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How Much Is Parking At Disney World Parks

Tables In Wonderland Dining Reservation

How to Park at Disney World

You can park for free at any Disney theme park after 5pm if you have a Tables in Wonderland card .

Otherwise, you can park for free before 5pm if you have a dining reservation at a participating Tables in Wonderland restaurant and come back out in less than 3 hours.

Youll need to pay for parking, then go to your reservation, then come back out and get your parking refunded at Guest Relations upon providing your receipt.

This option is honestly not too helpful, as you can only get a Tables in Wonderland card if youre an Annual Passholder or a Florida Resident or DVC Member, BUT there may be some of you who just happen to fall into the category of being able to make use out of a Tables in Wonderland card and not already having free parking at the theme parks, in which case, look into it.

Is There A Starbucks At Art Of Animation

Starbucks Coffee is served in each of the 4 Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks and at Disney Springs, while Joffreys has Coffee locations at Disney Springs and a new kiosk in Magic Kingdom named Joffreys Revive which is offering a signature latte called More SMores. Have a Magical Vacation!

Using Credit Card Rewards To Offset Parking Costs

While it isnt free parking, you can use credit card rewards to offset parking costs. If this isnt for you, I do have a trick to park 100% for free at Disney World coming up.

Its important to note that not everyone should use these strategies to score Disney World free parking. If you have credit card debt or dont pay your balance off in full each month, youll pay more in interest than youll earn in rewards.

That said, some credit cards offer a flat two percent cash back on all purchases. If you can save up that cash back over a year, youd probably have enough to cover four days of standard parking, or $100. Think of it as a Disney World parking discount.

However, I personally like to earn my credit card rewards through sign up bonuses. Banks will give you free money for simply signing up for their credit card and trying it out.

You usually have to meet a minimum spending requirement to earn the bonus. Even so, its free money that you can use to pay for your Disney parking if you put your regular spending on your new card and pay it off in full each month.

Heres are a few examples of credit card sign up bonuses that would work well for this.

You can sign up for the Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card and get a $200 cash rewards bonus by spending $1,000 on purchases within the first 90 days of opening your account.

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Tip : Buy Tickets From Disney Or Certified Partners

Only buy from Walt Disney World or its certified partners, like your hotel concierge, a professional travel agent or Visit Orlando. You might be tempted by promises and deals from third parties, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you think something might be a Disney ticket scam, report it immediately to the Better Business Bureau. I was once at Epcot and watched an entire party of 15 people get turned away because they had bought their tickets off property and didn’t read the fine print. Devastating.

Locating Your Car In A Disney World Parking Lot

This is How Much it Costs to Visit Disney Theme Parks ...

How many times have you parked the car in a parking lot only to forget in what section you left it? It has happened to me way too often.

Usually we know what section it is in, but forget the exact row.

That can be a huge problem when there are 50+ rows in a section.

You can wind up roaming aimlessly through sections of cars before spotting yours.

This can be super frustrating when you are hot & tired from a long day at the park!

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Tip #: Book A Dvc Deluxe Villa

If youre a DSV Member, one of the best Disney World parking tips is to book a Deluxe Villa. Regardless of whether you use points or another payment, you wont be charged for standard overnight parking at the resort.

For non-members, ask someone you know whos a member and have them book it with your card!

Walt Disney World Parking Fees

Just How Much Does it Cost to Park at Disney? While you do have to pay to park at Walt Disney World, it was the additional Disney Resort Parking Fees that really threw us for a loop! Since a Disney Vacation is already so expensive, adding yet another charge was a little much to take. The Disney World Parking Fees are pretty standard for any theme park parking in Orlando, Florida. But, that doesnt mean we are OK paying them. Here is everything to know about the Cost to park at Disney and how to get Disney Free Parking instead.

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What If Im Just Visiting For The Day

Day guests receive complimentary parking when visiting Disney resorts or hotels throughout Disney World. Guests popping in for a meal, some shopping or to meet friends do not pay for daily parking.

When Disney implemented their overnight parking charges in 2018 it definitely caused some backlash from guests. However, Disney was sure not to change their complimentary parking policy for day guests to ensure that these guests would continue to frequent the resorts to enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment at the resorts and hotels. The patronage of non-overnight guests is an important part of Disneys resort and hotel business that they likely do not want to jeopardize.

Rent Dvc Points Or Own Dvc

How much does it cost to visit an Orlando Theme Park (Disney World, Universal & SeaWorld)?

For now, Disney Vacation Club owners or those renting Disney Vacation Club points do not need to pay resort parking fees, and you will still also qualify for free parking at the theme parks since youre staying on-site.

This is also helpful if you want to stay Deluxe you could save money on the room AND save money on resort parking fees by renting DVC points through a reputable rental agency.

Its a fantastic way to cut down the cost of your Disney vacation and do Disney on a budget, and I would highly recommend you look into it regardless of its impact on parking fees.

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How Much Does It Cost To Park At Disney World 2020

Standard parking costs $25 per day, but it isnt exactly convenient. Depending on where you park in the lot, youll either have to take a tram or a long walk to the theme park entrance. Oversize vehicle parking for RVs, shuttles, limos, campers, buses or tractor-trailers cost a little bit more at $30 per day.

Disney World Parking Costs Are Insane

Parking rates at Disney World change on a regular basis, but currently, Disney charges the following rates to park at the four major Florida theme parks.

Standard parking costs $25 per day, but it isnt exactly convenient. Depending on where you park in the lot, youll either have to take a tram or a long walk to the theme park entrance.

Oversize vehicle parking for RVs, shuttles, limos, campers, buses or tractor-trailers cost a little bit more at $30 per day.

Preferred parking is $45 to $50 per day. It costs more because it is located closer to the theme park entrances. Essentially, you pay more so you dont have to walk as far or take a tram to the park entrance.

I do see how this could benefit families with small children or families on a tight schedule, but $45 to $50 is crazy talk to me just to park your car. A four day trip to Disney World would cost you $180 to $200 just in preferred parking costs alone.

Sadly, Disney doesnt even offer a discount if you arrive late in the day. For instance, the Disney parking cost after 6 pm is the same as if you arrived bright and early in the morning.

While Disney didnt use to charge you to park in their hotel/resort parking lots as a resort guest, they do now.

The fees range from $15 to $25 per night for self-parking depending on the resort you stay at.

One place Disney doesnt charge for parking is at their water parks, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.

Standard parking is also free for Disney World Annual Passholders.

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How To Avoid Parking Fees At Florida Theme Parks

You used to be able to park all day at Walt Disney World resort hotels for free and some people took advantage of this perk and would park at Disneyâs Contemporary Resort in particular and then walk the short distance to the main entrance of the Magic Kingdom. In 2018 Disney stopped this practice by charging all resort guests a daily resort parking fee and restricting non-resort guests to just a couple of hours free parking at their resort hotels subject to there actually being space available.

In theory you can park for free at somewhere like Disney Springs then take a Disney bus to one of the Disney resort hotels. There you can then catch another Disney bus to one of the parks or walk if you choose a resort close to the park.

However this practice is frowned upon as Disney bus transport is meant to be for resort guests only. You may well find yourself being refused when you try to board.

What is more it can take a very long time which greatly restricts the amount of time you can actually get to spend in the parks. You have to ask yourself if it really isnât worth it. With the price of theme park tickets these days you have to question whether it is worth wasting potentially a couple of hours in travel time.

Also places like ESPN Wide World of Sports and the two Disney water parks generally have shorted hours so you could find yourself unable to get back to your car if you stay late for the fireworks for example.

If Youre Visiting Disney Springs

How Much Does It Cost to Park at Disneyland and Disney ...

This will be a much shorter section than the other two, but we figured the Disney Springs parking was worth its own category, what with all the awesome places to shop and EAT!

Orange Parking Garage

Unless youre using the valet parking, which is $20 per day, then parking at the Orange, Lime, or Grapefruit parking garage is completely free!Woo Hoo!

Disney Springs

Just like the resorts and parks, the parking garages offer a limited amount of electric charging stations for all your electric car charging needs.

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Parking At Magic Kingdom In 2022

The most popular and the only theme park Ive found that will require extra time to park is Magic Kingdomthe parking lot is much further away than at the other parks. You will have to take the monorail or water transportation to get to the front gates, so if you are planning to park instead of taking bus transportation, give yourself extra travel time!

A lot of visitors ask us: how much is parking at Walt Disney World Florida? What is the parking price at Magic Kingdom? How much is parking at EPCOT? The good news is that the answer to all of these questions is the sameguests pay one fee for a parking pass good all day at all four theme parks. So, the Magic Kingdom parking cost is the same as the EPCOT parking costits just one easy payment and you receive the pass, then you can hop between parks.

How Much Does It Cost To Park At Disney Springs

Standard self-parking is free at Disney Springs.There are 3 parking garages and an additional 4 open parking lot areas that will get you directly into Disney Springs.

Do You Have to Pay to Park at Disney Springs?

Disney Springs Parking Garages:

  • Lime Garage is closer to the offsite hotels in Disney Springs and is located near the LEGO Store, World of Disney, and the BOATHOUSE
  • Orange Garage is located near AMC Theater, the Coca-Cola Store, and Planet Hollywood
  • Grapefruit Garage is the newest garage that is located across the street from the Lime Garage and has a pedestrian bridge to cross the street over to Disney Springs

There are additional regular parking lots around Disney Springs which are:

  • Lemon
  • Watermelon

You can valet park at Disney Springs for $20 per day.

Payment is usually collected when you pick up your car. Please keep in mind that gratuity is not included in the $20 price tag.

Hipster Power Tip: If you have a special event, dining reservation, or concert that you need to be at, then youll want to arrive at Disney Springs an hour in advance to park and get situated.

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Where Should Guests With Disabilities Park

Designated parking areas are available throughout Walt Disney World Resort for guests with disabilities. A valid disability parking permit is required.

Theme Park Parking

Guests with the ability to walk short distances and step onto courtesy trams should park in the main parking lots of Magic Kingdom park, EPCOT, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom. Courtesy trams transport guests to each theme parks main entrance.

Disability Parking Lots

Guests with mobility disabilities, including those traveling with personal wheelchairs, electric scooters, ECVs, or other mobility devices, should park in the Disability Parking Lots, located a short distance from the main entrance of each of the four theme parks. Note: Courtesy trams do not stop at these locations. You will need to drive or be pushed to the entrances from your parking space.

For further directions on parking options, inquire at the Auto Plaza located at the entrance of each of the Walt Disney World Theme Park Parking lots, or call guest services at 824-2222.

Disney World Parking For Electric Vehicles

Which Walt Disney World Park Would You Live In?

If you are driving to Disney World and have an electric vehicle, there are places for you to charge your battery.

There are ChargePoint charging stations located in the parking lots at Magic Kingdom park, Epcot, Disneys Animal Kingdom as well as in Disney Springs.

Arriving Guests should ask Cast Member for directions to these charge ports when they are queued up in the parking lot.

These spots are few and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you are driving an electric vehicle, you will find a few charging stations at the Disney World parking lots. They are as follows:

  • Magic Kingdom Park: There are 5 spaces1 space at the front of the Jafar and 4 spaces at the front of the Zurg
  • Epcot: There are 4 spaces at the front of the Journey Parking Lot
  • Disneys Animal Kingdom Theme Park: There are 4 spaces in the Medical Parking Lot
  • Disney Springs:You will find a total of 6 spaces3 on the 5th floor of the Orange Garage and 3 on the 5th floor of the Lime Garage

To use the charging stations, you will need a credit card or a pre-ordered ChargePoint card.

The cost to charge at these stations is $0.35 per kilowatt hour, with a minimum service amount of $1.50.

Charging will stop once the vehicles battery is fully charged.

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Rely On Disney Transportation Including Buses And Minnie Vans

The ultimate way of avoiding Disney parking fees altogether isdont bring a car!

You can reach all of the theme parks and Disney Springs by bus, as well as the airport using Disneys Magical Express. And of course, youve got the Skyliner from resorts like Caribbean Beach and Art of Animation to take you to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Some families find that not having to worry about a car and driving places makes for a more relaxed vacation, and for the times when you need to go directly from resort to resort , you can just use Uber or a Minnie Van.

Uber is allowed on Disney property, though is of course a third party company, while Minnie Vans are actual Disney cast members available to drive you around like a taxi in a Minnie Mouse themed van .

On the other hand, if youre doing an Orlando vacation and not just Disney, you might find that having a car and paying the parking fees is worth it to you in order to have more freedom and be able to reach other attractions more easily

What About Valet Parking At The Resorts

Valet parking is available at the Grand Floridian, Polynesian Village, Contemporary, Yacht Club, Beach Club, BoardWalk, Wilderness Lodge, and Animal Kingdom Lodge Resorts.

The valet parking fee at Walt Disney World Deluxe Resorts is $33 . Once paid, however, you can use valet parking for the entire day at any Resort that offers it without paying the fee again. Show the days valet receipt at the next Resort to avoid being charged again.

Tables in Wonderland Members may valet park free of charge when dining at any Disney Resort offering this service. Let the valet know you are parking with Tables in Wonderland. Upon return, show your card AND the receipt from the restaurant where you used the Tables in Wonderland card. Note: You may have to surrender the receipt to the valet, so be sure to ask your server for a duplicate copy if you need to retain one.

Valet parking is free of charge to all vehicles displaying a disabilities tag at Disney facilities offering valet service. Note: This does not apply at the Swan and Dolphin.

Valet parking at the Swan and Dolphin hotels is $33 + tax. If you are dining at one of the signature restaurants at the Swan and Dolphin request a validation from the hostess stand. Note: Valet parking at the Swan and Dolphin is not reciprocal with the Disney-owned Resorts. Disney Resorts valet receipts will not be honored by the Swan and Dolphin or vice versa.

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