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How Much Is A Hotel At Disney World

How Much Does Disneys Star Wars Hotel Cost

The Cost of Disney Vacation Club | Is it worth it, what resort & how much is DVC | DVC Maths

Disney World just announced its pricing for its new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel.

Disneys Star Wars hotel will cost $4,809 for two people or $5,999 for four people based on a 2-night, mid-week package. And thats just for starters.

Lets explore whats this immersive hotel is all about, and how much you can expect to pay to stay here.

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    Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Information: Rooms Pools Dining And More

    The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel is unlike any other Disney resort experience. The fully enclosed building uses video screens to simulate space and the Cast Members are not only totally in-character, but lead guests on missions and quests. Each experience is 2 nights, no more, no less. Think of it more like a cruise than a regular hotel stay, in both activities and price.

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    The Baseline Disney World Vacation Cost

    A baseline Disney World vacation cost for a family of four is $5,731 in 2022. Lets talk about how we got that number.

    First, we pick our dates. I went with June 10 to June 15. Its early enough in summer to avoid punishing heat, but many kids will already be out of school. This includes a weekend, to save the parents days of PTO. And its five nights, which will include four full days in the theme parks.

    Next up, flights. Obviously youll see a lot of variance in flight prices. Im flying out of Chicago and use that to estimate, and there are round-trip flights for $177 per person. Thats not on the low end of prices Ive seen , and Ill assume you need at least one or two carry-ons or checked bags , so lets just ballpark this at $824 total.

    With Disneys Magical Express ending in 2021, youll need to cover the cost of getting to and from Orlando International Airport. There are a few different options were not going to get into here, but well estimate the cost at $200 round trip.

    Onto hotel. Yes, its in the value category, so Im doing myself a bit of budgeting help here, but its also my go-to Disney World hotelPop Century. As I write this, there are no discounts for the selected dates, so the hotel stay booked directly through Disney comes out to $1,228.

    That totals out to $5,731. Roughly speaking, that could cover your entire trip cost, minus getting to and from your home airport.

    How Much Does Maxpass At Disneyland Cost

    How Much Do Value Resorts cost at Disney World

    MaxPass at Disneyland costs $20 per person per day.

    If you want to upgrade to Disney MaxPass, which allows you to reserve FASTPASS from the free Disneyland app and with slightly better restrictions than the paper-ticket system, youll need to pay $20 per ticket per day. MaxPass covers both parks, but youll still need park hopper to visit both parks.

    We have a guide to FASTPASS and MaxPass if you need to know more. In our Disneyland planning guidewe highly recommend paying for the MaxPass upgrade. Among other things, it saves you the trouble of going back and forth between FASTPASS distribution kiosks. Youll also be able to grab reserved space for Fantasmic and World of Color from your phone.

    For the most part, MaxPass wont impact the return time on your FASTPASS. If everyone else is grabbing return times for the end of the day, yours is also going to be for the end of the day.

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    If you are ready to book the trip of a lifetime to the Most Magical Place on Earth, we are here to help.

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    Tips For Getting The Cheapest Hotels At Disney World

    • Disney hotels are typically less expensive on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays followed by Sundays and Thursdays. Rates tend to be highest on Fridays and Saturdays.

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    How To Save Money On Your Disney World Trip

    I do have an in-depth money-saving guide but to sum things up, here are some easy, surefire ways to help make your WDW trip more affordable.

    1. Go offseason

    I recommend you take a look at this crowd calendar to see just how busy and expensive Disney World during the time youre looking to plan your visit.

    Generally during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Spring Break, and the summer, you can expect to pay premium prices for resorts and airfare.

    I also forgot to mention to avoid planning your trip during marathon weekends since these days are usually packed and room rates tend to increase.

    Thats why I recommend going to Disney during the off-season which is after New Years all the way to March as well as from October to Thanksgiving.

    Parks are usually dead and prices are the lowest, at least from personal experiences.

    2. Go as a couple instead of a whole family.

    As crazy as it sounds, you dont always have to bring your kids or all your kids to Disney World.

    Disney World is just as fun for adults as it is kids.

    Plus, the way I see if is that if half your family hates Disney and other half loves it, why not just take a father -son/daughter or mother-son/daughter trip.

    3. Look at neighboring airports

    If youre renting a car, it might actually be cheaper to fly into Tampa or Jacksonville, or even Miami.

    This isnt always the case, but it doesnt hurt to expand your airfare search to include neighboring airports.

    4. Stay off-property

    5. Use credit card points

    Dont Say Gay Hypocritical Disney Makes Money In Countries That Ban Homosexuality

    Top Tips When Booking a Walt Disney World Hotel

    Disneys new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel, which lately has been blasted for being overpriced, reportedly is offering luxury suites that will cost as much as $20,000 for a two-night stay.

    To stay at the immersive Orlando, Fla.-based Star Wars hotel, a family of four will pay about $6,000 for two nights, with lodging, meals and entertainment included. But those looking for a more spacious, tricked out suite can expect to shell out an eye-popping $20,000, according to a report.

    In recent months, there has been fierce backlash by Disney World fans over the sky-high prices leading up to the hotels March 1 opening. Last December, The Mouse House scrubbed the promotional video from Twitter and YouTube, after fans slammed the lodging as subpar and too expensive.

    The light saber training looks about as exciting as a roadside sobriety test, one Disney watcher commented on YouTube. Its way too expensive, another said.

    The New York Times, which recently got a preview of the hotel, laid out some of the egregious additional costs guests can expect to pay outside of the basic experience fee.

    For guests who want to really get into character, theres an on-site hair and make up team on call, as well as a gift shop teeming with costumes. The Times said that while hair and makeup prices are still being worked out, Togruta head tails, will set you back $100 at the gift shop.

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    Does It Cost More To Book With Get Away Today

    With so many added benefits, you may expect to pay more by booking with Get Away Today, but its actually the opposite. Booking with Get Away Today is so easy, and if you havent gathered, we can also help you save a ton of money. There are no fees to use our services and our agents are not paid on commission. They are truly happy to help you find what works best for you! Our Price Monitoring allows you to book with confidence. Get started by calling 855-GET-AWAY. We cant wait to help you plan the perfect vacation!

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    Breaking Down The Cost Your Disney Vacation Itinerary

    One reason that Walt Disney World Resort can justify its regular price hikes is the constant addition of new theme parks and attractions over the past nearly 50 years. For example, Disney World opened in 1971 with one theme park, two onsite resorts, a campground and an 18-hole golf course. Today, Disney encompasses nearly 40 square miles and boasts four theme parks , two water parks , the massive Disney Springs entertainment-shopping-dining complex, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, four championship golf courses and 41 on-property resorts.

    In addition, Disney has added a slew of new attractions recently at each of its theme parks to attract new and returning guests such as Star Wars: Galaxys Edge and Toy Story Land at Disneys Hollywood Studios, as well as Pandora The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom. Attractions that opened at Disney World last year include Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway at Disneys Hollywood Studios, Drawn to Life Presented by Cirque du Soleil & Disney at Disney Springs, and Harmonious, a brand-new nighttime show at Epcot, which also has debuted three new films: Awesome Planet in The Land Pavilion, Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 in the Canada Pavilion and Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along in the France Pavilion.


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    Disney World Cost Calculator: How Much Does A Disney Trip Cost

    We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Please click my disclosure policy to learn more.

    One of the biggest Disney planning questions is how much does a Disney vacation cost? Unfortunately, there are so many variables this question is hard to answer. Thats part of the reason I put together this Disney World cost calculator for you.

    I think we all know by now that a Disney World vacation is EXPENSIVE. Just how expensive depends on a lot of different factors. And these factors are different for absolutely everyone.

    If you want an accurate idea of how much YOUR Disney vacation will cost, you need a Disney cost calculator. But more on that later. First, lets look at the factors to determine how much a Disney vacation costs.

  • Your Thoughts
  • Disney World Resort Room Rates & Season Dates

    Best Disney World Moderate Resort Hotels

    To see the 2022 Disney World resort room rates and season dates for all of the Walt Disney resorts, use the links below.

    PLEASE NOTE: The 2022 rates we have listed DO include tax. At most of the Walt Disney World resort hotels the tax is 12.5%, but at the All-Stars the tax is 13.5%. See the notes at the bottom of each resort rate page for details on tax rates.

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    Walt Disney World Package Inclusions

    The sample package prices above of course include the hotel listed and park tickets for the length and number of people indicated in the package. But, these and all Walt Disney World Resort packages also include all of the below Walt Disney World signature amenities:

    • 60-day access to dining reservations
    • Complimentary transportation to and from Orlando International Airport onboard Disney’s Magical Express – EXCLUSIVE for 2021 Travel Only
    • Complimentary transportation to Disney’s theme parks and water parks via Disneys Monorail, water taxis, Skyline and buses
    • Option to add Memory Maker

    These sample packages include real pricing from the time this article was published and are based on quote requests we received from our guests. They are intended to give you an overall idea of pricing and include a variety of dates and hotel types, as well as number and ages of travelers.

    While these sample prices are intended to give you a base idea of Disney World package costs, we would love to come up with something custom for your vacation! The fastest way to get a quote is to call our office at 855-438-2929 during regular business hours. You can also submit a quote request online below and get a response within 1-3 business days. Another option is to schedule an appointment with one of our reservation specialists for a time thats convenient for you. Either way, getting a personalized quote for your Walt Disney World Resort vacation is free and easy!

    Can You Live At Disney World Hotel

    Located close to Walt Disney Worlds Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida, this housing community is an excellent place to live. However, you shouldnt expect it to be cheap. A range of $2 up to $7 is available for the available homes. Were investing $1 million and $5 million. Those are the costs of living in a great h the happiest place on Earth! !

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    Disney World Cost Calculator Factors

    Were going to look in much more detail at these factors, but heres the short version. The choices you make in each of these categories determines the overall cost of your trip.

    The good news: there are many ways you can play around with these answers to change the cost of your trip. If planning a trip to Disney World on a budget is your goal, than this post holds your answers.

    Here are your Disney World cost calculator factors:

  • Time of year
  • Type of Disney park ticket
  • Disney dining choices
  • Souvenirs and incidentals
  • Now, lets get into the nitty gritty of exactly how these factors come into play.

    How Much Does Premier Access At Shanghai Disney Resort Cost

    What Does a YEAR at Disney World Cost?

    Disney Premier Access is the most direct paid Fastpass system around. You simply pay for the right to ride a ride at any point during the day. The price has varied frequently over the past year, and it varies depending on whether you purchase an individual ride or a set, but Disney Premier Access costs roughly $20 per ride.

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    Ability To Book Disney Dining Plan

    Note: Dining plans are temporarily suspended. As of July 2021, Disney has confirmed they will return, but has not yet said when.

    Only guests of Disney hotels can book Disney dining plans. Very few people are going to be worse off without the dining plan, which is why we dont value them particularly high. But in the right circumstancesif you plan deliberately around themthe dining plans can save you money on your meals at Disney World.

    Disney hotel guests are also the only guests able to access packages with Free Dining, which can definitely be a huge way to save at Walt Disney World.

    Good Rooms In Building 5 Of Fantasia

    Building 5 is closely located near Cinema Hall and The Fantasia Pool, but this does mean rooms will have higher noise levels. Good views in Building 5 include rooms 5X01-5X07, 5X09-5X10, 5X59-5X61, 5X64, and 5X51-5X54.

    Bad views in building 5 include:

    • Rooms 5X08 and 5X57-5X58, which is mostly blocked by a large sculpture of a broom from Fantasia.
    • Rooms 5X11-5X25, which shows mostly foliage, an electrical box and an unflattering angle of the building.

    The Fantasia Pool

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