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Make Dining Reservations Disney World

Other Ways To Make Dining Reservations

How to Make Disney Dining Reservations

If you don’t have a mobile device or just don’t like using technology, there are old-school ways to book a restaurant at Disney World. These include:

  • Telephone: 939-1947 Again, call up to 180 days in advancethe sooner the better, especially during peak seasons.
  • On propertyIf you are at Disney World, you can make advance reservations with the concierge at your hotel. You could also try walking up to a restaurant on the day or even at the time you wish to dine. There are often last-minute cancellations, and even the busiest restaurants may have availability.

With the introduction of Disney Genie in fall 2021, visitors can now use the service, which is part of the My Disney Experience mobile app, to join a walk-up waitlist at table-service restaurants. If there is any anticipated availability at the restaurant of your choice, the app will allow you to join a waitlist. Its not a reservation, but more like a virtual queue. When a table become available, the app will notify you via your mobile device. There are other Disney Genie features you may want to explore.

Before You Book Dining Reservations

Now that you have your list of restaurants, there are just a few more things you need to prepare before the 60-day booking window starts.

1. Make a list of restaurants you want to try Before you start making advanced dining reservations you need to have a plan for which restaurants you want to eat at in Disney World.

The Walt Disney World website is a great resource with a list of every restaurant and their menus. Go on there and through them to see which ones look the best to you.

Always put a few extra restaurants on the list than what you will be able to eat at. This gives you more options when it comes time to make ADRs.

2. Narrow down your list to the absolute must-try restaurants Out of your whole list, write down the 4-5 most important ones that you HAVE to eat at. This will help you prioritize when booking.

3. Plan your vacation days Write down which days are going to be park days, which parks you will be at on each day so you figure out where you are going to be. Once you know where you are going to be, you can start filling in the meals with restaurants from your list that are located in those places.

Will you be in the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday? Thats a great time to try Be Our Guest. EPCOT on Thursday? Grab some sushi at Tokyo Dining then.

  • Go to My Plans under the My Disney Experience tab on the website or in the My Disney Experience app to do this.
  • Enter your Walt Disney World confirmation number and the last name on the reservation.
  • Hard To Get Disney Dining Reservations

    While 60 days might seem like way too far in advance to book a restaurant, there are some restaurants that will book up that far in advance almost immediately. So if you want to eat at these coveted restaurants it is in your best interest to book those as soon as the window opens.

    As of fall 2021, booking ANY dining reservation has become challenging, and I expect this to get worse as the 50th anniversary kicks off October 1. This is due to the restaurants still not being filled to capacity due to staffing issues.

    Less slots for a lot of people equal a tougher time getting reservations.

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    When Can I Make Reservations

    Most dining reservations can be made 60 days in advance. Guests staying at Disney-owned Resorts may make reservations for their entire vacation at 60 days out from the first day of their vacations. This policy is not extended to guests of the Swan, Dolphin, Shades of Green, or any of the Disney Springs Resorts or hotels.

    The online system opens at 6AM ET and 407-WDW-DINE begins at 7AM ET.

    Some restaurants will book up quickly, so if you want to ensure you get the best meal times at the restaurants of your choice, plan to book 60 out.

    Best Way To Make Disney World Dining Reservations

    Tips for Hard to Get Dining Reservations at Disney World

    Now that Ive told you each way to make a Disney World dining reservation, which is the best? Several years ago, most people preferred making Disney World dining reservations on the phone.

    But with the changes in technology, most people prefer to make Disney dining reservations online. Now some people claim the My Disney Experience app is better and others claim that Disney World webpage is better.

    With this, its safe to say either online method of making Disney World dining reservations is probably easier and more effective than the traditional Disney dining phone number.

    If I were you, I would try making your Disney dining reservations via the app or the website!

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    Can You Eat At Disney Restaurants Without Reservations

    Sometimes. Many, if not most, restaurants at Disney World take walk up guests and will add your name to a list. However, on busier days or at the top restaurants, youll basically never get in without a reservation.

    Generally, if youre going to get a table in any reasonable amount of time, there will be an open reservation that you can just go ahead and book to save yourself the trouble of going to the restaurant and sitting around waiting.

    If there are no available reservations, then the restaurant is probably full and waits will be at least 30 minutes and probably 60 minutes plus.

    Eat At An Unpopular Time

    If you want to book a restaurant at the last minute the best thing to do is try for a table at an undesirable time for other guests.

    Most guests, especially ones with kids will eat at the classic meal times. That means between 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm for Lunch and between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm for Dinner. You are very unlikely to find much at those times at the last minute.

    • Dont look for a reservation at 12:00 pm for Lunch, try for 2:30.
    • For Dinner either choose a very early time or a late time

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    Restaurants You Really Must Book In Advance

    If you want to attend the Cinderellas Royal Table Character Breakfast, it is critical to either book online or with the MyDisneyExperience app at 6:00 am ET or via at 7:00 am ET, 60 days in advance. It sells out within minutes each day when reservations open. Full prepayment in advance is required for Cinderellas Royal Table.

    The Chefs Table at Victoria and Alberts in the Grand Floridian Resort also sells out every morning, exactly 60 days in advance. There is only one Chefs Table seating each night and it is not available Wednesdays and Fridays. We recommend you book online or with the MyDisneyExperience app, but you can also call at 7:00 am ET, 60 days in advance.

    Reservations are required for these locations you will never get a walk-up table :

    • Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom
    • California Grill in the Contemporary Resort
    • Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue and Mickeys Backyard BBQ dinner shows at Ft. Wilderness
    • Ogas Cantina in Hollywood Studios. Also note that guests are limited to 45 minutes per party
    • Spirit of Aloha Luau dinner show at the Polynesian Resort
    • Victoria and Alberts in the Grand Floridian Resort

    Also, during the Free Dining promotion, most table service dining locations will be fully booked up during regular meal times. It is critical to have reservations during that time period! Disney does usually add some extra hours to certain restaurants , so if you find yourself without a reservation, that might be worth a try.

    Disney Dining Reservations: When To Book

    DISNEY WORLD RESERVATION TUTORIAL | How To Book Dining At Disney World | Special Event Reservations

    Lets be honest: The stress of planning Disney dining reservations can feel like a FastPass+ to family therapy. Why? Disney World has over 400 restaurants to choose from and knowing what, when, and how to book can be overwhelming. To make matters more complicated, snagging reservations to restaurants with the highest demand feels like reservation gladiators. Throw COVID closures into the mix and vacation planning suddenly becomes scarier than the Tower of Terror.

    We have three resources to ensure your Disney vacation planning process has a fairy tale ending

    But dont fret. We have three resources to ensure your Disney vacation planning process has a fairy tale ending:

    1. Our Disney Dining Reservation Calculator: You enter the first day of the trip , we’ll tell you when to book your Disney dining, lodging, events, and more.

    2. A complete list of every Disney World Restaurant that accepts reservations: This spreadsheet includes a list of all Disney restaurants that accept reservations, where they’re located, which offer character experiences and/or events, and which are in high demand. Not enough? It also indicates which restaurants are temporarily closed during COVID.

    3. A list of travel advisors who specialize in Disney: If you’re not a travel professional already, you may just decide you want to find one to do the heavy lifting. We’ll show you where you can find one here.

    Its a lot cheaper than Family Therapy.

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    Dos And Donts For Making Advanced Dining Reservations At Disney World

    Disney dining reservations are a serious business! Disney dining is fantastic, and many of the restaurants are extremely popular with all reservations gone minutes after the reservations open for that date. If you are anxious about making reservations or really want to make sure you get a particular one, then definitely check out this great list of 9 DOs and DONTs for making advanced dining reservations at Walt Disney World:

    9 DO determine the exact date for your 60-day mark.

    Editors Note: Since July 2020 the dining booking window has been 60 days . This change appears to be here to stay, at least for the time being.

    You can begin making advanced dining reservations for Disney World restaurants exactly 60 days from the date of your arrival. If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel, you will be able to make your reservations for your entire stay at that one sitting. This can be helpful in snagging the restaurants that are tough to get. You will want to be sure that you have the exact right day so that you can plan to make your reservations.

    8 DONT underestimate the need to plan out your preferred restaurant dates, times, etc.

    7 DO check park hours and calendars to help plan around show times, fireworks, etc.

    6 DONT forget to set your alarm to get up early to make reservations.

    5 DO call if you are experiencing issues online.

    4 DONT give up if you didnt get all of your preferred reservations.

    A Complete List Of Disney World Restaurants & Dining Events That Accept Reservations

    Okay, so you know when you need to make your Disney dining reservations. How do you decide which restaurants to aim for? We decided to go an extra step to aid your Disney dining reservations.

    Our list of Disney restaurants indicates which theme park restaurants are located in , which offer character dining, which are temporarily unavailable due to COVID, and which restaurants are hot commodities.

    Below is a spreadsheet of every Disney World restaurant that accepts reservations. Our list of Disney restaurants indicates which theme park restaurants are located in , which offer character dining, which are temporarily unavailable due to COVID, and which restaurants are hot commodities. .

    Before you launch in, here’s a legend for our spreadsheet since I got a little emoji happy:

    = Offers character dining

    = Restaurant is located in a on-property resort

    = Dining Event

    = Restaurant or event is temporarily unavailable due to COVID

    You can see for yourself:

    Our Disney dining calculator and spreadsheet are a dynamic duo. Together, they’ll help you prioritize and book your Disney dining reservations.

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    Disney World Split Stays

    If you are not sure what a split stay is, it is when you stay at two or more Disney hotels during your vacation. For example, 5 night at the Polynesian and 5 nights at Caribbean Beach.

    In the case of a split stay, the 60+10 rule does NOT apply. On the 60th day from your arrival date, when are able to start making ADRs, you will only be able to book a restaurant for those first 5 days of your vacation at the Polynesian and not the last 5 at the Caribbean Beach.

    Even though it would be logical to be able to book them all right away since you are staying all 10 days on Walt Disney World property, that is not the case.

    In order to book the restaurant for the last 5 days at the Caribbean Beach Resort, you will have to wait until 60 days before your arrival at THAT resort. Even though we love split stays, this is one of the only downsides to doing it and is usually not a problem unless you are trying to book one of the absolute hardest-to-get reservations in Disney World.

    What Time Can I Make Dining Reservations

    7 Brilliant Ways to Make Hard to Get Disney Dining Reservations (2021 ...

    What time of the day can you start making advanced dining reservations? That depends if you are making them online or on the phone.

    • Online Reservations Advanced dining reservations open each morning at 6:00 am ET.
    • Phone Reservations Dining reservations are available on the phone each day starting at 7:00 am ET.

    You may have noticed a time difference between making your advanced dining reservations online or on the phone. The online reservation system goes online one hour earlier than phone reservations and starts at 6:00 am.

    That may not seem like a big difference, but that one hour can mean the difference between you getting those hard-to-get ADRs or not.

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    Do You Have To Make Reservations For Disney World Restaurants

    Yes and no. If you want to eat in the full-service restaurants, youll almost always need Disney World Advanced Dining Reservations. A walk-up booking can be unlikely for the most popular locations. If you dont want to commit to reservations, then its totally okay to eat at only quick-service dining locations for your entire trip. I did this when I traveled to Disney World alone with my infant. And the meals I had were great!

    So, yes if you want to eat in the full-service restaurants, youll need ADR. No, you dont have to make reservations if youre okay with eating all quick-service. And of course if you want to dine with the popular characters at Topolinos Terrace, youre going to need a reservation!

    How Can I Make An Advanced Dining Reservation

    You can use the My Disney Experience app or to make ADRs. You can also call 407-WDW-DINE to call the phone line to speak to a Cast Member and make a reservation. We recommend using the app or website to be able to make your reservation as early as possible for your highest priority restaurants.

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    When Youre Ready To Dine At Disney

    Along with your appetite, please remember to pack face coverings to each guest age 2 and up, which should be worn while entering and exiting the dining location, but can be removed once the drink and food are served. You will also need the latest version of the My Disney Experience App, a cashless/contactless form of payment as well as a confirmed dining reservation.

    Are you ready to get back to Disney and nosh on our favorite meal? Leave us a comment below!

    When Should You Make A Dining Reservation

    How to Make Advanced Dining Reservations for Walt Disney World: Tips and Tricks

    Dining reservations are not always needed, it really depends on the type of dining experience you want. Disney offers four dining options, including Character Dining, Fine/Signature Dining, Casual Dining, and Counter Service. You never need a reservation for Counter Service or Quick Service, but reservations are available for most Character Dining, Fine/Signature Dining, and Casual Dining locations. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Disney has modified some of their dining experiences.

    Currently, dining reservations are highly recommended to ensure you will be able to visit a restaurant because some of Disneys dining locations are operating at limited capacity, and some dining locations are closed. All dining reservations can be made 60 days in advance.

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    Why Dont You Need Reservations For Disneyland Restaurants

    Comparing Disney World to Disneyland, youll know that Disneyland regulars very rarely book ADR. Most of the full-service restaurants are easy to dine in as a walk-up. There are some exceptions, like character meals and Blue Bayou restaurant. And youll definitely need ADR during busier seasons and the Holidays.

    Im not sure why Disneyland restaurants arent as crowded as Disney World! Maybe because the dining at Disneyland is less experience. Perhaps because its very easy to leave the parks and walk across the street to restaurants on Harbor Blvd? Or maybe because so many locals tend to pack in their own food and snacks? In any case, full service dining isnt a big deal at Disneyland like it is at Disney World. For more information, heres how to eat at Disneyland without an ADR.

    Do I Have To Have A Hotel Reservation

    Even if you dont have a hotel reservation at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can still use the dining reservation system and manage everything through your My Disney Experience account.

    Right now you need to have a hotel reservation to make a dining reservation. This will likely change when the park restaurants open for booking.

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