our itinerary.

    After figuring out where we wanted to go and organizing times for must-see attractions using our Fast Pass privileges, we established the following tentative schedule to experience Disney World in one day!

    Morning Magic Kingdom

    Afternoon Epcot

    Evening Animal Kingdom

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