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How Much For Family Of 4 To Disney World

Who Took Our Survey

How Much Does Walt Disney World Cost for Family of 4?

First, for the most part, the people taking our survey were Disney World vets.

In fact, out of a little over 300 respondents, only 1 person reported that they were in the process of planning their first trip.

But, while nearly all were Disney regulars, it was interesting to see that out of those that answered this question, roughly 38% of people only visit every other year .

That paired with the fact that another 37% of people visit once per year means that out of our sample, only roughly 25% of WDW Prep to Go Patrons that answered our survey regularly visit Disney World more than once per year.

Want to see more? Heres how it shakes out:

Frequency of Disney World visitsTotal
Currently planning our first trip1

For some things, having such a homogenous group of nearly all repeat visitors might be bad. But, when it comes to budgeting, we felt like it was a positive since nearly every person who responded has had multiple trips to plan for and learn from.

Theyve been there, done that, and likely quite literally have the t-shirt to prove it.

Is It Cheaper To Stay On Disney Property Or Off

It would stand to reason that staying off Disney property will save you money, but thats not always true. Granted, you will save a lot of money if you choose to stay at a Ramada Inn as opposed to the Grand Floridian . However, there are other factors you have to consider.

Disney ranks their resorts by tier: value, moderate, deluxe, and deluxe villas. The cheapest resorts are the value resorts, which include the three All-Star Resorts: Sports, Music, and Movies, Pop Century, and Art of Animation. On average, these resorts cost $150-$250 per night depending on the time of year youre visiting. Rates will be higher during the summer, special occasions like the 50th Anniversary Celebration, and the holiday season.

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Its important to note that the average cost of Art of Animation can go into the $400 range, but this is because these have family suites. You can learn more about these here.

So, lets say you and your spouse/significant other/friend, want to go to Disney World for 7 days, with admission to one park each day. A week at Disneys All-Star Movies Resort, with 7-day tickets for two guests would be approximately $2,109.38.

How Much Does The Food At Disney World Cost

When planning a Disney World trip, there are 2 budget items where it is relatively easy to spend big or save a lot: food & lodging.

Want to save some money? Disney makes it easy to keep your expenses low by allowing you to bring food into the parks.

But, if cost isnt a factor, they also offer lots of restaurants where you can easily spend upwards of $150 for a family of 4.

Important note: The Disney Dining Plan is currently unavailable, however, Disney has announced that it will return at a later date.

And, let us not forget about the Disney Dining Plan. This is an add-on that is only available to guests staying onsite at a Walt Disney World owned hotel.

It includes 4 different options, and depending on which one you select youll receive a certain number of credits to use throughout your trip:

  • Quick Service Dining Plan
  • Regular Dining Plan
  • Plus Dining Plan
  • Deluxe Dining Plan

When putting together your cost for dining at Disney World, make sure you consider:

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Prime Seating And More

Finally, you can also book prime seating and dessert or meal experiences for fireworks. It may seem extraneous now, but when your family is desperate to be able to see the show, you may be more apt to spring for it: prices start at $19 per person and go to $39 for adults. This is before any food or drink.

There are many other ways to add extras to your vacation and its overall price tag. Planning ahead, knowing whats available, and making these decisions before you go can help prevent sticker shock while youre there and last-minute, over-the-top spending. Visit Disneys Special Events and Tours page to learn more.

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Go For The Value Resorts And Campgrounds

The value resorts at Disney World can make for an amazing time. We particularly enjoy our visits to Pop Century. If youre going to spend most of your time in the parks or otherwise off your resort property, there’s no reason to ignore the value resorts. You can read our comparison of two popular options, Pop Century and Art of Animation.

Change Dates To Value Season

Dates matter a bit for ticket pricing, and they matter a lot for hotel pricing. While there are some times of the year when flight prices are impacted by date, factors like day of the week and when you book are more likely to impact your flight price. If youre trying to find the least expensive dates to visit, youll want to check out the room rate tables from MouseSavers.

Well incorporate date changes into the ticket and hotel savings below.

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+ Best Ways To Save On Your Next Trip To Disney World

This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers or for which we receive a referral bonus. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.

Weve put together a list of 50+ ways you can save on your next trip to Walt Disney World across five areas: hotel stay, park tickets, flights, food and drink, and other. This isnt just about doing Disney cheap , though. Weve got Disney travelers of all styles in mind.

Even Disney pros should be able to find some new way to save in this list of 53 . If youre relatively new to Disney, then you should find lots of ways to save in these 53 items. Scroll down to keep reading, or subscribe to get the PDF guide!

Disney World Example Budgets

How Much a Disney World Vacation Really Costs | Budget

$3,000 or less | $3,000-$4,000 | $4,000-$5,000 | $10,000 or more

The average for a Disney world trip may be around $4500, but the truth is that there is a wide range of factors that go into determining the cost of a Disney World trip.

To get a better answer to the question How much does it cost to go to Disney World? we surveyed the readers on our .

We asked them a bunch of stuff related to budgeting, including questions on how much they spend on everything from resorts to souvenirs, and we even asked them how much they planned their budgets.

Important note: Since transportation costs to Disney World varies greatly, we asked people to not include those amounts when estimating trip costs, so keep that in mind when coming up with your budget.

Heres what your money can get you.

Important Note:The budgets below do not include line items for the new Genie+ and Lightning Lane pay-to-ride selections. For planning purposes, we recommend budgeting $20-$30 per person, per day if you intend to use those services.

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Cost Of Going To Disney World 2022 Overview

So, how much does the average Disney trip cost? Coming into 2022, we have seen many different price increasing, one of the latest being for multiple day tickets. Thats why it is important to pay attention to price increases, especially when trying to budget the average cost of a Disney trip. There are many different aspects of your trip that you will need to include when adding up the cost of a trip to Disney World.

How Much Does A Walt Disney World Hotel Cost

Although some people choose to stay with family or friends, most people visiting Walt Disney World will need a place to stay.

The good news is youll have a ton of options both onsite and offsite.

Want to save some cash? You can save some money on your hotel by staying offsite.

The downside is that when you stay offsite, youll need to consider the other expenses youll incur to do so . And oftentimes, those other expenses can add up, so definitely make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

If you are considering staying onsite, Disney has 4 different levels of hotels to choose from: Value, Moderate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Villas.

The Value resorts are the least expensive and, aside from the family-suites, have the smallest rooms.

The Deluxe and Deluxe Villas will cost you the most. But, in return, youll generally have larger rooms and be closer to the parks if you stay in one.

Make sure you take a look at our Pros and Cons of all Onsite Resorts for more info on each of your options.

Keep these things in mind when putting together your budget for your Disney World hotel:

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Cost Of A Trip To Disney World Dining

For this trip, we are going to use a family of 4 with two adults and two children for the average price to go to Disney World. For dining expensive, the Disney Dining Plan is no longer being offered we unfortunately cannot price out dining to an exact amount. Guests have Quick Service and Table Service restaurants to choose from when dining inside the Disney parks and resorts. This Walt Disney World trip example is going to be a 4 day, one park per day experience.

We are going to price out the average cost of one quick service and one table service meal per day.

Quick Service Average $15 per person

Table Service Average $39 for adults, $23 for children

Total average dining cost per day : $184 for one quick service and one table service meal for a family of four per day

Total dining cost for 4 days : $736

*These prices can change dramatically if you choose to only eat one meal at the park or resort a day and opt for grocery delivery or Orlando area restaurants.

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Gran Destino Tower Lobby Grounds And Layout

How Much It Costs for a Family of 4 to do Disney World at Christmas ...

As noted above, the Gran Destino lobby is now the resort lobbyall guests check in there. Heres a gallery of photos, with some discussion below.

The lobby has ample space for sitting and working, which fits the push for business-type guests. Its also nice for bloggers and partners of bloggers who need to work while bloggers are the parks .

The lobby is on the second floor. Vehicles drop off there, and the lobby overlooks the Barcelona Lounge, which is all the seating you see from above. The actual bar is hidden right under the lobby.

Theres no doubting that, in its own way, the Gran Destino Tower is one of Disneys most beautiful hotel buildings. As I joked on instagram and with a Cast Member, the hotel is perfect if you need a new iPhone background :

Youll have to leave the tower to access a pool. The smaller Cabanas and Casitas pools are relatively close, and the feature pool at The Dig Site is probably about five minutes away walking.

Also inside the tower are: Dahlia Lounge, Toledo Restaurant, and a Fitness Center. I dont have information on the Fitness Center, but lets move on to discuss the dining options.

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One Week Disney World Budget For A Family Of Five

Answering the question of, How much does it cost to go to Disney World is tricky, as you can now see.

Disney is definitely not a one-size-fits-all family vacation.

The following is a breakdown, using the components of our Disney World cost calculator 2022, of what our family of 5 spent during 1-week in Orlando.

As an overview, we rented a minivan from our home state of Minnesota and drove to Orlando.

We stayed off-site, visited 3 Disney theme parks, used complimentary hotel transportation, and did not purchase a Disney dining plan.

Other shortcuts for us involved eating breakfast in our hotel every morning and shopping for souvenirs off-site.

Your Disney trip cost calculator will be more expensive if you fly to Orlando, stay on-site, visit all 4 parks, and purchase a Disney dining plan.

Click here for a free pdf version of our Disney World cost calculator that outlines our bottom line price of $5,030.

Breaking Down The Cost Your Disney Vacation Itinerary

One reason that Walt Disney World Resort can justify its regular price hikes is the constant addition of new theme parks and attractions over the past nearly 50 years. For example, Disney World opened in 1971 with one theme park, two onsite resorts, a campground and an 18-hole golf course. Today, Disney encompasses nearly 40 square miles and boasts four theme parks , two water parks , the massive Disney Springs entertainment-shopping-dining complex, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, four championship golf courses and 41 on-property resorts.

In addition, Disney has added a slew of new attractions recently at each of its theme parks to attract new and returning guests such as Star Wars: Galaxys Edge and Toy Story Land at Disneys Hollywood Studios, as well as Pandora The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom. Attractions that opened at Disney World last year include Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway at Disneys Hollywood Studios, Drawn to Life Presented by Cirque du Soleil & Disney at Disney Springs, and Harmonious, a brand-new nighttime show at Epcot, which also has debuted three new films: Awesome Planet in The Land Pavilion, Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 in the Canada Pavilion and Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along in the France Pavilion.


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This Story Is Part Of A Group Of Stories Called

Welcome to Money Talks, a series in which we interview people about their relationships with money, their relationships with each other, and how those relationships inform one another.

Walt Disney World is poised as a once-in-a-lifetime visit for most families, but for others, its home base. With new rides opening, seasonal food abounding, and hotels debuting constantly, theres always a reason to return and if youre a fan, it can be a slippery slope toward becoming wholly obsessed.

Rocio de la O Peña, her wife Lenise Kryk, and their twin 3-year-old sons are wholly obsessed. Hooked on the utopian glee of a Disney vacation, the couple has spent the past few years eschewing a single blowout trip in favor of feeling that Happiest Place on Earth glow as often as possible. They go for the rides, entertainment, nighttime shows and attractions that are generally included with their admission, but theres plenty of merchandise, seasonal food, and add-ons to splurge for as well.

Going to Disney isnt always synonymous with the California and Florida theme parks. The company operates a cruise line, a Hawaiian resort, and even something called the Disney Vacation Club, a time-share program that offers part-ownership in Disney hotels and the possibility of visiting international resorts like Disneyland Paris and Tokyo.

The following conversation has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Rocio: We dont call them vacations, we call them trips. Vacation is when you relax.

Gran Destino Tower And Coronado Springs

2003 Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video – In HD – Part 3/4.mpg

The Gran Destino Tower is not its own distinct hotel. Rather, it is a tower complex located at Disneys Coronado Springs Resort. Practically, this means a few things.

First, Gran Destino rooms are booked as a special category of room at Coronado Springs. Standard views are of the front of the building water views are of the lake and the rest of the resort. Heres a screenshot showing Gran Destino Tower rooms at the bottom of the search results for Coronado Springs rooms:

Second, Gran Destino shares a bus with the rest of Coronado Springs. Typically , Gran Destino is the last pickup before heading to the parks, but Ive ridden it as both the first and last drop-off returning from the parks.

Third, Coronado and Gran Destino share all other resort-specific amenities, like pools and fitness centers. The resort check-in desk and concierge for all Coronado Springs rooms are also located in the lobby of the Gran Destino Tower.

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Disney World Family Vacation Packages & Deals At Disney World Resort Hotels

Those who stay at a Disney World Resort hotel enjoy early access to the FastPass planning tool , with the ability to reserve access to select attractions and shows. You also receive access to Extra Magic Hours, free shuttle transportation and/or theme park parking, and free airport transportation. Ahead of your trip, youll be sent MagicBands, which are all-in-one waterproof wristbands that unlock your hotel room door, act as your ticket to the parks, and allow you to charge food and merchandise to your credit card.

When you purchase a non-discounted three-night/three-day Magic Your Way package which includes a room at select Disney World Resort hotels, park tickets and a dining plan you can get a free dining plan for kids ages 3 to 9. You must book by Aug. 1, 2018 and travel between May 28 and Aug. 30, 2018 to enjoy this family vacation package at Disney World. Find out more about the deal here.

With Disney Worlds Soak Up Sun and Fun package, families can save up to 20-percent off rooms at select Disney hotels on visits between April 15 and June 10, 2018. Families must book by April 7, 2018. If you upgrade the deal to include a ticket package with the Park Hopper options, you get a sixth day added to your ticket for free! See which Disney World Resort hotels are included in this deal here.

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