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How Much Does A Family Trip To Disney World Cost

Ticketed Events And Activities

How Much a Disney World Vacation Really Costs | Budget

There are a variety of ticketed events you could add to your trip. Most popular are the holiday After Hours eventsAfter Hours Boo Bash and Very Merriest After Hours. Were hoping the regular After Hours events , return in 2022.

A fireworks dessert party is a good way to guarantee a good view of a nighttime show. Or you could also do a tour, like Keys to the Kingdom .

Without A Dining Plan

If you decide to visit WDW without a dining plan, take a look at some of your dining options ahead of time to try to game plan costs. Be realistic about how often youll want snacks, need to buy a bottle of water, or will crave a sit-down dinner. Also, be sure to factor in alcohol if that applies to you.

There are ways to cut down on costs. We always recommend bringing a box of granola bars and even ordering snacks to be delivered from the grocery store to your hotel. Even if you can just do breakfast this way, youll save a lot of money.

For simplicitys sake, we recommend budgeting at least $60 per day per adult and $35 per day per child. This doesnt include extras, so plan accordingly.

Disney World Trip Cost #: Food

With Disney World there are two options when you stay on resort, buy a meal plan or pay as you go. We did the meal plan.

Though we may not have maximized the value , I must say it is nicer to have your food paid for up front rather than digging into your wallet every day for money.

If you are staying off resort the food will be cheaper. The type of trip is a different kind but you are able to have more variety and freedom than what Disney offers. You will also have to set aside time to go shopping, make food and clean up. Just a few other considerations.

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Additional Ways To Save Money At Disney World:

  • Pack Lunch & Snacks – A single hot dog in the park is $10

  • Bring a Water bottle to refill OR ask Starbucks for an ice water – A single water bottle in the park is AT LEAST $4

  • Use the Disney World campus shuttles

  • Forgo the extras.but we chose to buy a few extras on Lathams birthday including 2 balloons , Lefous Brew , a hot dog , Dole Whips

  • Not buy souvenirs in the park shops. It was $87 for 2 t-shirts and 1 towel when we had to buy shirts and a towel to clean up throw up. Talk about some sticker shock. We bought all of our actual souvenirs at the Disney Outlet and Wal-Mart before we left for the trip.

EpcotS Morocco

Budget Disney World Trip

How much does it cost to take a family of 12 to Disney ...

Just as you can get as expensive as youd like, you can budget travel just about as low as youd like. The actual floor to qualify for this would probably be the price of a one day ticket into the park on the cheapest day of the yearplus a Dole Whip for good measure.

But Ill be making some reasonable decisions for this post. In the future, maybe Ill do a cheapest Disney World trip possible post, but this isnt it .

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Why Travelingmoms Love Rv Rentals

TravelingMom Jenn Mitchell rented an RV from RVshare for a vacation with her teens and found even more reasons to love traveling by RV like having their own bathroom and lunch whenever and wherever they wanted it.

Heres what she has to say aboutRVshare:

I cant say enough good things about our experience. I researched a number of RV rental companies and found the value and services provided by RVshare to be the best choice for us. My husband agrees. We think renting an RV provided a unique opportunity to spend quality time together as a family.

You can read the full review of her RVshare rental experience, including how it works,here.

Nights At Disneys Pop Century

2 Adults, 3 Children , 4 Day Non-Park Hopper

  • Resorts and Tickets: $1695.15
  • Dining: Included in Resort and Tickets Package
  • Transportation
  • Total: $1695.15

I ran the numbers for 2022 and Pop Century was not available. I checked prices for All Star Movies and the total came to $2,131.51, this does not include dining like our trip in 2013.

This trip was years ago and I dont want to give the impression that cost is anywhere near this now BUT you can save a lot of money visiting Disney before your kids are over 3 years old.

A lot of people wait because they want the kids to remember it but if you want to go and see your kids experience the magic of visiting Disney World it will be the least expensive Disney trip you will ever take!

I will never forget dining with the princesses, watching the night parade, and eating a Mickey bar with my kids at that age. They may not remember but it is a memory I will cherish forever.

Also be on the lookout for free dining offers. Disney has not offered them since the start of the pandemic but they will most likely bring them back in the next year.

I hope this overview of a Disney vacation cost helps you plan your next Disney trip. We are always looking for ways to budget for our Disney trip and plan more visits!

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Should I Stay At A Disney Hotel

If youre looking for the full Disney experience, staying at one of the themed hotels can be worth it. Disney puts a lot of effort into the overall feel of the hotels so you can really get fully immersed. One good example is the Star Wars hotel which makes it appear that youre on a starship. Its also worth mentioning that some of the best Disney restaurants are located on the properties. That said, staying at a hotel outside of Disney isnt a bad thing if youre looking to enjoy more things outside of the parks.

How Much Does A Disney World Vacation Cost

How Much Does a Week Long Disney Vacation Cost?

    This is obviously an important question parents need to know when they are considering taking their family on a Disney World Vacation. How do you know if a Disney World vacation is affordable?

    This is a very tricky question to answer. It’s not because we’re trying to be shady or elusive. It’s because there are SO MANY variables that all effect the ultimate price that you will pay for a Disney World trip. Variables like time of travel, number of people traveling, ages of your children, transportation costs, length of stay and level of hotel amenities will all effect the final price you pay.

    The good news is that Disney World Vacation is definitely not a “one size fits all” vacation. It’s actually mind boggling the amount of vacation choices that are available. A Disney World vacation can be tailor made to custom fit the exact needs of your family and budget.

    If there is any bad news to a Disney World Vacation, it is that by comparison, you can expect to pay more for this type of a family vacation compared to say a cruise or typical resort stay. The reason for this, as you will see, is the cost of your park admission tickets. At Disney World, park tickets are expensive but you need to consider the amount of entertainment and fun your family will be enjoying for this additional expense. There really is NO place like Disney when it comes to family fun and memories!

    For the purpose of this discussion, Let’s use the example of a family of 4 – 2 adults with 2 kids ages 9 & 7….

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    Disney World Cost Calculator: How Much Does A Disney Trip Cost

    We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Please click my disclosure policy to learn more.

    One of the biggest Disney planning questions is how much does a Disney vacation cost? Unfortunately, there are so many variables this question is hard to answer. Thats part of the reason I put together this Disney World cost calculator for you.

    I think we all know by now that a Disney World vacation is EXPENSIVE. Just how expensive depends on a lot of different factors. And these factors are different for absolutely everyone.

    If you want an accurate idea of how much YOUR Disney vacation will cost, you need a Disney cost calculator. But more on that later. First, lets look at the factors to determine how much a Disney vacation costs.

  • Your Thoughts
  • What Affects The Cost Of Disney Cruises

    One of the significant factors in Disney cruise costs is the time of year. If you book a cruise for a busy time of the year, demand increases the price. Summer and spring break vacations will be more expensive than a family trip in the middle of January.

    Disney currently has four cruise ships, meaning that there are not many staterooms to rent. Unlike bigger cruise lines, Disney cannot accommodate large numbers of people at once with a fleet of ships.

    The length of your cruise affects the price, too. Longer cruises are significantly more expensive than shorter ones since you pay per person and per day for your stateroom. Food and drinks, plus whatever extras you add onto your cruise package, will cost more with every extra day you spend out at sea, too.

    Disney also runs holiday-themed cruises, such as the Very Merrytime Cruise for Christmas. Because of the demand for staterooms on cruises, expect prices to be higher than normal.

    On the Disney Cruise website, they have prices listed for their current cruises for 2022. The most inexpensive option right now for two guests on a three-night cruise is listed at almost $1,300. As you go up in accommodations or add on extras, the price can go up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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    How Much Are Souvenirs At Disney World

    Lets talk souvenirs and extras.

    Do you need to buy a t-shirt or mouse ears or a purse while on your vacation? Probably not.

    But will you want to? Definitely.

    So, even if you dont think youll be tempted, it is still a good idea to budget some money for souvenirs.

    Plus, there are all other sorts of fun extras that you might want to do like tours or dessert parties. Celebrating a birthday or an anniversary? Maybe youll want to do something special for that.

    And finally, dont forget things like stroller or ECV rentals. Those little extras can add up, too.

    Important note: Not all extras are available to book at this time. However, we do expect Disney to bring them back sometime in the future. Please check back often for updates.

    Keep An Eye Out For Deals

    How Much Does A Disney World Trip Cost?

    Disney also offers discounts on their meal plans through out the year so keep an eye out for them, or check out Undercover Tourst. We used them a lot on our trip and they are super helpful and a great resource.

    The dining plan for an adult starts at around $48/day for the Quick Service package and goes up from there.

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    Look Out For Special Offers

    Now and again, Disney will do promotions for their cruises. These promotions might be centered around a particular type of cruise or a holiday discount.

    The best way to keep abroad of the special offers is to pay attention to their website. Disney will post on the website when theyre offering special offers and what dates those special offers can be used on.

    So How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World

    Figuring out how much it costs to go to Disney World is a complex equation. Its easy to see why so many people choose to work with a Disney travel agent.

    It starts with tickets but it includes so many more Disney vacation expenses, including food, transportation, hotel stay, and extra expenses.

    This post breaks it all down to help you get the bottom line answer to the question: How much does it REALLY cost to go to Disney?

    Editors note: All ticket prices mentioned in this post are accurate for Disney vacations booked in April 2021. They provide an idea of how much a Disney vacation costs. Disney pricing is complicated and changes regularly. The prices you actually pay will depend on when and how you travel.

    Hereshow Disney World operates now, in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown and reopening.

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    Prime Seating And More

    Finally, you can also book prime seating and dessert or meal experiences for fireworks. It may seem extraneous now, but when your family is desperate to be able to see the show, you may be more apt to spring for it: prices start at $19 per person and go to $39 for adults. This is before any food or drink.

    There are many other ways to add extras to your vacation and its overall price tag. Planning ahead, knowing whats available, and making these decisions before you go can help prevent sticker shock while youre there and last-minute, over-the-top spending. Visit Disneys Special Events and Tours page to learn more.

    Option : Rent A House Near Disney World

    How Much Does a Disney Vacation Actually Cost?

    We did the home rental thing in our second week. It was nice to have the extra space after being in a hotel room for a week

    Renting a house close to Disney World has its benefits too. We rented a 4 bedroom home close by the park for $100 a night. There was a pool, which was really nice to come home to after a long day in the heat. We found our place on HomeAway and it was a decent place at a decent price.

    As far as which one is cheaper, its a toss up. Staying at a Value Resort in Disney World has a lot of benefits. You dont have to rent a car, transportation is all taken care of .

    Dont Forget to Add In Transportation Costs!

    The big difference in renting a house is that you will need transportation every day. So even though the house may be cheaper than the resort, the extra costs of a rental car and parking at the parks every day will eat away at your savings.

    But its about the same cost once you factor in daily parking, car rental, gas and insurance. If you were able to split a house with another family, it would be cheaper. Or perhaps you want to check out other parks, or head to the ocean. Its a lot easier in a house.

    The one last thing I will say about a home rental was that it as nice to have the extra space.

    Benefits of Renting a House When Going to Disney World

    Another feature we loved about the house was being able to do our laundry. Just one other consideration if you were to stay for a few weeks.

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    Transportation To/from Disney World And The Airport

    Next, since the trip is set for 2022, Disneys Magical Express will already be discontinued. That means the family will need to figure out how to get to and from the airport to their Disney World hotel. There are a variety of options they could use including a rideshare service, a taxi, a private car transfer, and more.

    One specific option quite a few families may be interested in is Mears Connect. Mears Connect is a new service that will be offered by Mears starting in 2022. Mears is the company that has been operating the Magical Express on behalf of Disney. Mears connect is said to provide the same reliable, safe, express service guests are used to, though it does have some differences compared to Magical Express.

    The price for Mears Connects Standard Service which is a shared service that includes large vehicles and monitored wait times is about $32 per adult and $27 per child .

    For our trip, it wouldnt let us look for a Mears Connect transportation as far as December of 2022, so we just got an estimate based on dates in January of 2022.

    The total cost was $118.

    How Much Does Dining In Disney World Cost

    There are so many options when it comes to dining in Disney World. The parks and hotels offer everything from quick and affordable grab-and-go places to the fanciest of signature restaurants. Plus Airbnbs and Deluxe Villas offer kitchens you can use to make your own food, and Disney allows guests to bring their own food into the parks. And if youre staying on Disney property, the dining plans are available to you.

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    How Do Ticket Prices Compare

    To take a family of four to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for seven days, the price, excluding tax, would come to $2,559.72. Standard admission at Busch Gardens on Christmas for a family of four is $414.15, with tax.

    At Busch Gardens sister park, SeaWorld Orlando, tickets run a bit higher throughout Christmas week, ranging from $91.99 per single ticket to $103.99. For a family to get in to the park for a week, the price, without tax, is $2,671.72. Admission for the same family on Christmas would come to $415.96.

    At Orlandos other major theme park, Universal Orlando Resort, park-to-park tickets for both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure valid any five days between Dec. 21 and Dec. 28, is $1,657.12 for a family of four, with tax, at $388.74 per ticket. Single tickets for Christmas Day are $214, for a total of $856 for a family.

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