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How To Order Groceries At Disney World

Disney World Grocery Delivery Summary

Ordering Groceries at Disney World, HOW TO with Amazon Prime

I was overall very pleased with my savings and the efficiency of getting groceries delivered to our resort with Instacart. I saved over $30 just on the yogurt, fruit, and milk I ordered compared to what I would have spent in the food court!

If you are going to eat more meals in your room, you could potentially save way more.

Both Prime Now and Instacart will deliver to any location in the Disney World area any hotel and rental vacation homes. You can right before your trip!

I think Instacart offers the best value and ease of use of all grocery delivery options at Walt Disney World. If you have any questions about grocery delivery, just and Ill get right back to you!

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Grocery Delivery Walt Disney World Tips With Garden Grocer

  • Save up to 10% by ordering your groceries 60 days out
  • You can sign up for text and email notifications when your groceries arrive
  • You can have your groceries delivered to your room for an additional $6.00

Special Note: Please remember to tip your driver, bell services, and cast member, as their hard work allow us to take advantage of these great services!

What Groceries To Order

This will be specific to your family, but we definitely will help you out with a list to get you started! Keep in mind if you have a full kitchen vs a kitchenette or just a fridge your orders will vary.

Before you place your order for food items, find out if your hotel room has the following:

  • Size of refrigerator
  • Milk
  • Juice or Juice boxes

If you forgot to buy any of your essential items diapers, lotion, bandaids, etc., you can often add these to your grocery order. Just keep in mind, you probably wont know you forgot these things until you get to Orlando so you may be paying a same day delivery fee.

So go ahead and download one of these food delivery apps on your phone and let someone do the grocery shopping for you! Be aware of your perishable items, make sure you get free delivery if you can , and you are good to go!

One tip: no need to order bottled water! Make sure you pack your water bottle and you can get free water at all times from any of the quick service restaurants or water bottle filling stations! If you are staying at a Disney Resort and decided to purchase a refillable mug you may not need to order many drinks at all from the grocery store. Something to keep in mind!

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How Much Does Instacart Cost

Instacart charges $3.99 for same-day delivery if your order reaches a $35 threshold. If you select one-hour delivery, delivery from a club stores like Costco and BJs, or if you order is less than $35, the fee will vary.

Another thing to note is that there will also be a service fee or 5% charged and you will also need to tip your delivery driver.

You can sign up for a 2-week free trial of Instacart Express which will give you free deliveries over $35 and reduced service fees. If you choose to keep this service, you will be charged $99 per year after the trial.

Pros Of Shipping Groceries

How to Mobile Order Food at Disney
  • As mentioned above, you only need to ship the things you need and youre not running into the risk of spending beyond your means on unnecessary items that are more expensive to obtain.
  • You can arrange to have items shipped from places such as Amazon, etc. It does not have to be from home.
  • It limits disruption to your trip as youve already prearranged the delivery of the items.

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Disney World Speedway Gas Stations

There are two Speedway gas stations on Disney property, one across from Disney Springs and one across from the Boardwalk resort. This could be a good choice for grocery shopping if you are going to be near Disney Springs at some point during your trip, or if you are staying close to Boardwalk. Also, unlike the Disney World grocery delivery services, you dont have to worry about minimum orders or delivery fees.

Unfortunately, these two gas stations arent going to be conveniently located for everyone. And like most gas stations, the prices will be inflated and the selection will be limited.

This is a good option for something super quick to pick up, but there wont be too many options!

Substitutions And Driver Instructions

With Prime Now, youll be able to select the items youd like to be substituted or omitted in advance.

This way your personal shopper will know what to do if an item is unavailable.

In the event you forget to specify, your personal shopper will contact you to confirm any changes, usually by sending you a photo of the replacement option.

Amazon has a great inventory tracking system so the need for substitutions is rare.

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Ship From Home Walmart Amazon Etc

What is it: Of course, you can either ship your own package right to your resort, or have it shipped from a company like Staples, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

Cost: whatever the service or postage is PLUS an additional $5 per box fee charged by Disney World

Pros: convenient way to buy your own stuff without much trip disruptionCons: fees and extra charges can add up and delivery might be delayed

How to address your package: Your name c/o Your Disney World Hotels front desk Arrival date: 3/1/2018 123 Some St. Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

When to order: About a week before your trip will usually work but will depend on the shipping method and origin. To be safe, try to get it there a couple days before your trip.

Mailing addresses for Disney World resorts are tricky so be sure to use the following if you mail anything.

Walt Disney World Dolphin, 1500 Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 Walt Disney World Swan, 1200 Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 Shades of Green, 1950 W. Magnolia Palm Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Closest Grocery Store To Disney World

Step By Step Guide to Amazon Fresh at Disney World | Groceries at Disney World

Disney consists of over 30,000 acres so the closest grocery store to someone staying at Saratoga Springs is not the closest grocery store to someone staying at Fort Wilderness Lodge.

My suggestion is to download the Google Maps app if you dont already have it. I am a huge iPhone fan and own one but Google Maps is better than regular Maps. Once you download the app type in Publix to find the closest one to you.


8145 Vineland Ave Orlando, FL 32821 and 29 Blake Blvd, Celebration, FL 34747


3250 Vineland Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746

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Disney World Grocery List

When youre buying groceries for your Disney Vacation, the trick is to keep it simple. You cant get everyones favorite juice or cereal because then youll end up overbuying and wasting a lot of food.

  • Water an essential
  • Breakfast Disney World vacationers are usually too excited and busy for a sit-down breakfast every day. Pick a breakfast that works for everyone
  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • Cereal with milk
    • Redbull

    Disney World Grocery Delivery Services

    Getting Disney World grocery delivery is one of the best ways to save money and frustration while on vacation. There are lots of options for Disney World grocery delivery with each one having different costs and perks. After ordering groceries for Disney World from Garden Grocer, Instacart, and Whole Foods/Amazon lets compare our experiences.

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    How To Get Groceries At Disney World

      This post contains references to products or services that may compensate us when you make a purchase through the link listed here.

      So youre planning a trip to Disney World and would like a few groceries to have in your room.

      How will you get them? There are lots of options, each with its own benefits.

      Lets take a look at all of the different ways to get groceries at Disney World and the pros/cons of each

      In this article

      How Does Garden Grocer In Walt Disney World Work

      Skip Lines at Disney World: Complete Guide to Mobile Food Ordering ...

      Using the Garden Grocer App you have the option to choose from over 5,000 grocery items, and they will go and shop for you then deliver your groceries to your Disney resort. Its important to note that although convenient they do mark the prices of each item up and require you must meet a minimum dollar requirement.

      Another important aspect is the service fee for Garden Grocer which is $30.00 for same-day delivery, $20.00 for next-day delivery, and $14.00 for anything beyond that.

      We still feel that the prices are significantly lower than what you would pay at a Disney World hotel for these items. There is also the convenience aspect to consider when on vacation. Although we will cover a few of the most popular grocery stores near Disney World later in this post, some people prefer to save time by using the app.

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      Best Ways To Get Groceries Delivered To Disney World

      • Pin

      If youre looking for all the best Disney World grocery delivery services, youve come to the right place! We know that a Disney World vacation can get pretty pricey, and sometimes its easier to make a few of your own meals to cut back on costs.

      Or maybe you have someone in your group with dietary restrictions or whos a picky eater. So what do you do? Order some groceries to get delivered to your Disney resort, of course!

      This can greatly cut down on your food costs during your trip, and it allows you to have all of your favorite items including those you cant find anywhere on Disney property .

      And by using this as your guide, youll be able to figure out which Disney World grocery delivery services are right for you, which ones arent, and which one charges enough fees to pay for dinner at Cinderellas Royal Table!

      Top 3 Grocery Delivery Services At Disney World

      Leah Althiser

      Flying into Orlando and using Disney transportation to get around can make your vacation both relaxing and affordable. But unfortunately, the Magical Express doesnt allow you to stop and pick up some groceries to stock your villa fridge!

      There are many options for getting groceries delivered to your Disney resort hotel, including Amazons Prime Now, Garden Grocer, Instacart, and more.

      In this post, Ill weight the pros and cons of the frontrunners, describe my experience with my top pick for getting groceries delivered right to your Disney World resort, and share some tips for having the best possible experience!

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      Disney World Groceries You Pick Up Yourself

      If you decide not to use one of the Disney World grocery delivery services, you can always go get groceries yourself. Here are the pros and cons to going to get them yourself, and then a few options of ways to get groceries near Disney World.

      • Pros: shop at a larger range of stores, pick out your own groceries, dont have to wait a certain amount of time for things to show up, better for emergency or non-food items
      • Cons: have to either have a car or rent one, may have to use a taxi service, can take a lot of time out of your vacation, may be hard to find stores if unfamiliar with the area

      We get it, sometimes you just want to pick out your own groceries, and this is a way that you can do it with ease while on your Disney vacation!

      Using Amazon Prime Now At Walt Disney World

      Ordering Groceries at Disney World – Ordering FOOD & Beer

      Amazon Prime Now is included with your Amazon Prime membership so theres no additional fee to Prime members.

      Unlike Amazon Fresh, you dont even have to sign up, Prime Now is ready to go right now!

      All Walt Disney World hotels, including off-property hotels, are within Amazon Prime Nows service area.

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      Disney World Grocery Delivery Policies

      We highly recommend you be available in person to accept your grocery order. This will help alleviate any extra headaches in case there are missing items or you need to sign something for alcohol delivery. Generally speaking, take the following into consideration when having groceries delivered and you are not able to be there in person.

      • Bell services at your Disney Hotel will accept your groceries for you from the delivery drivers
      • If you have ordered alcohol you should check with your specific delivery service to see what the policies are for bell services to accept. If identification is required the cast member will not be able to accept your order.
      • Be aware that sometimes your bags and packages might not be labeled clearly by your delivery service. This may cause mix-ups if many people are having bell services store their groceries at once
      • Bell services may make mistakes by not putting frozen things in the freezer, just in the refrigerator. Sometimes it happens, just be aware!
      • There is a $6 delivery fee to get your food delivered to your room by bell service.

      You have quite a few options available to you when it comes to grocery delivery. If you use grocery delivery at home we suggest sticking with what you know. Always use Instacart or WalMart? Do that on vacation to make life easier.

      Groceries Delivered To Disney World: Instacart And Publix

      Whether you are staying on-site in a Disney World Resort or staying off-site, you may need groceries and a few necessities! Walt Express knows you dont want to take time away from your magical vacation to grocery shop.

      We stayed off-site recently and were able to do a little cooking! Of course, we needed groceries. We decided to give Publix grocery delivery a try! I have to say, we were pretty impressed with the whole transaction. Just go to the Publix website and sign up! Your first delivery is FREE! Once you have signed up , just start shopping and adding things to your cart. They even have items on sale and we found there was not a mark up. The prices were pretty true to the stores actual pricing.

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      A Comparison Of The Costs Between The Various Options

      For our last trip to Disney World, I priced out the exact same groceries at both Amazon, Garden Grocer, Instacart, and Shipt. The screen shots below show how the prices varied. Due to varying price schedules when it comes to delivery fees and service charges, not all quotes below are on an apple to apples basis.

      Note the following:

      • Amazon quote does not include cost of annual Prime membership, tip, or tax
      • Garden Grocer quote does not include tip
      • Instacart quote does not include delivery, service charge or tip
      • Shipt quote does not include cost of annual membership or delivery fee

      Of all the options, we found Amazon Prime Now to be the most cost effective as we were already Prime members.

      My Experience With Instacart

      How to Use Mobile Food Ordering at Walt Disney World

      I tried out ordering from Publix with Instacart on our last trip to Disney World. I had the order delivered to our resort on our first full day there and overall had a great experience with the service.

      First, I loved that I got the exact same prices as I would have in-store. This includes sales! You can even clip digital coupons and get the same specials that are offered in-store.

      The Instacart app had all of the items I was looking for, including the soy milk that Amazon Now did not have when I checked. I got fresh fruit at a MUCH lower price than in the food court for example, bananas were $0.21 each, compared to $1.69 each at the food court!

      The earliest youll likely be able to get groceries delivered from Instacart is 11 am. I placed my order pre-7am and the first delivery time was 11 am-noon that day. While you may be able to get a delivery within an hour later in the day, youll have to wait if you order in the morning.

      It was easy to select Animal Kingdom Lodge as my delivery location, and you can enter your room number if you have. If you dont have your room number yet, you can still place an order under your name.

      I got updates on my phone as my order was closer to being delivered. I recommend enabling notifications in the app to get updates, even if you normally dont like app updates like me.

      About the Author

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      How To Utilize Grocery Delivery

      Its one thing to be able to order groceries from your phone. Its a whole other thing to plan how youre going to work this service into your vacation. There are a couple of steps that we take that we feel can apply to most everyone to help make this process easy.

      1. Decide whether you are or you arent going to do it. Earlier we mentioned that first time visitors will probably want to budget to eat in the parks as this takes a lot off their plate . This doesnt save you money but it does save a headache and allows you to focus on other things. So if you decide that you are going to order groceries to your hotel now figure out what meals you want to cover. Just breakfast? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? Decide now so you dont under order or over order.

      2. Figure out how much room you have to store groceries and decide how you can save room if needed. This would mean condensing milk into smaller containers like half gallons, smaller mayo jars or bottles, full size waters or mini ones, two liters of soda or cans, or smaller individual boxes of cereal or regular. You get the idea. Theres a lot that can be done to make sure theres room for everything. If you happen to have a villa with full kitchen, you dont really need to worry about this step.

      7. Pick up your groceries or have them delivered to your room. You can either stop by bell services and grab them on your own or call down from your room and have them bring them up.

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