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How To Become A Dancer At Disney World

Schedule Your Disney Audition

Character Performer – Disney International Programs

After taking a look at the different jobs available for Disney characters, schedule your audition. The Disney Careers website has information about where auditions will be held. For example, for character positions at Walt Disney World, there are auditions held in Kissimmee, Florida Las Vegas, Nevada Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Round Rock, Texas, just to name a few locations. Auditions for jobs in parks around the world are often held in the U.S., but Disneyland Paris auditions are typically held in France.

Auditions are open to the general public and are usually six months out. You’ll have to create a profile on the Disney Careers website and make sure it’s updated before the audition. Wear comfortable clothing as you’ll have to perform a movement routine, so no sandals or flip-flops. Lastly, make sure that you are on time for your audition or you will not be allowed in.

Excerpt From The Boston Globe

“…Steven and Bridget L’Ecuyer of Tyngsborough wait for their class to begin, inspired by the TV show, “Dancing With the Stars,” the middle-aged couple has been taking ballroom dance classes from Coughlin for three weeks and they are impressed with her easygoing teaching style. “The dancers all have different skill levels, and she has patience, no matter how good or bad you are,” said Bridget.” “She makes you want to dance.”

On other days, there’s ballet, modern, tap — even hip-hop.. Kathy quotes “We don’t just teach them how to dance but how to present themselves,” she says. “It gives these kids confidence.” READ FULL ARTICLE>

What Its Like To Work As An Exotic Dancer

Liza, a dancer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, talks about how the stereotypes about her profession affect how shes treated by clientele.

The U.S. has thousands of strip clubs that, some reports say, collectively take in as much as $6 billion every year. Exact statistics about the dancers who work in them are hard to come by, though. The Bureau of Labor Statistics includes these workers alongside other types of dancers and choreographers, such as ballet and tango dancers, and cites their median salary as $16.85 per hour.

Liza, an exotic dancer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, says that her wages are incredibly unpredictable: On a given night shes earned anywhere from less than $150 to as much as $1,500. For The Atlantics series of interviews with American workers, I spoke with Liza, who requested that we only use her stage name, about how she became an exotic dancer, how the adult-entertainment industry is changing with increasing priority of the internet, and why people dont consider her job respectable. The interview that follows has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Adrienne Green: How did you get into exotic dancing?

Ive tried different jobs throughout the years: a non-profit, a distribution center, and I even got promoted at the mall job. I tried that. I just always ended up going back to dancing, because I wasn’t happy with the way that management ran things.


Green: What is a typical shift or week like?

Green: Green:

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If I Have Interviewed And Received An Offer For Another Role May I Audition

If someone has already interviewed and was invited to participate on another role at the Disneyland Resort , they should not attend these auditions.

If someone has already interviewed and was invited to participate on another role at the Walt Disney World Resort , they are more than welcome to attend an upcoming audition.

If they accept their currently reserved role:1) if they are selected for character performer after the audition, they will be changed from the previous role to character performer2) if they are not selected following the audition, they will remain in their currently accepted role

If they do not accept their currently reserved role , they may still attend the audition:1) if selected, they will receive communication regarding how to accept the character performer role2) if not selected, they will not be considered for other roles including the previously reserved role

Im A Current Disney College Program Participant May I Attend These Auditions

Louisiana Dancing

If you are a current participant, you should plan on attending the End of Season audition which may take place towards the end of your program. This is a closed audition. Only current participants are eligible to attend.

Keep an eye on your weekly email from the Housing Communications Team for updates on this audition or other auditions which may be available to current College Program participants. Current participants should not attend the auditions listed on this page.

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Dancer And Choreographer Salaries

The median hourly wage for choreographers is $21.00. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $10.18, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $48.68.

The median hourly wage for dancers is $18.58. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $11.68, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $48.76.

The median hourly wages for choreographers in the top industries in which they work are as follows:

Performing arts companies
Educational services state, local, and private$20.19

The median hourly wages for dancers in the top industries in which they work are as follows:

Educational services state, local, and private$25.37
Spectator sports$15.32

Schedules for dancers and choreographers vary with where they work. During tours, dancers and choreographers have long workdays, rehearsing most of the day and performing at night.

Choreographers who work in dance schools may have a standard workweek when they are instructing students. They also spend hours working independently to create new dance routines.

Network With Employees To Get A Cast Referral

Disney is referred to as the largest employer for a single site location. The company operates parks in the U.S. and in international cities. Each location employs tens of thousand of people for a total of 130,000 employees worldwide. What this means is that if you succeed in getting a job at Disney at whatever level, there is a lot of room to grow even if stay in the same location. Many of todays middle and upper-level executives started as cast members.

That said, Disney values the word of its employees. If you can get a current employee to sign a referral card on your behalf, it will increase your chances of getting a job at Disney. Many applicants complain about this provision, but it is an employee perk and a way for the company to show appreciation of its employees.

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Applying For Your Disney Audition

All Disney Auditions are listed online at Here you will find a plethora of auditions for each Disney Park. From character performers to character look-a-likes, to parade dancers and musicians, theres an audition for everyone. If you dont see an audition that fits your talents, check the website every couple days as it is updated regularly.

And Learn How To Act And Respond Like A Princess To Any Given Situation

Learn How To Build a Community With Moana | World Princess Week | Disney Princess Club

Improvisation is crucial as a Disney Princess. Whether you use a particular quote, scenario or have a response which relates to a recognizable symbol in the film, you must respond just like your character would. At times you may have to think really fast because the unexpected is bound to happen! What would you say if a girl asked, “are those your boobs?”

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Are These Auditions For Vocalists Or Musicians

The auditions listed below are for Character Performers at the Walt Disney World Resort only.

Auditions for other entertainment roles and locations are listed on If Disney Creative Entertainment is looking for other roles at these auditions, this information will accompany the listing on

Please keep in mind that roles as a vocalist, musician, actor, etc. are not available as part of the Disney College Program.Auditioning during the Application/Interview Process

How To Be A Broadway Dancer

Being a Broadway dancer is the dream of many professional dancers. While dancing on Broadway can be an exciting life, it is also a great deal of work. Broadway dancers need to be able to dance in a wide variety of styles, and may also need singing and acting skills. This is an extremely competitive field, and dancers often train day and night for years before they can begin to audition for Broadway shows. In addition to training, Broadway dancers must also be patient. It can take more than 100 auditions before you land your first role.

Study different types of dancing. Broadway dancers need to be proficient in at least ballet and jazz, and knowing tap is also an asset. Many Broadway dancers have studied dance since they were children, including in college and dance school.

Learn singing skills. You may not need to sing in order to be a Broadway dancer, but knowing how to sing can increase the number of roles you can audition for.

Learn acting skills. Being a confident actor can help you land roles that involve some acting as well as dancing.

Audition for as many roles as you can. Veteran Broadway dancer Carolyn Ockert-Haythe stated in an interview for “Inside Ballet” that when starting out it can take 100 auditions before you land a single role.

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Injuries And Illnesses For Dancers And Choreographers

Dance takes a toll on a personââ¬â¢s body, so on-the-job injuries are common in dancers. In fact, dancers have one of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses of all occupations.

Many dancers stop performing by the time they reach their late thirties because of the physical demands of their work. Nonperforming dancers may continue to work as choreographers, directors, or dance teachers.

Being Cheesy And Thinking Disney Seem To Be Very Important

A former

“Think DISNEY, think cheesy, think big movements and ALSO, SMILE! Other than that, GO THE HELL OFF!!!”


“When going into the audition, look clean and prepared: shaved face, proper haircut, no earrings â basically nothing too out of the norm. Dance-wise, have full out facials and smile a lot. They like really clean dancers and it’s more of a happy go lucky thing, so you can’t exactly do the choreo all hip hop.”


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“Disney is a ONE day audition. You get ONE chance to impress a room full of casting directors that are barely even looking up from their papers. Mickey gives you about 30 minutes maybe to learn, go across the floor, and do a combo. Also, the biggest thing is HIP HOP FACE. So many times, really amazing community people are turned away because they’re killin’ it from the neck down but their faces aren’t giving life. This is a G rated situation. More youthful, fun, energetic! Less hard hitting, bawse bitch, and angry.”


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But The Cast Members Have Other Pieces Of Advice For Dancers

“Just be available. I hate getting new people who can only work 2 days if that’s the case, go work at Forever 21 #sorryboo. Also, make sure you put in them ADOs early cause come competition time, literally everyone is being scheduled out their availability and us all trying to get the same day off is not going to work!”

â Ehrik

“Keep auditioning, and don’t audition strictly for dancing roles. ANYTHING could be a gateway for ANYTHING in the park â don’t limit yourself!”

“Don’t ever give up. It only takes one time for casting to say ‘yes’. Some people have tried 10 times and finally got it on the 11th. The Walt Disney company always says, ‘If you can dream it, you can do.'”

â Sonny

So Why Did You Audition For Disneyland

“Honestly I needed a job and what gay man can turn down pixie dust, dancing in front of a castle, and getting paid for it?”

â Matt

On a whim, a few of my college friends and I went to a High School Musical 3 Parade audition we didn’t have class so we were thinking, ‘Ummm free dance class!’ I ended up making it to the last cut before they picked the new hires, and I felt good with that. Shockingly, a few days later, I got a phone call asking me to come in for a private audition for a ‘new project’ that was coming out, and I’m like, ‘Whaaaaaaaaaaat!’ I go back to Anaheim alone, which was #STRESS, and I auditioned. Before I got to the freeway, I was offered a Disney Cruise Line gig. Let’s just say, The Princess and the Frog came out and I just happened to be in the right place when they were looking for little black girls … the rest is history!”


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Tyngsboro Dancers Wow At Disney

ORLANDO, Fla. — Members of the Centerstage Dance Academy in Tyngsboro became stars of their own Disney World show recently when they entertained resort guests at the Waterside Stage in Downtown Disney.

The group traveled more than 1,200 miles to take part in the Disney Performing Arts program. The dance academy, under the direction of Katherine Coughlin, Melanie Coughlin and Allyson Coughlin, drew a large crowd of Downtown Disney guests with their impressive dance technique and crowd-pleasing numbers.

This was the group’s second visit to the resort with the Disney Performing Arts program. In addition to their performance, the group participated in the Disney Performing Arts “Disney Dancin’ Workshop,” learning from a professional Disney dancer techniques to help maximize their rehearsal time and deliver a focused performance.

Does Everyone Pass Their First Dance Auditions

How Do Disney Princesses Change the World? | Disney Princess

“I’ve always made it to the final cuts but was never chosen. Finally, in April/May 2012, I was one of the five selected to be a performer in Mickey’s Soundsational Parade.”

â Christian

“Since my senior year in high school, I auditioned for Disney maybe 8 times before getting hired. Despite all the ‘no’s, I never gave up.”

â Loren

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Are There Any Things The Cast Members Wish They Knew About Being A Disney Dancer

“How random the hours can be and how unforgiving Disney is when you are late or sick.”

“I wish I knew about the inconsistent scheduling.”


“To be honest, I wish I knew that cast member discounts don’t work on popcorn or churro carts. Devastating, I know. In all seriousness though, I wish I had at least a little experience in technical dancing because it’s the main style at Disney.”

â Kevin

“Imma keep it real: it’s kinda like high school and being on a dance team. There is a lot of Disney drama like, ‘Why did he get that role?’ and, ‘Why didn’t I get casted?’ and, ‘This new person sucks.'”


“Sometimes the system can be very unfair and based off everything else but talent. You think that’s what’s most important but actually it’s all about look, and there are tens of thousands of rules to follow pertaining to.”

â Erik

What Do I Need To Wear/bring

ClothingYou should wear comfortable clothing that allows a free range of movement. It is not not recommended to wear a dress, skirt, or tight jeans.

Please do not come dressed in a costume.

Appropriate attire for an audition

ShoesMany studios do not allow street shoes. Rocks and dirt embedded in the sole of shoes that are worn regularly outside of a studio environment may damage the studio floor. You should bring a clean pair of dance shoes or sneakers to change into upon your arrival.

Character heels, jazz heels, or any type of high heel shoe are not allowed in these studios.

Please do not wear flip flops.

Other ItemsIt is not necessary to bring resumes or head shots to these auditions.

It is not necessary to have anything prepared .

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I Would Like To Become A Singer Or Performer Can I Send You My Demo Tape

If you are interested in becoming a performer, consider these important first steps:

  • Education: Discuss your interests with your school counselor or music teacher. Research music schools to see what fits your needs.
  • Practice: Join your local musical theater group or start a group of your own. Write an opera and stage it in your backyard. Enter your schools talent contest and sing your heart out. When you make your own opportunities you will find they are endless!
  • Research: Read the entertainment industry trade papers to see ads for upcoming auditions.
  • Find an agent: Having an agent is essential to getting paid work. We cant recommend a specific agency, but if you do your research you will find one thats right for you.

In the meantime, the Walt Disney Company employs thousands of performers in our theme parks and resorts. Auditions are held regularly to cast singers, dancers, actors, DJs and VJs, musicians, and bands, so this is a great place to start your career in the entertainment industry. Visit the Disney Auditions site for more information.

Keep in mind that it is the longstanding policy of the Walt Disney Company not to accept unsolicited submissions of creative material. We ask that you do not send us any demo tapes.

Keep dreaming, and best of luck!

Was Being A Disney Dancer The Main Life Goal For Some Of Our Cast Members

Disney Jr Dance Party at Hollywood Studios ...

“Dancing for the Mouse has been one of my life goals and it is a blessing that I have achieved it. I’m keeping this as long as possible, as well as hopefully pursuing more opportunities in Disney.”

â Eugene

“Dancing at Disney has always been a dance goal for me. I used to always watch the parades when I was little, and I thought it would be such a fun job to have. Right now, I’m a nursing student, and once I start my career, I don’t know if I’ll have time for Disney, but I’ll do my best to make it work. If possible, once I get experience, I hope to work at Disney part time as a nurse.”

â Loren

“The goal is to actually work for corporate Disney, so I’m trying to stay as long as I possibly can.”

â Rey

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“Disney was absolutely never a dream job, but I guess I was just in the right place at the right time. For now, Disney is great it’s a laid back schedule. But my life goals are event planning and marketing, either within the company or outside of it. This body cannot perform 6 shows a day forever!”


“I tried out for fun in support of a friend but ended up loving it. I actually plan to move soon to Hawaii to become a teacher and to get a job at Aulani as a performer. I want to keep my Disney ties and I love working for Disney because there are so many new people you can connect with, and everyone has a similar love and zest for life with that Disney flare.”

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