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How To Reserve A Scooter At Disney World

Does Islands Of Adventure Offer Special Passes For Mobility Impaired Patrons

Everything you need to know about renting a scooter at Walt Disney World

No special pass is needed nor do you have to provide any proof as to the reason for your use of a mobility scooter. Whether you need it due to a short-term or long-term issue or simply cannot or do not want to make the long walk, you are allowed to use a mobility scooter in any location that is open to the public.

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How long the battery will run on a charge depends on the weight of the rider, the speed at which the scooter is operated, and the terrain covered. The scooter and battery themselves also play an important role. You can conserve energy and make a charge last longer by driving your scooter at a slower speed.

Renting A Wheelchair Or A Scooter At Disney World

If you do decide to rent a wheelchair or scooter, Id suggest you read the following articles to get started:

NEED TO RENT A SCOOTER or WHEELCHAIR? We like Buena Vista Rentals!


Phone 484-4797

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Getting Into The Theme Park

If you rent a motorized scooter from Disney World, you cant access the scooter until youve entered a theme park, obviously. That means youll still have to do some walking on your own unless you use one of the free wheelchairs and you have someone to push you. Youll have to walk from the parking lot unless youre lucky enough to catch a tram.

Epcot is huge!

Disney World Scooter Rental Tips + How To Save Money

How to Rent a Disney Scooter in Orlando?

Visiting Walt Disney World Resort, one of the most magical places on Earth, may seem like a dream come true for some, but for others who might have mobility issues, Disney World might not be on the top of their bucket list. My mother in law needed the use of a Disney World Scooter Rental, so we are here to give you the ins and outs of planning a trip with a scooter rental. This includes the pros and cons, where to get a rental, pricing and more.

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Using Wheelchairs And Scooters In Disney Parks

If you are concerned about using a wheelchair or scooter at Disney to get around, the parks are well-equipped to handle both. Most attractions are set up to be as accessible as possible. However, you may find a few attractions here and there that are not easily accessible if you are in a wheelchair or ECV.

Disney World has attractions categorized so those with mobility disabilities can better understand which attractions to avoid. The main categories are:

  • Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV to ride vehicle
  • Must transfer from ECV to a wheelchair
  • Must transfer from ECV to a wheelchair, and from wheelchair to ride vehicle

Disney designed a few attractions that allow you to stay in your wheelchair or ECV. Many of these attractions include theater-style shows. For a full rundown of all of the attraction categories and mobility options, visit Disney Worlds page on Mobility Disabilities.

The other thing to keep in mind with a Disney scooter rental is that you want to keep it on slow at all times. For those not used to riding one, it can feel overwhelming to suddenly be navigating crowds.

Where Do You Deliver And Pick Up

Scooter Vacations delivers to, and picks up from, locations throughout the Orlando area including hotels, condos, private homes and airline baggage claim areas. Most hotels allow the equipment to be at the hotels luggage room with your name on it just tell the hotel clerk at check-in to claim your scooter and at the end of your rental you just return your scooter to the front desk or bellhop as specified by your hotelier and well take it from there please dont leave your scooter inside your room when you check out. If your scooter is not at the pick-up location at your designated time, you will be charged for an extra rental day plus a supplementary pick-up fee. If you request an equipment delivery or pick-up at a private home or other location that requires you to be present, please call us immediately if you find you must reschedule to avoid incurring extra fees.

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Renting From An Outside Company

If you will need to rent a device for more than a day, an outside vendor will probably be a more convenient and cost-effective option for you. Heres some other benefits to renting from an outside company.

  • There are a few types of rentals available including transportable scooters that will fit in the trunk of your car and wheelchairs and ECVs that have an increased weight limit.
  • If your ECV breaks down the vendor will come to you to fix it, usually pretty quickly.
  • There are attachments available that can help make you more comfortableeverything from walker stands to cup holders.
  • The rental can be delivered directly to your resort or rental home.
  • You will need to reserve the rental before your vacation. Call or order directly on the vendors website.
  • Wheelchairs at outside vendors can offer padding, pediatric sizing, and more structure for added weight limits.
  • Some of the vendors offer a special needs stroller that can be used for larger children.


  • ECV rental prices range from $27-$32 dollars a day, depending on the device you need and your length of stay.
  • Wheelchairs range from $12.50 a day to $20 for first day $10 a day for rest of stay . Wheelchairs from Orlando Medical Rentals are competitively priced and also have an inventory that includes items for more specific needs. Contact them for customized pricing.

What Is The Cost To Rent An Electric Wheelchair For Islands Of Adventure

Scooter Rental and Disney World

The cost for renting an electric wheelchair at Islands of Adventure varies. Two choices:

  • Rent directly from Islands of Adventure inside their complex once you arrive OR
  • Rent from an outside company.
  • To rent a mobility scooter for Islands of Adventure from Scooter Vacations, we deliver to your hotel, resort, timeshare, etc. Our scooters range in price from $25-$40 a day depending on the model. We offer multi-day rental discounts for longer rentals and have many special partner discounts and special coupon offers on our website.

    Transportable models for up to a 450 Lbs. capacity are $25-35 per day and luxury on-property only models are $35-$40 a day.

    If you rent from Islands of Adventure, it is a $100 deposit and $50 a day for a mobility scooter and $12 a day for a wheelchair. If you use a credit card for the $100 daily deposit at Islands of Adventure you must return the wheelchair or ECV to the location you picked it up from to get your deposit back. You cannot pick up at one park and leave it at another upon departure. You can reserve in advance but they do sell out quickly and you MUST be there by 11 am to pick up your rental. Also, they do not rent ECVs for nighttime events due to battery re-charging issues.

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    Bonus Perks Of Renting Through A Third Party

    Have the Scooter the Entire Time Not just at the Parks

    Renting a scooter from a third-party vendor is also smart if you need assistance getting from the parking lot to the park. If you want to rent the scooter from Disney World itself, you will need to get yourself into the park without the assistance from the scooter. Then means a long walk from the parking lot.

    Scooters Dropped off at your hotel!

    This is one of the best perks. The scooters are dropped off at one of the Disney World Hotels. That means you dont have to wait in line every day to purchase a scooter.

    Here is a list of all the approved third-party vendors through Disney World, like I said before we used Florida Mobility Rentals and they were fantastic :

    • Best Prince Scooters and Strollers
    • Apple Scooter
    • ScooterBug

    Some other services might require you to be physically at the drop-off and pick-up locations for your scooter rental. Typically, the scooter rental will give you a one-hour window in which you can drop off or pick up the scooter and you cannot leave the scooter with bell services on your departure day. You also cannot leave the scooter with the bellhop during your stay, so you might want to double check if you use a different service then what is listed above.

    We Will Have A Minivan Is A Scooter Difficult For A Single Adult To Maneuver In And Out Of The Van

    Honestly, its difficult but not impossible. You can disassemble the scooter and lift the pieces in one by one. The seat comes off, the steering mechanism folds down, the two batteries come off, and on some models the chassis can be separated into two parts. Each piece can weigh around 20-35 lbs. It may not be easy, but it is possible. Alternatively, you can often lift the whole thing into the back of the van without disassembling it though this might take two strong people.

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    If You Or Your Party Member Doesnt Agree To A Wheelchair Or Ecv:

    Take along the contact information for an offsite rental place. You can also rent wheelchairs and ECVs in the parks. They dont run out of wheelchairs, but they do usually run out of ECVs if you are arriving later than about 10:30 am. The outside rental wheelchairs and ECVs are nicer, but its good to know you can get one at the park in a pinch.

    Everything You Need To Know About Renting A Wheelchair Or Ecv For Your Walt Disney World Trip

    Wheelchair &  ECV Daily Rentals at Walt Disney World

    TouringPlans is pleased to welcome guest author Amy Schinner.

    A day at a Walt Disney World theme park can involve traveling miles. If walking is a challenge for you or a member of your family there are options that make it easier. Disney Parks offer rentals for wheelchairs and ECVs . There are also outside vendors that can deliver them to your resort. Well break it all down so you can see what works best for you.

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    Renting A Scooter At Disney World

    So, how do you go about renting a scooter at Disney World? As an initial note, I would not recommend renting a wheelchair over a scooter, even though they are less expensive, if you are able to cover the extra expense and your condition permits use of a scooter instead. Wheelchairs are physically demanding for either the person pushing him- or herself, or the person assisting them, and there is a lot of ground to cover at WDW.

    Wheelchairs are available at each of the parks for rental on a first-come, first-serve basis and no reservations are accepted. You can find more information on wheelchair rentals on the Disney World website.

    Electric scooters are also available at each of the parks for rental on a first-come, first-serve basis and according to Disneys policies, no reservations are accepted. Instead of day-of rentals, I would highly recommend renting one in advance through an approved third-party service, so that you are guaranteed to have one each day.

    Renting one from a third-party service also is the only way to have the scooter available to use to get from the parking lot or Disney transportation inside the park or to have access to one at your resort.

    Currently, Disney only has 1 featured provider:

    You can rent from other vendors, however, they wont be able to drop off the scooter at Bell Services and youll need to make arrangements to meet the company at your resort or pick up the scooter from them instead.

    What Types Of Scooters Does Scooter Vacations Offer

    We have the largest selection of any scooter rental company. We have 6 models to choose from. First determine if you need a portable model, one that you can take with you in a car or taxi. If you are only going to be using buses, boats, monorails and or handicap taxis then you may choose either an on-property or portable model.

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    Can I Rent Ecvs Wheelchairs Or Scooters From Third Party Vendors Outside Of Disney World

    Yes! In 2019 Disney made some changes regarding which vendors can drop off and pick up rentals without the guest being present.

    Disney has selected specific wheelchair/ECV/scooter rental companies as featured vendors. This means these companies are the ONLY companies allowed to drop off rentals at the front desk/bell stand of a Disney resort for them to be held for guests.

    Guests using these companies are also allowed to return their rentals to their resorts front desk when they check out.

    Vendors that are not on the featured list will have to arrange specific meeting times with their customers and deliver the rental in person. Likewise, when the rental is completed, the guest must make arrangements to deliver the scooter to the company. Disney will no longer provide a courtesy hold/storage for vendors not on the featured list.

    The current list of featured vendors includes:

    Buena Vista Scooter RentalsBest Price Scooters and StrollersApple ScooterScooterBug

    These vendors will continue to leave/pick up rental scooters with Disney resorts Bell Services so guests do not need to be present for drop off and pick up.

    Other Scooter Vendors In Orlando

    Renting A Scooter at Walt Disney World!!

    Disney World recommends several vendors in the Orlando area that rent power scooters. Rememberthese outfits cant deliver the vehicles to Disney theme parks, but they can deliver them to most Orlando resorts and to all the Disney resorts. This might actually work out better for you. Many Orlando resorts are spread over acres and acres, so having a mobility scooter to use would be very handy. If youre staying for several days at the resort, you could rent a scooter for the length of your stay. The rental places will deliver it and pick it up. And if the scooter takes apart, you can use it at Disney World, too. One advantage to renting motorized scooters from an outside vendor is that you can reserve one in advance. Below are the Orlando scooter rentals approved by Disney World:

    • Apple Scooter: 321-726-6837
    • Buena Vista Scooter Rentals: 866-484-4797
    • CARE Medical Equipment: 800-741-2282

    The monorail has wheelchair ramps.

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    Does Disney Have A Disability Pass

    Disney has a disability pass. This is called Disability Access Service and it will allow Guests with disabilities at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to receive a return time for attractions based on the current wait time. DAS will be issued at Guest Relations’ main entrance locations. Learn more about it here

    Where Can I Rent An Ecv Or Wheelchair At Walt Disney World

    All parks and Disney Springs have wheelchair and ECV rental areas. Some parks also have rental replacement locations, where youll go if you lose your Disney rental or you need a replacement due to malfunction .

    At Magic Kingdom:

    At Epcot:

    • Gift Stop just outside the Epcot Main Entrance
    • Stroller and Wheelchair location inside Main Entrance
    • International Gateway

    At Disneys Hollywood Studios:

    • Oscars Super Service inside Main Entrance

    Disneys Hollywood Studios Replacement Locations:

    • In Character Costume Shop
    • Disney Springs Sundries

    At Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach:

    • There are no wheelchair or ECV rentals at the water parks.
    • Several wheelchairs are also available for use for free at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Guest Relations.
    • You must leave your valid ID as your deposit.
    • You can bring your own wheelchairs and ECVs into the water parks .
    • The water parks may also have a water wheelchair available for you. Inquire at Guest Relations.

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    Move around with easy handling capabilities and power brakes to keep wandering around as fun as possible. No more painful walk around, only pleasure on the way as joy unleashes.

    Life less stressful with high-tech batteries with optimal backup. Cover more and more locations without the need to recharge.

    Premium and normal seating choice to match with your sense of comfort. Get the feel you want with multiple seating options.

    Carry crutches, bottles, and any thing you want. With multiple attachment choices in your hand. Personalize your experience with our mobility rental service near Disney World.

    Disney Is Scooter Friendly

    Everything You Need to Know about Renting a Wheelchair or ECV for Your ...

    If you suffer from limited mobility, many theme parks give you the option of renting a mobility scooter or wheelchair. While renting a wheelchair may be less expensive, this is most certainly not your best bet. Wheelchairs are very physically demanding for users, and operating in a park as massive as Disney World requires a lot of upper body strength and conditioning.

    Mobility scooters are a much better bet. Renting from Disney when you arrive at the park is not as easy as it seems. Disney operates with first come, first serve policy with its mobility scooter and wheelchair rentals. Even if you try and call ahead of time, you will quickly learn that Disney does not allow reservations. While this is a great fair gesture, it doesnt really help if you need a scooter, but they are fresh out of them.

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