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Is Disney World Dog Friendly

+ Things Disney World Should Bring Back Pronto

Walt Disney World Goes Dog Friendly + First Things for First-Timers | DIS Unplugged | 10/17/17

Guests agree, there are just some things Disney World should bring back. Weve assemble our list of fan favorites, in no particular order. Take a look and let us know if you agree. Please Mr. Disney, Bring Back Early Morning Magic Long considered by us as the best splurge at Disney World, Early Morning Magic Read more

Are Dogs Allowed At Disney World

To answer the all-important question, dogs are allowed at some Disney World Resorts. In 2017, Disney began welcoming canines at four resorts across the property as part of a pilot program.

Why were these resorts chosen? For one thing, they represent a sampling of all resort categories. Yacht Club is one of Disneys Deluxe resorts, while Port Orleans and The Cabins at Fort Wilderness are priced as moderates and the Art Of Animation is a Value resort. By covering all of the three resort categories, Disney is making it possible for travelers to bring Fido along no matter what their vacation budget is.

Just as importantly, these four resorts also offer easy access to outside locations, including grassy dog-relief areas, as well as walkways where owners can exercise their dogs.

If youre thinking that traveling with your dog to Disney World will help you save money and stretch your Disney budget, you should know that there is an additional $75 nightly fee for keeping your pet in the room with you.

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Dogs At Disney World A Park Of Their Own

While youre out enjoying all of the magic of a Disney World vacation, its only fair that Fido have his day. Thats why you may want to consider sending your canine friend to the Best Friends Pet Care for the day.

At Best Friends, your dog will enjoy an air-conditioned run when not out for play time with Pluto and his pals. As part of the service, Disney has employed 75 highly trained dog lovers to not only ensure that your dog has a good time but is safe and protected while doing so.

Overall, Best Friends Pet Care receives rave reviews from dog owners. Reviewers say the resort is extremely clean and that workers are caring and honest people who truly love dogs. One person even considers Best Friends more of a spa than a kennel.

Best Friends offers a variety of services, but the day care option allows you to leave your dog in the company of other humans and canines as opposed to staying in the room alone. Play times are included as part of a package deal, ensuring that your dog will have plenty of socialization.

Day camp takes place in one of two air-conditioned rooms. Each is over 1,000 square feet and opens out into an attached yard for days when the temperatures are cooler.

Best Friends Pet Care even goes out of their way to accommodate dogs who might not care for the company of others. Another reviewer said that their dog was walked alone to make him feel secure while still providing plenty of exercise.

Traveling To Disney World With Pets: What You Need To Know


Bringing your furry friend with you to the most magical place on earth? No problem! Disney has your pet needs covered between pet-friendly resort rooms, resort pet boarding/kennels, pet-friendly camping, and service animal allowances. Its no wonder Pluto is always so happy with these excellent pet options available! Heres a list of what you need to know before traveling to Disney World with pets.

1 Stay in Pet-Friendly Rooms

Except for service dogs, pets are not allowed in theme parks, most Disney resorts, or theme park buses. However, Disney now offers dog-friendly rooms in four out of the twenty-six Disney Resorts. The four locations include Disneys Art of Animation, Disney Port Orleans-Riverside, Disneys Yacht Club, and The Cabins at Fort Wilderness. The offering consists of Plutos Welcome Kit, which gives dogs and their owners a collection of dog-friendly items. Particular floors or sections of these Disney Resort hotels are designated as dog-friendly, while the majority of areas remain canine-free to accommodate Guests with allergies or other needs. You may have up to two dogs per room at dog-friendly Disney resorts. Also at these resorts are green spaces that have been identified as pet relief areas. As the owner, you will be responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Also note that you must be able to provide documentation that your dogs vaccinations and immunizations are up to date, upon request.

3 Pet-Friendly Camping

4 Service Animals

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Should You Bring Your Dog To Disney World

You can bring your pup to Disney World if you enjoy spending time together, but in most cases, youll spend more money to do so than you would on a pet sitter or boarding facility at home. The resorts that welcome pets do so happily, and youll see other dogs and owners out on the walking paths. Visiting Disney World with your dog can be a magical experience and is worth exploring, but it is not for everyone.

Leave your dog behind if:

  • He does not travel well, is aggressive toward or afraid of other dogs or people, or simply prefers to stay at home, leaving him at home is a better option. Travel can be stressful, and visits from a pet sitter or a stay at a kennel at home may be a better idea.
  • He is unwell or elderly, then the stress and excitement of travel may be too much for him take his current health into consideration before booking.
  • Affordability is a concern. Weigh the extra pet fee and possibly the daycare fees against the cost of boarding your pet at home. One option may be less expensive than the other.

Bring your dog along if:

  • Your dog is healthy, active and loves meeting new people. Youll have a blast spending time together at your Disney World resort!
  • You have other destinations to head to after your Orlando vacation that are pet friendly as well.
  • Youre interested in traveling with your dog and want an excellent first experience for you both.

Hoppy Planning!

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Best Friends Pet Center Hours And Location

Youll find this sprawling pet complex just across from the dog-friendly Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Best Friends hours vary seasonally they open an hour before the theme parks each day and close an hour after the parks to give you time to drop off or visit with your pet.

You should make a reservation in advance for your pet you can call 877-4-WDW-PETS or visit the Best Friends Pet Care website to do this before your arrival.

Keep Your Dog At Your Resort

Disney Pet Friendly resort | Fort Wilderness day 1

You know your dogs temperament better than anyone so if you know your dog will be happiest back at the room while youre out exploring the parks, this solution could work for you.

Fort Wilderness

Butif your dog cant handle long stretches of being left alone you might receive a call from your hotel asking you to return to your room and calm your doggo down if hes barking a lot. Youll have 30 minutes to return to your room and quiet your dog down. Disney also recommends not leaving your dog unattended for more than seven hours at a time.

Mickey dog harness

Housekeeping will not come by while youre away . Dont worry theres another option if you need your dog watched while youre having fun!

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Are Dogs Allowed At Disney World The Answer May Surprise You

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Since 67 percent of American households own a pet, and 78 percent take them with them when they travel, it isnt surprising that people often wonder if dogs are allowed at Disney World. The answer in a nutshell, is sort of.

While service dogs are always welcome at Disney World resorts, on Disney complimentary transportation and at Disney World parks, youll need to keep reading to find out whether traveling with your dog to Disney World now is right for you and your fur kid.

You Can Take Your Pet To Disney World

Undoubtedly, the worst part of any vacationaside from its ending–is having to leave our animal friends behind. I am dreading spending a week away from my dog while I visit Florida this month. But did you know you can bring your pet to Walt Disney World? Of course, pets are not allowed in the parks, restaurants, or pool areas unless they are service animals. However, Walt Disney World has several pet-friendly options for your next trip to ensure you dont have to go long without seeing your pet.

There are four Walt Disney World resorts that are participating in a pilot program and are currently providing pet-friendly accommodations for dog owners. Unfortunately, cats are not included at this time. These resorts include Disneys Art of Animation, Disneys Yacht Club, The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort, and Disney Port Orleans Resort-Riverside. At these resorts, youll find access to grassy areas to walk your dog and a welcome kit from Pluto upon your arrival. There is a maximum of two dogs per room, and they must be leashed and up to date on all vaccines. If you are staying at one of these resorts and are allergic to dogs, dont fret. Only certain areas are being used for these pet-friendly accommodations, so let a cast member know you would like to stay in a non-pet-friendly area.

No one likes to leave their animal friends, and Walt Disney World is doing what it can to ensure your magical trip isnt dampened by missing your pets.

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Disney World Orlando Florida News And Events


When you book our Disney World Orlando vacation rentals, it doesnt mean that the fun you can have is limited to the typical theme park visit. They have annual events that you shouldnt miss, especially because some of them run for a whole season! Thats the beauty of visiting during shoulder months, too. Planning a vacation during spring? The Epcot International Flower Garden & Festival showcases more than 100 topiaries, outdoor kitchens around World Showcase, and hundreds of butterfly species at the festivals screened butterfly house. This is definitely one of the most colorful Disney World annual events. If youre visiting during the fall season, that also means food and drinks! Join the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival with more than 25 international marketplace kiosks, culinary and beverage seminars, special dining experiences with celebrity chefs, and more. If you want to know more about the festivities happening and around the area, Mommy Frog of have more information.

Dog Policy At 21st October 201:

Disney World Announces Additional Dog

Up-to-date vaccination records must be available upon request.

Dogs are not permitted in Food & Beverage locations, Club Lounges,Pool Areas and Fitness Centers.

Dogs should not be left unattended in your Guest room for more thanseven hours.

Guests with dogs are permitted to use select Resort transportationservices, including Disneys Magical Express® and Minnie Van. Inorder to use Resort transportation, Guests must keep dogs in petcarriers for the duration of transit.

Dogs are not permitted on all other Resort transportation, including Walt Disney World ® Monorails and FriendShip Boats.

Dogs are not permitted in Theme Parks, Water Parks, ESPN Wide Worldof Sports Complex and Disney Springs®.

Housekeeping service is only available when dogs are not present inyour Guest room. Please dial the Housekeeping button on your in-roomtelephone to schedule a cleaning time. If you do not schedule a time, aHousekeeping Cast Member will contact you to schedule a cleaning time.Please display the provided Room Occupied door hanger outside yourroom to alert Cast Members that dogs are present.

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What Do I Need To Know When Bringing My Dog To Disney World

Mickey and his pals are really rolling out the welcome mat for your dog at Disney World. As proof, your furry friend will receive Plutos Welcome Kit, complete with all of the amenities Fido will need to make a stay complete:

  • Pet Identification Tag
  • Map to walking paths
  • List of dog friendly areas

Its exciting news for Disney World lovers who also love their pets, but before we set off the fireworks and release the balloons in celebration, there are some caveats to consider. First, guests are restricted to two dogs per room, and Disney expects all friends of Pluto to mind their manners.

While no penalties for non-compliant canines have been mentioned, its worth considering how your dog behaves in public before you book your reservation and head out on your trip. If your dog is prone to barking or lunging at other guests, you and your fur kid may not have the best experience at Disney World.

Second, Disney has some pretty strict guidelines governing where dogs can and cannot go when staying at the resorts. Dogs are not allowed in public areas, such as pools, hotel restaurants or indoor walkways.

These restrictions are partly due to local health ordinances but are also designed to respect other guests. Believe it or not, there are people who dont like smelling a wet dog that has just come out of the lazy river at Stormalong Bay. Others arent comfortable eating in restaurants where dogs are present. Others may have allergies to consider.

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Where Dogs Are Allowed On Disney Property

Four of Disneys resorts Port Orleans Riverside, Yacht Club, Art of Animation, and Ft. Wilderness currently allow dogs, but that doesnt mean they have carte blanche of the property.

There are designated pet-friendly floors, outdoor walking paths, and green spaces. However, dogs cant go to pool areas, restaurants, and recreational places.

Goodie Bags From Pluto

Walt Disney World pet friendly Fort Wilderness Campground resort

Calypso guards her elaborate goodies from Pluto. Photo by Cathy Salustri

When we checked in to the dog-friendly Port Orleans Resort Riverside, each pup received Plutos Welcome Kit.

Calypso and I have stayed at plenty of dog-friendly hotels where the goodie bag was a roll of dog bags and a single dog biscuit. Not so at the Walt Disney World Resort!

The Disney World Resort goodie bags included Disney-themed dog bowls, a Pluto placemat, and yes, a roll of dog poop bags but they came in a yellow dog-bone shaped holder that clipped to the leash.

We also received a door hanger alerting housekeeping about our pets. Im going to be honestI was a little jealous.

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Not All Areas Are Pet

Make no mistake: The Cast Members are wildly pet-friendly. When Calypso and I walked into the lobby of Port Orleans, everything ground to a halt while she graciously accepted pets.

That doesnt mean dogs have carte blanche on the property.

The Walt Disney World Resort limits which floors of its pet-friendly hotels allow pets, and pets cant go in restaurants, pool areas, or recreational-type places

Best Friends Pet Hotel

Those of us a bit older might remember the days of Pet Care Centers located around Disney World. Kennels were on-site for guests choosing to pay to board their animals for their stay and guests could visit the kennels, like at the entrance to EPCOT or the Transportation and Ticket Center near Magic Kingdom, to walk their pets and visit each day.

The times have changed and since 2010, Disney World has partnered with Best Friends Pet Hotel, which is a full-service animal care facility that offers daycare services for pets from a few hours to full overnight visits. If you need to leave your dog for longer than seven hours or would prefer not to leave them unattended in your room, this is a great option for Disney World guests. This pet hotel is located near Disneys Port Orleans Resorts.

Hourly rates begin at $28 and overnights begin at $47, all the way up to $109 for a VIP Luxury Suite if you REALLY want to pamper your pup! And while Disney does not allow cats on any Disney World property, Best Friends Pet Hotel does!

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