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How To Ride The Skyliner At Disney World

Emergencies In The Gondolas

Riding the Disney Skyliner! 4K POV Of All 3 Gondola Lines! Walt Disney World Orlando

Each gondola has an Emergency Call Box, and you can push a button to call for help.

Disney also has an on-board speaker that will share alerts and updates during your ride. If theres an emergency, they can let you know whats happening.

There is also an emergency kit inside each gondola. Gondolas have been stuck at times, and these kits are meant to get you through the wait. They include a number of items:

  • Water packets
  • A note pad
  • A container that we think is for bathroom purposes or to be used as a barf bag.
  • Light stick
  • Cups

Keep in mind that if the gondolas stop, you will not have the breeze coming through the vents. Also, if Disney is not able to restart the gondolas, youll have to be removed in an alternative way, and it could take time, as in hours. If any of this sounds too difficult for you, you may want to use alternative transportation.

If guests need to be removed, they can do it. Reedy Creek Emergency Services is prepared to remove guests, even if the gondola is over water. This recently happened, and all of the guests were removed safely, but it took hours.

How Long Do I Have To Wait In Line For The Disney Skyliner

This is going to depend on which station you are getting on at, and what time of the day it is. On all our rides weve found that early morning rides are the best, with hardly any wait. You can get right on.

Once it gets after 9 am till early afternoon, the crowds pick up. Usually, youre looking at about a 5-10 minute wait, with some waits as long as 20 minutes, especially if there are any delays.

In the evening at park closing things get very crowded and this is where the worst lines are and the longest waits. Epcot is the worst offender, and going on the Skyliner just after the Epcot fireworks are finished is always a bad idea. Weve seen waits well over 30 minutes during that time.

The stations make a difference and of course, the Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Caribbean Beach stations are the busiest and have the longest lines. Pop Century/Art of Animation and Riviera Resort stations are much quieter.

It also matters what time of year you are visiting. If you go during one of the busiest times of the year in Disney World, then it will definitely be more crowded.

How Do You Load An Ecv Or Wheelchair Onto A Gondola

If you are boarding with an ECV or wheelchair, a gondola is brought off the track for loading. This gives you plenty of time to load without rushing or hurrying, and you also wont be stopping The Skyliner while doing so. Once your gondola is ready, it is put back on The Skyliner track, and you are on your way!

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Disney Characters Films And Attractions You Might See

Look up! Its a bird! Its a plane! Its Belle and Beast!

In addition to the bright, solid colors , heres a list of the different characters, movies, and attractions you may see:

Note: even though the cars are wrapped, you can still see out the windows. However, for the clearest view , consider asking the Cast Member if you can wait for a plain colored car.

  • Beauty & the Beast
  • Zootopia

Disneys Pop Century And Art Of Animation

Disney World

Disneys Pop Century Resort and Art of Animation are in my second place slot. The Skyliner adds a lot to these resorts and the view of the Disney Skyliner gondolas soaring over Hourglass Lake is beautiful. You can capture some stunning sunset images with the cute cable cars in the shot.

Pop Century is a value resort offering great prices for families and was recently renovated. These renovations offer a fold down Murphy bed in the room which I found comfortable on my last visit.

Art of Animation is considered a value resort as well. Personally, I like the theming at Art of Animation better and the larger suites there fit my family of 6. For both resorts, the bus transportation is near the lobby. On the other side of each resort is the Skyliner transportation, so some walking will be required here as well.

TravelingMom Tip:If you like to travel with Fido consider Art of Animation. It is one of four Disney resort hotels that allows dogs.

Getting There: What to Know About Rise of the Resistance and the Skyliner

When the Skyliner opened, Disney reduced bus service to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios from resorts with a Skyliner station. Buses now run only once an hour at Pop Century, Art of Animation, Caribbean Beach and the Riviera Resort. We didnt find this to be a problem most of the time since the Skyliner was very efficient.

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Disney World Skyliner Stations

Skyliner stations are found at Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort , EPCOTs International Gateway, Disneys Hollywood Studios, Disneys Pop Century and Art of Animation Resorts, and Disneys Riviera Resort.

Caribbean Beach Resort Station

There is also a turn station located near Disneys BoardWalk Inn on the line between Riviera Resort and Epcot. The turn station is simply a point on the line where the route changes direction, but here riders can catch a glimpse of the mechanics that make Skyliner go!

Turn Station near BoardWalk Inn

The Caribbean Beach Resort station serves as the main hub for the system.

Caribbean Beach Resort Station

All three Skyliner lines come and go from the Caribbean Beach Skyliner station, and any transfers that happen from line-to-line occur at this station. Guests are able to travel directly to and from Disneys Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts, Disneys Riviera Resort continuing to or from EPCOT, and Disneys Hollywood Studios.

Route info at Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner Station

Its a large, open space that also incorporates restrooms and its own Joffreys Coffee and Tea stand!

Caribbean Beach Skyliner Station

Is There Air Conditioning On The Skyliner

While there isnt any air conditioning unit onboard the gondolas they are designed to have the air vents adjusted with the weather so that airflow will not be an issue. There have been some concerned that they will be too hot to ride in the high heats of the summer in Florida.

With the speed that they travel at, there sufficient airflow to keep everyone comfortable. As we know, boat transportation doesnt have air conditioning and they have always been fine. We have even been stopped on the Skyliner for a few minuets in the summer and the temperature has bot been an issue. I think that because you are high enough in the air you get a nice breeze weather you are stopped or moving.

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Disney Skyliner Epcot Line

The EPCOT Line runs from Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort to EPCOT. It is the longest line and stops at Disneys Riviera Resort. The ride takes roughly 11 minutes during which you circle around another station that turns you due north.

Youll come into EPCOT near the International Gateway entrance. This puts you within an easy walk of Disneys Boardwalk area restaurants and the Yacht Club and Beach Club resorts. The International Gateway entrance leads you into EPCOT between France and the United Kingdom in the World Showcase. Keep your eyes open while you are riding this route. Just before descent, youll be able to catch a birds-eye view of Remys Ratatouille Adventure in France. Due to open in Summer 2020, this attraction is based on the ride at Disneyland Paris.

What Is The Disney Skyliner Gondola System

Riding Aboard the Disney Skyliner at Walt Disney World Resort

The Disney Skyliner Gondolas are the newest transportation system in Walt Disney World, roughly based on the old Disney Skyway buckets at the Magic Kingdom. These, however, are much bigger, and built to carry guests from hotels to parks and are an alternative to the Disney bus system or other forms of public transportation.

They are designed by the Doppelmayr Garaventa Group which is an Austrian company that manufactures chairlifts, gondolas and cable cars for ski and amusement parks. They also have experience building urban people moving systems and have produced over 14,600 installations in 89 countries

The Skyliner was announced in 2017 at the D23 Expo when Bob Chapek explained Disneys commitment to improving transportation in Walt Disney World, and construction began on the Skyliner in 2018.

Riding in the Disney Skyliner is a unique transportation experience in Walt Disney World because being in an elevated position allows guests to have a birds eye view of the resort in places theyve never seen like that before. Think the same way the Monorail system allows you, but in new places.

Contrary to what was originally thought about the Disney Skyliner Gondolas, this newest transportation to the Walt Disney World Resort does NOT have air conditioning however with the speed it moves at, it does let significant airflow through them.

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How Many People Can Go In A Single Gondola On Disneys Skyliner

Each gondola has two bench seats. One faces forward, and one faces backwards.

  • Up to 10 guests are permitted in a single gondola, without any strollers, wheelchairs or scooters. Having 10 in one gondola is likely to feel very crowded.
  • Up to 6 guests are permitted if someone is driving a scooter or wheelchair, with only 1 wheelchair/scooter/ECV allowed in the cabin at a time. Weve gotten feedback that more than two adults plus a scooter might feel tight. If you have more, you may wish to split up.
  • Up to 6 guests are permitted if you have a stroller.This is true if the child is in or out of the stroller.

What if you have too many people for a single gondola?

If your party is larger than allowed, youd be asked to split up, but the cast members should try to time it so that youre not too far apart on your arrival at your destination.

What if you dont have enough people to fill a gondola?

If your gondola still has room, you may be flying with people who are not a part of your group.

Tips And Tricks For Disney Skyliner

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the Disney Skyliner.

  • The gondolas soar up to 60 feet above the ground. If you have a terrible fear of heights, this may not be the best Disney transportation option for you.
  • If youre a large group, then up to 10 of you can ride in one gondola. However, with a wheelchair or stroller in the gondola, the capacity drops to 6 including the person in the wheelchair or stroller, so you may need to split your party into two gondolas.
  • Most people with minor motion sickness do alright on the Disney Skyliner. The cabins can sway a little or even jolt, especially when taking off and coming to a stop. The ride itself is smooth for the most part. If you tend to get motion sickness, it helps to sit in the direction youre moving .
  • If youre staying at Disneys Caribbean Resort, ask for rooms in the Jamaica section of the resort which is closest to the Skyliner station. The Caribbean Resort is big and if youre in some other section, youll end up spending a fair bit of time getting to the Disney Skyliner station.
  • When youre staying at a Skyliner resort, remember that Disneys Boardwalk is within easy access of the Epcot Skyliner station, giving you dozens of dining options .

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Pop Century / Art Of Animation Resort Skyliner Station

The addition of the Disney skyliner makes the Pop Century resort our favorite value resort when comparing hotels at Walt Disney World. This gondola stations claim to fame is that its the only floating gondola station. When you ride your gondola flight to or from Pop Century / Art of Animation, youll get a low-gliding beautiful ride right over Hourglass Lake.

Add in a sunset and youll enjoy one of the prettiest views at Disney World. If you are using this station as your launching point for flights to any other location, you will travel to the Caribbean Beach Resort Gondola Station first, debark and then get in line for whichever place you want to travel to, if Caribbean Beach Resort isnt your destination.

The Best Tandem Double Stroller For Walt Disney World

PHOTOS, VIDEO: The Disney Skyliner Resumes Service at Walt ...

If youre looking for a reasonably priced sit and stand stroller that you can push directly onto the Skyliner, look no further. This is the all-around best double stroller for Walt Disney World.

The Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stroller

This highly rated baby stroller is perfect for two kiddos with tons of cup holders. If you have a bigger kid who plans on walking most of the day, the standing portion is perfect for tired little legs at the end of the day. And its even cheaper, and often on sale! You can check the price here.

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Art Of Animation Resort And Pop Century Resort

The Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts share this Skyliner station which is positioned right in the middle of a walkway linking the two resorts together over a lake. This is a great move and allows two of the biggest resort hotels on property access to the Skyliner.

This initial launch of the Disney Skyliner transportation system is only the first phase in whats likely to be a multi-phase roll-out to other parks and hotels around Walt Disney World property. Well go further into Phase 2 for the Disney Skyliner later in the article

Well also have a tour of each station so check that out for a closer look at each station.

How High Is The Disney Skyliner

Depending on where on the line you are, the heights will vary. The max height is 60 feet in the air. If you have a fear of heights this may or may not be the right form of transportation for you. My husband can go on the Skyliner and be fine as long as he doesnt look down and as long as it keeps moving. If you are unsure, it is best to talk to someone who has ridden it or possible just use a different mode of transportation if you feel really uneasy about it, because once you get on you have to stay on until you get to the next station.

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How Big Are The Disney World Gondolas

Each WDW gondola is large enough to seat up to 10 people. The exception to this is the gondolas set aside that are made specifically for wheelchair and ECV access. Those can seat about 6 people at a time as well as the wheelchair or ECV. Walt Disney gondolas have two benches inside the gondola. The two benches face each other, so youll be able to choose a forward-facing bench or a backward-facing bench. If you rented a stroller in Disney, youll be able to simply push the stroller right on into the gondola, and keep your child in the stroller. Not having to break down a stroller and disturb your sleeping little one is a definite benefit of riding the Skyliner at Disney World.

During this time of social distancing, only one party will be seated in a gondola at a time . Before there were social distancing guidelines, if you had a smaller party, it was likely you would be paired up with another group to keep Disney World gondolas running quickly and lessening wait times.

What Is The Disney Skyliner

Disney Skyliner Ride from Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios | Walt Disney World

The Disney Skyliner allows Guests staying at Disneyâs Art of Animation, Disneyâs Pop Century, Disneyâs Caribbean Beach, or Disneyâs Riviera Resort to travel from their resort to two Disney theme parks EPCOT or Disneys Hollywood Studios all while taking in beautiful views of Disney landscape.

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What About Bad Weather

The Skyliner is weather dependent, like some of Disneys outdoor rides, but the gondolas are used all over the world at ski resorts facing much stronger winds and intense weather than Central Florida, so its no reason to be afraid.If the weather isnt suitable to run the gondolas, there are still the buses to get from one place to another as usual, and there will be signs out in the park before you get to the Skyliner usually telling you that it is not in operation at that point so you dont walk all the way there before realizing .

Whats The Best Disney Resort Hotel For The Disney Skyliner

If using the newest transportation system at Disney World is high on your list of must-do Disney experiences, then the Caribbean Beach Resort is the obvious choice for accommodation because it is the Disney Skyliner hub. From here, you can hop onto a gondola for a quick transfer to Epcot and Hollywood Studios without needing to change lines. The Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderate Disney resort with a relaxed vibe, a lovely pool, and some pirate-themed rooms.

With that said, all four Disney Resort hotels on the Skyliner route are great options and offer convenient connections to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Pop Century and Art of Animation are Value Disney resorts that have some great offers for families. If you want a more intimate resort, Riviera Resort has a nice Mediterranean vibe and is small enough to make walking around the resort easy.

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