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How To Visit Disney World

Which Theme Parks Should I Pick

How Many Days Do You REALLY Need to Visit Disney World?

With park pass reservations in play, youll need to pick all of your parks ahead of time. Each park is unique, just like you and your family. Yes, Magic Kingdom is great for little kids but its also fun for older kids and adults, with the three mountain rides , and its hard not to love Pirates of the Caribbean and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Studios is currently the park with the newest, coolest attractions. This is where Star Wars fans go to geek out, and youll find the one and only moving attraction at Disney World dedicated to everyones favorite mouse. But, Pandora The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom is also pretty special. And now Epcot has the new Ratatouille ride, along with the new Space 220 restaurant.

If you are going for a week, we recommend visiting all four theme parks. If you only have a long weekend to work with, youll have to pick and choose based on the preferences of your group. Its hard to generalize, but if you have to play favorites, little kids shouldnt skip the Magic Kingdom but may not miss Epcot quite as much.

Saving Time When The Sun Sets

Dont worry, there are opportunities for night owls as well.

One of the easiest ways to save time in the evening is to focus on the fireworks schedule. The crowds will gravitate toward the primary viewing areas, such as Main Street in Magic Kingdom, before the fireworks. That will thin some of the lines out.

Then, right as the fireworks start, the wait times on many rides will plummet. We scored a 15-minute wait on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a ride where the wait can easily stretch an hour or two, this way.

Just before closing, hop in one final line. As long as you are in line before the official closing time, Disney lets you finish your wait and ride the attraction. The wait times in the My Disney Experience app are notoriously inaccurate around closing time, usually overestimating your wait time.

For the time being, Disney World will continue to offer a bit of late-night access for certain resort guests. Be sure to check if your resort qualifies and what dates and parks this is available for. The parks really clear out in the evening for dedicated hours like this and you can get in a ton of rides in just an hour or two.

If you want to map out your perfect day at Disney World, check out Touring Plans, an organization tool with a lot of free resources . We used Touring Plans for our crazy ride-every-ride-at-Disney World charity fundraiser. When you consider how much youre spending for your Disney vacation, the additional $17.95 to maximize your time can be a wise investment.

Walt Disney Worlds Return To Normal

Even for the most seasoned Disney World fan, there have been a number of changes to Disney World policies along with new park strategies to consider. As we plan our own Disney World vacations here at Mickey Visit, we want you to feel as prepared as possible as you make the leap to visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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    Can You Go To Disney World Without Planning

    How Many Times Do You Have to Visit Disney?

    As always in life, what you CAN do and what you SHOULD do are two entirely different things, and that is also true in this case.

    Yes, it is physically possible to go to Disney World without planning your trip, but I would highly recommend against such an action. Organizing everything out for months ahead of time is a lot of work and a big pain, but it is vital if you want to have a successful trip.

    Your choice of hotel will be severely limited if you dont book it well in advance. You wont be able to get dining reservations at the best restaurants in Disney World. You wont know which attractions to reserve with Genie+. Right now, you cant even get into the parks without a prior reservation.

    If you are looking to go to a destination where you can just wing it and not have to make any plans ahead of time, we recommend choosing another destination besides Disney World.

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    Transportation At Walt Disney World

    One important decision is . Even if youre sure you want a car, we recommend you read some of our tips about having a car at Walt Disney World.

    Generally, youll be relying on bus, boat, monorail, or walking to get to and between the parks. You can also Uber around Walt Disney World. If youre unsure how to get between two points, ask the concierge or desk staff at your hotel, or ask a Cast Member at a park .

    Transportation at Walt Disney World can, unfortunately, be quite slow. This is especially true of bus and boat transportation. If youre in a hurry, consider Uber.

    Disney used to off its own rideshare systemMinnie Vansthrough a partnership with Lyft, but it hasnt operated in a while. If they return, the high prices of Minnie Vans make them not worth considering for most purposes other than getting to the Magic Kingdom, where other drivers are not allowed to make drop-offs. Theyre also good if you need two car seats, as Uber Car Seat cars typically only have one.

    Stay At A Disney Resort

    If you want the full Disney experience, my vote is to stay at a Disney World hotel. Especially for first timers, this will give you the full Disney magic and make things easier during your stay.

    Many of the value resorts offer great prices for your vacation and are still perfect spots to hang your hat at night. Art of Animation resort is one of the most popular value resorts that offers themed rooms that are perfect for little ones.

    We loved using the Disney buses during our stay and found that we never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a bus.

    If you get a chance, taking a Lyft Minnie Van is also a fun experience for first-timers. Disney cast members do the driving and our cast member gave us a ton of insight and help planning our trip to the Magic Kingdom.

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    Getting From Park To Park

    If you are park hopping you will want to go from one park to the other in the same day. Thankfully, Disney offers park-to-park transportation for resort hotel guests.

    You can take the monorail between the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. If you want to go between the Magic Kingdom and any other park, you will need to take the bus. Right now they run from 2:00 pm daily between parks.

    Hollywood Studios and EPCOT have multiple transportation methods between them with boats, walking, and the Disney Skyliner all options.

    Disneys Animal Kingdom is the most difficult park to get to from another park and can only be reached by bus.

    Disney World 2022 Key Predictions

    How decades of wishes to visit Walt Disney World have come true for these kids

    I cant stress enoughthe dates / timeframes / etc. in this section, except where otherwise stated, are just our best guesses. We have no insider information, and basically all of our reasoning for these guesses is provided in this post.

    The key assumption for our 2022 timeline is that we expect Disney to make three major changes during 2022 . Following D23 2021, all three are confirmed, but exact dates remain a bit in limbo. These changes are:

    • the return of a daytime parade

    • the debut of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at Epcot

    • the debut of TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom

    Okay, before we go on, about that maybe. The latest rumors, which are well-reasoned enough, suggest TRON may not open until 2023. We originally had TRON penciled in for late 2022, with October 1 looking like a good option.

    Now, if Im guessing, Id say its a coin flip whether it opens in 2022 or 2023, with October 1 seeming unlikely. This means if you really care about TRON, youre probably looking at visiting during the last three months of the 50th Anniversary Celebration in early 2023.

    Since the parade is not a new parade, we assume it will return relatively quickly, in early 2022. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind has been confirmed for summer 2022.

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    Should You Rent A Car

    Renting a car at Disney World has its positives and negatives and is a big decision you need to make. It comes down to if you are going to visit other places outside of Walt Disney World or stay on property the entire time.

    If you are going to spend the entire vacation at Walt Disney World, there is absolutely no need to rent a car. Disneys public transportation is more than sufficient for your needs.

    If you are just going to spend one day in another Orlando destination like Universal Studios, you dont need a car and you will save money by catching an Uber or a taxi to your destination.

    The only reason you need to rent a car is if you plan on spending multiple days outside Disney World. Just know that hotel parking fees can add up so expect to spend an additional $20-$25 per night on top of rental car fees.

    Walt Disney World Dining Changes

    Dining has underwent a large transformation since Walt Disney World’s reopening with some changes that may be here to stay and others that are slowly being phased out. Here are the top things you can expect:

    • Dining windows now open 60 days in advance
    • Modified character dining
    • Modified character dining experiences will include characters present at meals but with no hugs or autographs- characters will maintain proper distancing
  • Limited menus in some restaurants
  • Dining plans and dining packages are currently suspended
  • Items that used to be self serve will be served by cast members
  • Disney will encourage the use of disposable paper menus and QR codes for menu access
  • Increased cleaning of high traffic areas of the restaurants and spaced seating
  • Each restaurant will give you a QR code to scan with your phone. They also have paper menus on request.

    Despite some dining options not being available, Disney World still has an enormous amount of dining options to pick from and making your reservation as soon as possible is crucial to get your spot.

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    Instead: Skip The Line

    Dozens of Disney’s most popular attractions are now equipped with the FastPass+ system, which essentially holds your spot in line, leaving you free to explore other parts of the park. You can pick which attractions you want to use the pass for before you even leave home, then proceed there during your assigned time slot to leapfrog nearly to the front of the line. There are a set number of FastPasses per ride per dayand they do run outso you’ll do well to get one for a ride on your must-do list as soon as you arrive at the park.

    Is Disney World Back To Normal

    The ultimate guide to the Walt Disney World in Orlando ...

    Lookwere done with the question of is Disney World back to normal? It isnt back to what it was before, but with a few exceptions, its a normal theme park experience.

    The Disney Dining Plan has not yet returned. Character greetings are only sort ofreturning. The indoor mask requirement is still around. A few hotels havent reopened. But for the most part the parks are a mix of things fully back to normal and things that are probably the new normal .

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    Consider An Annual Pass

    If you are planning a longer Disney World trip, or think you will have two trips within 12 months, it can make sense to seriously consider a Disney World annual pass at least for one member of the family. An annual pass can not only cover the cost of admission for the passholder, but also unlock discounts on dining, purchases, resort stays and more for the whole family.

    Disney World recently revamped the annual pass offerings. If you dont live in Florida or arent a Disney Vacation Club member, the choice is easy. Theres only one option, the Incredi-Pass, which will set you back $1,299 plus tax. That might seem like a lot of cash, but keep in mind that covers more than your park tickets. Youll also get free parking at all of the parks and up to a 20% discount on food and beverage, as well as merchandise, for your entire party . For a $99 add-on you get unlimited photo downloads for everyone in your group.

    Multiply a 10% or 20% discount across a family of four, or even a larger group, and the savings really add up. Plus, if you schedule a second trip 11 months from your first one, youll get unlimited access to the parks and all those discounts again. Or, you can be crazy like us and head to visit your favorite mouse once a month.

    How Many Days To Spend At Each Disney World Park

    As many of us know, or are quickly finding out there is so much planning that goes into a Walt Disney World vacation! With four main theme parks plus two water parks at Disney World there is really so much to do. So its a tough question when figuring out how many days should you stay at Disney World?

    The main reason is its not as easy as saying youll simply spend one day at each park. This has always been the case but even more so now with the recent additions of Star Wars Galaxys Edge and Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios as well as Pandora World of Avatar and many more new attractions around WDW.

    Things have also become a bit more complicated with the new Disney World reservation system. Like we said there is a ton of planning that goes into a Disney vacation and everyone will have something different that works for them. So lets take a look at how many days to spend in each Disney World park.

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    Choose The Best Time To Visit Disney World

    Choosing the best time to visit Disney World is an important decision. The best time to visit Disney on a budget is in the offseason when prices of accommodation, flights and park tickets are lower and the parks are less crowded. Late January and early February are usually the cheapest times to visit.

    If at all possible, avoid school and public holidays. The busiest times are June to August , Christmas/ New Year, and Thanksgiving.

    In recent years October has also become a busy month as the weather is ideal, and there are Halloween celebrations and the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, but I would still visit at this time of year.

    Spring Break in April is another busy time, but we have visited twice in April just after Easterit wasnt too crowded and the weather was hot.

    Our last trip was in November, 10 days before Thanksgiving and it was fine, although it was busier on the Saturday before Thanksgiving . The weather was mostly hot with two surprisingly cool days .

    I recommend having a rough idea of the time you can visit Disney and then checking this ranking of the best weeks to visit Disney. Usually their top pick is to arrive on one of the first three Saturdays after Thanksgiving .

    However, 2021 is different because many people are deferring Disney vacations until later in the year and Disney Worlds 50th anniversary celebrations started on October 1, 2021.

    The anniversary celebrations will continue for 18 months into 2023.

    2021 Update: Check park reservations are available

    How Much Does A Disney World Vacation Cost In 2022

    (PART 2) How to Visit & Enjoy Disney World for Free | Parks Too Expensive?

    This breaks down 2022 Walt Disney World vacation prices for park tickets, hotels, dining, transportation & more. It answers the question of how much visiting WDW costs to help you avoid sticker shock & plan within your budget. It also explains why prices have increased by thousands of dollars in the last two years.

    This is a tough topic to tackle. Even with hypotheticals its impossible to pin down the actual cost for every set of circumstances. Beyond the basics covered in our breakdown, there are a lot of variables that are beyond the scope of this post: Lightning Lanes & Genie+ v. standby only? Rental car & paid parking v. Mears Connect airport shuttle? Travel insurance v. discounted non-refundable reservations?

    Instead of tackling every possible scenario and ending up with a War & Peace length treatise, well look at price ranges for key aspects of visiting Walt Disney World, come up with totals based on those, and let you extrapolate for your own conclusions based upon that information. Given that the thing most readers report surprise over to us via comments and emails is cost, this is a topic worth addressing, even if we cant give any hard numbers for every possible scenario

    You could also travel to New York and spend more than the cost of theme park tickets seeing shows and visiting points of interest, pay $250/night for adequate accommodations, $75/night for parking, and an exorbitant amount eating at some of Americas best restaurants.

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