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How Far Is Universal From Disney World

Transport Options To Get From Orlando International Airport To Disney World

Disney World or Universal Studios in Orlando Florida?

There are quite a few transportation options to get you from MCO to Disney World. Lets take a look at these options. All of these options will be found on the ground floor of MCO. There are plenty of signs to guide you in the right direction once you have arrived in the main hub from the monorail, just keep looking up and youll find where you need to go.

Disney World Resort To Universal Studios

Disney World Resort to Universal Studios is a trip. Considering none of the Orlando theme parks want to actively encourage guests to visit their competitors, getting around may seem tricky.

Many guests staying on Disney property also enjoy travelling to nearby parks, particularly Universal Studios in Orlando. Here we are going to look at how exactly one gets around Orlando, hopping around from one theme park to another.

The Nostalgic Nod Goes To Disney World

Another major difference between the two Orlando theme park giants is their histories.

Disney World opened in 1971. Walt Disney dreamed up the ambitious “Florida Project,” but he died in 1966 and never saw it open. Walt’s brother and business partner, Roy Disney, lived to see Disney World open but he died three months later. Disney World opened with one theme park and three hotels but has grown over the years to the size of a major city.

Universal Orlando got its start in 1990 with the opening of a single theme park, Universal Studios Florida. The attraction complex exploded in size in 1999 with the addition of Islands of Adventure, Universal CityWalk, and the first on-site hotel, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel.

Even bigger game changers came in 2010 with the addition of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and an expansion in summer 2014 with Diagon Alley.

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The Best Way To Get From Universal Studios To Disney World

All in all, you decide on what the best way to get from Disney to Universal is depending on your needs and desires. And sometimes, figuring out how to get to Universal from Disney World may be the hardest part of planning. But now that you know how to get from Universal Studios to Disney World, and the opposite, you can hopefully start planning your exciting, fun-filled trip with endless possibilities.

What Is The Shuttle To Universal Studios Orlando From Disney

How Far is Universal Studios from Disney World?

The Disney World to Universal Studios shuttle is run by the Mears Transportation Group. This popular option helps many families transfer from Disneys on-property resorts to Universal Studios. The Mears Transport Group is the company which took over the free Magical Express service in 2021 when Disney decided to get rid of that added perk.

You can find Mears Transport Group prices here.

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Is There Transportation From Disney Resorts To Universal Studios

If youre looking to take transportation from Disney to Universal, both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando offer shuttle services between their resorts and affiliated theme parks. Transportation from Universal Studios Orlando to Disney Worldand vice versa may include transferring shuttles from one to the other. Typically, the shuttle from Universal to Disney World runs every 20-30 minutes depending on which entrance of the Universal or Disney property you depart from.

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Both Are Resorts With Multiple Theme Parks

Walt Disney World has Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom. Universal Orlando Resort has Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, and Epic Universe This can get a little confusing because both resorts have a studio-themed park. At both Disney World and Universal Orlando, you can buy tickets for each theme park or a Park Hopper. With a Park Hopper pass at Disney World, you can hop from one park to another. At Universal, it is a two or three park ticket.

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How Can I Get From My Disney World Resort To Universal Studios

While visiting the magical world of Disney, some guests like to go offsite for a day or two and visit Orlandos many other attractions. One of the main places to visit is Universal Studios! While many guests want to visit Universal Studios, many dont know what the best way to get there is if you dont have your own car with you. Im going to go through four of the best ways to travel to Universal Studios from your Disney resort.

Travel Option 1: Rent a Car

If you dont want to rely on other people or just like having the utmost flexibility, you could rent a car to get to Universal Studios. Alamo Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental are available through Disneys Car Care Center located near Magic Kingdom Park. You can pick up and drop off your car directly at the Car Care Center with the assistance of a complimentary shuttle to get you back and forth. Contact the Car Care Center directly at 407-824-3470 or inquire at the Walt Disney Resort lobby that you are staying at. Just remember youll also have to pay for parking at Universal Studios!

Travel Option 2: Mears Shuttle Service

Travel Option 3: Taxi Service

Option #3: Get an Uber or Lyft

No matter how you choose to get from Disney to Universal, there will be plenty of magic, excitement, and thrills to help you have the ultimate family vacation! So what are you waiting for?

Let our friends at Destinations to Travel help you! Just fill out the form below and someone will be in touch!

How Do You Get From Disney World To Universal Studios And Vice Versa

Why Would You Go To Universal When You Can Go To Disney World?!

Considering its location and the demand from people there are many available ways for one to transfer from Disney World Orlando to Universal Orlando Resort. Regardless of the mode of transportation you will choose you can always have many options that best match your budget and preferences. Each of the enumerated options already provides the considerations you have to keep in mind. Aside from that, some of them will already help you with the probable budget you will need.

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How To Get To Universal Studios From Walt Disney World

For guests staying onsite in Walt Disney World, there are a few different ways to reach Universal Studios.

Keep in mind that while getting around Walt Disney World is easy with free transportation provided by the Walt Disney Company, these services are limited to the Disney theme parks and resorts. They will not transport you to a non-Disney property.

If you have more than one day free during your Disney World vacation, I highly recommend spending some time at Universal Orlando. There are various options for transportation between the two resorts.

Read on to know more.

Taxi From Disney To Universal Studios

If youre scared of driving in the United States or believe it would be a false economy to hire a car during your trip then a taxi may be the next best option.

The benefits of using a taxi service are Its private Its just as quick as driving yourself No stress of driving abroad No need to pay for parking Dont have to personally drive home after a long day walking around the parks.

We always recommend using either Lyft or Uber. Theres a wide variety of cars on both platforms allowing you to book luxury vehicles and SUVs .

The cost of a Uber or Lyft from Walt Disney World to Universal Studios is around $17 for a basic car and $29 for an SUV .

Luxury vehicles are available for around $55 although Id also recommend Execucar for a similar level service. If youre travelling with a child and require a car seat both Uber and Lyft offer you the ability to refine the cars available by those with a car seat only.

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How Far Is Universal Studios From Disneyland

If youre touring California for Disneyland, consider adding Universal Studios to your bucket list. Although these theme parks are considerably smaller than parks around here, theyre worth the adventure. Youll quickly get over the small size of the parks if youre a Disney and Universal Studio fan.

Disneyland is packed with numerous rides inside the park, while Universal Studios has some real Hollywood studios for filming movies. The latter is also conveniently placed within the rolling hills of Hollywood. The incredibly beautiful landscape makes for a gorgeous backdrop of the theme park.

The question that you might be asking yourself is how far the two places are from each other. Theres a 35-mile difference between Disneyland and Universal Studios, which is about an hour and a half drive. Considering the traffic in Los Angeles, the trip could take up to two hours.

Remember that Universal Studios Hollywood is different from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The one in Florida is closer by, being only 20 minutes away from Disney World.

How To Get From Disney World To Universal Orlando Resort

How Far is Universal Studios from Disney World?

Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are two of the biggest and best theme park destinations in the world. They also happen to be just a short drive away from each other in the Orlando Florida area. If youre planning a trip to Disney and like thrill rides, then Id recommend adding on a day or two at Universal Orlando . The resort is home to the newish The Wizarding World of Harry Potter area, an absolute MUST for Harry Potter fans. So what is the best way to get from Disney World to Universal Orlando if you dont have your own car? Lets dive right in

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Stay One Night At Universal And Get Two Days Worth Of Perks

If you have a hotel reservation for Thursday night, you are eligible for early admission at the Universal parks on BOTH Thursday and Friday mornings. And if you stay in an Express Pass hotel you will get Express Passes for BOTH Thursday and Friday. As soon as you check-in you will have these benefits.

So when you think about adding Universal to your Disney World trip, know that just one night at a Universal hotel gives you two days worth of related perks. One night in an Express Pass hotel gives you two days of Express Passes. Check the math and you may see that your hotel rate might be cheaper than the cost of Express Passes for your family.

If budget is a concern, adding a stay at Universal to the end of your trip can be more cost-effective than adding it to the start. Since you can arrive at your Universal hotel early in the morning, check-in, and receive the benefits, you could spend the night before in a less expensive lodging and minimize the number of nights you stay at Universal.

Go Informed Podcast episode 33 is all about Universal Express Passes. Click here to listen and read the show notes.

Directions Between The Resorts

Driving yourself around Orlando is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get around so you may want to drive yourself to the parks.

Here are some quick directions to take you directly from Universal Studios Orlando to Disney Worlds main parking lot.

  • Leave Universals property and get onto I-4 West.
  • Take exit 68 from I-4 W.
  • Turn right onto S Apopka Vineland Rd
  • Turn left onto Hotel Plaza Blvd

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Are Disney World And Universal Studios Near Each Other

Yes, the theme parks developed by the Walt Disney Company in Orlando and Universal Orlando are pretty close to each other.

As mentioned, these two popular resorts are located approximately 9 miles from each other. The travel time between the two is about 20 minutes .

If you plan on visiting both Disney and Universal, it is not difficult to get from one to the other. This also means you can choose to stay at a Disney resort or at Universal hotels, depending on where youre getting better hotel deals in Orlando.

How Many Days For Disney And Universal

How Universal Studios Orlando Can Dethrone Disney World

Can you do Disney and Universal in a week? Absolutely.

Many people wonder how to do Disney and Universal in one trip. The best way for you depends upon your priorities, but when combining Universal with Disney, I would shoot for two days at the Universal theme parks and spend the rest of your time at Disney. You can easily do each park in a day. Volcano Bay is fine, but it is not worth skipping a day at one of the Disney World theme parks to visit in my opinion.

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Planes Trains Automobiles: Getting To Orlando

One of the easiest ways to get to Orlando is by air. There are two airports within an hour of the main business and tourism district in the area. Orlando International Airport and Orlando Sanford International Airport are both great airports to fly in and out of with your family or on your own.

If air travel isnt your thing, then you can also make it into the area via Amtrak train or by driving. Several major highways lead right into Orlando, and Amtrak services Orlando and surrounding areas with at least one stop within 15 to 25 minutes of both DisneyWorld and Universal Orlando.

Visiting Universal From Disney World

Staying at Disney World when you visit Universal can have advantages. You can go to Universal in the middle of your vacation to break up your Disney days you get to enjoy the Disney Bubbleevery night of your vacation and, depending on where you stay, it may be cheaper to stay at a Disney World hotel than to stay at Universal.

The downside to staying at Disney World when you visit Universal Orlando is the travel time to/from Universal you cant take a hotel break in the middle of the day and you dont get the early admission and other perks that on-site hotel guests get.

Go Informed Podcast episode 69 is all about Universal Orlando first-timer advice for Disney World fans. Listen and read all about it here.

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The Verdict Take An Uber

We think the best option for traveling between Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort is: Ridesharing!

Not only are Uber and Lyft are the cheapest options, but they also provide you with convenience and comfort . Its a no-brainer!

Enjoy your trip!

Need help planning and booking your Disney World or Universal Orlando vacation? Look no further than The Vacationeer. This commission-free Disney travel agency will get you the best rates and make sure every aspect of your trip is as magical as possible.

The Layout Of Universal Studios

How Far is Universal Studios from Disney World? in 2021

To begin with, we are first laying out the floorplan of Universal Studios. It houses two theme parks which are Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.

If you are less interested in theme parks and rides and find more fun in splashing water, then, there is also a water park.

Volcano Bay is another interesting area inside Universal Studios. If you are a shopping freak and love to frequent Disney Springs in Disney World, then nothing can better attract your attention than Universal Studios shopping zone. Citywalk is the perfect dining place inside Universal Studios.

These spots inside Universal Studios are tempting enough to take a trip there once you know how far is Universal Studios from Disney World.

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Are There Shuttles Between Universal And Disney

The parks do not offer shuttle services between each other, but shuttle services do run between the parks and resorts.

For example, shuttles will run between Disney resort hotels and Universal studios parks, as well as from Universals hotels to Disney parks.

These are operated by third-party companies and will usually cost a few dollars to ride.

Buses run all around Orlando to theme parks from many hotels in the area. Before booking, check out shuttle options offered at the hotels youre considering.

It can save you on gas and parking fees while visiting the theme parks.

Universal Orlando Vs Disney World Resort: Which Is Better

Universal rides are more high-tech, motion-based 3D rides, and thrill rides. There are some amazing attractions like Spiderman, Forbidden Journey, Green Gods, Diagon Alley, and more. They have some incredible dark rides and any Harry Potter fan NEEDS to check out the amazing Wizarding World of Harry Potter at least once!

Disney World, on the other hand, is really about appealing to everyone. Where Universal is really about its thrill rides, Disney has more diversity and is more laid-back. Yes, it does have its share of thrill rides and they have been coming out with some really impressive rides . And now it has Star Wars: Galaxys Edge and exciting attractions like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. That said, much of Disney is still geared towards all-age ranges and families.

So which is better: Universal Orlando Resort or Walt Disney World Resort?

The answer is it depends. It really comes down to personal preference and who you are going with. Teens and thrill-seeking adults will love Universal. Kids, multi-generational families, and kid at heart adult couples will love Disney World.

Our advice would be to check out both parks for yourself. You can experience both resorts on the same trip because they are just miles apart. Three or four days at Disney World and two days at Universal would be ideal, but even if its just one day at Universal will be worth it!

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