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It’s A Small World Ride Disney World

The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed

Magic Kingdom It’s A Small World (Full Ride) POV Walt Disney World HD

Voyage along the Seven Seaways canal and behold a cast of almost 300 Audio-Animatronics dolls representing children from every corner of the globe as they sing the classic anthem to world peaceâin their native languages.

Amid vibrant backdrops, youll travel through country after country, and by journeys end, youll see that it really is a small world after all.

What Are The Disney World Rides Like At Its A Small World

Its a Small World ride Disney world has boats lined up for its passengers to ride on. The boats have hard benches with a back to support them. Each boat has five rows. Each row can hold from two to four guests depending on the size of each row. No safety restraints are added for the passengers. This is because the ride is tame.

Additionally, the spectacular ride is welcoming towards people in a wheelchair. There is a boat that is specially curated for people who use a wheelchair. Wheelchair users can sit on the board. However, ECV users need to transfer to a wheelchair to enjoy the boat ride.

Guests need to cross a small wall while entering and then step down to enter the ride.

They offer a FastPass for the ride. However, the wait time is usually a maximum of 30 minutes. Owing to this, one does not need FastPass.

The ride enjoys an indoor advantage. Therefore, the weather hardly ever interferes with enjoying the ride.

Its A Small World Got A Magical New Glow Up

The Magic Travel Guy proclaims that its a small world is a must-ride attraction for him when visiting Magic Kingdom. Decorated for the Resorts 50th anniversary, the new its a small world makeover is a rainbow beauty! Decorated from its initial white and gold facade the Walt Disney World version looks to be complete in its rainbow makeover.

After all, its The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed!â Disney World sums up its a small world on its website as:

Sing along to the classic anthem of world peace during a delightful musical boat tour. Cruise along the Seven Seaways Waterway on a gentle 10-minute journey through all 7 continents. Pass through vivid, fantastical scenes representing the iconic sights and sounds of dozens of nations.

Behold a cast of dancing darlings from nearly every corner of the globe and watch as the Audio-Animatronics figures achieve universal harmony as they sing one song in many languages.

One of the most exciting takes weve seen came on , where she captured the clock striking 12:00 noon, and the doors opening to numerals, music, and more. And were going to agree with the Most Magical Zach on Twitter its certainly one of the best glow-ups weve seen for the 50th anniversary. From Cinderella Castles new paint job to the Mad Tea Party turret, its a small worlds makeover is glorious and enchanting.

Still one of the best glow ups

⨠Most Magical Zach â¨

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More Details About Its A Small World

Heres a tip from one of our great admins, Angel Cooper. At the end of the ride, pay attention to the screens in the goodbye section. Youll see something Angel found really surprising and fun.

On the ride there are some flashing lights, as well as spotlights in various colors. There are miniature moving rides that have lights on them, including a carousel. There are also lights within the many small sets representing the various countries.

Sometimes as the boats approach the disembarking area they can get close and hit each other, creating a jerking motion. Its a low rate of speed, and its usually fairly gentle, but some people may need to take note of this.

When the boat leaves the landing it slides slightly downhill over some bumpy rollers. From there the ride is smooth, except that the boat bumps the sides of the tracks as it moves along. Still, its mild and even the most sensitive people will usually be okay with it. When you arrive back at the docking station, your boat goes slightly uphill and briefly rides over bumpy rollers again. Your boat will most likely hit the boat in front of it, and it may be hit from behind repetitively before youre allowed to disembark.

We hear varying viewpoints on this ride such as the following:

Those with sensory issues might want to consider what this grandma had to say:

Heres one man with autism who loves this ride:

Top 5 Tips For Its A Small World

aka pastor guy: " It

If you are looking for a place to cool off when its hot outside, this attraction is a great place to do it! You can enjoy the air conditioning AND sit down and rest those tired feet at the same time!

Sit in the front for great views. With no heads to block your view you can see on both sides of the boat easily. This is great for taking photos or video!

You can view parts of the attraction from Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant.

There are some great photo opportunities in this attraction so have your camera ready.

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What Are The Best Hours To Visit

Between 5 pm to 6 pm is a decent time which yields a waiting time of approximately 30 minutes. Visiting between 3 to 4 pm might give you a wait time of 25-35 minutes. The earlier you come, the less the amount of time you have to wait. We provide you with these estimates so that the next time you plan on visiting, you know what times you should opt for while planning a ride.

Boats And Boarding Its A Small World

The boats seat 20 people and have hard bench seats with backs. The seats in the front and back of the boat are quite low and are lacking legroom. For more legroom, request the center rows. For regular boats guests will step up about a foot over the side of the boat. You can use the seat as a step which is about a foot down and then youll step down the rest of the way about a foot.

Handicapped boarding: At the end of the ramp described in the previous section, a cast member will ask if you can park your wheelchair/ECV and walk. If so, when its your turn youll walk about 30 feet downhill to transfer onto the boat. Guests who are not able to transfer may take a wheelchair onto the accessible boat, but it can sometimes be an approximately 11 minute wait at the end of the ramp if the accessible boat just left. It can be longer if other guests ahead of you are also waiting for the accessible boat.

If the wait is long for an accessible boat, Cast Members have been giving out Return Times. A Return Time allows you to wait outside the ride queue. This has been separate from the DAS so if you have a Return Time for another ride using a DAS, this wont impact that. You can have both at the same time.

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More Information On The Ride

According to reports, it took ten months to build the ride. The Imagineers were not happy with the deadline at hand. They thought it was an impossible task.

Even Fowler, famous for his can do, said it was an impossible task. Joe Fowler is popular for those two words. When anyone asked him to do anything, he would always speak those words. However, even he believed at that point that building a ride on such short notice seemed like an unachievable task.

Despite such beliefs, Walt Disney had complete faith in himself. Therefore, he made Fowler meet Pepsis Board of Directors to straighten out a few details before starting the project.

Crawford, a board member having faith in Walt Disneys views, shut the other board members down when they tried to derail the ride meeting. Ten minutes afterward, the project has everyones approval in the conference.

Its a Small World that firmly had its roots in its illustrations. The Imagineer Marc Davis created them. Eventually, Walt Disney brought in the then retired Mary Blaire on the project, who animated several different children from all over the world.

This project required considerable planning as Walt Disney constructed a ride that could hold millions of boats.

Ask Disney Adulting: What Are All The Countries Represented In Disneys Its A Small World

it’s a small world FULL RIDE at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Have you ever found yourself wondering how many countries are represented in Disneys its a small world? There isnt a simple answer to this question, as many dolls are dressed in the traditional attire of specific countries and others are more conventional.

For the purpose of answering this question, Im going to base my response on the map of countries from the original ride in Disneyland in the normal version without any holiday overlays.

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Cmo Es La Cola De It’s A Small World

Las colas de la atracción son tranquilas, ya que los carros tienen capacidad para unas 18 personas a la vez y salen en secuencia.

Por lo tanto, puede disfrutar de una atracción clásica sin esperar demasiado en la fila. Por esta razón, It’s a Small World no tiene un solo ciclista.

Además, el escenario representa algo muy parecido a una máquina del tiempo. Hay algunos relojes, engranajes y otros objetos que hacen referencia a un viaje.

Cmo Es La Ruta De La Atraccin

Según la propia Disney, It’s a Small World es el “crucero más feliz del mundo”. Al entrar en su barco, viajará por los 7 continentes del mundo en unos minutos.

Durante todo el momento, los niños cantarán la canción del mismo nombre que la atracción. ¡Al final, es muy probable que tengas en tu cabeza Es un mundo pequeño, después de todo durante mucho tiempo!

La ruta es tranquila y consiste únicamente en observar a los niños y sus diferencias en relación a sus continentes. Las actividades que realizan, además de su ropa, caracterizan cada lugar del mundo.

Desafortunadamente, no podemos percibir claramente la representación de Brasil en la parte sudamericana, sin embargo, It’s a Small World es una atracción muy tradicional, y creo que es genial que vayas al menos una vez.

Al final de la ruta, el objetivo es que te des cuenta de lo pequeño que es el mundo. Por lo tanto, ¡debemos permanecer unidos y en paz!

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How Is The Ride Experience At Its A Small World Ride

The ride is all about colorful scenery and delightful sights with dolls singing in traditional costumes. The ride conveys a strong message of peace like Walt Disney always wanted.

The dolls are the star of the show because they represent different corners of the world, conveying how small the world is.

More On Its A Small World

If you have never experienced âitâs a small worldâ, the official Walt Disney World description reads:

âThe Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailedâ

Sing along to the classic anthem of world peace during a delightful musical boat tour. Cruise along the Seven Seaways Waterway on a gentle 10-minute journey through all 7 continents. Pass through vivid, fantastical scenes representing the iconic sights and sounds of dozens of nations.

Behold a cast of dancing darlings from nearly every corner of the globe and watch as the Audio-Animatronics figures achieve universal harmony as they sing one song in many languages.

History, After All

âitâs a small worldâ was created for the 1964-1965 New York Worldâs Fair. Personally overseen by Walt Disney in support of the United Nations Childrenâs Fund , the attraction was a huge hit. After 2 seasons there, it was shipped to Disneyland park, where it opened on May 28, 1966.

In 1971, âitâs a small worldâ was recreated to become one of the Opening Day attractions at Walt Disney World Resort. Due to its immense popularity, the attraction has been replicated at many Disney theme parks around the world and is considered a Walt Disney masterpiece.

Did you know this fact about its a small world? Let us know in the comments below.

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It’s A Small World Fun Facts

  • According to, there are at least 240 Audio Animatronics on each version of It’s a Small World!
  • The centerpiece clock tower is 30-feet high! Each version of the boat ride features this clock and with a characters, animated props and music.
  • If you went on Magic Kingdom’s version before 2004, you might remember a clown in a hot air balloon with a frown and sign stating, “Help.” Via, he was changed to be seen carrying a balloon in his hand and smiling!
  • Every holiday season at Disneyland, It’s a Small World has an overlay featuring decorations, costumes, soundtracks, props and effects celebrating the holidays. This tradition started on November 27, 1997!
  • Guess we aren’t the only ones who have to visit the boat ride every time we venture to Disneyland! According to Guest Research, 1 in 4 Disneyland guests consider it a tradition to visit It’s a Small World each Disney vacation.
  • Not surprising is that the song “It’s a Small World ” is the most-played and most-translated song in music history! It plays around 1,200 times during a 16-hour operating day at a Disney park.

Well, I bet you are now gonna dream about this iconic boat ride and hum the song! When did you first experience It’s a Small World? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our wait times and more for It’s a Small World.

Stay cool!

It’s A Small World Wait Times

Walt Disney World | It’s a Small World | 2021 | 50th Anniversary | Full Ride

This chart shows you roughly how long you’ll wait for “it’s a small world” when you visit on a day with a given Magic Kingdom Crowd Level. The blue bars represent the average “peak” wait time . The bottom and top black lines represent the range of peak wait times to expect . Please note that these are estimates, and for a better forecast for your travel dates, see “it’s a small world” Wait Times.

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Facts At A Glance About Its A Small World:

Park: Magic Kingdom. Location:Fantasyland. Height Requirement: Any Height. Genie+: Yes. Individual Lightning Lane: No.
Quick Notes: Slow-moving, smooth ride that passes costumed dolls from around the world.
Disney Warnings: None.
Our Additional Cautions: Includes flashing lights, spotlights, running lights and other light effects. Can be overstimulating for some people because of constant repetitive music, many bright colors and many moving dolls/characters wherever you look. Boat may get bumped by boats from behind while near the unloading area or during the ride if there are any backups. Boat travels over bumpy rollers when departing and arriving back at the unload area. See below for more cautions and details.
Length: The ride lasts approximately 11 minutes.
Special Needs Info: There are some boats that can accommodate wheelchairs. If youre in an ECV or power wheelchair you must transfer to a manual wheelchair to board this ride. For boats without wheelchair accommodations, you must transfer from your wheelchair or ECV to the boat seat. Handheld Captioning, Audio Description.

Historia De La Atraccin

Como dije anteriormente en esta publicación, ¡esta es una atracción muy antigua y clásica y con una historia de vida increíble!

La “leyenda” dice que si caminas en “It´sa Small World” en Walt Disney World o Disneyland, la música se quedará en tu cabeza para siempre, “es un mundo pequeño, después de todo” .

Mucha gente afirma que esta gira es solo un cliché o solo para niños .

Algunas personas dirán que evitan caminar sobre él como si fuera una plaga .

Estas son las mismas personas que se darán la vuelta y se quejarán de que el carrusel del progreso debería salvarse, o que nunca deberían haber llevado al Sr.Toad Wild Ride .

Su razonamiento es que es el legado de Walt Disney y estamos de acuerdo. Al igual que el caso reciente del anuncio del cambio de Splash mountain.

Muchas de las atracciones más antiguas, u originales, si lo prefiere, en Disneyland y Disney World tienen el toque de Walt Disney.

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