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Least Crowded Month At Disney World

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Crowd Predictor For Disney World In February

As you plan your Disney World vacation, its important to find a time of year that fits what youre looking for. Visiting Disney World in February is a decent time to visit because crowds are usually moderate throughout the month.

The temperature is bearable compared to the summer months in Florida, and theres only about a weeks length of busy crowds. Visiting Disney World in February is a great time to visit if youre wanting a no-nonsense, basic visit to the parks.

How Our Universal Crowd Calendar Is Organized

Our Universal crowd calendar gives you the option to look at each park individually. This allows you to look at:

  • Universal Studios Florida Crowd Calendar
  • Islands of Adventure Crowd Calendar

The Park Prodigys Universal Orlando crowd calendar includes average temperature, park hours, and all special events.

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The Best Times To Visit Disney World In 2023

For many Disney fans, anytime is the right time to visit Disney World. Since central Florida typically has sunny, warm weather year-round, its hard to find a better vacation spot.


it can be hard to figure out when the best time to actual visit it.

Maybe too hard!

Between the great offerings, the fun festivals and the new attractions- it can get a little overwhelming.

AND with the new 50th celebrations, theres even more pressure to visit the parks. Between the marketing, the FOMO, and a bunch of new things, its any wonder that Disney World isnt busting at the seems with attendance.

While these are my opinions based on a lifetime of Disney Travel, I do think that you can have a magical vacation no matter what time of year you travel BUT their are some optimal times you want to check out Disney World for lower crowds, more fun, and better on your Budget Disney trip!

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How Our Disney World Crowd Calendar Works

The least crowded  which means least expensive  month to visit

How did we come up with our Disney World Crowd Calendar for 2022? It would be easy to just throw a dart at the calendar and assign a color, but that wouldnt be a very effective way of predicting peak crowds.

We selected which days and weeks are going to be the busiest based on a variety of data factors. Those factors include:

  • Season
  • Current Health Crisis
  • Bad Economy

Looking at all these different factors gives us a good idea of what kind of attendance you are likely to find on a given day. After decades of visiting the parks and observing attendance patterns, weve found this to be the best way to determine crowd levels as you cant just go on school holidays alone.

All that said, no Disney World Crowd Calendar is 100% right, especially in a year like 2022. Expect there to be some small differences between our predictions and the actual crowd sizes.

It is meant to be used as a helpful guide and not the definitive source of your vacation planning and we do our best to constantly update our projections to give you the most accurate predictions for your trip.

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What Are Best Days To Visit Disney World Parks In 2022 This Will Help You Decide

If you want to experience everything there is to do at the most magical place on earth, youre going to need to know the absolute best days to visit Disney World parks!

It is important to note that while every season has its own special perk at Disney World, specific days are not created equal. In fact, there are some that are downright hidden gems! Im talking light crowds, low wait times, and even cheaper flights to get there!

So, hang on tight Im about to take a deep dive into the best days to visit Disney World Parks, the best times to visit Disney World, and demystify the coveted Disney World Crowd Calendar!

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Disney World 2022 Crowd Calendar Events May

  • With May bringing the beginning of summer, the water parks begin to open more consistently. The weather becomes warmer, and park hours extend. School is still in session for most, so the crowd levels are typically slightly below average.
  • Spring continues to bloom at Disney World as the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is happening during the entire month of May!
  • Read our detailed monthly guide for visiting Disney World in May to find our more details about crowd patterns, events, weather, and more.

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When To Visit Disneyland In 2022

Most Crowded

  • The weeks before and after Easter: mid-March through mid-April, or Spring Break Season
  • The week before Christmas through the first couple of weeks of January, Christmas Day and New Years Eve bring in some of the largest crowds the park sees all year long.
  • During June, most annual passholders are not blocked out yet
  • If July 4th falls close to a weekend, then it will be extremely busy
  • Check the Anaheim Convention Center website for large conferences. Busy in the late afternoon during these time periods.

Busy, But Not Overrun

  • End of August through Labor Day
  • The month of December, leading up to Christmas week
  • Weekends throughout October and beginning of November while the theme parks are decorated for Halloween

Not Crowded

  • Labor Day through Thanksgiving, except avoid weekends
  • Late January through February
  • Late April unless Easter falls at that time

January through the beginning of May is what many call the off season. These weeks have the least amount of crowds, but a lot of the shows will not be running like the fireworks. This is important to consider in the debate of when to visit Disneyland.

If you are considering visiting Walt Disney World in Florida, be sure to look at our guide to when to visit Disney World.

You can read more about finding discounts and avoiding scams in our guide to cheap Disneyland tickets.

Disney World In The Off

How To OUTSMART the Crowds in Disney World!

To make efficient use of your time, use the MyMagic+ planning system to manage your time and schedule your priority rides and attractions with FastPass+ to chop your wait time considerably.

This attendance chart offers a good overview of when Disney World is at its least and most crowded. In a nutshell, the low season correlates with times when school is in session and there is no major federal holiday.


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How Accurate Are Our Predictions

We offer the most accurate Disney Crowd predictions available, if we do say so ourselves.

We are completely transparent about our prediction success rate. The top of the Crowd Calendar always gives a summary of how well our prediction matches the actual observed crowds on the previous day. We also publish a monthly article on our blog at with a summary of how our predictions fared during the previous month. And we periodically tweak our analysis to keep our numbers on track.

Overall, were incredibly accurate, and if weve had a bad day, we let you know, and let you know what went wrong.

Prices Go Up Year After Year

Since prices go up every year, youll want to keep in mind that while .

Its important to make sure youre thinking about the months ahead of you, not just some calendars months. For example, Im writing this post in May. If I wanted to plan the cheapest trip in the next 12 months, late August / early September isnt much more expensive than the following January.

Heres a look at the lowest rack rate at Contemporary for January, August, and December 2020-2022:

  • 2020 January $498

  • 2022 August $543

  • 2022 December $639

You can see that because prices generally trend upwards at Disney World, each August is often cheaper than the next January, even though .

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Plan The Best Rides At Beginning Of Your Trip

Ok, so we told you that Genie+ and the Lightning Lane are useful in avoiding crowded lines right? The thing is depending on what time of year you go, you might have a hard time getting one for the most popular rides in Disney World since so many people are also trying to get one at the same time.

To help put the odds in your favor, we recommend doing the best rides at the beginning of your trip, as soon as you get the chance. For example, if you plan on visiting the same park on multiple days during your trip, do the most popular rides right away.

Prioritize those attractions in Genie+ and make them your first selections each day. The best rides tend to fill up right away each morning, so if you wait, there is a good chance they wont be there later in the day.

This is good advice no matter if you are using Genie+ or not. If you are using the standby queues and see a popular attraction that has a decently low wait time, take advantage of that and do it right away. You may come back later in the day or another day and find the wait time is much longer so dont procrastinate.

If you get another chance to ride them in the last few days thats great, but at least you wont feel forced to wait 3 hours in line because its your only option.

How Our Disney World Crowd Calendar Is Organized

The Least

Our 2022 Disney crowd calendar gives you the option to look at each park individually. This allows you to organize our crowd calendars by:

  • The Magic Kingdom crowd calendar
  • Our EPCOT crowd calendar
  • The Hollywood Studios crowd calendar
  • Our Animal Kingdom crowd calendar

We also include extra magic hours, and special events in our 2022 Disney crowd calendar to help you make the most of your vacation.

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When Is Walt Disney World Most Crowded

Walt Disney World tends to be the most crowded during major holiday weekends and breaks. We recommend avoiding Presidents Day weekend, spring break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas week. For additional information be sure to check out the best time to visit Walt Disney World!

Unlike years passed Disney has released their ticket prices for 2022 early as many people have has to reschedule their trips. Ticket prices have always helped as we track and anticipate crowds on our Disney World Crowd Calendar. To help we have extended our 2022 Disney Crowd Calendar out for anyone planning a trip for next year.

Early November Though Mid

Theres nothing like the holidays at Disneyland. The castle gets a magical dusting of snow, Main Street USA is covered in garlands and lights, and even Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park gets a festive makeover.

FASHION POLICE:What Not to Wear to a Theme Park

Except for the week of Thanksgiving, early November through mid-December is a great time to experience the holidays at Disneyland. The early part of December can bring some crowds, especially on nice weekends, but its similar to the smaller early May crowds. The closer you get to Christmas, the bigger the crowds become.

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Go To The Parks In The Rain

When it starts raining in Disney World, thousands of families immediately start running for the exits and make their way back to their hotel. While that may be tempting considering the crazy downpours that are common in Central Florida, waiting the storm out and staying in the park is one of the best ways to beat the crowds.

Thunderstorms in Florida dont last very long and usually will bring the sun back out a short time later. What you should do is find the nearest show to where you are, go in, and by the time its over, the storm is already likely to have passed by. Now you have a good portion of guests who have gone home and lower wait times on the rides.

What Were Seeing In Disney World

My Return To Disney World After Four Months – Trams Are Back / No Masks Required / Busy Wait Times

So far in 2022, the parks have been filled to the brim with Disney-goers. In fact, even in February , we were seeing record HIGH crowds wait long wait times for even the rides that usually only have a 5-10 minute wait on average.

But, are our perceptions of the crowds skewed because of the two-year road weve been on to the return of normal park capacity since 2020? Well, there are a few things that suggest that were not overreacting and the parks really are just that crowded.

For one, the Park Pass Reservation calendar has made it really easy to track how crowded the parks are. Disneys CFO Christine McCarthy recently revealed that they arent operating at full capacity just yet , but whatever capacity limit they are at, fans are filling the parks up to the max most of the time.

For example, over the spring break period this year, there was almost always at least one park filled to capacity with some dates completely booked up at all four parks.

Additionally, it has been increasingly difficult to find any availability at Disney World Resort hotels, even with all of the hotels reopened !

We selected random travel dates in mid-April 2022 and only FOUR hotels had availability with two of them being Deluxe Resorts.

Of course, Disney hasnt revealed exactly what capacity limit the parks, hotels, and restaurants are operating at currently. But, based on what weve seen, wed guess that theyre certainly close to pre-pandemic levels.

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Worst Times To Go To Disney World In 2022 & 2023

The worst times to go to Disney World are when the parks are the most crowded and when the weather is the hottest. Youll see in the dates below that we skipped all major holidays since thats the most likely time families will go with kids since they are off from school.

We also skipped most of the Summer, because Central Florida is just too hot and even though youll still have a good time, it can be very draining and unpleasant most days.

The worst times to visit Disney World in 2022 are:

      We follow the same pattern in 2023 as 2022 and avoid all major holidays and the Summer.

      Now again, I dont want you to think that if you go during any of these times of the year, you will have a bad trip. Its all about expectations and your personality. A lot of people like going during the holidays, but they realized there will be longer waits than usual.

      Usually, if you have a good itinerary, you can still make the most of these worst days.

      When Are The Best Times To Visit Walt Disney World In 2022

      Most people planning a trip to Walt Disney World want to travel when the crowds are the lowest and/or the weather is the coolest.

      Of course, if you have to plan around school or work schedules, finding travel dates that provide that may be difficult. But if you are flexible, heres what we recommend for 2022:

      Note: We go into a lot more analysis and month-by-month detail further down in this article, so be sure to check that out, too.

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      When Planning Your Park Days The Goal Is To Visit The Park With The Lowest Predicted Crowds

      To accomplish that, youll use the information in the monthly calendars linked below, along with our tips for selecting the best parks for each day of your trip to put together a daily plan.

      The monthly calendars are easily customized to display the exact information you need for all 4 parks:

      • Magic Kingdom

      Plus operating information for:

      • Disney Springs
      • Blizzard Beach
      • Typhoon Lagoon

      We recommend you use the information on this page to guide you as you select your travel dates, and then use the monthly crowd calendars linked below each month to help you plan your individual days.

      How To Outsmart Crowds

      Disney World Crowd Calendar  Mickey Central

      Whatever time of year you decide to visit Disney World, you can avoid crowds and long wait times for top attractions if you plan your trip well.

      It pays to be an early riser when visiting Disney World. For starters, the parks get more and more crowded as the day goes on, and if you arrive at opening time, you will be able to go on your favorite ride or attraction without any line. Your best battle plan is to arrive early in the parks and spend a few hours going on as many rides and attractions as you can.

      Around lunchtime, when the parks are hitting their peak crowds, consider heading back to your hotel for a bite to eat and some downtime. You can return to the parks in the late afternoon when many families are waning and starting to leave the parks for dinner.

      The best way to outsmart crowds, though, is to accurately predict the crowd size for the day of your visit and plan accordingly using these strategies for dealing with different crowds. The Touring Plans’ Disney World Crowd Calendar is a great resource for getting a gauge on what to expect for the crowd sizes on every day of the year.

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