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How Much It Cost To Go To Disney World

Disney World Or Disneyland

How Much Does it Cost to Go To Disney World in 2022?

Which is cheaper: Disney World or Disneyland?Even though Disney World is larger, your admission to Disneyland may cost you more depending on your dates of travel.

Disneyland tickets start at $104 per day and go up to $149 for a single-day admission.

Which is bigger: Disney World or Disneyland?Hands down, Disney World is much larger than Disneyland.

Disney World covers 43 square miles.Disneyland covers 0.89 square miles.

There are many similarities between the two, but the size difference does make a difference.

First Class Average Cost For A Week Of Disney Magic

  • 5-day Park Hopper Plus Tickets = $2,390
  • Nights Deluxe Hotel = $4,725
  • Deluxe Dining Plan = $2,338
  • Souvenirs = $400
  • PhotoPass Memory Maker = $169

Using these estimates, a deluxe Disney vacation for a family of four for a week will cost about $10,022. Remember, this is just an estimate, your prices may vary based on the season youre visiting, the type of tickets you buy, and your dining expenses.

Keep An Eye Out For Deals

Disney also offers discounts on their meal plans through out the year so keep an eye out for them, or check out Undercover Tourst. We used them a lot on our trip and they are super helpful and a great resource.

The dining plan for an adult starts at around $48/day for the Quick Service package and goes up from there.

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Planning Your Trip To Disney World

To budget your trip to Disney World, you need to start by managing your own expectations. First, you want to start by figuring out a couple of things. For instance, how many days do you need at Disney World?

Depending on your own distance from Disney World, you could take anywhere from a single-day to a full 10-day vacation. The latter will allow you to sample everything that Disney World has to offer but it will also make the trip quite costly.

Remember that there are four Walt Disney World parks:

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom

This means that going there for at least 5 days would be considered optimal . This way, you wont be in a rush and will have enough time to experience and enjoy everything.

Budgeting Tips

There are quite a few ways for you to save money while at Disney World. For instance, when talking about snacks, its usually cheaper to have groceries delivered than to buy them from Disney gift shops.

Another way to save money on food is also something weve previously discussed you can do it via Disney meal plans.

A trip to Disney World is also a great opportunity to acquire some . This can be quite helpful when it comes to your airfare or hotel room booking. This can even come in handy in terms of paying for meals.

The biggest money-saving, however, can be achieved by picking the right season to go there. This is what impacts the cost of tickets, lodging, and plane fares the most.

Knowing what to expect at Disney World

More Genie+ / Lightning Lanes

How Much Does it REALLY Cost to Go to Disney World? in ...

We recommend two days of Genie+ and no individual Lightning Lanes for a standard trip. Its hard for us to recommend much more than that, even for an expensive trip. Nonetheless, you might get Genie+ for two additional days , as well as two paid Lightning Lanes at, say $15 per person average price after tax. That will cost you an additional $248.

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Being Prepared Means Having The Best Time Possible

As you can see, a successful Walt Disney World family vacation requires a lot of planning. There are also so many factors that impact the final price tag.

We hope its also clear that a WDW vacation is possible in a whole range of budgets, from a value vacation aimed at experiencing the parks on a budget to a splurge vacation during one of WDWs most popular seasons, full of fun surprises and events.

No matter where you fall in these categories, the most important thing is that your family gets to spend lots of time together making memories. Those are indeed the most priceless souvenirs!

Nights At Disneys Pop Century

2 Adults, 3 Children , 4 Day Non-Park Hopper

  • Resorts and Tickets: $1695.15
  • Dining: Included in Resort and Tickets Package
  • Transportation
  • Total: $1695.15

I ran the numbers for 2022 and Pop Century was not available. I checked prices for All Star Movies and the total came to $2,131.51, this does not include dining like our trip in 2013.

This trip was years ago and I dont want to give the impression that cost is anywhere near this now BUT you can save a lot of money visiting Disney before your kids are over 3 years old.

A lot of people wait because they want the kids to remember it but if you want to go and see your kids experience the magic of visiting Disney World it will be the least expensive Disney trip you will ever take!

I will never forget dining with the princesses, watching the night parade, and eating a Mickey bar with my kids at that age. They may not remember but it is a memory I will cherish forever.

Also be on the lookout for free dining offers. Disney has not offered them since the start of the pandemic but they will most likely bring them back in the next year.

I hope this overview of a Disney vacation cost helps you plan your next Disney trip. We are always looking for ways to budget for our Disney trip and plan more visits!

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When Is A Park Hopper Not Worth The Money

You may not want to actually park hop, however. Why? Because it takes time to move from one park to another. It is easy to hop from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios because they are located right next to one another. But it takes much longer to hop from the Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom. A trip on board thefree Disney transportation can take 45 minutes or longer. Thats 45 minutes less time youll have in the parks.

Many people plan to use their hoppers to go to a water park to cool off after a hot day in the parks. As of early April 2021, Blizzard Beach is open but Typhoon Lagoon remains closed.

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How Much Is Walt Disney World Dining

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World Right Now?

Dining at Walt Disney World can vary greatly. Walt Disney World Resort is currently not offering Disney Dining Plans, which typically would cost $80 per adult and $30 per child daily for a base plan. That cost would go up for more deluxe plans. However, there has always been controversy over whether or not Disney Dining Plans saved guests money. Many guests preferred Disney Dining Plans simply for the convenience. However, Disney has made great strides to provide guests easier contactless ordering and payment for dining.

As a typical guideline, there are snacks, quick service and table service dining options. Snacks including churros, ice creams, fruits or veggies will typically be cost $5-$10 per item and can oftentimes be used as a small meal. Quick service dining options are available throughout all of the parks and typically cost $15 or less per meal. Table service restaurants vary the most. For example, Be Our Guest Restaurant serves a prix-fixe dinner menu for $62 per adult not including tax or gratuity. But, the 50s Prime Time Cafe serves dinner items ala carte for around $20 per plate.

While cost can vary greatly, you can budget it all in with a little pre-planning. The My Disney Experience app makes it so easy to look at menu prices beforehand so you can get a good idea of what you may be spending. At this time, you can make dining reservations for table service restaurants up to 60 days in advance.

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Description How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World

Walt Disney World Theme Park Economics 101 Disney Prices INCREASING Because Demand Exceeds Supply

Why are Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme park tickets increasing in price? Why are prices for goods and services inside the parks themselves also going up?

Simply put? Because thanks to basic economic principles of supply, demand, and economic scarcity, they can.

After almost two years or park closures and reduced capacity, Disney parks are ramping back up to their former attendance levels, signaling the classic Disney high demand is still very much alive and well.

Obviously this leaves many folks lamenting the price increases, because.. well what consumer ever LIKES price increases? But not liking something, doesnt mean consumers just give up on engaging in a given activity or purchasing habit. History is full of great examples of price fluctuations as they relate to consumer spending. Think of gasoline prices

Even Disney however can sometimes run into problems though as we saw recently with the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel.

Two recent articles from The New York Post and might help shed some light on whether things are working for the Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme park price increases.


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Average Cost Of 5 Days At Disney World

If youre planning on staying longer than 4 days, you might be wondering how much does the average Disney trip cost if I add on an extra day? If youre looking to stay at full Monday Friday at Disney World, we can simply use one of our prior examples and just add on another day of expenses. Lets use a the moderate resort example for a family of 4, but the average cost of 5 days at Disney instead of 4.

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How Much Does It Cost

Now that weve detailed all of the different expenses you can expect to incur while planning for and taking your Walt Disney World dream vacation, well look at three total breakdowns for separate tier vacations: value, average, and splurge.

Each of these is based on a five-night stay with four days in the parks for a family of four . They do not include any transportation costs, which can be significant .

What Is The Average Cost Of A Disney Vacation

How much does it cost to go to Disney World?

To calculate how much it costs to go to Disney, I recommend planning to spend $ 200 and $ 250 on a person each day for a comfortable budget.

If you have a family of four and they are going to visit for four days, then calculate to spend about $ 4,000, if you want to travel at ease. By this, I mean that you bring money to pay for the trip and you are not super short.

But your trip can be cheaper or more expensive it all depends on your taste and budget. For example, some do not have to pay for a hotel because they can stay with friends. Others can travel by car and save on the expense of the plane.

Here I make the report of these expenses during the trip to Disney. The list is ordered from the most expensive to the least expensive because nothing is cheap at Disney.

If what you spend seems exaggerated, I can tell you that we plan that you travel at ease.

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At Your Service: Enchanting Extras Budget

You can decide if youd like to take advantage of some of the Enchanting Extras offered at Disney World. While it may depend on your budget, some of the most popular extras include private poolside cabanas, theme park photo sessions, private VIP tours, and access to one of several golf courses.

If youre traveling during the holidays or during one of the special events at Disney World, youll have to budget for those. During the fall, you might want to buy tickets to the Disney World Halloween Boo Bash Event. And during various times of the year, youll find festivals at Epcot like Food and Wine, Flower and Garden, and Festival of the Arts which offer unique food kiosks so your food budget will need to be larger for those events.

And if you have little kids that like to dress up, you might want to budget and splurge for a makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbi Boutique. Both of my girls had this experience and they loved it!

Youll also have the opportunity to book specialty dining experiences. You can book a character meal where youll be visited by popular Disney characters while you eat. And you can also book dessert dining packages that come with snacks and a special viewing area for a show.

Is It Possible To See Disney World On A Budget

If you really wanted to, you could also do Disney World on a budget. That said, its not like youd be savings tons of money. Sure you can cut down on food and hotel costs, but if youre going all the way to Disney World, you might as well spend. I personally recommend saving money while youre at home so you can spend it while youre in Disney. Think about it. Every time you decide not to eat out at home or to not buy something, you can use that money during your Disney World vacation.

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How Much Is A Weekend Trip To Disney World

So, how much will your Disney trip cost if you choose to make a quick weekend trip? For this example, lets use the value resort pricing to determine how much it would cost to make a quick, cheap stop to Disney World for two nights.

2 Day Disney Tickets One Park Per Day: $1122 plus tax

Mears Connect Transportation: $118

Value Resort Hotel: $322

Dining Cost: $368

Total average cost for 2 night trip to Walt Disney World : $1930 for a family of 4

Summary: Disney Cost Calculator 2022

How Much a Disney World Vacation Really Costs | Budget
  • Drive or fly to Orlando based on your budget and proximity.
  • Reduce transportation costs once there by using any complimentary services offered to you.
  • Travel during the slower months for the best overall prices.
  • Check every park ticket offer that applies to you and choose the cheapest option and how many parks you plan to visit.
  • Choose a lodging option while considering the perks of staying on-site, versus the cost savings of staying off-site.
  • Go all-in with a Disney dining plan or save by picking up groceries and packing as many meals/snacks as you can.
  • Dont forget to account for extras like parking, souvenirs, and ticketed events and activities.
  • Finally, go into your Disney World vacation with a solid touring plan in order to adhere to your Disney World cost calculator and budget.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get From The Airport To Disney World

Orlando International airport is about 15 miles from Walt Disney World Resort. The good news is that its easy to get to your hotel, especially if youre staying on Disney property.

If youre flying into Orlando and staying at one of the Disney-owned hotels, then you are eligible for the complimentary shuttle transportation to and from the airport and Disney World. Simply add the complimentary Disney Magical Express bus service to your package and you will receive free shuttle transportation directly to your hotel.

If you are staying at a non-Disney hotel, then you will need to rent a car or use a rideshare or taxi service. Check with your hotel before you arrive.

Once in the park, all Disney transportation is completely free for everyone.

Annual pass holders get free parking, but if you arrive at a Disney theme park in your own car, then you will have to pay for parking. And if you are staying at a Disney resort but have your own vehicle, then you can expect to pay the following for parking:

  • Disney Value resorts: $15 per night
  • Disneys Moderate resorts: $20 per night
  • Deluxe and Deluxe Villa resorts: $25 per night

Should you bring your own car, rent a car, or just use Disney Transportation?

Heres a helpful map of Disney World transportation.

Average Theme Park Food Prices In Orlando:

Breakfast cheese and ham croissant $5 Mickey Pretzel $7.50 Mickey Ice Cream Bar $6 Hotdog and chips $10 Nachos and chilli $14 Bottled water $3.50 Coffee $4

You may know that prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, you were able to save money by purchasing Walt Disney World park tickets along with the Disney Dining Plan. This is currently not being offered due to restrictions, however there is a new 50th Anniversary Dining Credits package available for some dates. Find out how to book the deal here or read our designated post about it.

Average fast food prices in Orlando: Big Mac Meal $6 Happy meal $3.25

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How Much Does It Cost For A Family Of Four To Go To Disney World

A family trip is a great way to spend quality time with the whole family. What better way to spend quality time with your family than a trip to Disney World. I agree, getting the cost for such a trip is essential so you dont end up blowing your budget. Not to worry, this article will give you in-depth knowledge of the cost and budget to take you and your family of four on a mind-blowing trip at Disney World.

First off, you have to start by defining which Disney destination you want to go to. There are two states where Disney theme parks are located: California and Florida.

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