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How Much Trip To Disney World Cost

Disney World Cost Calculator: Real Life Example For Family Of 4

How Much Does Disney World Cost? Paying Off My Trip & Pre-Travel Purchases! | That Sounds Fun

Now that weve talked about some vague examples, I wanted to give you the calculations for a recent trip we took. This will give you an idea of both how to create your Disney vacation budget as well as get an idea of how much a Disney vacation costs.

Heres a summary:

  • 6 night stay for a family of four
  • This is a road trip example
  • Dining involved mainly quick service, 2 table service meals, and a whole lot of Food and Wine Festival snacks
  • Full disclosure: we actually used our Disney Vacation Club points for the resort, but this resort price is the actual cost for another trip I have coming up
  • Park ticket is a 7 day standard park ticket
Disney Vacation Costs

So whats the difference between my estimated cost and what I actually paid? Some Disney saving hacks.

I paid for some of the dining with a combination of discounted Disney gift cards and Disney Visa rewards points . I could have saved more, but I went conservative when buying the gift cards. Foolish!

For the resort stay, I activated a Disney discount that was released after I originally booked my stay. Its important to keep an eye on the Disney World discounts for this exact reason!

In my road trip expenses, I used my Capital One travel rewards to cover the cost of the overnight hotels on each leg of the trip. The Capital One Venture card is my FAVORITE travel rewards card. Ive saved so much on travel over the years Ive had it.

If you want one, and youll get a sign on bonus too !

Disney World Cost Calculator: Getting There

Lets get started in working through the steps of our Disney World cost calculatorso that you can custom-fit your Disney vacation to meet the exact needs of your family and budget.

One of the easiest decisions to make regarding your Disney World cost calculator will be on how you will get to Orlando.

Youre either close enough to drive or youll have to arrive by air.

When considering your Disney vacation estimator, lets take a look at both!

Water Park And Sports Option

For about $70 more, you could upgrade your 1 Park Per Day ticket and get a Water Park and Sports Option ticket. In addition to being able to visit one theme park per day, you could also visit Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, the NBA Experience at Disney Springs, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, the 9-hole Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course , and Disneys two mini-golf courses. The number of visits to these additional attractions is based on the number of days purchased for the 1 Park Per Day ticket. For example, a four-day ticket includes four visits, while a six-day ticket would include six visits.

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Merchandise Souvenirs And Additional Expenses

With nearly 300 places to shop at Disney World, there are plenty of places to spend extra cash.

Pin trading is an especially popular hobby for many Disney aficionados. Costs of a single pin start at $9.99 or $15.99, depending on the details and intricacies of the pin “jumbo” limited-release pins cost as much as $120 each.

Guests can also hire a Disney tour guide to take them through alternative entrances of popular attractions, bypassing the lines. Costs start at $425 per hour, with a seven-hour minimum required.

Memory Maker is a popular add-on photo service that allows guests to purchase the rights to all of the photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers. It’s nonrefundable and costs $169 if purchased in advance or $199 if purchased in-person. A $69 single-day option is also available.

For $177, you can reschedule or cancel altogether otherwise nonrefundable vacations.

Overall Disneyland Vacation Thoughts

How Much Money Does A Disney World Trip Cost?

Our kids have never been obsessed with Disney, but weve never been anti-Disney either. Weve been to Hong Kong Disneyland once, Disney World twice, and Disneyland maybe ten times . And weve done three Disney cruises in Europe. Especially when the kids were younger, they were constantly watching Disney movies and being subjected to Disney commercials on the Disney Channel, and they would ask to go to Disneyland frequently. So we would drive down in the morning, spend the day, stay overnight, and by lunch the second day, without fail, they would be ready to head home. Then they wouldnt ask to return for about six months, at which point they had forgotten about the heat and the lines and tantrums.

But we lived less than two hours away. For a family without annual passes whos flying in from out-of-state, its a much more expensive proposition. How expensive? Theres no perfect answer, since every family is different and it varies by date, but the basic elements are the same. For a family of four, you need four plane tickets, a shuttle between the airport and the hotel, a hotel , park passes , and food. Im doing the basic calculations below. And then Im going to list some international destinations where you can take your kids for less. Maybe think about skipping Disney, especially if youve been before, and showing your kids the world instead!

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Disney World Hotel Costs:

Once you have arrived in Orlando, the first thing you will want to do is make your way to your hotel. This is probably one of the biggest Disney World Costs. If you fly into the Orlando International Airport, you can take the Magical Express straight to Disney as a complimentary service.

They will even deliver your luggage to your room. But, where is your room exactly? Follow the guide below to choose from a variety of on-site hotels with prices for every familys budget.

Disney World Cost Calculator: How Much Does Disney Cost

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Planning a trip to Disney World is exciting and fun, but there are many factors that go into the cost of your vacation. As you plan your itinerary for each day, make sure to consider how much it will cost for lodging, food, admission tickets and more! The Disney World Cost Calculator can help you estimate what funds you may need before booking your trip.

If youve ever wondered how much a Disney vacation costs or what your total trip cost will be before committing to the trip, this spreadsheet is for you. It lists all of the things that go into planning a Disney vacation and even has some great tips on how to save money!

Looking for a sample cost breakdown? Theres a chart at the bottom with samples prices for a family of 4 going to Disney World.

or on one of the forms throughout this article.

Whether you are planning a budget 3-day stay or a luxury 7-night Disney vacation, this calculator is fully editable by you. Enter your estimated expenses and see your grand total at the bottom.

This Disney World Cost Calculator helps you recognize various expenses that may not be on your mind such as parking fees, resort fees, tolls and souvenirs.

The possibilities are endless. Save the calculator and use it to devise multiple budgets until you find one that suits your lifestyle and family.

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Examples Of Snack Prices

Here are the prices for some of the most popular snacks at Disney World:

  • Mickey Pretzel $7.25
  • Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar $6.00
  • Dole Whip $5.00
  • Hot Dog and Chips $9.50
  • Cotton Candy $5.00
  • Carrots and Ranch Dressing $4.50
  • Churro with dipping sauce $6.50
  • Fruit $4.00 $5.00
  • Coca Cola/Soft Drinks $4.50
  • Coffee $3.29
  • Orange Juice $5.00

If you are not on the Disney Dining Plan, budget at least $10 per person, per day for snacks.

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, make sure you use your snack credits on the most expensive eligible snacks to get the most value.

Pop Century Resort Basics

How Much a Disney World Vacation Really Costs | Budget

Disneys Pop Century Resort is a value resort located near Epcot and Disneys Hollywood Studios. Non-discounted nightly room rates at Pop Century in 2021 range from $162 to $361 and in 2022 from $168 to $377. If you can snag a lower hotel rate, or a discount, Pop Centurys slight premium over off-property resorts will be more than made up for by the Disney spirit and convenience, in our opinion.

Staying at Pop Century, you get the perks of any Disney stay. Youll have access to free transportation to and from the parks and Disney Springs. And when FastPass+ was around, you were able to make your FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance rather than the standard 30.

If youre considering Pop Century, you may want to read some of our other posts, including reviews of the other value resorts. We have a ranking of the Disney World value resorts. We also have a guide to all the hotels of Walt Disney World. Here are our reviews of all the value resorts :

And if youd like to see where this resort falls overall, check out our complete Disney World hotel rankings.

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Ticketed Events And Activities

There are a variety of ticketed events you could add to your trip. Most popular are the holiday After Hours eventsAfter Hours Boo Bash and Very Merriest After Hours. Were hoping the regular After Hours events , return in 2022.

A fireworks dessert party is a good way to guarantee a good view of a nighttime show. Or you could also do a tour, like Keys to the Kingdom .

Free Dining At Walt Disney World

Please Note: We now have a full post covering Free Dining at Disney World in more detail. This section will see less frequent updates and serves just as a summary version of the full post.

Since 2005, Disney has annually released a promotion colloquially called Free Dining. The terms and conditions of free dining vary year by year, but there a few common aspects to the promotion.

If youre interested in booking a stay at Walt Disney World, we recommend getting a quote from Lauren Quirk at Travel With Character LLC.

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How Much Does A Disney World Vacation Cost In 2022

This breaks down 2022 Walt Disney World vacation prices for park tickets, hotels, dining, transportation & more. It answers the question of how much visiting WDW costs to help you avoid sticker shock & plan within your budget. It also explains why prices have increased by thousands of dollars in the last two years.

This is a tough topic to tackle. Even with hypotheticals its impossible to pin down the actual cost for every set of circumstances. Beyond the basics covered in our breakdown, there are a lot of variables that are beyond the scope of this post: Lightning Lanes & Genie+ v. standby only? Rental car & paid parking v. Mears Connect airport shuttle? Travel insurance v. discounted non-refundable reservations?

Instead of tackling every possible scenario and ending up with a War & Peace length treatise, well look at price ranges for key aspects of visiting Walt Disney World, come up with totals based on those, and let you extrapolate for your own conclusions based upon that information. Given that the thing most readers report surprise over to us via comments and emails is cost, this is a topic worth addressing, even if we cant give any hard numbers for every possible scenario

You could also travel to New York and spend more than the cost of theme park tickets seeing shows and visiting points of interest, pay $250/night for adequate accommodations, $75/night for parking, and an exorbitant amount eating at some of Americas best restaurants.

How Much Does The Average Disney Vacation Cost In 2021

How much does it REALY cost to go to Disney World?

A theme park is an amusement park where you pay one blanket admission fee, which is quite steep, but once youre inside, everything is totally free, except all the other stuff you end up buying Dave Barry

Indeed, the rapid rise in Disney World ticket prices has not served to deter families from all over the world from making the splurge and taking the much-anticipated pilgrimage to The Most Magical Place on Earth. In fact, over the past several years, Disney World has experienced record-breaking attendance numbers with an average annual attendance of nearly 58 million visitors! Disneys Magic Kingdom Park is by far the most popular theme park at Disney World with nearly 21 million visitors , followed by Disneys Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Disneys Hollywood Studios each of which average between 11 and 13 million visitors annually. By the way, international tourists comprise between 18 and 22 percent of total attendance at Disney World, with Brazilian visitors driving much of the new growth, according to a recent article in The Orlando Sentinel. The least expensive times to visit Walt Disney World Resort fall upon dates when kids are traditionally back in school: early January through early February, late April, late August to late September and mid-October. The costliest times to visit Disney World include Spring Break/Easter in late March and early April, Memorial Day weekend, Thanksgiving week and the Christmas holidays through New Years Day.

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Pop Century Pools And Activities

Here are some pictures of the pools. First, the Hippy Dippy Pool between the 60s buildings.

And the Bowling Pool by the 50s buildings.

And finally the Computer Pool in the 80s and 90s area.

Pop has a standard value resort lineup of activities. The list doesnt run deep, but it would fill an afternoon.

We dont often highlight fitness opportunities around the resorts, but Hourglass lake between Pop Century and Art of Animation is a great route to run or walk. Its a 1.2 mile loop with some great views. Along the way, youll see signs with fun facts about the different decades.

Food Costs At Disney World:

Food is always an important thing to consider when planning a vacation! When it comes to budgeting for your Disney World food costs, you will need to decide if you will be frequently eating in the park. If so, definitely check out the Disney Dining Plan below! We try to keep it balanced by bringing along snacks and healthy food to keep us fueled, and treating ourselves in the parks.

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Budget Disney World Trip

Just as you can get as expensive as youd like, you can budget travel just about as low as youd like. The actual floor to qualify for this would probably be the price of a one day ticket into the park on the cheapest day of the yearplus a Dole Whip for good measure.

But Ill be making some reasonable decisions for this post. In the future, maybe Ill do a cheapest Disney World trip possible post, but this isnt it .

The Cost Of Disneyland Tickets

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World Right Now?

One-day Disneyland tickets are priced based on the dates youll be there. Tickets start at $76/day for non-residents but can easily be a lot higher than that . Thats for one park. If you want a park-hopper ticket, add $60 to that.

Multi-day Disney tickets are:

  • Two Days: $255/adult or $240/child for one park, $315/adult or $300/child for both parks.
  • Three Days: $330/adult or $310/child for one park, $390/adult or $370/child for both parks.
  • Four Days: $360/adult or $340/child for one park, $420/adult or $400/child for both parks.
  • Five Days: $380/adult or $360/child for one park, $440/adult or $420/child for both parks.

For this Disneyland vacation, Im selecting the 2022 4-day Park Hopper ticket for a family of four , which is $1,680.

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Factors That Go Into Price

Just like most vacations, there are several factors that go into the cost of your Walt Disney World vacation regardless of what you book. For instance, the time of year will affect the price. In general, youll find that things tend to be more expensive during school vacations and when the demand is higher. Fall can be a great time to visit if you are trying to save money, and there are often deals offered at this time.

The number of days you visit will also affect the price, but not in a linear way. While you will pay more for each night in a hotel, the cost per day of a Walt Disney World ticket decreases as you add more days. So youll want to make sure that book your trip and your tickets for the exact amount of days you want to visit.

For purposes of this post, well be looking at the costs of a 5-day vacation for a family of four two adults and two children in March 2022 and September 2022. Keep in mind that prices are always subject to change, so these are just illustrative. Tickets are available for adults and children. Anyone 10+ years old is considered an adult.

Because You Already Paid For Them

I really hesitate to mention this at all, because its not really an upside unless youre getting more value out of the dining plan than youre spending for it. But the reason you get to ignore the prices is because you already paid for them when you booked your vacation, months ago.

Some people definitely get mental and emotional satisfaction out of knowing they wont have to worry about paying for their meals once they arrive at Walt Disney World. Individuals on the standard Dining Plan and the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan could theoretically spend nothing after they arrive at Walt Disney World other than table service tips.

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