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How Much For Parking At Disney World

Lower Your Expectations On Distance

How much does it cost to visit an Orlando Theme Park (Disney World, Universal & SeaWorld)?

And finally, if you park in a standard parking lot, expect a little bit of a walk. Especially during COVID-19 procedures, many of the courtesy trams are not operational so you have to walk to the front entrance. It wasnt toooooo bad for my crew , and surprisingly the longest walk was actually at Magic Kingdom where the tram WAS operational .

So keep that in mind.

If you are unable to walk for that long, either let a parking attendant know upon arrival, or I also saw motorized wheelchairs in the parking lot. I am unsure if you need to officially rent them, but it does seem like an option to use them. Definitely contact Disney Worlds Disability Services 560-2547 or email ) for more information on that.

If you plan on parking at Disney World, wear comfortable shoes! I meanyou probably should anywaybut the point Im making is that theres EXTRA walking.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Disney World

Our Disney Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We break down park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices, and average temperature. We also break down the best time to visit Disney World based on specific times of the year and special events.

Locating The Disney World Entrance Sign

Did you know that there is more than 1 of the big Welcome to Walt Disney World gateway signs?

Its true!

All of the main entrances to Walt Disney World have the giant signs.

Dont get confused if you feel like you keep going through them. Youve probably just made a loop and are going back into or out of the Walt Disney World Resort on a different road.

Heres where you can find those iconic entrance archway signs you see in all the photos:

Entrances with archways:

  • World Center Drive / Epcot Center Drive
  • World Drive

It is important to note that stopping to photograph the signs is not allowed. If you want a picture make sure to have your phone or camera out and ready.

Try this:

Use burst mode on your phone to snap a rapid series of pictures so you will have several to choose from.

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Alternatives To Having A Car

Guests of Disney hotels have access to free transportation to all major destinations on Disney property. Since Disney has ended their Magical Express shuttle service from Orlando International Airport youll have to find your own way from the airport if youre flying in.

While Disney transportation can be time consuming, it saves you the cost and hassle of having a car.

Guests of other hotels will have to check with their hotels to see what their transportation options are. And always read hotel reviews to see what guests say about the transportation.

Additionally, if youre thinking about bringing a car, consider whether youd be better off using Uber/Lyft or Minnie Vans for your purposes. We have a guide to using Uber at Walt Disney World. Were very comfortable with Uber and we dont have to wait for a car with a carseat, so were a little biased toward that service.

Renting A Car At Disney World

Disney Transportation: How Much Money Will It Save You ...

Want to drive during your trip but wont have your own car? Check out our guide to Disney World car rental for info on how that works.


If you have been thinking about driving but were worried it would be too confusing dont. Like many other things Disney does, they made navigating the Walt Disney Resort simple enough that even the most directionally challenged could do it.

If you arent sure that driving is for you and youd like to see what Disney has to offer for transportation, you can read about how to navigate using Disney World transportation.

Have you tried parking at Disney World before or still have questions? Tell us about it in the below.

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Disney World Parking Cost

Our next area of Disney World parking takes a look at the theme parks. The daily parking fees for all four of the Disney parks are as follows:

  • Preferred Parking
  • Standard Parking

After you pay for parking, it is good for the entire day at any of the Disney theme parks. So if you were to park at Animal Kingdom in the morning and then park hop to Magic Kingdom for fireworks, show your receipt to park again at Magic Kingdom.

Additionally, guests of the Disney Resort hotels can upgrade to preferred parking. You do this by paying the difference in cost between your included parking and the going rate for preferred parking.

Unless you have some reason you need to be at your car quickly, I wouldnt recommend doing preferred parking. Its an outrageous cost to potentially be a few rows closer to the entrance.

And its important to know that when parking at Magic Kingdom, you still wont be able to reach your car quickly.

The Magic Kingdom parking lot is actually called the Transportation and Ticket Center. When you park in this lot, youll walk to the Transportation and Ticket Center. There youll have a few choices. You can board one of the three different monorails, take the ferry to Magic Kingdom, or catch a bus to Magic Kingdom.

In most cases, guests of the Disney Resorts will want to take a bus from their resort to Magic Kingdom. Those buses drop off on the other side of the lake within a few steps of the theme park.

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Renewing A Current Disney World Annual Pass

Have an annual pass under the old program? Heres what these changes mean for you. Photo by Rain Blanken

If you already have a Disney World Annual Pass, no need to panic. On Sept. 8, your existing Annual Pass will automatically get some park reservation upgrades.

  • Silver Annual Passholders: You will now get four park reservations at once.
  • Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus Annual Passholders: You will now get five park reservations at once.

And when its time to renew, you dont have to worry about market prices of the 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program. Instead, youll get renewal prices. Just pick your preferred pass:

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Disney Resort And Hotel Guest Get Free Parking During Their Stay

I know that the Disney Resorts might cost a little more but there are additional perks for those guests who book their stay at one of the Hotels or Resorts in Disney World. Any guest staying at these locations automatically get free parking to any of the Disney World parks during their visit. Just show your Hotel ID at the main entrance and the parking attendant will give you a free pass for that day. Since you are staying at one of the Disney Resorts, you might consider leaving your car in the parking lot and taking one of the many types of Disney Transportation instead. Driving in Orlando can be very frustrating if you are not familiar with the layout.

Can I Park At Disney Springs And Get To The Parks Via The Disney Transport

Disney World raising ticket prices

Yes. There is nothing in the world stopping you from doing this. Head to Saratoga Springs Disney resort and jump on a Bus to wherever you are heading! Simple. But not quite that Simple. There are no direct Bus routes to the parks so you will need to head to another resort and then transfer onto a bus or Monorail to head to the park of choice.

From the Door of your hotel to the park is likely to be 2 hours of your time, Each Way. A lot of that walking or standing in the burning sun . We dont consider that worthwhile use of your holiday time. You will be spending enough of the day Standing in the burning heat

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All About Parking At Disney World In 2022

Last Updated on February 22, 2022 by Snezana Grcak

The Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando is a massive entertainment complex with the most popular theme parks in the world. Parking at Disney World parks and resorts is no joking matterthe daily prices go up to $50! Fortunately, the Parking Access team will give you all the info and some Disney World parking tips to help you save time and money. Whether you plan to drive to the resort or fly to Orlando and then rent a car, use our helpful guide to have a hassle-free Walt Disney World vacation.

Stop To Shop/dine At A Hotel And Then Make A Quick Visit

Okay so TECHNICALLY you are not supposed to avoid parking fees at the theme parks by parking at a resort.

And that is very much the case if youre hoping to park at a resort and spend the whole day at the parks.

But lets say you just want to pop into Magic Kingdom for fireworks after dinner or to Epcot to do one ride on Spaceship Earth.

You typically get about three hours of free parking at a resort if you have dining reservations or if youre eating at a quick service on property .

So if you just want a quick stop off at a theme park and youre close enough to either take the monorail, boat, or walk to the park from the resort, I think you could fit in a visit before or after your dining reservation without paying for parking at Disney World.

This only works if you want a short visit and if you have reservations or another reason to be at a resort, but I know that the urge to catch the nighttime entertainment is strong among Disney fans.

Dont forget you can also see the Disney fireworks for free from outside the park.

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Walt Disney World Parking

Disney World Overnight Resort Hotel Parking

Standard overnight self-parking at Disney Resort hotels will have a fee that will be applied to the guest hotel folio upon check-out. All parking fees include applicable tax and are as follows:

  • For reservations made :
  • Disney Value Resorts: $15 per nightDisney Moderate Resorts: $20 per nightDisney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts: $25 per night

Complimentary self-parking will remain for the following:

  • Guests with disabilities
  • Cast Members staying as guests
  • Guests traveling as part of a group or convention
  • Guests staying at campsites at Fort Wilderness.
  • Guests who wish to dine, shop, enjoy activities, or visit a resort for the day

Disney World Theme Park Parking

When driving to Walt Disney World and visiting the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom, you can expect to pay the following Disney World parking fees:

  • Preferred parking: car or motorcycle $45 per day during non-peak seasons $50 per day during peak seasons
  • Standard parking: car or motorcycle $25 per day
  • Shuttle, Limo, Camper, Trailer, RV, bus, or Tractor Trailer $30 per day

With the exception of the Magic Kingdom, all of the Walt Disney World parking is outside the main entrance to the theme park.

At the Magic Kingdom, the lot is located at the Ticket and Transportation Center. Once you park here, you will need to take either the Monorail or the Ferry to the Magic Kingdom.


Park Hopping With A Car At Disney World

How Much Does It Cost to Park at Disneyland and Disney ...

Can you park at Magic Kingdom and go to Epcot? Or park at Epcot and go to Magic Kingdom? Yes. For all the combinations of parks, the answer is yes .

As we noted above, your parking fee covers all four parking lots if your park hop, so youre free to drive from one park to another without paying another fee.

Bringing your car with you as you park hop is the easiest thing to do because you dont want to reach the end of the day, forget about your car, and get it towed. The parking lots will close shortly after the last guest leaves the park, and if youre at Magic Kingdom at midnight when Hollywood Studios closes at 9PM, your car at Hollywood Studios will be towed.

Bringing your car while park hopping is also usually going to be the fastest way to get between two parks. But this point bears a little more discussion on a park-by-park basis.

Getting To/From Magic Kingdom. As well discuss more next, when you park at Magic Kingdom you use a lot far from the park that requires some transit to get you to the park. For this reason, it could make sense to just take a bus to Magic Kingdom. In most cases, though, Magic Kingdom is open later than the other parks and you probably dont want to have to go back to your car early at another park.

Getting To/From Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is only connected to the other parks by bus. With the exception of Magic Kingdom , its always going to make sense to drive to another park instead of waiting on the bus.

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Magic Kingdom Disney’s Animal Kingdom Epcot And Disney

  • Motorcycle, Car or Van: $25.00
  • Camper, Trailer or RV: $30.00

No additional charge when park hopping. Walt Disney World Resort guests can park for free with a valid Key to the World Card or Resort Parking Permit. Annual, Premium and Premier Passport holders can also park for free. Trams take you from the parking lot to the ticket offices. Preferred parking at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom is $45 to $50.

Walt Disney World Parking Fees

Just How Much Does it Cost to Park at Disney? While you do have to pay to park at Walt Disney World, it was the additional Disney Resort Parking Fees that really threw us for a loop! Since a Disney Vacation is already so expensive, adding yet another charge was a little much to take. The Disney World Parking Fees are pretty standard for any theme park parking in Orlando, Florida. But, that doesnt mean we are OK paying them. Here is everything to know about the Cost to park at Disney and how to get Disney Free Parking instead.

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A Guide To Parking Prices And Options At Walt Disney World

Parking at Walt Disney World is a necessity for many guests. Whether youre driving to Orlando, or youre renting a car, its good to know what to expect when parking at Walt Disney World. There are a few options for the type of parking available, and prices do change about once a year. Heres a quick guide to parking, including prices and options, at Walt Disney World.

Parking At Disney World

Disneyland Preferred Parking, Worth it???

In this post, we discuss having a car at Walt Disney World Resort, including parking at Disney World, reasons to have a car, alternatives to having a car, and how having a car can impact your strategy for visiting the parks. If youre wondering whether it might make sense to have a car at your next Walt Disney World trip, read on to get an overview of all the factors you need to consider.

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Parking At Disney Springs In 2022

Another one of the most common questions we receive is, how much is Disney springs parking? For 2022 Disney Springs parking, self-parking in the surface parking lots and parking garages is complimentary. Typically, valet parking is available in the following three areas:

  • Near the entrance to the Orange Garage from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  • On West Side in front of Cirque du Soleil from 4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  • In the Lemon Lot near the World of Disney shop from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

When available, the cost of valet parking is $20 and will be collected at the time of pick-up. Gratuity is not included.

When planning your visit to and from Disney Springs, we recommend you allow at least an hour of travel time to arrive at your destination so you dont miss out on a festive event, show, or reservation. Follow directional signage to available parking, which may be located just a short walk away from Disney Springs.

Current Parking Rates At The Walt Disney World Resort

Guests who plan to drive to Walt Disney World, or rent a vehicle when they arrive in Orlando, will want to take a look at Disneys parking rates before they travel. All guests traveling to the resort hotels or theme parks will need to pay to park. This is another cost youll want to factor in to your trip, so lets take a look at the pricing.

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Theme Parks

Guests driving to the parks will pay one fee for a parking pass that is valid all day at all four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom.

  • Preferred parking: car or motorcycle $45-$50 per day* Special preferred parking lots are located conveniently close to the theme park entrances.
  • Standard parking: car or motorcycle $25 per day
  • Oversized Vehicle Parking: Shuttle, Limo, Camper Trailer, RV, Bus or Tractor Trailer $30 per day

Guests staying at a Disney Resort hotel can enjoy complimentary standard theme park parking. Annual Passholders also get free standard parking. These Guests can also choose to enjoy preferred parking by paying the difference in cost between their included standard parking and preferred parking .

*Pricing is seasonal and will vary based on date of visit.

Water Parks

Standard parking is complimentary for all guests visiting a Walt Disney World Resort water park.

Disney Springs

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Resort Hotels

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