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How Many Water Parks Are In Disney World

Which Ticket Option To Use To Visit The Water Parks

Which Disney Water Park is Better? Blizzard Beach vs. Typhoon Lagoon: The Best Disney Water Park

If youre planning a vacation at Walt Disney World, youll need to do a little math to figure out exactly what tickets to buy to get into the water parks.

Before we start, this analysis only applies to guests buying theme park tickets. If youre not buying theme park tickets, your only options are the single day ticket, the water park annual pass, or the Disney World platinum plus annual pass, and it shouldnt be hard for you to choose between those.

So, you might look at what weve said so far and think this is easythe Water Park Add On is only a few dollars more than the single day ticket, so of course Ill just get that. But thats a mistake, because if youre spending a full day at the water parks, you dont need theme park tickets for that day.

The first question is are we adding water park visits to my scheduled theme park days or are we adding additional days to visit only the theme parks.

Adding Water Park Half Days

If youre just squeezing the theme parks into your existing park dayssay, by visiting them some morning and then the theme parks in the afternoonthe analysis is pretty straightforward. Youll get the Water Park and Sports Add On or Park Hopper Plus because the added activities and flexibility are worth the small additional cost over the single day water park ticket.

It also might make sense to go straight to park hopper plus instead of stopping at the Water Park and Sports Add On. Basically, youd be giving yourself park hopper privileges for $25 to $35 per ticket. Park hopper is a complicated question at its standard prices, but if youre already settled on adding the water parks, Id definitely go all the way up to park hopper plus.

Disney Theme Parks & Water Parks

Walt Disney World Resort features 4 world-class theme parks and 2 unforgettable water parksplus plenty of shopping, entertainment and recreation opportunities. What attractions are right for you? What should you wear? What accommodations do you provide for Guests with Disabilities? Where is everything and how do you get there? Learn all this and more in the Help Center.

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Disney’s Blizzard Beach Discount Tickets

While you can purchase 1-day Blizzard Beach water park tickets, we find the most economical and fun option for most families is the Disney Park Hopper Plus Ticket. This allows you to visit all four Disney theme parks and two water parks during your visit! These tickets truly give you the full Walt Disney World experience and are perfect for the summer months when a break at Blizzard Beach is much needed.

Minimize Lines At Disney Waterparks

A complete list of how many Disney Parks are there in the ...

Unlike at Universal Orlandos newer Volcano Bay waterpark, which sells Express Passes and features virtual lines, Disney waterparks do not offer FastPass+ bookings or options beyond old-fashioned waiting. But there are ways to minimize the lines. The first tip is to arrive 30 minutes before the water features official opening as the locker rental, shops and services open at that time. That way, youre at the head of the line for rope drop with any necessary preparations already done. You could also come closer to the end of the day.

We were there during spring break so the waits got long for the biggest slides. The lines got to 20 to 30 minutes between noon and 2pm. When we got there first thing in the morning , we could walk on. The lazy river and kids area were always open, as was the wave pool.

The Disney waterparks, due to their relatively cheap annual passes, get a lot of locals in the morning who head home at lunch. If you follow this plan, be aware of afternoon thundershowers, which will not only empty the pools but also close the waterparks for 30 minutes beyond when the last lightning bolt is seen.

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Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park Overview And Hours

Blizzard Beach opened on April 1, 1995 fittingly on April Fools Day to go along with the contradiction of a snow-covered waterpark. The story here is that Blizzard Beach was meant to be a snowy ski resort that didnt exactly find success as such. Instead, Blizzard Beach transformed into a wintry-themed waterpark with focal point Mount Gushmore at its center. It’s toadally clever, right?!

While we’re on the subject of winter, it should be noted that Disney’s Blizzard Beach is open daily for most of the year , and the water park’s water is heated. Yep, even while most of the country is shivering in their boots during the winter months, that’s not the case in Orlando. Occasionally, a cold snap will make its way south and shut down the water parks for the day, but it doesn’t happen often.

In past years, Blizzard Beach shuts down for a couple of the winter months for refurbishments, while Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park remains open and then they switch so at least one Disney World water park is always open. Of course, 2020 had other plans, and both Disney water parks were closed from March 2020 … until March 2021! Blizzard Beach reopened March 7, 2021, and Typhoon Lagoon will reopen Jan. 2, 2022. Blizzard Beach will once again have its annual refurbishment, closing Jan. 2.

Disney Typhoon Lagoon Rides Slides & Attractions

Unlike the waterslide-heavy Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon rides are a well-rounded blend of attractions. The headliner here is the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool and its 6-foot waves, followed by supporting acts like a lush and winding lazy river and a whole slew of water slides. Its this balance that, in our opinion, makes Typhoon Lagoon the more family-friendly option of the Disney World water parks. Alright, enough of all that boring stuff. Lets start talking about the favorite part of any water park: all those water slides and other attractions.

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Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Disney’s Blizzard Beach® Water Park is the polar opposite of other water parksa melted ski resort in the middle of Florida! From bunny slopes to black diamonds, this place is packed with downhill thrills and plenty of ways to cold chill. So come zip down the 120-foot-tall Summit Plummet waterslide, tackle a fast-paced tube run, take on the Teamboat Springs family raft ride or enjoy a leisurely float along a creek. And little ones can have big fun at Tike’s Peaka special play area full of scaled-down, kid-size slides, rides and water jets.

Learn More

Can You Take Food Into Typhoon Lagoon

Water Parks in Walt Disney World

Yes, just like the rest of Walt Disney World, you are able to bring your own food into Typhoon Lagoon. Remember that if you choose to pack your food in a cooler, it will be checked for prohibited items like glass, alcoholic beverages, and loose or dry ice. Use ice packs to keep your items cold instead.

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What Characters Can You Meet At Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Though characters may not be as out and about at the water parks as they are at the theme parks, Guests have spotted both Lilo and Stitch roaming around Typhoon Lagoon, so be sure to keep those eyes peeled.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Lilo and Stitch may not be visiting Typhoon Lagoon right now. However, you may be able to catch other Disney characters at a safe social distance at one of the four theme parks or even at a Resort hotel!

Reasons Why You Need To Spend A Day At A Disney Water Park

Walt Disney World is so much more than just four incredible theme parks. Theres Disney Springs, the resorts, miniature golf, and there are also two fantastic water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Here are 10 reasons why you need to spend a day at a Disney Water Park on your next vacation.

Editors Note: At this time, Typhoon Lagoon is closed, however, Blizzard Beach is now open.

10 The Theming

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are each intricately themed and offer guests a completely immersive experience. Blizzard Beach is covered with ice and snow everywhere you look, and Typhoon Lagoon had a big storm tear through this tropical paradise leaving everything topsy-turvy, including some big boats! The theming at each park extends into everything you see and do at the water parks. Blizzard Beach has chairlifts that carry guests up to some of the water slides, and Typhoon Lagoon has surfing, as well as storm debris scattered throughout the park. Whether you want to swim among the ice and snow, or in the aftermath of a tropical storm, the theming and attention to detail at each park is that which we have all come to expect from Disney, simply incredible!

9 Waves

8 Lazy Rivers

7 Water Coasters

6 Mini Donuts

5 Keep Cool

4 Raft Rides

3 Summit Plummet

2 Slides

1 Lots of Fun

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Blizzard Beach Has A Fun Backstory

Blizzard Beach is one of the most uniquely themed water parks in Florida, and little details keep the story alive throughout the park.

The fictional backstory is that there was a freak snowstorm in Florida that instantly put the ski resort in business. When the weather returned to normal, however, the resort began to melt away.

That’s when Ice Gator stepped in to save the resort by allowing guests to slide down melting snow slides.

Who Will Enjoy Disneys Waterparks

Apedaile 6: Blizzard Beach

I had some thoughts about the waterparks based on previous visits, but wanted an expert opinion before writing about them. With that in mind, I recently set my 15-year-old son and his friend loose to render their verdict. Im really glad I did, as they pointed out details I hadnt considered.

Their bottom line recommendation: Take older kids to Blizzard Beach and younger ones to Typhoon Lagoon. My son even said, Anyone under 48 inches will hate Blizzard Beach because theres nothing to do.Nothing was a stretch, as there are smaller slides, a kids area, a wave pool and a large lazy river, but he has a point. Most of Blizzard Beachs marquee waterslides have a height requirement that most kids under 7 or 8 wont reach.

Typhoon Lagoon, on the other hand, has North Americas largest wave pool, which almost any age can enjoy.

In my opinion, thrill seekers should head to Blizzard Beach and more mellow water lovers will prefer Typhoon Lagoon. I had fun at the Blizzard Beach lazy river, which takes close to an hour to navigate an entire lap, but I took a look at most of the slides there and knew they werent for me. The ones at Typhoon Lagoon were more my speed.

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Which Is The Best Disney Water Park In Orlando

The winner of the battle of the Disney World water parks is Typhoon Lagoon wins in areas that make it most likely to appeal to the entire family. Blizzard Beach is nice in its own right so you cant really go wrong .

Attraction Lineup And Quality

Besides theme, attraction lineup is probably the most important factor in comparing theme parks. When we think about attraction lineups, we’re thinking how you’d compare these parks if you just ripped out the attractions, lined them up one after another, and rode/experienced them independent of the rest of the park. Attractions play a huge role in theming, too, but we’ll discuss that more later.

One of the quickest ways to compare two theme parks is just to talk about the attractions. At Disney parks, this is sometimes quite boring as many share identical or nearly identical rides. In general, attraction lineups will play a large role in our rankings, with bonus points being given for high-quality, unique attractions.

Some people no doubt think attractions are the most important or only thing that matters. Theres several reasons we disagree, but well quickly address two.

First of all, attractions are comparatively easy. The technology behind most attractions is available on the open market from third-party contractors. Anyone with enough money can pay to fill a patch of land with quality attractions.

To be clear, some attractions transcend this. Star Wars: Rise of the the Resistance is a narrative experience unlike any other. Avatar Flight of Passage has an emotional resonance that is incredibly hard to duplicate, even if you had all of the technology in hand.

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Dive Into The Fun At Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

As we previously mentioned, one of our favorite things about the Disney World water parks is the transporting, detailed theming with a backstory to match. Unlike Blizzard Beachs quirky ski-resort-turned-water-park, Typhoon Lagoons design is subtle, with plenty of cheeky nods to the parks origin story.

As legend has it, the water park sits on what was once the quaint resort town of Placid Palms. One day, a devastating storm swept through, setting off a chain reaction of an earthquake followed by a volcanic eruption. Ships were picked up by the wind and flung into Typhoon Lagoon, while items like surfboards and fishing gear were tossed wildly around the village. Placid Palms was destroyed. Fortunately, like those plucky, industrious businesspeople over at Blizzard Beach, the residents of the town made lemonade out of lemons, rebuilding their home out of the beach gear, boats, and other items that were strewn about and turning it into the water park that stands there today.

From the moment you enter Typhoon Lagoon, you truly feel as if youve landed on some island inhabited by scrappy, resourceful locals. Its a tropical oasis filled with clever details, from its thatched roofs and Key West-style architecture to its creative use of everyday objects, like a sign made out of a buoy and fruit bins turned into rafts. It is storytelling details like these that, though understated, are tons of fun to pick out once you know the backstory.

What Should I Wear Can You Wear Water Shoes At Typhoon Lagoon

How Many Bodies of Water are at Disney World?

Not only are water shoes allowed at Typhoon Lagoon, but they are also encouraged. The ground can get pretty uncomfortable to walk on between attractions. Unlike sandals, youre actually able to wear water shoes on slides, so theyre the perfect choice for keeping your feet from hurting throughout the day and getting disgusting beyond measure in the public bathroom. As for swimsuits, those with sharp pieces like zippers or buckles are allowed in the park however, they are not allowed on the attractions.

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Where Are All The Disneylands And Theme Parks Located

There are six Disney resorts in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China with a total of twelve parks. They are:

    This post contains a ranking of the individual parks, not the resorts. Thus, there’s no discussion of hotel count and quality, transportation around the resort, dining options outside the parks, or anything else beyond the individual parks.

    Again, if youd like to cut straight to the rankings, click here. If you stick with us until then, though, youll learn in our opening to this post how we think about theme parks and get some important background about what went into our rankingsbut it’s going to be a long ride.

    Hilton Head Island Resort

    The Coast at Disneys Hilton Head Resort. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

    With 17 miles of beaches, youll soon discover why this resort is perfect for watery fun! Rent banana boats, jet skis, boogie boards, or kayaksthere are over12 miles of beaches to explore.

    Theres also a 72,000-gallon pool known as The Big Dipper, complete with waterslide. Meet dolphins, enjoy a campfire or play tennis. Head into town for exquisite dining, boutique shops, and art galleries.

    Travel Tip: Reach out to your travel agent and start booking as soon as possible for the best availability!

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    Attractions At Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

    Disneys Typhoon Lagoon is filled with one-of-a-kind and unique attractions, fun for all ages! From the iconic Crush n Gusher to the fun-filled Ketchakiddee Creek, there are a wide variety of experiences for everyone.

    The official descriptions of each attraction are listed below.

    Bay Slides

    Children get to join the fun on these beginner waterslides, which are mini versions of the thrilling Storm Slides.

    Kids can get their feet wet on 2 slides that offer gently curving downhill slopes and, of course, a final splashdown!

    Castaway Creek

    Bob along through refreshing cool mists, shady grottoes, thundering waterfalls, overhead rope bridges and lush rainforest landscapes on your gentle journey through the cavernous tunnel carved into Mount Mayday.

    Guests can pick up an inner tube at any of the 5 landings along the 2,000-foot-long route and ease into the continuous, flowing river that winds all the way around Disneyâs Typhoon Lagoon water park.

    Crush n Gusher

    Gangplank Falls

    Whoosh through rocky caverns, drenching waterfalls and under rustic wooden bridges on this 300-foot long waterslideâall while spinning and banking from side to side.

    Humunga Kowabunga

    Brace yourself for the ride of your life as you race down Mount Mayday at a 60-degree angle.

    These 3 side-by-side enclosed body slides make for some high-octane thrills. You wonât know whatâs coming as you zoom 214 feet downhill in the dark and spray your way to a surprise ending!

    Keelhaul Falls

    Ketchakiddee Creek

    Getting To And Getting Into Blizzard Beach

    The Typhoon Lagoon Game Plan at Walt Disney World

    If you are staying at one of Disney Worlds on-property hotels , you could use Disneys transportation system to get to Blizzard Beach. Buses are the only mode of complimentary transportation that services the park. You could determine how to get from your point of origin to Blizzard Beach by using the My Disney Experience mobile app.

    You could also use your own car and park in the lot. Unlike the theme parks, parking is free for all guests at Blizzard Beach. Another way to get there from within Disney World would be to use the Minnie Van service, a personal ride service that works with the Lyft app.

    Youll need a separate pass to get into Blizzard Beach. In 2019, a 1-day ticket for guests age 10+ costs $69 or $64 depending on whether you purchase a ticket with blockout dates . You could also add Blizzard Beach admission to your theme park ticket package by opting for the add-on, Park Hopper Plus. Be careful, however. The option may not make sense if you would be only be going to the water park once during your visit.

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