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How To Do Disney World Cheap

Buy Your Tickets Through A Ticket Discounter

How to Experience DISNEY WORLD Magic For FREE or Cheap

There are several authorized ticket sellers out there besides Disney who can offer special discounts and savings on tickets. Park Savers is one of them and weve found they always have the best prices. You can save up to $50 or more per ticket when you book in advance with them! For a family of 4 thats 0 in savings! Look for specials during the months of January and February which typically include free days as well as savings.

Aaa And Caa Ticket Discounts

AAA and CAA Discounts on Disney World Tickets

The American Automobile Association and Canadian Automobile Association is subdivided into regions, with each region having a different independent affiliated club. Each regional club offers different attraction tickets. Some offer discount Walt Disney World tickets some dont. Some dont have discounts, but offer a free bonus of some kind with the order, and if that bonus has value to you, that can be worth considering. Usually youll find that clubs in the southeastern US, especially driving distance from Walt Disney World, are the most likely to offer discount tickets. For the very latest information, you should always call your local club or check their web site to see what they offer. Obviously, you will need to be a member of AAA to get these discounts, but in many cases, a club in one region will allow members in other regions to take advantage of their discounts. It never hurts to ask!

Broadly speaking in recent years we have not seen better deals from AAA clubs than from Undercover Tourist on regular tickets for the general public, but if you are a member, it may be worth your time to check what they have. Remember to compare final prices with tax and other fees!

Auto Club South Discounts on Florida Resident Tickets

Auto Club South offices in Florida offer an additional discount on 1-Day and 3-Day Florida Resident tickets for AAA members.

Finally Use A Disney Earmarked Travel Agency

If everything I mentioned above sounds overwhelming or a lot of work, then use a Disney Earmarked Travel Agency. A travel agent that specializes in Disney will know the best ways to help you save money. They will keep an eye out for the best deals for you and the best part is that using a travel agent doesnt cost you anything! s travel agents specialize in Disney vacation planning and they will help make the planning as smooth as possible for you while keeping it within a budget you are comfortable with. Along with making your hotel booking, they will also assist you with Fastpass + planning and dining reservations as well. The service you will get is impeccable!

**Extra Tip! We love getting popcorn in the parks as a snack and they have an option that is quite economical. If you know you want to snack on a lot of popcorn, then purchase a refillable bucket at the beginning of your trip, it will cost you $10. Then for the rest of your trip, you can get refills for $2. Its a yummy treat and then you will get to bring the popcorn bucket home as a souvenir

I hope the tips mentioned above will help you bring down the cost of your Disney vacation. Planning a cheap Disney vacation IS possible, you just need to know the ins and outs! Do you have any other secrets on how to do a cheap Disney vacation that are not mentioned above? If so, leave me your tips in the comments!

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Arrange Grocery Deliveries To Your Hotel Room

Don’t waste vacation time going to the grocery store. Contacting a food delivery service for in-room supplies can help reduce food costs before, during, and after each day’s park excursion, Bistline and Lieberman say. Local grocery stores, Whole Foods,, and even Amazon are sources for breakfast foods, snacks, and perishables. Bistline says most hotels will refrigerate food, and rooms often have a mini-fridge.

Disney Vacation Club Discount

How Families can do Disney on a Dime  Mouse Travel ...

Discount: About 10% – Difficulty: High – Risk: None

Disney Vacation Club members occasionally get ticket discount offers. For most DVC members, it will make sense just to have an annual pass, so it’s rare that these special offers are going to be worth much. They also aren’t very high when they do happen. If you’re a DVC member, look into an annual pass, and pay attention to deals as they pop up. But definitely don’t wait for them or plan too heavily around them.

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Use Photopass Photographers But Dont Buy The Package

For $199, Disneys PhotoPass photographers will take professional photos of you all over the park. You get access to the photos online after your trip, but thats a pretty big hit to your budget. The cool thing is, you can actually walk up to these photographers and ask them to take your picture with your phone. Theyll still take your photo with their camera too, but you dont have to buy it. This way, youll have the picture instantly and save $200.

Dont Spend A Mint On Lodging

Die-hard Disney aficionados wax poetic about the Disney experience in an attempt to justify staying at a high-priced Disney resort while visiting the parks. And there are many advantages to staying on property, including quick, free transportation to the parks, extended park hours, and complimentary airport shuttles.

Disney resorts, especially deluxe resort properties such as the Grand Floridian or Wilderness Lodge, are renowned for their themes and amenities. But these properties start around $300 a night. If youre going to spend most of your waking hours at the park, that kind of price premium probably isnt worth it.

In contrast, you can still stay on Disney property at a value resort such as the All-Stars properties or Art of Animation, starting around $100 a night. You can even nab a fully equipped campsite starting around $50 a night at Fort Wilderness. Thats how we stayed at Disney when I was a kid .

Staying off site can certainly save money, too, as the sheer number of hotel rooms means properties have to keep their prices competitive. Bidding on a site such as Priceline can help save you even more if you arent picky. I spent a few days at Disney World with my husband and children in December, and we stayed at a very nice off-site property with way better amenities than what we would have gotten for our money on Disney property. The hotel also had a shuttle that made a continuous loop between all of the theme parks.

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Don’t Pay Full Price For Tickets

Tickets are among the most expensive parts of any Disney visit, hovering well over $100 a day at each park for even a single day at one park. But there are several ways to save on admission. AAA sometimes offers member discounts, and Costco is known for extending deals on Disney tickets. Large companies, government organizations, and big groups such as unions also have occasional access to cut-rate admission. Disney offers specially priced tickets to active or retired members of the military and accompanying family and friends. It may take a little bit of shopping around to find the cheapest price, but it’s worth the effort.

Don’t Eat All Meals In The Parks

How can we do Walt Disney World on the cheap?

Sure, you may want to dine with Mickey and Minnie and the crew every day. But any seasoned Disney-goer knows eating all meals at the park busts a budget quickly. Disney vacation planners Bistline and Lieberman suggest splurging on the meals most important to the family. All others can be quick grab-and-go from the hotel room or pulled from a picnic basket assembled beforehand.

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Is It Possible To See Disney World On A Budget

If you really wanted to, you could also do Disney World on a budget. That said, its not like youd be savings tons of money. Sure you can cut down on food and hotel costs, but if youre going all the way to Disney World, you might as well spend. I personally recommend saving money while youre at home so you can spend it while youre in Disney. Think about it. Every time you decide not to eat out at home or to not buy something, you can use that money during your Disney World vacation.

Our Discount Disney World Ticket Benefits

The Park Prodigy is an authorized Disney travel agency which means we sell the exact same tickets you would buy at the theme parks. Plus you will receive all of the added benefits of buying discount Disney tickets from our small business!

You will still be able to log, and create an official Disney account if you dont already have one, and enter the Disney World ticket confirmation number sent by The Park Prodigy. This will allow you to make your theme park reservations for your visit to Walt Disney World.

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Buy Souvenirs Before You Leave

Buying souvenirs at the park is an expensive proposition that’s best avoided. Disney blogger Nelson suggests buying Disney products at lower prices from a vendor such as Target or or even sale items from the Disney store itself before leaving home. Stash the keepsakes in your luggage and hand them out to the kids after you arrive. “This not only lets them have some new fun things at a budget price,” Nelson says. “It helps deflect squawking when passing merchandise stands.”

Disney World On A Budget Tips

How Families can do Disney on a Dime

A Walt Disney World vacation doesnt have to be expensive. Follow our Disney World on a budget tips to save money and have a great trip for less money! Use these suggestions in conjunction with our Disney Tips & Tricks posts in order to do Disney on a Dime and have a great vacation!

When it comes to planning, here are the five biggest areas where you can save on your trip to Walt Disney World, and our suggestions for how to cut costs in each area. Youll save so much with these tips that youll feel like you just got back from Appliance Direct, not Walt Disney World!

1. Travel Package Discounts The Magic Your Way Vacation Package is a common first-time visitor pitfalls. Walt Disney World carefully markets this package to give guests the impression that theyre saving money, when in actuality, they arent. Quite simply, this package is Disneys way of bundling hotel, tickets, and the Disney Dining Plan together.

The Magic Your Way vacation packages are usually worse deals than you can get if buying each component individually included in the package individually. Although you will receive certain extras for booking a Magic Your Way vacation package, these extras are not things that most guests will use.

Here are some other ways to save on your Walt Disney World vacation

2. Hotel This is tricky. You can undoubtedly save the most money by staying at a hotel that is off Disney property. Even the cheapest Disney hotels are over $100 per night after discounts.

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Limited Experiences & Closures

Some of the normal experiences guests are used to at Disney World are not running right now. Since a Disney World vacation is not cheap, this can be a huge factor in deciding whether its worth the cost at this time.

Some of the things missing are:

  • Some Stage Shows
  • Limited Restaurants
  • Fewer Park Hours

Thankfully, we have seen the return of fireworks to the parks on a nightly basis and dessert parties to go along with them. Some character meets are open again, even though they are a modified version of the normal greets.

On top of that, its unclear when things like the Disney Dining Plan, Extra Magic Hours, After Hours Events, & Free Dining might come back, though its possible we could see them again in 2022.

Stay Within Disney World To Save On Transportation

Staying at Disney hotels certainly costs a bit more money. But visitors who choose accommodations on Disney World property get free transportation to and from the Orlando airport, which is no small savings, say authorized Disney vacation planners Joanna Bistline and Lauren Lieberman. “We think this is a better value,” Bistline says. “You don’t have to rent a car and you get added perks, such as getting the Magic Bands which typically cost around $15, for free.”

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How To Do Disneyland Cheap

One of the biggest choices you have to make when planning a Disneyland vacation is where to stay. Your hotel choice can also be one of those areas where you can save a lot of money. Of course, the cheapest way to do Disneyland is to stay with family or friends, but not everyone has that as an option. And I’d argue that while it may be the cheapest way to go, it’s not going to be your best experience. Instead, I recommend shopping around for the very best hotel deal… and keep in mind that the best deal is not always the cheapest deal.

For example, at Get Away Today, we negotiate exclusive perks for our guests at many of our Anaheim area hotels, like either free or reduced parking and/or resort fees. Many of our hotels near Disneyland even offer free hotel nights with a minimum length of stay! If you think you have found a super cheap rate somewhere, make sure you read all of the fine print for hidden costs.

Now, affordable doesn’t always have to mean cheap when it comes to hotels near Disneyland. Many of our deluxe category hotels run specials like 3rd or 4th night free. When these specials come around, this can drop the price of our nicer hotels to more of a moderate priced option. When you see a deal like this, grab it, because the deluxe hotel free night specials tend to go first.

Stay On Property To Avoid Extra Transportation Fees


One thing to consider if you have a large family that youll need to transport is that staying at a Disney property comes with free transportation to and from the airport, as well as free transportation from the hotel to and from all of the parks, water parks, and Disney Springs.

This is a huge plus for many families, and not only is it a money saver, but its a lifesaver when its midnight and you dont feel like finding your car in Goofy Row F that just happens to be about 8 miles away from the Magic Kingdom Entrance.

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Explore Disney World’s Resort Properties

Simply walking around Disney World’s many themed resort properties is a fun and free way to pass the time, particularly during the holiday season when they’re decked out in Christmas finery. Regardless what time of year it is, many resorts are filled with unique artwork, one-of-a-kind decor, and more. Highlights include the pools at Coronado Springs, which resemble a Mayan ruin, and the Grand Floridian, where a pianist may be hitting the keyboard. Take the free transportation from any of the four theme parks to the resort hotels or take advantage of free three-hour parking at each property.

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Avoid The Souvenir Shops

I cannot overstate this: If youre watching your pennies, do not go into the stores, especially if you have little kids. I didnt particularly enjoy paying big bucks for R2-D2 mouse ears just to avoid a tantrum from my 4-year-old, who was only in the shop in the first place so his dad could see the latest Star Wars merchandise .

Assuming youre lucky enough to be traveling with adults who can resist the lure of souvenir shops, heres an easy way to keep your kids expectations in check. Buy a few souvenir-like items such as glow necklaces or Disney figures on the cheap at a big-box store before you leave. Stash them in your bag and save them for the inevitable time when your child starts lusting after the trinkets that allllllll the other kids seem to have.

Use the same strategy for anything else that youd be tempted to buy in park. Bring your own sunscreen. And ask Disney workers to use your camera to take your picture with characters instead of buying them.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Go To Disney World In 2022

How to do Disney on a budget

When figuring out the cheapest time to go to Disney, Florida, it doesnt hurt to look at previous years along with the Crowd Calendar to get a feel for which months are less busy than others. In 2021, the slowest times of the year fell into January, February, August, and September months, with some dates in July and October . So next, lets look at the cheapest week to go to Disney in 2022.

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