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How Much Is It To Park At Disney World

Are You Willing To Do Some Extra Walking

Disney World Planning Tips No One Has Told You

Another great benefit to living near the Disney attractions, have been the ability to explore the Disney Properties as often as I could. I have learned that if you visit Disneys Boardwalk as a guest, not staying at the resorts, you can park for free.

All you need to do is show your ID to the security guard, who then directs you to the guest parking area. Keep in mind, if you are going to Epcot, there is a back entrance that is connected to Boardwalk located around the lake. That entrance leads you in by the France pavilion over at the countries in Epcot.

Also, if you feel like spending some extra time sightseeing around Disneys Boardwalk, you also have the option of riding bikes around the lake, instead of just walking. However, there is a fee for renting the bikes.

If you want to leave Boardwalk and head over to any of the other theme parks, there are Disney Buses located in the front of the main entrance of Boardwalk that guests can take to any of the four main theme parks .

Insider Tip

If you walk around Disneys Boardwalk at nighttime during the Epcots firework display, you will be able to enjoy the view from the bridge. Remember to find out what time the fireworks show begins.

Tip : Choose The Park

For around $165 per person, you can visit two theme parks in one day instead of buying two one-day passes for $194. Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite parks, but many of the attractions close at dusk. You can leave from there to Epcot, for example, enjoy a few rides and dinner around the World Showcase, and then watch the spectacular fireworks show at 9 pm.

Are You Coming In From Out Of Town

A great option to avoid the cost for parking at Disney World is to park in the garages at Disney Springs and then take a bus over to any of the theme parks. Learn where to park at Disney Springs in my other article about Disney Springs parking.

The good news is that you can park there all day and dont have to worry about your car being towed. However, the downside to doing this is that its time consuming. It also can become tiring from all the walking and waiting around for the busses.

Insider Tip

Make sure to remember where you parked your vehicle, because there are several different garages that have been built. I usually send myself a text message or take a quick picture with my cellphone of the parking space, including the name of the garage.

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Minnie Van Lyft Service

Disney World gives the option for Disney Resort Guests to use the Minnie Van service to get to the Disney World parks.

It works with the Lyft app.

Just open the Lyft app from anywhere within Walt Disney World Resort property and request a ride.

Because this is a service through Disney parks, cars usually show up in minutes.

Pros And Cons Of Parking For Free At Disney World

This Is How Much It Costs to Visit Disney Theme Parks Around The World

The main benefit of parking at Disney Springs is the free cost. However, what you dont pay with money you will pay with your time.

Parking at Disney Springs and taking the bus over to resorts to board another form of transportation can take away at least 2 hours from your day. Plus, Disney Springs usually doesnt open until 10 a.m. which is too late for you to start your theme park day.

If youre a frequent reader of this blog, then you know that one of my top tips for Disney is to get there early!

Parking this way will not do that for you.

Although Disney doesnt offer any parking discounts and the thought of paying the $25 is tough to swallow, it will make your day much easier.

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How Much Does It Cost To Park At Disney World

When you approach the theme park gates at Disney, youll notice three different options for parking fees.

1. Standard Parking: Car or Motorcycle $25 per day

Standard parking at the Disney Parks may require you to be parked a little ways back from the gate. Dont worry, there are trams that can take you to the front area of the park at no additional fee.

Hipster Power Tip: Remember that the Magic Kingdom is the busiest theme park in the world so be sure to get there an hour and a half before to the gates open.

This may seem radical, but if youre parking you have to take into consideration:

  • Finding a parking space.
  • Getting on the tram to the transportation ticket center.
  • Taking the monorail or boat over to the Magic Kingdom gates. There can be a very long line to get on the monorail or the boat.
  • Getting through the ticket turnstiles. This may take a while due to new security safety measures of having your bags checked.

2. Preferred Parking: Car or Motorcycle $45 to $50 per day

This area is located the closest to the park front gates. Disney Cast Members will also give you a bottle of water when you choose this option.

Keep in mind that the prices for Preferred Parking do vary based on the season that you visit.

3. Oversized Vehicle Parking: Shuttle, Limo, Camper Trailer, RV, Bus or Tractor Trailer $30 per day

This is a Disney parking fee that you will pay if you plan on parking one of these vehicles on property.

Is There Handicap Parking At Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is one of the most famous attractions at Disney World. Good news: there is handicap parking at Magic Kingdom! It is situated near the front of the Ticket and Transportation parking lot and is available for holders of all types of disabled parking permits. A standard parking fee of $25 applies.

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Your Guide To Parking Fees At Walt Disney World

Over the past few months, Disney has made a few important changes worth noting for those planning on driving a car to Walt Disney World. Whether youre staying onsite at one of Walt Disney Worlds amazing resorts or opting to stay off-site and drive in each day, parking fees can add quite a bit to your Disney budget. To help you plan ahead, heres everything you need to know about parking at Disney.

Parking Fees for those staying onsite Historically, free onsite parking has been one of the major perks for those choosing to stay onsite at a Walt Disney World resort. Sadly, this changed earlier this year with the announcement that Disney would begin charging resort guests nightly for parking. The fees are based on the category of resort you are staying in and look like this:

  • Value Resorts $13 per night
  • Moderate Resorts $19 per night
  • Deluxe Resorts $24 per night
  • Valet Park- $33 per night

But I booked my package last year and was told nothing about parking will I still have to pay? No. anyone who booked in their Walt Disney World vacation package before March 21, 2018, will not be required to pay the fee.

We are going to be bringing more than one car with us. Is the rate per room or per car? The rate is per car. If you are going to have two cars under the same reservation than that will double the nightly fee.

Parking at Disneys theme-parks remains free for guests staying onsite at a Walt Disney World Resort.

Is There Valet Parking Available At Disney World

How are EPCOT Crowds In-between Festivals? Is it worth the park pass?

Yes, there is valet parking available at many places in Disney World.

Valet parking is available at some Disney World Deluxe Resorts and Disney Deluxe Villas. It is $33 and includes tax.

Valet parking is available at Disney Springs for $20 and is available at these three areas:

  • Near the entrance to the Orange Garage from 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM
  • On the West Side in front of Cirque du Soleil from 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM
  • In the Lemon Lot near the World of Disney from 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM

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Parking Costs For Walt Disney World

4 main parks

  • Free for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests
  • Offsite guests $25/day
  • Passholders Free with Passholder card and photo ID
  • Preferred Parking $50/day & $45/day
  • Oversized Vehicle Parking $30/day


  • If you are visiting for dining reservations or to tour, etc., you can park up to 3 hours for free
  • Valet $33/day

Water Parks & Disney Springs

  • Free for self-parking
  • Valet parking for $20/day is available at Disney Springs

How Do You Pay For Disney Parking

Guests pay one fee for a parking pass good all day at all 4 theme parksMagic Kingdom park, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios and Disneys Animal Kingdom theme park. Our special preferred parking lots are located conveniently close to the theme park entrances. All parking fees include applicable sales tax.

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Tip #: Always Check Disneys Special Deals

The Walt Disney Company has a Special Offers page that lists all of their current deals that you might find helpful and cost-effective. Check it out before your trip to discover how to save hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms or theme park tickets. Note that there is no free parking at Disney World with AAA passes, but members can receive other special discounts.

Other Information About Parking At Walt Disney World

Two New Nighttime Spectaculars and Much More Will Debut Oct. 1 to ...

Currently, cast members are parking cars at every other spot, then backfill the empty spaces later. This enables social distancing and many guests have expressed their wish that Disney would keep this practice moving forward. It makes things easier when unloading the car, especially with kids, strollers, and bags.

At this time, parking trams are not running at any of the Disney theme parks. All guests will need to walk from their parking spot to the park entrance.

Guests with disabilities can utilize designated parking areas near the front of each parking lot. Disney does require a valid disability parking permit.

Electric vehicle charging stations are available at each theme park, Disney Springs, and select Disney hotels. Overall, the amount of spaces for charging electric vehicles is fairly limited.

The parking gates usually open about one hour before the published park opening time. For example, if Magic Kingdom is scheduled to open at 9 a.m., then parking is usually open by 8 a.m.

If you are entitled to free parking, youll need to present your MagicBand or other media that contains your credentials, such as your Annual Pass or your Disney Resort hotel information. The cast member will scan this media and will need to see photo identification.

If you need to depart the parking area before fully entering the parking lot, each theme park has a lane all the way to the left that will enable you to turn around or turn out of the parking area.

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How Much Does Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Cost

Tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2022 range from $149 to $199, depending on the day. That’s significantly less than the $169 to $229 range of last year’s Mickey’s Very Merriest After Hours. But it’s markedly more than the $94 starting price of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in 2019.

Tickets go on sale June 30 for guests of select Disney resorts. Everyone else has to wait until July 7 to buy tickets.

Have A Valid Disability Parking Pass

If you have a current and valid disability parking pass, you wont be charged parking fees at your Disney resort.

You will have to bring your pass to the front desk and show it to a cast member to avoid being charged for parking.

I hope this post gave you some insight into how Disney resort parking fees work and some ideas for avoiding them.

Any questions? Leave a comment below or join the conversation in

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Rely On Disney Transportation Including Buses And Minnie Vans

The ultimate way of avoiding Disney parking fees altogether isdont bring a car!

You can reach all of the theme parks and Disney Springs by bus, as well as the airport using Disneys Magical Express. And of course, youve got the Skyliner from resorts like Caribbean Beach and Art of Animation to take you to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Some families find that not having to worry about a car and driving places makes for a more relaxed vacation, and for the times when you need to go directly from resort to resort , you can just use Uber or a Minnie Van.

Uber is allowed on Disney property, though is of course a third party company, while Minnie Vans are actual Disney cast members available to drive you around like a taxi in a Minnie Mouse themed van .

On the other hand, if youre doing an Orlando vacation and not just Disney, you might find that having a car and paying the parking fees is worth it to you in order to have more freedom and be able to reach other attractions more easily

Are You A Local Resident

Walt Disney World “Much more than ever before” Television Commercial (1988)

There are many great benefits to living in the Central Florida area that I found to be helpful when it comes to avoiding the cost for parking at Disney World. One of these benefits are knowing people who work for Disney.

Disney Cast Members can get their friends or relatives into the parks using their Main Gate Pass. Not only can they get them into the parks, but they can also help them park for free. This technique has been very helpful for us. All you need to do is decide on a time and place to meet. Then, if riding separately, you can follow right behind the cast members vehicle into the parking area.

When you arrive at the gate, the cast member in the first vehicle needs to show his or her Disney ID and inform the employee who is working, of the other vehicle right behind them. After seeing their Disney ID, they will just simply wave both vehicles right on through.

Insider Tip

Keep in mind, when using the Cast Members ID to gain access to free parking at one location, you can only park again for free at another location if the cast member is still with you. If you choose to park hop without the cast member, you may be asked to pay at the next park.

The best thing to do is to keep your vehicle parked at one location and take advantage of the other ways of transportation, like the Monorail System or the Disney buses.

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How Much Is It To Rent Disney World For A Day

Imagine how amazing it would be to have Disney World all to yourself for a day. Unfortunately, this dream will remain just a dream.

It is impossible to rent out Disney World in its entirety. Closing down the resort for a day would be a public relations nightmare and would severely disrupt how guests could plan and book their trips.

Lets analyze why you cant rent out Disney World for the day but how you CAN rent out Magic Kingdom.

Park Hopper Plus Option

All prices listed include tax.

This option bundles the features of the Park Hopperand the Water Park & Sports options into one ticket.

Special note: Park hopping is available from 2:00 pm until park closing read more about how Park Hopper currently works.

The extra cost on top of a Park Hopper ticket is a flat rate of $21.30 total for any ticket length. If you want to add this option to a Base Ticket, you need to also add Park Hopper, so the total cost to upgrade from a Base Ticket ranges from $90.53 to $111.83, depending on length.

When you add the Park Hopper Plus option to a Base or Park Hopper ticket, it extends the validity length of the ticket by one day. That doesnt add any park admission days, but does give you one extra day to use all your park days and special water park & sports visits. For example, a 7-day ticket normally is valid for a 10-day span, but adding Park Hopper Plus makes it valid for an 11-day span.

Disney World tickets are only valid on the dates you specify at purchase time . You can change the dates or options at any time before arriving, though if the change results in the price being higher, you have to pay the difference. If you make a change that results in a lower price, you dont get a refund. If they expire unused, they can still be traded for new tickets. See our comprehensive explanation of Disney World ticket expiration and upgrades for more.

Park Hopper Plus Ticket Prices


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Where Should Guests With Disabilities Park

Designated parking areas are available throughout Walt Disney World Resort for guests with disabilities. A valid disability parking permit is required.

Theme Park Parking

Guests with the ability to walk short distances and step onto courtesy trams should park in the main parking lots of Magic Kingdom park, EPCOT, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom. Courtesy trams transport guests to each theme parks main entrance.

Disability Parking Lots

Guests with mobility disabilities, including those traveling with personal wheelchairs, electric scooters, ECVs, or other mobility devices, should park in the Disability Parking Lots, located a short distance from the main entrance of each of the four theme parks. Note: Courtesy trams do not stop at these locations. You will need to drive or be pushed to the entrances from your parking space.

For further directions on parking options, inquire at the Auto Plaza located at the entrance of each of the Walt Disney World Theme Park Parking lots, or call guest services at 824-2222.

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