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How Much Is Disney World Worth

Bambi Forest And Friends Water Globe

Is Disney World Worth It? – Disney’s Cost Per Hour

In 1942, Disney released their fifth animated film, Bambi. The classic Disney film is groundbreaking and heartbreaking. When first released it didnt do well at the box office or connect with fans. However, its now regarded as one of the greatest Disney animated movies. Anyone that kept merchandise from the film could make a good profit selling it on eBay or Etsy. A vintage 1990 Bambi Forest and Friends Water Globe sold on Etsy for $130. The item is now sold out, which only increases the value.

Is It Safe To Go To Disney World In 2021

Fortunately, the answer to this question is getting a little more straightforward. However, theres so much that goes into what makes YOU feel safe, that only you can fully answer that question for your family.

Is it safe to go to Disney World right now? Thats a question without a full answer. In fact, this answer is different for every person.

Throughout the reopening, Disney did a fantastic job of making sure guests felt as safe as humanly possible, while also enjoying their vacation.

I can tell you from my perspective, I felt safer at Disney World than I did going to the grocery store during the height of the surge . This is because Disney was strict about the safety precautions they had in place.

Safety precautions have loosened considerably at this point, and you may or may not feel comfortable with them. There are certainly people who still wear their masks as thats their comfort level.

Update: At this time, the Delta variant is surging in Orange County, Florida, where Disney World is located. So far, the only change Disney has made is to require face masks for everyone while indoors, on transportation, and on attractions.

The Return Of Holiday Parties Kind Of

After no extra events or parties for over a year, 2021 sees the return of both a Halloween party and a Christmas party. However, dont expect to see either Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party.

Instead, you can look forward to 2 holiday events copied more from the Disney After Hours events which became so popular.

Disney After Hours Boo Bash is the Halloween party for 2021. Its not as over the top as Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party is, but should still fill the needs of a lot of people.

For Christmas in 2021, you have the opportunity toattend Disney Very Merriest After Hours. Again, it doesnt have the full complement of Christmas party activities, but it will tick a lot of boxes.

The main different with both of these events from the normal parties is the lack of character meet and greets and more of an emphasis on limited capacity and short ride lines.

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Guests Who Go Every Few Years & Disney Frequent Fliers

Im now lumping these two categories together. I think that enough experiences have returned at this point that the answer is an easy yes.

Just be mentally prepared that you wont be able to experience everything like normal. But since you know youll be back again some day, its not as big of a deal.

The big caveat is this: if you are someone who wants to get the best bang for your buck, wait a little longer. Even with my complete and utter Disney obsession, I cant pretend youll get your moneys worth until more experiences return.

What Is The Best Disney World Park

How Much is Disney World Worth?

This is another subjective question. Magic Kingdom has Cinderellas Castle and some of the most iconic rides and attractions. Hollywood Studios used to be a bit boring but with the addition of Star Wars Galaxys Edge and Toy Story Land, its now one the better themed parks. I personally love Animal Kingdom for the safari ride and the Avatar Flight of Passage ride. Many Americans love Epcot as its sort of a tour of the world without ever having to leave America.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get To Disney World

Next, lets talk about actually getting to Disney. How will you get there?

If youre a Disney regular, youre already covered. Annual passes come with parking included.

If youre flying in and staying at a Disney hotel, youre covered too. Just add the freeDisney Magical Express bus service to your travel plan and you can save the cost of a rental car or ride share, and get dropped off right at the front door of your resort.

TravelingMom Tip: The free Magical Express service is slated to end on Dec. 31, 2021. So if youre planning to visit in 2022, youll need to find your own way to your hotel from the Orlando Airport.

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If you drive, plan to pay nightly self-parking fees at Disney hotels and off property Good Neighbor hotels. Parking fees will be added to your room charges when you check out. As of April 2021, standard overnight parking rates at Disney hotels are as follows:

  • $15 per night at Disney Value resorts
  • $20 per night at Disneys Moderate resorts
  • $25 per night at the Deluxe and Deluxe Villa resorts

Walt’s Younger Daughter Sharon Adopted One Child Victoria With Her First Husband Robert Brown She Then Had Twins Brad And Michelle With Her Second Husband Bill Lund

Like her sister, Sharon stayed out of the limelight and tried to protect her kids from Disney fame, reported Eriq Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter. Brad told Gardner he led a “very normal life.” Sharon died from breast cancer in 1993 at age 56.

Michelle has never had a job and owns three homes, spending a lot of time in Newport Beach, California, according to Gardner.

Victoria was said to live quite lavishly, splurging on $5,000-a-night suites at the Royal Palms apartment homes in Las Vegas, Gardner wrote: “She once went on a Disney cruise ship and destroyed her suite in such spectacular fashion that Eisner, then-CEO of the company, had to call the trustees and make them pay for the damages. The family staged numerous interventions, to no avail.”

Victoria’s share of the family fortune was added to Brad’s and Michelle’s after she died in 2002 from health complications, Michael Lyons of National Post reported.

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Most Of The Disney Family Has Shied Away From Corporate Affairs Instead Displaying Their Wealth And Power Philanthropically According To Gardner

Disney family members and the company itself have donated millions to charity.

Lillian donated $274 million for a new concert hall in Los Angeles, according to The New York Times. Sharon was a trustee for CalArts, and got involved with the Marianne Frostig Center of Educational Therapy and the Curtis School Foundation, according to The Los Angeles Times. Her family has reportedly contributed nearly $100 million toward building Disney Hall on Bunker Hill.

According to Gardner, the Lund family is committed to the Sharon Disney Lund Foundation, donating money to cancer research and visiting the scientists. The Foundation has also donated $1 million to a nonprofit arts organization for teens.

So far, Abigail has donated about $70 million and plans to keep “giving a lot of money away” until her death, she told The Cut. She and her husband, Pierre Hauser, cofounded the Daphne Foundation, which supports programs to end poverty in New York City.

Disneys 50th Anniversary Celebration

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World Right Now?

Disneys 50th Anniversary Celebration is the single largest bit of news regarding going to Disney World in 2021. The festivities kick off on October 1, 2021 and last for 18 months. So you can experience this event in both 2021 and 2022.

The 50th means the start of several new and exciting things at the parks. To get the full summary, check out my guide to Disneys 50th anniversary. But here are the Cliffs Notes version:

  • Remys Ratatouille Adventure opens at Epcot
  • Harmonious fireworks show opens at Epcot
  • New fireworks at Magic Kingdom
  • Special character costumes

But remember, all of these things will be in place for the entirety of 2022 as well.

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Which Is Better Meal Plan Or Diy

Having done both, I would do the meal plan again.

The second tier one was great for our first time.

We booked all our character meals 180 days out and were able to avoid wanting in long lines to meet characters throughout our days in the park. To me, this was a huge value of the meal plan.

Otherwise we would have spent a couple of hours every day meeting different characters that we saw included in our meal plan. The time savings alone was worth it.

Plus you get to eat at some pretty cool places.

Dining in the Magic Kingdom Cinderellas Castle was super cool.

Getting to dine with Beast at Be Our Guest restaurant is a memory none of us will forget.

Long wait until Disney World? Build excitement with these Disney World Countdown ideas

Reasons Why The Disney Memory Maker Is Worth It

There are a lot of reasons to add the Memory Maker option to your vacation package. Here are 5 reasons why its worth the cost.

1. High-Quality Photographs

All of Disneys PhotoPass Cast Members are trained photographers. They use state-of-the-art camera equipment and shoot in a high-quality resolution. This ensures that all your Memory Maker images will be high-quality and suitable for printing, framing and sharing.

2. Free Unlimited Digital Downloads

With the purchase of Memory Maker, youll get unlimited digital downloads of all the photos taken at PhotoPass locations. Youll also receive your familys on-ride action shots and videos. You can download your own photos and those of us to 25 members of your Family & Friends list who share media with you. Remember to download them right after your vacation, as your photos expire 45 days from the date they were taken.

All PhotoPass images can be downloaded to your phone or computer. Once youve downloaded them, you can print them, frame them, post on social media, or whatever else you wish to do with them. They are yours to cherish forever and save as souvenirs from your magical Walt Disney World vacation!

3. Everyone is in the Shot

When you take a group photo, one of your family members is often missing from the shot because they are the person taking the photo. Well, now you can get to take photos with everyone in your group because PhotoPass captures the image for you.

4. Customizable and Creative

5. Its Affordable

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Is The Disney World Incredi

Again, if youre a DVC member you can choose between an Incredi-Pass and a Sorcerer Pass. If youre a Florida resident, you can choose between all four of those passes. In those cases, read this section and then keep reading for more analysis of those passes.

But if youre not in those buckets, your only pass option is the Incredi-Pass, so the analysis is pretty straightforward.

A five-day adult Disney World ticket with park hopper in April 2022 from Undercover Tourist costs $582. This means two five-day trips will run you about $1,164 for tickets, or about $219 less than an Incredi-Pass.

If youve got three trips, youll probably have little difficulty justifying the Incredi-pass. If your two day trips are shorter than five days, it might be a little more difficult . With one long trip, its unlikely youll be able to justify the Incredi-pass.

For our example, well stick with our two five-day trips totaling around $1,164. If youre not staying at a Disney resort, the parking benefit will save you $25 per day or $250 over the course of ten days in Disney World, which justifies the pass.

Otherwise, youd need to spend at least $1,095 on select dining and merchandise to justify the Incredi-pass. Thats just over $100 per day, which isnt that much if you have at least one table service meal per day for at least two people .

How Low Should You Go

How Much Does it Cost to go to Disney World?

Can you beat that hotel price? Definitely. As I said, you might easily find a lower price when Disney releases discounts or if you book through a site like Expedia. That could knock $100 more off your bill.

You can regularly find Airbnbs for less than $100 nightly, and there are a large number of off-site hotels that see rates drop to around $100 nightly after taxes and fees.

Its important to remember, though, that if youre staying off-site youll need transportation to the parks. Many off-site hotels have shuttles, but they tend to be woefully inadequate for a once-in-a-decade trip.

If youre driving to the parks, youll need to consider extra expenses of driving and parking at Disney World. Additionally, you could Uber for $20 to $40 roundtrip daily. Relatedly, youll need to budget for getting between your hotel and the airportabout $30 each way on Uber.

Add in those costs, and the $100 nightly for offsite hotels isnt much better than the $143 at All-Star Movies, which would include Disney bus transportation to the parks, along with the additional perks of staying at a Disney hotel.

Are some of these hotels going to be nicer than All-Star Movies? Maybe. But Im a huge fan of the new rooms at All-Star Movies, and in terms of functionality Id put them up against any budget hotel in the area.

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Food And Dining: $1100

There are more than 400 places to eat at Disney World, with at least 90 full-service restaurants to choose from. Meal prices vary, but quick-service restaurants, where meals range from $15 to $20 apiece, are the most economical option.

There are also dining plans. The least expensive is the quick-service plan, which provides two quick-service meals and two snacks each day. The pre-pandemic cost for this plan was $55 per person age 10 and older and $26 for children ages 3-9.

For our hypothetical family of four, this comes out to $1,100.

Character dining experiences can costs $62 per person 10 and older or $37 for younger children. At higher-end restaurants like Tiffins in Animal Kingdom, entrées like the surf and turf can set you back $65.

Snack costs also add up: a funnel cake with whipped cream at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom costs $7.99 a Mickey pretzel is $6.79 and a churro is $6.19. A cup of soda starts at from $3.99, and alcoholic beverages start at $10.

There are more than 25 Disney resort hotels to choose from in value, moderate, deluxe and deluxe villas categories. Staying off-property can sometimes be a less expensive alternative to Disney-themed hotels.

A nonholiday weekend stay at a “value” resort in July costs $259 per night for a standard room, or $581 per night plus fees for a family suite.

Parking Transportation And Souvenirs

Were on a budget, right? That means taking Disneys Magical Express complimentary bus shuttle to and from the airport . Youll need to allow a bit of extra time, but Disney will take care of delivering any checked baggage you have directly to your hotel room as long as you tag your bags appropriately. If you choose to bypass the Magical Express, parking fees at value resorts such as Pop Century and All-Star will run you $15 per night, and you should budget at least $150 for a rental car for five nights, and you may even have trouble finding one. Paying the parking fee at the resort means you wont have to pay to park your car at the theme parks. If youre trying to save money, rely on Disneys vast network of buses to get you to and from the parks.

That really only leaves souvenirs. I budgeted $25 per day, which would get something for each child in each park. How much you can spend on souvenirs varies greatly. To save even more money here, consider some of the many locations just outside Disney World property that sell cheap souvenirs . However, youll have to pay for a taxi to get to these if you didnt rent a car.

Total parking, transportation and souvenirs cost:$100

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How Much Are Tickets To Disney World

The prices for Disney World theme park tickets used to be uniform. But starting in 2016, the resort adopted a variable pricing model. Its similar to airlines and hotels, which charge more, based on demand, during peak seasons. The practice is also known as surge pricing. The prices listed in the chart above represent the lowest possible costs at the least busy times of the year.

Disney World offers two ticket categories according to age level: One is for ages 10 and older the other is for ages 3 to 9. Admission is free for children under the age of 3. Read on to learn about the types of passes and what is/is not included.

Disney World Dining Statistics

Disney World Annual Pass 2019 – Is It Worth It? (Saves $700)
  • WDW has over 300 dining outlets with a staff of 350 chefs.
  • Every year, Disney World serves 10 million hamburgers, 6 million hot dogs, 9 million pounds of French fries, 300,000 pounds of popcorn, and 1.6 million turkey drumsticks.
  • 13 million bottles of water and 75 million Coca-Colas are sold each year at WDW.

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Walt’s Older Daughter Diane Married Ronald Miller In 1954 And Had Seven Children Who Were Reportedly Relatively Quiet With Their Side Of The Family Fortune

Diane raised her children Chris, Joanna, Tamara, Jennifer, Walt, Ron Jr., and Patrick the same way she was raised, trying to give them a typical life. Tamara previously told People that their mother took a “hands-on approach to raising children,” forgoing a nanny and taking them to tutors and soccer practice.

“We … lived a very simple, traditional family life,” Chris previously said in an interview. “So when people would confront us with ‘your grandpa is Walt Disney,’ it seemed like an odd affront to us,” even though, he added, “we knew grandpa was world-renowned.”

“Our parents and grandparents did a beautiful job of protecting us,” Jennifer said in the same interview. “We really had such a normal life. They all made sure of it.”

Diane died in 2013 at age 79. She was Walt’s last surviving child.

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