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List Of All Walt Disney World Resorts

No: Disneys Riviera Resort

Walt Disney World Resorts Tier List – All WDW hotels ranked!!

Disney Riviera Resort is another in the Disney Vacation Club pool, the 15th one in fact.

Inspired by Walts much loved trips to Europe, the hotel has grand archways, porticos, and delightful terraces to while away the time.

But its the art deco pool, complete with a castle tower and slide, palm trees, and blue and white striped umbrellas and deck chairs that bring the vibe of a European summer by the coastal seas.

Image credit: Loren Javier via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

  • On April 22, 2010, a 61-year-old woman from Celebration, Florida, suffered a collapsed lung, fractured ribs, and back pain due to a boating accident near the Treehouse Villas. The rented Sea Raycer that her husband was driving collided with a Disney ferryboat. The Orange County Sheriff’s report states that the Sea Raycer crossed into the ferry’s right-of-way.

Tokyo Disney Resort In Tokyo Japan

The Tokyo Disney Resort is an absolute Disney bucket listtheme park! Its first park, Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983 with TokyoDisneySea to follow in 2001.

Some of the things you should know about the parks at Tokyo Disney Resortare:
  • Theyre known for their cleanliness
  • The parks in Japan are more affordable Disney parks
  • They are targeted for Japanese visitors
  • The Japanese Disney parks can be more crowded than the other parks in the family

Tokyo Disneyland

The Tokyo Disneyland park was the third castle park was built by WED Enterprises with a similar layout as the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

It was also the first park in the Disney family to be constructed internationally.

Tokyo Disneyland opened on April 15, 1983 and was a top 3 Disney theme park in 2018 with 17.9 million visitors, only to fall behind the Magic Kingdom in Orlando and the original Disneyland park in California.

The Lands at Tokyo Disneyland
  • Adventureland
  • Tomorrowland
  • Westernland
  • Some of the most popular attractions at Disneyland in Tokyo are the Haunted Mansion, Star Wars The Adventure Continues, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain.

    What you may not know is that Tokyo Disneyland is mostknown for its amazing food. Combing traditional theme park food with theincredible Japanese cuisine.

    Tokyo DisneySea

    Tokyo DisneySea is the blueprint that every theme parkshould follow.

    The Lands at Tokyo DisneySea
  • AmericanWaterfront
  • PortDiscovery
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    Walt Disney World Swan And Dolphin Resorts

    Like a few other properties on this list, the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts aren’t Disney-owned properties, but their close proximity to the parks and on-site Disney resort benefits make them worth checking out. Plus, Marriott Bonvoy members will be happy to know that they can earn points here because these are Marriott-managed hotels. Guests can enjoy perks like early entry and extended hours at Disney parks and complimentary transportation . The hotels offer a range of suites and guest rooms, six pools, and 18 restaurants and lounges. Plus, the brand-new Walt Disney World Swan Reserve opens in fall 2021.

    Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

    What You Get at Disney World Resort Hotels By Price

    You may have to do a double-take to catch the subtle theming here, which is inspired by the upstate New York area of Saratoga Springs, with equestrian touches as a nod to the popularity of horse-racing there.

    Fortunately, much-needed resort-wide room renovations have begun but even once those are complete, this resort is really too generic to place anywhere but last on the list.

    Pro: Proximity to Disney Springs

    If you cant get enough of the action at Disney Springs, this is an extremely convenient location. Take a quick walk or boat ride and youve got an overwhelming selection of shopping, dining, and entertainment at your fingertips. Another bonus is this resort tends to be the most reasonably priced with the most availability out of any the deluxe options.

    Con:Dated rooms with weak theming

    We cant harp on enough about what a snooze the theming is here. We might adjust this opinion somewhat once the room renovations are complete. But, for now, this place is just okay.

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    How Many Disneylands Are There Internationally

    When you speak of Disneyland you may be thinking of any parkwith Disneyland in the title, but most Disney fans note it as one with acastle inside the park.

    Based on those rules, there are currently 6Disneylands:

  • Disneyland California
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Shanghai Disneyland
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    Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

    • On June 29, 2006, a 12 year old boy visiting from Fort Campbell, Kentucky was found to be unresponsive after the ride ended. Though his father administered CPR until paramedics arrived, he was declared dead on the way to Celebration Hospital. The ride was shut down for the investigation and reopened a day later after inspectors determined that the ride was operating normally. A medical examiner determined that the boy had an undiagnosed congenital heart defect.
    • On December 2, 2021, the coaster was evacuated due to reports of smoke coming from the ride building. Disney confirmed to one of the Orlando television stations that there was no fire and no injuries reported. Per a Disney spokesperson, the ride is in the process of re-opening.

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    Which Disney World Resort Hotel Is Right For You A Comprehensive Disney World Resorts List

    When it comes to Disney World Resort hotels, there are many options, resulting in a lengthy Disney World Resorts list. Given the number of options, determining which hotel fits your budget, your group or even the location where you want to stay can be challenging.

    Disney has 25 immersive, elaborately themed hotels across the property, each one different from the last. They fall into three different categories: Value, Moderate and Deluxe. And while you can find a number of Disney World resort options across Florida, few compare to the convenience and amenities of an onsite property.

    To narrow things down, use our handy online tool below to find the best resort for you. Then keep reading to for detailed information and descriptions of each resort.

    Where Are All The Disneylands And Theme Parks Located

    Walt Disney World Resorts Overview – ALL DISNEY HOTELS – Orlando, Florida

    There are six Disney resorts in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China with a total of twelve parks. They are:

      This post contains a ranking of the individual parks, not the resorts. Thus, there’s no discussion of hotel count and quality, transportation around the resort, dining options outside the parks, or anything else beyond the individual parks.

      Again, if youd like to cut straight to the rankings, click here. If you stick with us until then, though, youll learn in our opening to this post how we think about theme parks and get some important background about what went into our rankingsbut it’s going to be a long ride.

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      Walt Disney World Resort Reopening Timeline

      Since our last update, Disneys All-Star Music Resort, Disneys Port Orleans Resort Riverside, and Disneys Port Orleans Resort French Quarter all reopened as scheduled. These were 3 of 4 major hotels scheduled to reopen in the last quarter of 2021.

      The only hotel left to reopen at Walt Disney World is now All Star Sports Resort, which was pushed back from its original return date. However, during the week of Christmas, Walt Disney World announced that All Star Sports Resort will reopen on March 31, 2022.

      Note that if you have a stay booked at All Star Sports prior to then, Walt Disney World will relocate you. Usually that means to another Value Resort, but it depends upon where theres availability.

      Back when All Star Movies reopened, there was a lengthy stretch when that hotel was overbooked and Disney was regularly moving Movies guests to Grand Floridian as that was the resort with the best availability. Dont count on that happening again, but the point is that upgrades are possible!

      The likely reason that All Star Sports is reopening so much later than the other hotels is to accommodate its room reimagining. As noted above, this was scheduled but had not yet started when the closure occurred.

      Additionally, Walt Disney World has announced revealed what offerings and experiences will be available when Disneys All Star Sports Resort reopens:


      • Playground


      To our knowledge, thats pretty much everything!

      Transportation At The Value Resorts

      All the value resorts have bus transportation to get to all the parks and Disney Springs. Pop Century and Art of Animation have their own buses almost all the time, while the All-Star Resorts share during off-peak times.

      Pop Century and Art of Animation also have Disney Skyliner access to Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

      The bus situation isdebatable. Weve never been bothered by the sharing at the All-Star Resorts, as it only happens during off-peak hours. And you can walk from Music to Movies with no problem , so this all seems to be splitting hairs.

      If you dont mind walkingwe actually enjoy walkingyou can also also take an Art of Animation bus and walk to Pop Century, or vice versa.

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      Disney World Resorts Near The Magic Kingdom

      If you’ve got younger kids, you’ll like spend a significant portion of your time in the Magic Kingdom theme park. Guests staying at Disney World Resorts can take advantage of free transportation to the Magic Kingdom by shuttle bus, water taxi, or monorail.

      This map shows the park and the nearest resorts along the monorail. There is also bus service to the other parks and Disney Springs.

      No: The Campsites At Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort


      If you are traveling by RV, or prefer a rustic stay out of the main noise and chaos, try The Campsites at Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort

      Bonus! Theres a Disney treat held each night at Disney Fort Wilderness Camping Grounds.

      WITH the chance to roast marshmallows and make smores!

      Plus, theres Disney movies shown on the big screen every night too.

      Image credit: Guillermo GR via Unsplash

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      All The Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort Hotels Ranked

      One of the hardest decisions to make when planning your Walt Disney World vacation is where to stay. With a seemingly endless selection of on-property resorts at three rate tiers value, moderate, and deluxe theres truly a resort for every family and budget.

      Well be tackling the value and moderate tiers in the future, but here weve ranked Walt Disney Worlds most spectacular range of accommodations the deluxe resorts.

      But first, a caveat: These rankings are extremely subjective. Ask regulars to name their favorite resort and youll get as many different answers as there are choices. So, to add context to the rationale for these rankings, Ive added pros and cons for each resort. Many of these resorts are so good, one small element is enough to shift it to the top for one person and the bottom for the next. The good news is, you really cant go wrong with any on this list!

      Disney World Hotel Reopening Dates

      Walt Disney World continues to update the resort reopening timeline for 2022, with revised dates for hotels that were TBD. This looks at the schedule, how refurbishments and construction are delaying opening dates, and offers predictions for whats next.

      As a quick recap, all Disney Vacation Club resorts welcomed guests back during the summer, before the parks even reopened. This included the DVC units in hotels that wereand still areotherwise closed. The most extreme example of this is at Animal Kingdom Lodge, which is operating at about ~10% occupancy because the hotel rooms are not in use.

      In the months since the parks reopened, Walt Disney World has resumed operations at numerous hotels, starting with those on the Skyliner gondola and monorail routes, and also opening some other properties that are only connected to the parks via bus transportation.

      Lets start with a look at the resorts that are currently operating at Walt Disney World, followed by the hotel reopening timeline for 2022

      No: Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

      Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is the ultimate of the Disney World deluxe resorts for the big spenders.

      Even if you dont book a stay, you should pop over to take a look at the Mary Poppins-themed bronze fountain.

      AND the dazzling chandeliers that hang from the ceiling.

      This is glamor and style epitomized.

      Another bonus is that its one of three resorts on the Disney Parks monorail line so you can get straight to Magic Kingdom and Epcot from the hotel!

      Image credit: Chad Sparkes via Flickr CC BY-2.0

      Can Anyone Eat At Disney Resort Restaurants

      Walt Disney World Tier List | Deluxe Resorts

      The nice part about dining at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel is that anyone can do it and you arent restricted to dining only in the hotel you are staying in. Even if you are staying at a different Disney Resort or if you are staying off-site, you can visit one of the resort hotel restaurants to eat.

      Just use My Disney Experience to book a table at the restaurant of your choice as you would with any other restaurant in Walt Disney World.

      Once the day of your reservation arrives, the easiest way to get their is by Disney transportation from one of the other hotels or from the parks.

      If you are going by car you will need to show your reservations on your phone to the parking attendant. Guests are given free parking for a few hours when dining at one of the resort table service restaurants.

      This is one of our favorite things to do at Disney World and every trip we book at least 2-3 meals at different resorts than where we are staying. Its a great way to visit the other Disney World Resort hotels and see what they are like. Then you will have more options for lodging on your next visit.

      Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge

      2020 Rates Start At: $417 per nightOur review of Club Level at Animal Kingdom Lodge can be found here.

      Animal Kingdom Lodge has the worst transport options of all the deluxe resorts. You cant walk to a single park, and youll be relying solely on bus transportation if you stick to complimentary options. The lower price makes up for that, as it allows you to Uber / Lyft / Minnie Van in a pinch.

      With no resorts in the area, Animal Kingdom Lodge is left more to its own devices to entertain guests, and it does so very well, with stunning grounds, great dining, its own savanna , and plenty of resort activities. One curious element missing is a character meal.

      Great Things About Animal Kingdom Lodge

      • 2nd lowest prices of deluxe resorts

      • Best theming on property

      • Fantastic restaurant lineup

      Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge have a lot in common. Both have large, grandiose, nature-themed lobbies. Both have poor transportation options. Both have relatively low prices .

      Some consider boat access to Magic Kingdom to be a perk of this hotel, but we strongly disagree, finding boat transportation to be only as good as bus transportation.

      Unlike Animal Kingdom Lodge, Wilderness Lodge is a little more connected to things. This is on the margins, because most guests wont take advantage of it, but you can take boats to both Contemporary Resort and Fort Wilderness Campgrounds and Cabins.

      Great Things About Wilderness Lodge

      Disney Deluxe Resorts List

      The largest category of resorts at Walt Disney World are the deluxe resorts. The deluxe resorts with the exception of Animal Kingdom Lodge all offer multiple forms of transportation, and the ability to walk, in some cases, to theme parks. Youll also find that deluxe resorts offer quick service, table service, and signature dining. Each resort has a very specific, high-end feel. Lets take a look at the different options.

      The Contemporary Resort is an original Walt Disney World Resort and you cant beat the location, its right next door to Magic Kingdom park. Make sure to ask about the varying categories of rooms here. You can reserve anything from a standard garden room to a club level theme park view.

      Imagine waking up to a view of the Grand Floridian, Bay Lake, and Magic Kingdom every morning on your vacation.

      The Polynesian is another original resort and quite the popular destination. You will feel as though youve stepped onto a tropical island when you stay at Disneys Polynesian Resort. We recommend a room with a view of Bay Lake and Magic Kingdom in the distance.

      When staying at Disneys Polynesian you have access to the monorail, bus system, and resort boat launch. Having multiple forms of transportation allows for huge time advantages. These types of transportation are also available at the Grand Floridian and Contemporary Resorts.

      Make sure to check out our Jambo House Deluxe Studio room review.

      Disneys Pop Century Resort

      2020 Rates Start At: $154

      Great Things About Pop Century Resort

      • Newest rooms among the value resorts

      • Prices beat Art of Animation and are competitive with All-Stars

      • Unshared bus with a single stop

      • Can walk to Art of Animation for their better food court

      • Skyliner access to Epcot and Hollywood Studios

      Not-So-Great Things About Pop Century Resort

      • Some people think new rooms lack heart

      You might also want to read our post comparing Pop Century and Art of Animation.

      The Biggest Factor: The Theme In Theme Park

      Complete List of Walt Disney World Resorts

      As of this update, Im trying hard to be less pretentious on the site. But I dont get many opportunities to talk about the Theme in Theme Park, so this 2000-word section, while it is seeing some updates, gets to stick around.

      In fairness, since I first wrote this post around 5 years ago, Disney parks have gone through major changes in pursuit of some of the very items I discussed in here . So while this is mostly me musing, my imposter syndrome isnt so bad that Id call anything in here irrelevant. If anything, this is all more relevant than when I first wrote it.

      But Ill still give you another chance to jump down to the actual rankings.

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