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How Much Is A Private Tour Guide At Disney World

Our Private Disney Vip Tour Guide Felt Like The 6th Member Of Our Family

Disney World VIP Tour FAQs – I Answer All Questions About Disney World VIP Tour – Top Flight Family

I seriously had no idea what a profound effect Kelly would have on my kids. She became part of our family for those few days we spent together. Often my husband and I found ourselves walking as the kids held hands and walked with Kelly.

They wanted to soak up every minute we had to spend with her. She added a new energy to our family vacation and we loved every minute of it.

As we waited in line she created secret handshakes, remembered that my son wants to be a park imagineer, and introduced the kids to the best waiting in line game ever: Heads UP!

Heads Up is an app on your phone much like Head Bands. You have to give clues to a person to guess the person or object. It is a fun way to pass the time in line and I am forever grateful Kelly showed it to us.

Luxury Disney World Guide

Our private Disney tour guides will ensure you have the best experience during your trip. With us, you get more than just planning services for your vacation upfront. We can advise you on the best meal options, length of trips, accommodations, and even create a park-touring plan that will surpass your expectations.

When you book your Disney vacation with us, you get a full-service concierge.

What Does A Disney Vip Tour Cost

Heres the bad news. A Disney VIP tour costs $425 to $750 per hour, depending on the season. And thats on top of your park admission tickets, which arent included withe the tour.

Theres no way to know exactly what your tour will cost without calling 407-560-4033 or working with a Disney vacation planner as we did. You can only book the tours 60 days in advance and they do sell out, so plan ahead. Remember, you need to book at least seven hours, so the minimum price for a Disney VIP tour will be $2,975 for up to 10 people. You can do a tour for up to 10 hours, so while the minimum price is $2,975, a 10-hour tour in super peak season could set you back a staggering $7,500.

On our July date, the tour was $550 per hour and we spent a total of $3,850 on the initially planned seven hours.

With our added time, the grand total came to $4,675 before the tip. Thats $467.50 per person on our tour, if you want to think of it that way.

While not all 10 people did every single ride, Im going to assume they did here for simpler math since they all had the opportunity.

At $467.50 per person, given that we did 16 rides, thats kind of like spending $29.21 per FastPass access. Thats not exactly a fair way to look at it as there were plenty of other perks to the tour including the door-to-door transportation, awesome insider knowledge from the guide herself, etc., but its a decent starting point.

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Is A Vip Tour Worth It

When you consider the benefits of a VIP Tour, its hard to say that they arent worth it. With the savings of purchasing multi-day tickets for up to 10 people, those numbers add up quickly. You can knock out all the rides your group wants to do in a day or knock out a whole park or two of every ride, and that in turn saves you more park tickets another day. Plus the added benefit of the more stress-free time you have waiting in FastPass+ lines instead of the normal lines, it makes for a great way to spend time in the parks with friends and family. If you ever have the opportunity to take a VIP tour, we highly recommend doing so. Its a unique and fun experience that makes the Disney parks easier to maneuver and more manageable, especially in really busy seasons.

Our Private Disney Vip Tour Guide Became Part Of Our Vacation Memories

Disney VIP Tours [Reviews &  Cost of Disney World Private ...

To us Kelly was not only our tour guide. She was not just a sweet and kind cast member. To our family Kelly became part of the vacation.

The kids negotiated who could ride with her next. They wanted her to be part of each picture and sit next to them during the shows.

As we collected pictures in our Disney Memory Maker I was happy Kelly was part of them. She not only showed us the park.

She showed us an entirely new way to experience Walt Disney World. A visit to Walt Disney World is pretty amazing but having Kelly with us enhanced it a way I didnt think was possible.

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How Much Is A Disneyland Vip Tour

A Disneyland VIP tour ranges from $425 to $600 an hour for a minimum of 7 hours.

The pricing for a Disneyland VIP Tour varies by season and crowd levels.

  • Hourly rate is $425 $600 per hour, per tour guide
  • 7 hour minimum
  • Park admission is an additional fee
  • 2 hour cancellation fees is charged when tours are cancelled within 48 hours.

How Much Does A Vip Tour Cost

The prices range from $425 to $750 per hour for a VIP Tour depending on the time of year and if a major event is happening .

One of the ways that makes a VIP Tour not as expensive is by splitting the cost between 10 people. We like to get a group of friends or family members together to split the cost between all of us so the cost is much less per person than the total of the whole tour. Whether you have one person or 10 people, the price is still the same per hour, so if you split it up between all of you, it makes the total less and easier to make a reality.

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Want To Do Three Parks In One Day

Doing one park is hard enough, but on Disney VIP tickets we had plenty of time to do three parks, plus enjoy a delicious, laid-back meal at one of Disneys fine dining restaurants. More about that further down.

Getting between the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom can normally take up to 45 minutes by shuttle, let alone walking through the parks. This door-to-door Animal Kingdom VIP tour really means you can maximize your time in the park. And take your time eating.

Rd Party Disney World Vip Tour

WDW VIP Private Tours Worth The Splurge?

On our last Disney World vacation, we decided to give one of those many tours I see advertised all over the internet offering a VIP experience at 50-70% off. We were a little skeptical at first of such tours, but after some thorough research and checking out their Tripadvisor reviews we decided to give Magic VIP Tours a try.

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What Is Included In A Vip Tour At Disney World

All VIP tours have a tour guide that will help you navigate the park, ride attractions, secure dining, and show seats. The private tours are customizable to the needs of you and your party.

If you are doing a Classic or Thrills tour your day is planned ahead of time. As I mentioned above these tours follow an itinerary that is set for the group.

Want To Know Disney Secrets

The guides have extensive training about all of the theme parks, as well as Disneys history. Youll be amazed at the information they are privy to. Our VIP guide was full of knowledge. Knowledge of working at Disney, knowledge of celebrities who visit, knowledge of rides and restaurants. She never seemed to run out of answers to our endless list of questions. If you ever wanted to know about the inner workings of Disney, this is a real plus.

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The Perks Of A True Disney World Expert

They were, of course, many moments where our guideâs park knowledge surpassed my own, and I loved it. On the Buzz Lightyear ride, weâre playfully competitive shooting lasers at Zurgâs various targets.

She sat with me and showed me where to shoot my laser gun. By the time we had gone through the first room, she had maxed out the score at 999,999. Sit on the left side. Now I know. Lots of little insider tricks of hers made the rides more fun.

After we finished our day with our guide, we pulled into the Four Seasons Orlando, my daughter gave our a big hug, and I was so grateful to experience Magic Kingdom in a way that felt like a real vacation for me.

Private Tour Companies That Do Disneyworld

Disney VIP Tours: Cost, The Perks, The Different Types ...

I’m considering using a private VIP tour company for the Magic Kingdom during Christmas.After reading lots of reviews on Trip Advisor, I’ve narrowed the choices down to My VIP Tour and World Class VIP. Does anyone have recommendations either way. Both seem to have great reviews. Also, I’ve never been to Animal Kingdom or DisneyHollywood Studios, so I have no idea if having the private tour person for those parks as well would be a good idea during such a busy time or if we can get away with doing it on our own. We have little kids ages 5, 3 and 2 with one set of parents and a set of grandparents on the trip. Thanks for any input anyone may have!

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Disney World Launches $6500 50th Anniversary Vip Tour

Walt Disney World has announced a limited-time 50th Anniversary VIP Tour. The tour, which costs $6,500, will take guests through the history of the Walt Disney World Resort as well as into Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Unlike a normal VIP Tour where you would be able to ride just about anything youd like, this tour is more of a curated offering that takes you along a predetermined route.

Heres a rundown of the offerings:

Walt Disney World 2022 Planning Guide: Experience More Save Money At Disney

Our Walt Disney World Planning Guide is here to help you plan your entire Walt Disney World vacation from start to finish- all while saving you as much money as possible at Disney.

In this planning guide you’ll find links to our most helpful Walt Disney World planning articles including tips, money saving hacks, packing lists, and more!

Each of our Walt Disney World planning guides are updated regularly. We recently went through a large overhaul of our content to discuss the COVID-19 impact on Walt Disney World and how to stay safe during your visit.

Common Questions:

We have free planning resources like a printable packing list PDF and planning guide for people who sign up for our free Mickey Visit planning newsletter. Our newsletter subscribers also get exclusive discounts from Disney’s largest travel partner.

Get exclusive access to prices on hotel & tickets just for Mickey Visit subscribers. Don’t miss our travel hacks newsletter!

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Secret Entrances Backstage Magic

One of the things I loved the most about the tour is you never entered the park through the main entrance. Our first stop on our tour was Disneys Animal Kingdom. We entered through a cast member entrance where our bags were checked and then we parked in a special Disney VIP Tour Parking spot.

One of our guides ran ahead to scan our Magic Bands to verify our park admission . From there we entered right at where we wanted to begin. Pandora! It was awesome walking right through a back entrance into the park and experiencing Pandora.

After a few rides on the Flight of Passage and the Navi River, we hopped back into the cars and drover to the other side of the park to ride Expedition Everest and Dinosaur. These secret entrances are truly a timesaver!

Universal Studios Hollywood Vip Experience

I Went On A DISNEY VIP TOUR in 2020! | Was It Worth It?

Universal Studios Hollywood offers a VIP Experience that rivals the Disneyland VIP tours in both cost and content. At Universal Studios you’ll pay less than $400 for the entire day and receive tons of great extras with the experience.

Everyone has been raving about this new tour. You can learn more and get a discount on my discount Universal Studios tickets page.

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Make Sure Kids Know Height Requirements

Even though youll be with a VIP Guide, youll still have to follow all the height requirement rules. So if you know you have little ones that arent going to be tall enough to ride certain attractions, dont wait until you get there to let them know, and definitely dont leave it to the VIP Guides to do the dirty work. It can be hard for them to build any sort of relationship with the kids if they are seen as the bad guy.

What To Wear To Walt Disney World

Deciding what to bring on your Walt Disney World vacation can be a big decision! From what to wear, what to pack in your bag, and what food to bring are all things to plan for. Our packing list guide has you covered with everything you need to bring based on our years of experience of visiting the Disney Parks. Take me to Packing List>

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How To Plan For Food At Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort provides a wide variety of different types of food. You will find classic amusement park food mixed in with upscale restaurants. The food quality is outstanding and whether you are eating a corn dog or pork shank, it will be the best you have ever had.

Our extensive guide on dining at Walt Disney World covers:

  • Reviews on ALL the character dining offered
  • Extensive list of food options for EVERY park at Disney World
  • Comprehensive guide to ALL the dining plans offered for hotel guests to purchase
  • Reserved dining for entertainment and how to book
  • Information on healthy and allergy/gluten free options
  • Tips and tricks on SAVING MONEY on Walt Disney World dining

Take me to Walt Disney World Restaurant and Dining Guide>

Has Anyone Rented Disneyland For A Day

Disney VIP Tours: Cost, The Perks, The Different Types ...

The truth is, Disneyland does not rent out the entire park to anyone for the day. Another rental that has been seen in the past is an after-hour rental. Some celebrities have done this in the past, and it allows for the park to operate normally for the entire day and offer a special event later on at night.

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Experienced Disney Tour Guides

Our private Disney tour guides will get in touch with you a few days before the park visit, to go through what you would want to see. World Class VIP tours feature all the theme parks, including the iconic Magic Kingdom, the imaginative and futuristic Epcot, the music and television capital that is Hollywood Studios, and the enchanting Animal Kingdom among others.

The VIP tour is designed to ensure you see as much as possible. Your private Disney tour guide will use their detailed knowledge of the rides, locations, duration, and wait times to maximize your experience.Apart from the park plan, the guide will offer several concierge-type experiences. For example, if you are on vacation with your children, the guide could get iced tea, popcorn, or waters while they are on the ride. They can also park your stroller at each ride and wait for you at the exit. Of course, you want to be in the photographs. Your guide will take pictures with their phone or your camera a to capture the memories that will last a lifetime.

Book A Disney Vip Tour Today

Make your next Disney World trip memorable and hire a VIP tour guide today to experience a vacation like no other. At World Class VIP, our guided tours are led by experts who are trained and knowledgeable about all the parks, so you know that youre in good hands. Contact us today at 270-2519 to book a VIP tour for your visit!

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A Star Studded Morning In Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios has been the most crowded, often sold out park with the longest wait times. I mean, you have ALL of the brand new things here, including Toy Story Land, Star Wars Galaxys Edge and Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway. It does make sense.

The thrill seekers in our group had already gotten ON and OFF of Rock n Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror in less time than it would have taken us to get through the turnstiles on our own! Thats one thing we love about VIP tours, especially with so many ages in our group of 10 everyone didnt have to do everything. Your guide will take all interested individuals on to the front of the line, while the others have a cold drink in the shade.

We hit Star Wars Galaxys Edge next for Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run AND Rise of the Resistance. With a VIP Tour, you dont have to leave scoring one of those lucrative boarding passes to chance as the ride is now included and you can do it at your leisure. This is huge!

We were off to Toy Story Land next and did Slinky Dog Dash and Toy Story Mania in a flash. Jaime had ice cold waters waiting on us at the exit of our last ride.

We ended our stint in Hollywood with the brand new headliner, Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway!

Perfect Pandora in Animal Kingdom

Jaime had us order lunch while in transit, so by the time we arrived it was ready and waiting. We enjoyed a leisurely and delicious meal at our collective favorite, Satulu Canteen.

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