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How Far Away Is Disney World

How To Get To Universal Studios From Walt Disney World

Live: A Galaxy Far, Far Away at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Walt Disney World Live Stream

For guests staying onsite in Walt Disney World, there are a few different ways to reach Universal Studios.

Keep in mind that while getting around Walt Disney World is easy with free transportation provided by the Walt Disney Company, these services are limited to the Disney theme parks and resorts. They will not transport you to a non-Disney property.

If you have more than one day free during your Disney World vacation, I highly recommend spending some time at Universal Orlando. There are various options for transportation between the two resorts.

Read on to know more.

Driving Around Disney World

Disney is an expert at wayfinding signs.


Even people that get lost going to their local grocery store should have no problem navigating Walt Disney World.

Major directional signs are bright purple, which makes them easy to recognize.

As you approach the Walt Disney World Resort, the signs for the resort hotels will start off more general.

And the hotels will all be grouped by areas such as Epcot Resort Area, Magic Kingdom Resort Area, Animal Kingdom Resort Area, etc.

As you get closer to your destination you will begin to see specific signs for your resort.

To make it easier to get where you are going, make sure to know within which area your resort is located. This is especially true if you are planning to visit another resort hotel for a meal, etc.

The signs for the 4 main parks, 2 water parks, and Disney Springs are self-explanatory and plentiful.

You cant miss them!

There are usually multiple ways to get to and from different locations. If you miss a turn or an exit, dont panic just keep following the signs.

Map apps works well on Disney property so be sure to have one ready to use for your trip.

Stay In A Hotel With Shuttles To Both

Walt Disney World hotels do not provide transportation to any theme parks off their property. However, other hotels offer shuttle services to SeaWorld, Disney World, Universal, and other attractions.

Every popular hotel chain has multiple locations in the area, as millions of people travel here every year. To find a hotel with shuttle service to numerous theme parks, visit travel review websites and search. Keep in mind, though, that these shuttles might make stops at multiple tourist destinations, so the trip could take longer.

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If Times Are Running Fast For You

If youre too pressed for time to come up with a plan or transportation mode theres another option for youtravel packages. Miami Disney World Packages are rampant in almost every travel agency nationwide. This option is also a good one for those who have no idea how to deal with how far is Disney World from Miami.

Many traveling agencies offer trip packages from Disney Orlando to Miami and vice versa. Upon going for this option, a bus will pick you up from either of the two points and then take you to the other. Also, in this package, you will choose the specific places where you would like to travel.

The prices of the package will depend on the number of places which you will visit. Plus the number of people coming with you on the trip. The more people coming, the higher the price. However, you can also avail group travel discounts in travel agencies. It takes some determination to find such promos not to mention good quality one, partnered with a bit of luck. Keep in mind that the season in which you intend to travel will affect the price. If you book your trip package in a peak season, the prices will rise as well.

How Far Is Disney World From Miami And What Are The Best Ways To Get There

Far Far Away

Planning to journey from beautiful, vibrant Miami to exciting Disney World in Orlando? To help you get there safely and quickly, we have all the information you need on the trip from Miami to Orlando. There are numerous ways to get from one city to the other, and they all take a varying amount of time and fall into different price ranges.

So that you can educate yourself on the available options and make an informed decision, weve explained the five best ways to get from point A to point B and some of the estimated costs.

Choosing the right transportation method comes down to more than just the duration of the journey and the cost, so read until the end for important factors to consider when planning this trip.

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    Walt Disney World Parking Tips & Tricks

    If youre parking at Disney, this means you will be driving to the parks. Keep in mind, each of the following exits from Interstate 4 will take you to different parts of Walt Disney World Resort:

    Exit 67: EPCOT, Disney Springs Area, Disneys BoardWalk, and Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

    Exit 65: Disney Hollywood studios parking, Disneys Animal Kingdom parking lot, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, and Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park

    Exit 64: Magic Kingdom

    Disneys Magical Express

    Complimentary airport transportation via Disneys Magical Express service is available for guests arriving at and departing from Orlando International Airport. Keep in mind, Disneys Magical Express service will no longer provide luggage delivery for those arriving at and departing from the airport. Your luggage will travel with you to your Disney hotel.

    Distance Between Disney Parks

    Could you please give me some idea of the actual distance between parks? I imagine them to be right next to one another, but as they are all so huge and include resorts etc I might have my bearings completely wrong. How long does it take to drive from one park to another, we will have our own car.

    I’m not sure whether to get the park hopper option on our tickets, I want flexibility, but don’t want to just throw away $300 if we would likely never use this option.

    Our kids are 12 and 14, so they can go a full day without naps etc…are you able to leave the park and then return to the same park that day, without the park hopper option? We are staying 7 nights but plan on spending one day at Kennedy space centre, so leaving us 5 full days for the parks, plus 2 half day

    Thankyou in advance for any info


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    Best Day To Travel From Disneyland To Universal Studios

    Theres no best day to travel to Universal Studios as it all depends on whats important to you in there. Weekdays are ideal as they tend to have the lowest crowds, but unfortunately, the roads are busier. Theres the rush hour traffic that youd want to avoid.

    The opening time for the park is around 10 am on weekdays. If you drive or take a taxi, leaving your hotel room around 9 am will get you there in good time. In the evening, its best to leave before 3 pm, but if you want to catch as much fun as possible, you can until closing, around 7 pm.

    For much longer hours, visit the park during the weekend. Traffic will be smoother, but the crowds will probably be larger than you want to encounter.

    Distances To The Theme Parks From Disney World Resorts

    Star Wars Full Show – A Galaxy Far Far Away, Disney World Hollywood Studios

    Getting straight to the resort hotel and back is a huge logistical benefit. This allows you to forgo the hassle of renting a car and driving on unfamiliar roads.

    However, if youre not sure which Disney hotel to book, there are other ways to rank convenience.

    Additionally, this summer, Walt Disney World added a Get Directions option to the My Disney Experience mobile app. Using this function, you can find step-by-step directions on foot, by bus, monorail and boat between destinations. This includes areas within the theme parks.

    If you choose to stay at one of the Epcot area hotels located near Disneys BoardWalk, youll have 2 theme parks within walking distance , plus youll be able to access the shopping, dining, and activities Disneys BoardWalk has to offer.

    The distances quoted below are from Google Maps and they show drive time to the Parks parking lot and may not be the end of your transportation journey to reach the front gates.

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    Closest Beaches To Disney World: Cocoa Beach

    Driving Distance: 65 miles

    Approximate Drive Time: 70 minutes

    State Road 528 takes you pretty much all the way from Disney World to Cocoa Beach in just over an hour. An easy drive, but do be mindful of tolls and if you want to park close to the pier and centre of the action, expect paid parking if youre on a day trip.

    Situated on the Space Coast, Cocoa Beach is a laid back affair with brilliant surf conditions attracting a good crowd no matter the season. Its a great place to come if your kids want to try their hand on a board for the first time with several surf schools on offer.

    You will find many beach condos and hotels lining the beachfront, but not like the wall of highrises at Daytona. There are still plentiful gaps between the buildings where you can access the beach.

    Plentiful shops and restaurants line the coast or grab yourself a picnic and head to one of our family favourites, Lori Wilson Park free parking here, washrooms on hand and a lovely lawned area, BBQs and a playground for kids to have a good run around at the beach.

    Make it an overnight: Staying at Cocoa Beach can be an affordable Florida beach option. A good value option in a prime location is Days Inn by Wyndham Cocoa Beachreally close to the Pier, or with private beach frontage and sea view family rooms try Doubletree by Hilton Cocoa Beach

    Is There A Shuttle Service From Disney To Universal

    Both Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World have free shuttle services between their various theme parks and resorts, but not between the two resorts. Its unfortunate, but they are direct competitors!

    The internal shuttles at both Disney and Universal typically run every 15-20 minutes. Buses depart from every Universal and Disney property.

    Many top hotels in Orlando offer a free shuttle service to Disney, Universal, or both.

    Multiple taxi services also offer shuttle services in Orlando. You will share the van with others. With Mears, this service costs $21 per adult and $16 per child .

    Shuttles are not the fastest way to get from the Disney parks and resorts to Universal parks or Universal hotels. They pick up other guests and do not take the most direct route. They can also be expensive if you are a large group.

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    Is It Worth Going To Universal From Disney World

    I love going to Universal Studios and highly suggest it. We are huge Potter heads. You will have a great time exploring the world of Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, Jurassic Park, and more.

    Avoid comparing the two brands because they over two different things in the shape of theme parks. Ive definitely made that mistake myself and it kind of made that one visit a little clunky. No good. No one can recreate the Disney magic but that doesnt mean it isnt good!

    No matter how you choose to get to Universal from Disney, the visit will be worth it. It makes sense to do as much as you can while youre in the Orlando area. And though I love Universal, I dont think its worth a separate trip on its own. It is however worth building in some days for Universal into your Disney trip.

    Learn More About The Parks While You Walk

    disney, disney movie, far far away, shrek

    Whats a great thing to do on a walk? Listen to a podcast of course!

    You can hear me describe all of the Orlando theme parks while you walk. The Go Informed Podcast archives include audio tours of all the Disney World and Universal Orlando parks, plus in-depth explorations of lands like Galaxys Edge and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

    Just search for Go Informed: Build a Better Vacation on your favorite podcast app. Dont forget to hit the subscribe button!

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    People Love Turkey Legs

    Giant turkey legs were first introduced at Disney World the 90s, and became such a popular item that they were quickly introduced to the other parks. More than 2 million turkey drumsticks are consumed at Disneyland and Disney World every year, and you can even buy all sorts of gear with pictures of turkey legs on them.

    Disneys Hollywood Studios Walking Distances

    Hollywood Studios has a smaller footprint than the other parks, but you might find yourself back-tracking more often. So take these distances and double them to account for your round-trip to the attractions.

    • Hollywood Studios front gate to Runaway Railway: 0.2 miles
    • Hollywood Studios front gate to Slinky Dog Dash Coaster: 0.3 miles
    • Hollywood Studios front gate to Millennium Falcon: 0.4 miles
    • Hollywood Studios front gate to Rock n Roller Coaster: 0.2 miles
    • Walk around most of Hollywood Studios: 1.2 miles
    • Fantasmic theater seating to Skyliner gondola: 0.5 miles

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    Transport Options To Get From Orlando International Airport To Disney World

    There are quite a few transportation options to get you from MCO to Disney World. Lets take a look at these options. All of these options will be found on the ground floor of MCO. There are plenty of signs to guide you in the right direction once you have arrived in the main hub from the monorail, just keep looking up and youll find where you need to go.

    Is There A Shuttle From Disney World To Universal Studios

    Disney Announces Exciting New Attractions From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    There is definitely the option of a shuttle when you are trying to get from Disney World to Universal Studios. While its still a more popular method of travel between these two locations, most times it is more expensive and can take much longer.

    Again, Ill point you to the Mears Transportation Group because they do operate one of the most popular, and most available shared shuttle services in all of Orlando.

    Rates are charged on a per-person basis. A round trip fare from a Disney resort or location, to Universal, is $23 for adults and $23 for children. Children 3 and under are free. When you book, you have to choose your pick-up and drop-off times, losing some flexibility.

    If you are using the shuttle, youll share with guests who have scheduled similar pick-up times, so it will be similar to a carpool. It can also take a little bit longer depending on the number of stops.

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    Are You Looking For A Place To Stay Close To Disney World

    Villa By The Castle may be just the place you are looking for.

    During your stay in this beautiful 6 bedroom vacation rental youll be just 1.5 miles from Disney World!

    Youll also be close enough to both the gulf coast and the Atlantic to plan a day trip to each one.

    Both the gulf coast and Atlantic beaches are about an hour away from Villa By the Castle.

    Disney Theme Park Shuttle

    Paid shuttle service with direct transport to Walt Disney World® Resort and Universal Orlando is now available and can be booked and purchased online through Fabulous Buses. Children 2 years old and younger are free. Please note: guests who require ADA accommodations must submit a request at least 48 hours in advance with the Front Desk.

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    Is There Public Transport Between Universal And Disney World

    There are buses available, however, we dont recommend this as a method of transport between the parks. There is no direct bus route, which means you will have to change at least once, wherever you are staying. Although it is likely to be the cheapest option of travel, the journey could take an hour and a half, compared to 15 minutes in your own transport vacation time that could be much better spent at the parks.

    Can You Stay At Disney And Go To Universal


    The short answer is you can.

    As a Disney World guest, you are entitled to free transportation around the Disney property, but thats the only transportation that Disney provides.

    Why? Well, Disney doesnt want you to leave their property at all. Its understandable, but dont worry, like we reviewed above, there are various ways to get to Universal Studios from Disney World.

    As a DVC member, I almost always stay at a Disney resort and I almost always also go to Universal Studios. There is nothing stopping you from making that trip outside of knowing how to.

    You can add your visit to Universal anywhere within your trip. Use a Disney vacation planner to plan out your trip high level.

    When youre building your trip to Universal into your itinerary, you should treat it just like any other theme park day. Theres going to be a lot of walking, a lot of fun, and just an adventure day. Make sure to build in rest days into your vacation.

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    Get Your Ticket Make Your Park Reservation Enjoy The Magic

    The magic is ready and waiting for you at Walt Disney World® Resort. But before you goand in the spirit of managing attendance and fostering physical distancingtheres one very important thing you need to do: Make a Theme Park reservation through the new Disney Park Pass system at Because in order to enter a Theme Park, all Guests ages 3 and older must have a Park reservation in addition to a valid ticket or annual pass for admission to the same Park on the same date.

    How to make a Park reservation:

    Park reservations are limited in capacity, subject to availability and are not guaranteed. With valid Park admission and Park reservations in hand, youre all set to experience the kind of enchantment, thrills and memorable moments you can only find at The Most Magical Place on Earth. Learn more at

    *Please make sure your party consists of Theme Park ticket holders or valid Annual Passholders.

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