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Lyft From Orlando Airport To Disney World

Magic Express Is Discontinued For 2022

Orlando Airport to Disney World 2022 – Mears Connect, Sunshine Flyer, Uber, Lyft, Taxi Prices & More

In previous years, guests relied on Magical Express shuttle service to get to their Disney hotel. Unfortunately, Magical Express is being discontinued at end of 2021. Starting January 1st 2022, youll have to find alternative transportation between Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World Resort.

You could rent a car or hail a taxi, but those options will be much more expensive. Ubers are significantly cheaper than using a taxi and much more practical than renting an entire car. You wont need to pay for packing and you really have no need for a rental car because Disney Transportation is free and readily available throughout the park.

For all these reasons, we think Uber is the best way to travel between Orlandos airport and Walt Disney World.

Taxis & Ride Service Tips

Taxis or on-demand ride services like Uber & Lyft can save you time at Walt Disney World and improve your comfort level both of which increase the value of your vacation! While Disney has a FREE transportation system at Walt Disney World , occasionally its not terribly convenient or can take a long time. Weve compiled information about Disney World and Disneyland taxis and ride services a fare estimator, the best usage, and general tips below.

Minnie Vans Lyft And Uber For International Travelers Who Wont Have A Working Phone

If you wont have a working phone during your visit, you wont be able to use these services UNLESS you have a mobility device like a scooter or wheelchair with you, and youre calling for an accessible Minnie Van while at Disney World. In that case, weve been told that you can have Bell Services call for an accessible Minnie Van, or if youre in a Deluxe Disney World resort with valet, they should be able to call for you.

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Are You Staying In A Disney Resort Hotel

If you have a reservation for a Disney Resort Hotel, you can take advantage of the Magical Express shuttle that takes visitors from the airport to select resorts for free. This shuttle is the cheapest way to get from the airport to Disney, but unfortunately, this service ends in January 2022.

Visitors that have new or existing reservations in 2021 can still ride the Magical Express. For those visiting in 2022, there are alternate modes of transportation available that are affordable and convenient. Depending on the number of passengers, hotel visitors can take advantage of several services, including:

  • Uber
  • Car rental services
  • Limousines

All of these services can take you to a Disney Resort as thats a common destination for those who fly to the Orlando Airport. To schedule your ride using the Magical Express, you can contact a booking agent or select that option when you place your reservation online.

Best Ways To Get From Orlando Airport To Disney World

Your Guide to Using Uber Orlando and Lyft Orlando

Disney recently announced that they are discontinuing the Magical Express shuttle service at the end of 2021. With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to discuss the best ways to get from Orlando Airport to Disney World now that well have to rely on other modes of transportation. Below we lay out the top 5 options to consider for your next airport to Disney connection.

Remember that theres no right or wrong answer here. The best mode of transportation will depend on who you are traveling with and how many people are in your group. Are you traveling with children or pets? Is there a person with mobility issues in your group or someone who is elderly? Maybe you are traveling with a big church group or school group? These factors will influence which transportation alternative will work best for you.

With that said, lets take a look at the best ways to get to and from Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World Resort.

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Best Ways To Get From Orlando International Airport To Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel

Sample fares are estimates only and do not reflect variations due to discounts, traffic delays or other factors. Actual fares may vary. You agree to pay the fare shown upon confirming your ride request. If your route or destination changes on trip, your fare may change based on the rates above and other applicable taxes, tolls, charges and adjustments. Subject to Lyfts Terms of Service.

Cons Of Using Walt Disney World Uber Or Lyft

When traveling from the airport to Walt Disney World, you will be charge a small additional fee that is added when the app sees that you are getting picked up inside the airport. We recommend utilizing the Magical Express on your way into Walt Disney World and using an Uber or Lyft when you return to the airport.

Another con of Uber/Lyft is their surge pricing. This one is pretty major. Surge pricing is enabled when the drivers are being used near capacity. If there arent enough drivers to keep up with the current demand, surge pricing takes effect and the rides become a bit more expensive . This enables the ones who needs rides the most a chance to still get around.

The app will notify you when surge pricing is active in case youd like to wait a few minutes for the traffic to calm back down. You can also set it to notify you if the surge ends. While still cheaper than the ordinary taxi, surge pricing can put a damper into a rather great service. On the bright side, with the recent flood of drivers to the Walt Disney World area, surge pricing is becoming less and less common. If it happens, you can expect it around 8-10 am, and 9-11pm, when most of the park guests are arriving and leaving from the resorts.

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Different Types Of Uber Vehicles

You have various different choices according to the type of Uber vehicle you want.

UberX is the standard choice. The car will take up to 4 riders.

If you have up to six people then an UberXL is a good option. This will be an SUV or Van.

Comfort also takes up to 4 passengers but are newer vehicles with more legroom.

UberBLACK is the ultimate Uber. It is meant to compete with a town car type service. You will be transported in a black luxury vehicle and be driven by a professional driver.

However, if you need a car seat to be provided in your Uber you can request this. However, if you are taking a Car Seat in your UberX or Uber XL there is an additional charge.

Other Orlando Airport Transfers

How to get from MCO to Disney World and Universal in a Rental Car

If youre still not sure which Orlando Airport transportation is the best for you, go through other options to compare the services. Our guide to finding a suitable Orlando Airport Shuttle is extremely helpful for those who wish to discover and compare all the transfers! You can find out more about Super Shuttle Orlando and other leading transfers from MCO. If going to the cruise port, check out the best transport services that run to and from Port Canaveral. If you need a ride to Daytona, consider using Groome Transportationformerly Daytona Orlando Transit Servicethat offers cost-effective airport shuttle rides. We can also help you get to Sanford Airport or Cocoa Beach by providing useful info on the Orlando Sanford Airport Shuttle and Cocoa Beach Shuttle. To get the cheapest transportation between Orlando and Miami, check out what BusLine has to offer!

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Ride From The Airport To Disney World Resorts & Back

MEARS CONNECT: Once Disneys Magical Express program has been removed, Mears became the only airport to Disney World and back shuttle service. Now they have a competitor in The Sunshine Flyer . Still, Mears Connect is one option for a ride to take you from the airport to the Disney World resorts. They also stop at some Disney Springs and other Disney area resorts. Its a paid service. They offer a standard shuttle service and an express service option for a higher price. They do have accessible vehicles available upon request.

Visit here to read and register for Mears Connect airport to resort transportation options. This page also includes a list of resorts they service.

THE SUNSHINE FLYER: This railroad themed bus shuttle service starts as of February 1, 2022. Guests ride in a motorcoach that is themed as a 1920s era locomotive or passenger car. There are multiple vehicle designs, and theres entertainment on the rides. They do have accessible vehicles available upon request. There is a bathroom available on all their buses.

Visit here for The Sunshine Flyer pricing and reservation page.

Uber Or Lyft From The Orlando Airport To Disney World

Your next option is to take a taxi, Uber or Lyft from the Orlando Airport to Disney World. The cost on this one is going to vary based on time of day and your party size. If youre traveling with kids be sure to check out our tips on using rideshare services with littles. Need a car seat? Look under more options for a list of car seat rides available. Prices run roughly $10-15 higher with a car seat. Be aware that availability varies. UberX fits 3 passengers UberX with car seat was exactly $10 more. However, UberXL which fits 5 had no car seat availability over 5 times of me checking.

The benefit of using one of these services is that drivers are usually very close by with minimal wait times. You can reserve and be in a car in under 5 minutes in many cases. For this reason we recommend checking availability once you land but not booking until you have your luggage in hand and are out the door. Uber and Lyft pickup is located on Level 2 near baggage claim in both terminals . Follow the signs for Ride App Pickup to the end of the curbs.

Calculate Uber or Lyft cost to Disney without installing an App

TravelingMom Tip:Pay close attention to the passenger count when reserving both Uber and Lyft. You want to make sure your entire party will fit in the ride you select!

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How Far In Advance Should I Request My Ride

Drivers arrive pretty quick at Walt Disney World and Universal, so request your ride when you are standing in the pick up zone.

If you are requesting a ride from Magic Kingdom Park, first take the monorail or ferry to the Ticket at Transportation Center , then request your ride. You can only be picked up at the TTC, not at the Magic Kingdom.

Another option is to walk to Disneys Contemporary Resort and request your ride once you are there.

At the TTC, drivers are probably already queued in the waiting zone and will pull up quickly.

Getting To Walt Disney World From Orlando Airport

Walt Disney World Without a Car

by Professor Heather Adamczak | Jan 23, 2022 | Homepage Featured, News, Trip Planning, Walt Disney World |

Since 2005, guests visiting Walt Disney World havent had to put any effort into deciding how they were going to get from the airport to their resort hotel. Disneys free Magical Express motorcoach service provided guests with luggage and shuttle service to their resort hotel from Orlando International Airport and back again at the completion of their trip. However, on January 2nd, 2022 that service was officially retired, causing a bit of panic and confusion for many planning a trip to Walt Disney World.

With the help of our friends over at Key to the World Travel, we have put together some tips to help you navigate the current options for guests looking to get from the Orlando International Airport to their resort hotel. While there are no longer any free options, we have broken each of these categories down to show the pros and cons and value of each service.

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Your Guide To Using Uber Orlando And Lyft Orlando

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    The rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are fabulous options for travelers who dont want the expense or liability of a rental car. Using Uber Orlando or Lyft Orlando can make getting around the theme parks easy, especially when you are in a mad hurry. Heres your guide to using Uber Orlando and Lyft Orlando airport included!

    I mean, you cant be waiting on a Walt Disney World bus when your I sold my firstborn for this Genie Plus Lightning Lane pass is about to expire, amirite?

    And the Universal Orlando shuttle service or water taxi can take a little too much time for my taste when I need to get to the Hard Rock Orlando Hotel for some nachos!

    Heres what you need to know about ridesharing around Orlando using Uber Orlando or Lyft Orlando.

    Page Contents

  • More Orlando Posts Youll Love
  • Lyft Has Better Disney World Maps

    One big outcome of Minnie Vans is the maps utilized by the internal systems the drivers use.

    Disney World is undergoing a TON of changes right now with a lot of road construction that can really play havoc with GPS.

    But, because Minnie Vans use Lyft, it appears that Lyft keeps their system maps far more updated for the Walt Disney World Resort area, which means youre less likely to have your driver take a wrong turn.

    Plus, weve found the Lyft app to work a lot better for narrowing down a specific building at a Disney resort.

    The Lyft app actually has the building numbers included in a drop down, so you can be sure youre selecting the right spot.

    And having the building number available makes it easier for the driver to find you quickly and efficiently.

    Being dropped off and picked up at your building is a huge perk to using a service like Lyft.

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    Should I Use Lyft Or Just Rent A Car

    Considering renting a car at the airport? You might want to think about using a service like Lyft instead.

    Now that Disney charges resort guests for parking, it makes the cost of having a car on property a lot more expensive and the idea of using a service like Uber or Lyft far more attractive.

    Not only will you save on parking fees and rental car fees, you also wont have to worry about trying to find a parking place at your resort or having to deal with parking at the parks.

    Sure, Disney makes parking easy, but in most cases, if you Lyft or Uber to a park youll have a lot less walking than if you drove.

    It involves a little math, but you can crunch the numbers to see what makes the most sense for you.

    Make sure youre factoring in everything. Some things to consider

    Car rental


    • Take a look at your daily plan and map out which days youd likely be driving to the parks. For reference, we usually do a mix of Disney buses and Lyft each day.
    • You can get estimates for the cost of your fares on the Lyft website .

    Now, total it all up and see which is the best option.

    Uber & Lyft Disney World Basics

    Traveling to Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort | Resort Overview Room Tour | October 2020

    For those who dont know, Uber and Lyft are smartphone apps that allow you to request a ride from a driver in your immediate area. From this point on Ill use Uber as my example, but I dont recommend one program over the other since Ive had good experiences with both.

    Your first concern might be about safety, right? What I like about these apps is that they track your route on a map that both you and the driver can see.

    So I feel safe knowing where Im going, the route my driver is taking, and my estimated time of arrival throughout the whole trip. This alone makes the ride-sharing experience superior to a taxi, in my opinion.

    You must have a smartphone and the Uber app to use the service. When you are ready to request a ride, you just open the app and type your destination in the Where to? box.

    Youll be given the cost and the estimated time of the trip. You may also have options for the type of service you want with Uber. Heres a summary of the main services:

    • UberX: the base level of Uber, sedans for 1-4 people
    • UberXL: SUVs that fit up to 6 passengers
    • UberSELECT: high-end vehicles and highly-rated drivers

    There are various other premium and carpooling options, but the three above are the most common choices youll have at Disney World.

    You can almost always choose a vehicle with a car seat as well. Children three and under must be in a car seat according to Florida law.

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    General Advice For Disneyland California

    Disneyland Resort itself is quite compact, and theres no real reason to take a taxi or Lyft anywhere from one part of Disneyland to another. You can walk from one end to the other in less than 15 minutes, and thats if you stroll. You may want to use a taxi or Lyft to travel between Disneyland and the airport or another attraction like Knotts Berry Farm or Universal Studios Hollywood, though we recommend checking Ride Guru for a cost estimate depending on the airport or attraction, the taxi fares can be very high. If you have small children, do keep in mind that taxis and on-demand ride services rarely carry car seats, and if they do theres no guarantee theyll be the right size. If you plan to travel a bunch in Southern California with children, we recommend bringing your own car seats .

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