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How Far Is Orlando Airport From Disney World

Bus From Orlando Airport To Disney World

VanHool CX45 Drive from Disney World to Orlando International Airport

The cheapest way from Orlando airport to Disney World is by bus. The Bus Number 111 is running every 15-30 minutes starting from 5 am until 11 30 pm from Orlando airport to Disney World. You will have to transfer atSea Harbor Dr and Academic Dr to the Bus Number 50.

The Bus Number 111 and Bus Number 50 fare from Orlando airport to Disney World is $2 USD each bus. You can buy the tickets to the bus driver. The bus travel time from Orlando airport to Disney World is around 2 hours with the transfer included. You can check here Bus Route Number 111 and Bus Number 50 and schedule!

Which Is The Fastest Method

If you want to jump into the magic as soon as possible, we recommend a ride-share or taxi. Just schedule a pick-up or head out to the cab line, and youll be there as quickly as possible. Even though you have to wait for your turn, theres no paperwork to fill out or sign or reservations to confirm.

If youre concerned about your arrival, there are things you can do on your own to speed things up. Try packing in carry-ons, so you dont have to wait for luggage. Consider paying a little extra to sit up near the front of the plane so you can be among the first passengers off.

Finally, save your hotel address and all confirmation numbers somewhere easily accessible. For die-hard dashers, familiarize yourself with SFB so you know where to go as soon as you deplane.

Best Ways To Get From Orlando Airport To Disney World

Disney recently announced that they are discontinuing the Magical Express shuttle service at the end of 2021. With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to discuss the best ways to get from Orlando Airport to Disney World now that well have to rely on other modes of transportation. Below we lay out the top 5 options to consider for your next airport to Disney connection.

Remember that theres no right or wrong answer here. The best mode of transportation will depend on who you are traveling with and how many people are in your group. Are you traveling with children or pets? Is there a person with mobility issues in your group or someone who is elderly? Maybe you are traveling with a big church group or school group? These factors will influence which transportation alternative will work best for you.

With that said, lets take a look at the best ways to get to and from Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World Resort.

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About Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is the closest airport to all the central Florida theme parks. Whether youre going to Disney, Universal, or even Port Canaveral, MCO is where youll fly into. Youre in good hands as MCO routinely sees over 47 million passengers in a single year and provides non-stop flights into Orlando from many destinations and airlines.

In the airport, youll find many restaurants, shops, and even a full-service bank. There are multilingual ambassadors all around to help you out and their website is featured in 8 major languages. Youll also find many lounges available and expedited entry and exit services.

Driving Distance From Mco To Disney World

Orlando Airport

The total driving distance from MCO to Disney World is 25 miles or 40 kilometers.

Your trip begins at Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida. It ends in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

If you are planning a road trip,you might also want to calculate the total driving time from MCO to Disney Worldso you can see when you’ll arrive at your destination.

You can also calculate the cost of driving from MCO to Disney World based on currentlocal fuel prices and an estimate of your car’s best gas mileage.

If you’re meeting a friend, you might be interested in finding the city that is halfway between MCO and Disney World.

Planning to fly a plane instead?You might be more interested in calculating the straight linedistance to fly from MCO to Disney World.

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Still Not Sure Check Out Our Reviews And Comments On

Port Canaveral Today! Second busiest Port in Florida. Saturday or Sunday Port Canaveral is home to 5-6 ships every day. Drop off and pickups on weekends are very busy and can be a stress for many people because of the waiting time.On the weekends for Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian ships waiting times are 1-2 hours for drop off.See the video from Saturday 02/15/2020.

Standard private transportation. Van service can start and end anywhere within the Greater Orlando Airport MCO area and includes unlimited mileage and unlimited stops. This is an ideal service for groups of friends, corporate functions, family reunions, and pre-cruise/post-cruise outings. Just book the number of hours you need our service for, we’ll confirm your desired route and you can leave the rest up to us. Are you still shopping around after getting a quote from another private transport company? Let us know what price we need to beat and we will.

Orlando Airport To Disney World By Limo

A limo refers to several different vehicles and not just the elongated cars used for fancy events like weddings. This term also includes large SUVs, town cars, and pick-up trucks carrying medium-sized groups between four and twelve passengers.

Mears Connect Premium Service

Mears Connect offers premium service for guests that includes a private car for passengers. The cost of this service is $200 for the first four passengers and $55 for each additional passenger. This service is wheelchair accessible, they have car seats available, and guests board on the B-side of the airport on level 1 .

Stretch Limos

If you want to book a traditional stretch limo for your larger group, you can expect the twenty-minute journey to cost between $180 to $500, depending on the car chosen and your party size. Companies that offer limo services at Orlando Airport include Sunshine Limousine and Sedan Service, Orlando Ultimate Town Car, and Orlando Chauffeured Services Inc.

When you book a limo, you can expect a higher level of service that frequently means instant boarding once you arrive, bag handling, snacks and entertainment onboard, and a much faster commute. A limo is not the most common option for most travelers who arrive at the Orlando Airport, but its often a more cost-effective option if your party is on the larger side.

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How Far Is Orlando Airport From Walt Disney World

Youll find Walt Disney World roughly 18-20 minutes, or about 20 miles, away from the Orlando Airport, and there is more than one route available. The most efficient routes require that you take a short drive on the highway, and you can also expect tolls.

Check out for step-by-step instructions on how to get from the Orlando Airport to Disney World and other details about the best route given relevant traffic, road closings, and other driving conditions.

Many car services, shuttles, or bus routes list a longer commute time for their services, and this happens when there are multiple stops or road closures due to construction. When planning out how long your trip from the airport to the resort will take, its best to leave plenty of extra time.

Airport Transportation For Disney World Now That Magical Express Ended

DISNEY WORLD TRIP 2021 : Traveling to Orlando, FL | Disney World 50th Anniversary

The end of Disneys Magical Express is a massive loss for shuttles between Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World, but fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to fill the void. This post covers the MCO to WDW ground transportation, pricing, comparisons, and more. Plus, our commentary and speculation about what might happen with supply/demand and problems in 2022.

In case you missed it, Walt Disney World made the bombshell announcement that Disneys Magical Express airport shuttle service is ending in 2022. The buses between MCO and resort hotels have now ended guests who are already at WDW will only be able to utilize Disneys Magical Express for transportation to Orlando International Airport following their hotel stay until January 10, 2022.

That was arguably the biggest and most surprising Walt Disney World news of the year, and has dominated conversations about changes and cutbacks ever since. It even took the #1 spot in our Airing of Grievances About Walt Disney World, ahead of even Genie+ and Lightning Lanes. Continuing to complain isnt particularly productive at this point, so were here to give you a rundown of the alternatives for airport transportation once DME ends

Quicksilver Tours Far and away the most recommended option, weve heard nothing but good things about Quicksilver from our readers. Many praise the pricing, noting that it worked out to be cheaper for them than Mears Connect or Sunshine Flyer.

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Driving From Orlando Airport To Disney World

If youre wondering how to get to Disney World from Orlando International Airport, its an easy 20-minute drive from the airport to the Disney / Kissimmee area via FL-528W and FL-528 Toll W, or via FL-417 Toll S. Whichever way you go, the journey is pretty direct. You can also go via FL-417 Toll S and W Osceola Pkwy, but be aware that the route has paid tolls.

What Is The Most Affordable Way To Get From Sanford Airport To Walt Disney World

Unfortunately, we just cant give a single definitive answer. It depends on the number of people in your group, the time of day, and various other factors.

If there are only two or three people in your party, then your least expensive option is almost certainly going to be Uber or Lyft. A $60 one-way ride, split two or three ways, isnt bad at all. As soon as you add a fourth person, though , the price jumps up. Still, that might be more affordable than four round-trip shuttle tickets or a car rental.

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Transport Options To Get From Orlando International Airport To Disney World

There are quite a few transportation options to get you from MCO to Disney World. Lets take a look at these options. All of these options will be found on the ground floor of MCO. There are plenty of signs to guide you in the right direction once you have arrived in the main hub from the monorail, just keep looking up and youll find where you need to go.

Private Car Service At Mco

How far is the Orlando International Airport from Walt ...

This option may sound decadent and out of reach, but can actually be quite affordable. The sweet spot for these services, in my opinion, is larger families who want to reduce travel times. With Uber and Lyft, it can get pricey trying to find a larger size car that will fit everyone. On a shuttle bus service like Mears, you may make stops on the way to the hotel room. With private car service, we were able to price out options for 7-10 passengers starting at just $130ish. Ultimate Town Car offers one perk that the others dont. A free 15 minute grocery stop. You can learn more on their site. We know that packing your own snacks at WDW is a great way to save money. Being able to pickup groceries on the way to your hotel is clutch.

Drivers will meet you inside the airport at the bottom of the escalators near baggage claim. They will have a sign with your name on it .

One thing to note is that your credit card will be charged 48 hours before your trip and a 20% gratuity is added automatically. For a family of 4 this option would cost roughly $129.60 one way at the cheapest level making it significantly cheaper than Mears Connect Express. Ultimate Town Car does offer car seat options at no cost with some limits.

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Do I Need A Car Seat For My Child From Orlando International To Disney World

This is the biggest pain point for most parents with the whole bye-bye Magical Express drama. It wasnt even something you had to think about before. You flew in, you knew you were going to be on a motorcoach. You didnt need a carseat for a motorcoach. Now though? Even with Mears, you may be on a bus, shuttle or in a sedan. Therein lies the issue. You cant guarantee that youll be in a vehicle that doesnt require a car seat.

Florida requires children 5 and under to be in car seats. Car seat violation is a primary enforcement law. That means if the police see an unrestrained toddler, they can stop the car just for that. Technically, the parent is the responsible party here. Uber/Lyft/taxis and other chaffeur-driven services are technically exempt. However, you could still be stopped and the ticket would go to you the parent if deemed unsafe. The drivers can also refuse the ride if they dont feel it would be safe.

The bottom line? Bring a car seat or book a transportation method that will have one. We picked up a lightweight and affordable car seat to travel with. I strongly recommend holding onto the box. Car seats can be checked for free on many airlines if you arent using them on the plane. We packed ours in the box it came in to keep it safe.

Private Transportation Orlando Airport To Disney Springs

Hotel transfers are also very easy and convenient but can be a little bit pricey. The transfers are usually available 24 hours and is only ideal if you have the budget and you really want comfort after your flight to Orlando. Prices are around $70 USD and you will be able to fit up to 4 people. It could be $17 USD per person.

For sure private transportation will be so comfortable same like taxi, they will wait for you and drive to your final destination without you worrying of anything!

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The Best Transportation Option For You

The best way to get from Sanford International Airport to Walt Disney World is the option that is most comfortable for you and your family. After all, you dont want to start your vacation with stress. Thats going to look a little bit different for everyone.

Thankfully, though, you dont have to do the research yourself or decide on your own. Use this handy, comprehensive guide to evaluate all of your options for arriving at Walt Disney World from Sanford International Airport. After all, the most important thing is being able to relax and enjoy your time on vacation!

Orlando Airport To Disney World By Taxi

Brightline, Walt Disney World agree to build train station at Disney Springs

There are a couple of taxi options that youll find at the Orlando airport, and you can expect to pay between $68 and $88 depending on the time of day, your resort, and the exact company. This amount doesnt include the recommended 10% tip, and while you can book in advance with some companies, there is often a wait at the airport before you board.

Once you land at the Orlando airport, follow the signs to ground transportation, and chances are good there will be a taxi there waiting for passengers. Taxis are not always a good option for those with wheelchairs or children that need car seats, as taxis cant always accommodate these needs.

Taxis can transport up to nine passengers if you book in advance for a larger party, but car seats usually mean an additional fee for each requested seat. Youll likely find several taxis ready to take passengers at the Orlando Airport, but on occasion, visitors encounter wait times for rides that range from 15-30 minutes.

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How Far Is Orlando Airport From Disney World

Walt Disney World is not too far away from Orlando Airport . It is of course best to plan how you are going to get from the airport to Disney World before you arrive at MCO. This will be especially important in 2022 when Disney plans to close the Magical Express service.

Well give you an overview of the transport options for getting to Disney World from Orlando airport along with some approximate journey times for each mode of transport along with some costs too. Hopefully this will assist with your Disney World vacation planning.

  • How Far is Orlando Airport from Disney World?
  • How To Get From Orlando Mco Airport To Disney World By Taxi Or Private Shuttle

    Taking a taxi or a private Orlando airport shuttle is definitely the fastest and most convenient way to travel to Disney World, especially if you are travelling with children and luggage. If you choose to take a taxi, bare in mind that there is no flat rate for the journey from Orlando airport to Disney World, as flat-rate taxi fares are illegal in this state therefore, all taxicab prices will be calculated using a taximeter. Under normal traffic conditions, the trip takes approximately 20 minutes. There are many different taxi companies serving MCO Orlando airport, however, all official taxis are found at the two official taxi ranks. Your other option is to book a private shuttle in advance, this way, you will be guaranteed a fixed price from Orlando airport to Disney World Resort, without having to wait in line.

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    Sanford Airport To Disney World By Renting A Car

    The SFB Aiport has their own designated section for car rentals. You can plan this ahead for added convenience for your travel, and youll be able to be in control of where and when you want to go. However, unlike the Orlando Sanford/Disney shuttle, youll be paying much more to get you from point A to point B.

    Overall, when you think of the question, how far is Sanford from Disney World, you get to make the ultimate decision on the best method that works for you and those you are traveling with. Plan your trip, think about your budget. But most importantly, if you decide on shuttle or car services, plan ahead!

    We hope you found this article helpful and be sure to check out all of our other theme park planning resources! You can also checkout our travel partner for the latest deals on discounted Disney World tickets and amazing Disney World vacation packages!

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