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How Much Should I Budget For Disney World

Buying Tickets From Disney

How Much Should You Budget For Food at Disney World?

The first way to buy park tickets is to get them directly from Disney. There is no difference in price between parks, and tickets to all 4 theme parks cost the same .

Disneys price system is based on the dates you choose for your theme park admission. If you go during the off-season the tickets will cost less. If you go during the busy season, they will cost more.

  • Single-Day Adult park tickets in 2022 range from $109 to $159 each .
  • Single-Day Child park tickets in 2022 range from $104 to $154 each .

That means on average you can expect to pay about $135 per adult and $130 per child for one-day tickets.

Multi-Day Disney World park passes on the other hand reward you the more days you go and the longer your pass, the less you pay per day. This is always the best value.

A One-Day Ticket starts at $109 per day, however, a 5-Day ticket starts at $90 per day, and a 10-Day ticket starts at only $54 per day. You can see the advantage of going for multiple days during your trip.

Here are the 2022 prices for Multi-Day Park Tickets:

  • 2-Day Ticket Cost: $107 $155 per day
  • 3-Day Ticket Cost: $106 $149 per day
  • 4-Day Ticket Cost: $105 $141 per day
  • 5-Day Ticket Cost: $90 $121 per day
  • 6-Day Ticket Cost: $77 $104 per day
  • 7-Day Ticket Cost: $68 $92 per day
  • 8-Day Ticket Cost: $62 $83 per day
  • 9-Day Ticket Cost: $57 $75 per day
  • 10-Day Ticket Cost: $54 $69 per day

Disney World Cost Calculator: Time Of Year

Really, when you think about it, this factor right here will determine the price of pretty much everything else that follows. The time of year you choose to go to Disney impacts the cost of hotels and tickets, two of the largest expenses.

Disney breaks the year up according to price. During times of the year that attendance is a little bit lower the prices tend to follow suit. Common lower cost months tend to be January, February, end of August, and September.

If theres a school break, expect higher crowds and higher prices.

I have a guide that goes into more detail about deciding the best time of year to go to Disney. Take a look at that and make your decision from there.

Another Factor: Length of Trip

Clearly, the number of days you plan to be in Disney directly impacts just how expensive the trip will be. Once you decide on your budget, playing around with the length of the trip is one of the easiest ways to manipulate the total cost.

Do you want to stay longer with a lower resort category or have a shorter trip with deluxe accommodations? Theres no wrong answer to that question. Just the right answer for your family.

How Much Are Hotel Costs At Disney World

Unless you are a local with an annual pass, youre going to need somewhere to stay during your Disney World trip. Will it be a resort on Disney property? Will it be at a Good Neighbor hotel?

Staying off Disney property can mean savings, but you need to factor in the time and cost of transportation to and from the park every day, as well as parking if youre driving your own vehicle.

Disney World has three categories of on property hotels:value, moderate and deluxe. Each resort has pros and cons.

For example, deluxe resorts are the most expensive , but they are often the closest to the parks, and they have some of the best pools.

Value resorts offer a significant savings , but the rooms are smaller, and transportation to the parks takes longer.

Currently, only limited resorts have reopened. You can find an up-to-date list of these here, along with information about tentative reopening plans.

Disney Springs area hotels are another great option for saving on lodging, but they are not as conveniently located to the parks. Work with your travel agent and/or family to decide what is most important to you: location or cost savings?

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When Should I Start Planning My Disney Trip

When is the best time to start planning a Disney World vacation? We recommend to start planning as soon as possible, but at least one year before you plan to go.

The sooner you start planning your Disney vacation, the better. In fact, once you finish reading this guide, you should start writing ideas down for your trip.

As you will see in our vacation planning timeline, some of the first steps can be completed as many as 499 days before your vacation starts.

We believe the sooner you start the process of organizing your trip, the better. Starting now will give you a leg up on other guests when it comes to getting reservations for dining, hotel rooms, the parks, and any special events you want to attend+. I will also make you aware of discounts to save money on your trip.

Alternatives To Disneyland 2022

Pin on Travel

I first did this post three years ago and was confident in my pricing of both Disneyland vacations and international travel alternatives. Its time for an update! Disney prices go up every year, but in this era of inflation other travel costs have gone up as well, so Ive updated all Disneyland and other travel pricing below.

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Are Park Hopper Tickets Worth It

This is a bit subjective. Park hopper tickets are beneficial if you have a limited amount of time in Disney World but want to see as much as possible. For example, if youve only got two days, getting a two day, hopper ticket will allow you to see all the parks. However, its impossible to go on every ride during that time. You could spend an entire day at one park and still not get on every ride . If its your first time to Disney World, spending four days is ideal.

Check With A Travel Agent For Disney Vacation Deals

Working with a travel agent to book a Disney trip means paying their fee. But, they may be able to help you uncover savings that you wouldn’t on your own.

For instance, a travel agent may have access to vacation packages that are discounted 10%, 20%, 30% or more off regular prices.

When working with a Disney travel agent, be crystal clear on what you do and don’t want to be included in the trip.

If they try to upsell you be ready to answer with a firm ‘no’.

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Example #2 Budget: $8000

Travel dates: April 17-22, 2022

Room and ticket package: Preferred room at Coronado Springs using the special offer announced HERE 4-day park hoppers with Genie+ each day Memory Maker: $4769.24

Travel: Flights = $300 round trip/person . Sunshine Flyer transportation: $118

Food: 1 quick-service lunch and 1 table-service dinner each day $250/day x 5 nights = $1,250 + misc breakfast and snacks = $200. $1,450 total.

Extras: Souvenirs = $200. Capture your Moment = $50.

Total: $7,787.24

Doubling your budget from $4,000 to $8,000 will get you a resort in the next bracket, the ability to park hop, and more dining options during a peak time at Disney. This will definitely feel like a more comfortable trip price-wise and give you some of the experiences Disney World is known for. You will have Memory Maker, Genie+, and a sit-down meal every day of your trip.

Since this trip is a little under budget, you could potentially buy a few Individual Lightning Lane Selections throughout the trip. These can cost anywhere from $7 to $15/person/ride. Learn more about this benefit HERE. Additionally, it may allow you to grab a few extra snacks or meals.

If you are willing to take a risk and rent DVC points, you could stay in a deluxe resort for the same price as a moderate resort. You may have to skip out on some special experiences in order to travel during peak Spring Break season in order to stay on budget.

Example: Expensive Disney World Trip In 2021

How much money should you budget for Food at Disney World?

This trip example is for the family of four that isnt afraid to treat themselves and splurge a little. For this example, Im going to leave out flights and transportation. Dates chosen are in July for 5-nights.

Hotel Disneys Polynesian Village Resort

As one of my favorite resorts, the Polynesian is home to overwater bungalows and the best Disney restaurant.

For a five night stay, your total comes out to $3,346.90 in a Standard View room with two queen beds.

There are options to upgrade your room to better views or even to a Club Level room which offers lounges, private floors, and other perks but Im not going to include those Club Levo rooms today since they arent currently available.

Park Tickets

I opted for the 4-Day Ticket with Park Hopper.

So for a family of four, park ticket prices comes out $2,045.60.

Food and Restaurants

To get the full Disney World experience, good food needs to be a part of your trip. Thats why I recommend you try at least one Table Service restaurant a day. This includes buffets, Character breakfasts, and even a Signature restaurant.

In general, a Table Service meal costs around $45 per person.

A Quick Service meal with drink will come out to around $21.

I say 2-3 snacks is perfect. So youre looking at around $21 for snacks.

Add one Signature Restaurant which is around $80 per person.

You can expect to pay around $2,043 for 6 days of delicious eating.

Additional Activities

Total Price = $7,887.50

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My Disney World Food Budget And The Disney Dining Credit Offer

As part of our Disney World Vacation package, we have $850 dining credit included which we can use for food and drink. We also have a $200 gift card included which we can also use towards food and drink. This totals $1050 so we will still have budget $2,169.30 to make up the difference of what I have calculated for our budget of $3,219.30.

Clearly the Disney Dining Credit offer helps but it only covers 32.6% of my food and drink budget for our 2022 Disney World vacation.

This is why I have always been an advocate for the Disney Dining Plan when it has been offered in the past for free as part of a Disney World vacation package. Hopefully, the free Dining Plan offers will make a comeback in 2022.

Do you know about the rules on taking food and drink into Disney World?

Entertainment Costs While On Vacation

Many people use vacation days for cultural experiences or special activities. People who travel end up spending about 9% of their budget on entertainment–thats about $52, on average, for a domestic trip, and $293 while abroad. Movies and sporting events are popular diversions when people are away from home. Those who get tickets to watch athletic events while on vacation pay about $180 annually. Those who play sports, like golf, while on vacation, spend about $640 per year for the privilege.

Average Entertainment Costs, If Incurred by Vacationing Households

Participant Sports

Other entertainment services


Different destinations can require a wide range of entertainment fees. Some beaches are absolutely free for families who want to sit, sun and swim all day long, making them great summer vacation spots. Museum tickets can cost from zero to upwards of twenty-five dollars. A one-day ticket to Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom can cost an adult $105 plus tax.

Research your destination in advance and look for package deals for the top vacation spots in the U.S. and abroad. A family may be able to get a cheap trip to Disney by buying a package including food and resort costs. They can also purchase multi-day passes to all of Disneys theme parks to get the per-day cost down to about $63 a day for adults

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Are Drinks Free At Disney World

Lets face it, Disney World is pricey. Whether if youre looking for a Mickey Mouse soft pretzel or a bag of candied nuts, youll be shelling anywhere between $4.25 to $6 just for a tasty, yet small snack. But did you know that you can actually enjoy some delicious foods, snacks, treats, and drinks, all for free.

Genie+: Something You May Want To Budget For

How Much Should I Budget For A Disney World Vacation

Genie+ is a brand new system that is essentially a Fastpass replacement. Fastpass revolutionized the Disney World experience, and Genie+ is continuing in its footsteps. The downside its not free.

Genie+ allows guests to book time slots to return to rides and skip the standby line by accessing the new Lightning Lane line. During busy times, Genie+ will save your family precious time in line, and possibly allow you to fit more rides into your day.

The purchase of Genie+ allows you access to the Lightning Lane for almost all rides except for two special attractions in each park. These rides are often in high demand, and are not included.

Instead, to access the Lightning Lane for these rides, you will need to purchase an individual lightning lane pass for each guest, with a variabl per ride cost. For a complete list of rides included in Genie+, as well as those that require an individual Lightning Lane, click here.

As far as your Disney budget goes, here is the bottom line. We recommend you consider adding Genie+ especially if your trip falls during a busy season such as holidays, spring break, or summer break.

Genie+ costs $15 per person per day and Individual Lightning Lane passes typically cost between $7.00- $30.00 per person per ride. These prices range based on the ride itself, its popularity, and how busy the park is.

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Choose The Right Dates

Disney World is much cheaper if you go during the off-season than during the busy times of the year. This is the most effective way to save money. If you go during January, February, Late August, or September, tickets are less expensive, hotel prices are cut dramatically and you will probably find a cheaper flight to Orlando.

If you go during Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday for that matter, you will pay more, period.

Avoid Eating In The Park

Not everyone knows that you can bring your own food to the parks, store it in a locker and eat at one of the picnic areas outside the entrances.

Just dont pack it in a hard-sided cooler thats where Disney draws the line. Also, plan on packing snacks to keep in your bag and enjoy throughout the day, and bring a water bottle to refill at drinking fountains. And be sure to eat breakfast at the hotel before heading in to save money and to avoid wasting time once in the park.

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Is It Possible To See Disney World On A Budget

If you really wanted to, you could also do Disney World on a budget. That said, its not like youd be savings tons of money. Sure you can cut down on food and hotel costs, but if youre going all the way to Disney World, you might as well spend. I personally recommend saving money while youre at home so you can spend it while youre in Disney. Think about it. Every time you decide not to eat out at home or to not buy something, you can use that money during your Disney World vacation.

Disney Resort Hotels And Dvc Villas

How Much a Disney World Vacation Really Costs | Budget

Disney organizes its hotels into three major categories:

  • Value resorts: these are the least expensive and have the fewest amenities. Rates for a standard room start around $120 per night and go up to over $300 per night.
  • Moderate resorts: these large resorts have some more amenities than the values. Rates for standard rooms start around $240 nightly and rise to over $400 during busier seasons.
  • Deluxe resorts are the nicest accommodations in Walt Disney World, with lots of amenities and preferred transportation to the parks. Prices can vary widely depending on the hotel and time of year, but you usually cant stay in a standard room for less than $400 per night, and prices during peak season can reach $800 or more.

In addition, you may want to consider the Disney Vacation Club villas. While they cost more money, your family will have more space, and you can prepare meals in the full kitchen. A standard one-bedroom villa starts at about $500 nightly, while a two-bedroom starts at around $700.

Therefore, a five-night vacation in a standard hotel room could cost as little as $600 or as much as $4000.

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How To Save Money At Disney World: The Best Kept Secret

The following paragraph was sponsored by RVshare, a peer-to-peer RV rental website that connects RV owners with people who want to rent an RV.

This is one of the best ways to save money on a Disney vacation and one of the best kept secrets about RVing!

Did you know that there are campsites and RV sites at Disneys Fort Wilderness at Disney World? These RV sites have concrete pads as big as 18 feet wide and 60 feet long. This means you can stay in a luxury RV for a fraction of the cost of staying at a luxury Disney resort. And, unlike a standard hotel room, the luxury RV will sleep your family of 5+!

Even better, staying in an RV at Fort Wilderness entitles you to all of the perks of staying at a Disney resort, including extended hours in the parks and free Disney transportation. Best of all, there are lots of RV rental options in Orlando and many of them will set up the RV for FREE at the campsite.

Here are a few of the RVs we found in the area that would be ideal for a Disney vacation! These rentals are anywhere between $100-$200/night.

  • 2019 Jayco
  • Youll save money by being able to make meals in your RV and the whole experience will be fun for the family.

    You can always rent an RV and drive it to Orlando, but we think the easiest approach and the best way to save money is to rent it once you arrive in Orlando and have the owners set it up for you.

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