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How Early Can You Make Reservations At Disney World

To Make Online Reservations Click On Any Table Service Restaurant Name In Ourdisney World Restaurant Guideand Select Book Online

How To Make A Disney World Park Pass Reservation

To reserve by phone, , answer a few voice-activated questions, and youll be transferred to a dining agent who will book your meals for you.

You can also book online using the Disney World Website. Just enter your search specifics in the Disney search box, or use the Check Availability Tool on any individual Table Service restaurants page.

Disney World website screenshot

From here, you will enter your party size for the date and meal time you are interested in.

Making a Reservation on the Disney World website

Making a Reservation on the Disney World website

Additionally, dining reservations can be made replicating the steps above on the My Disney Experience app on your smart device.

My Disney Experience app screenshot

Things to Note:

  • Wondering what Disney restaurants are right for your family? Use our customized Disney Restaurant Search Tool to plug in your criteria and read about recommended restaurants!

Disney Restaurant Search Tool

For more Disney dining information, including details on dining discounts, restaurants, dining plans, menus, and more, visit our Disney Dining Reference Page.

Try Booking Online Before Phone

Online reservations for select restaurants open up at 5:45 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, while the phone lines open up at 7 a.m. Always try the website earlier but keep the phone number handy if there are issues on the website or you need to speak to a Cast Member 407-WDW-DINE.

Reservations for special dining events and things like dessert parties open up at 7:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Note: make sure you have your credit card handy. All reservations now require a credit card guarantee, so youll need to enter the number when you make your reservation.

Which Parks Should You Prioritize

Some theme parks are harder than others to get park pass reservations for, and you need to make those the priority when booking.

  • Since launching the park reservation system, Disneys Hollywood Studios has been by far the hardest to get a park pass for. This is due to the parks smaller size and demand for Rise of the Resistance.

We would prioritize the parks in this order:

  • Disneys Hollywood Studios
  • Disneys Animal Kingdom
  • Figure out which days you want to visit Disneys Hollywood Studios on your trip, and then plan out your other days after that.

    If for some reason you cant get a Hollywood Studios reservation, dont despair. Just stay on the lookout and hope that Disney makes more availability for that park at some point before your visit. This has already happened multiple times so theres a good chance more will be available.

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    Showing Up For Your Reservation

    The only thing left to do once your book your ADRs is to go to the restaurant and eat!

    Disney will send you a dining reservation reminder email 24 hours before your scheduled dining time. It includes your group size, time and confirmation number. You also have the chance to modify or cancel the reservation at this point.

    We like to keep a list of all our Disney dining reservations for the trip just in case the emails dont go through or we forget.

    Checking Your Existing Park Reservations

    This month I was a guest on the Disney Hack podcast ...

    Anytime you want, you can check the status of your existing park reservations. We recommend you do this immediately after booking your Disney Park Passes to make sure everything is correct.

    There it will show you the Date, the Park chosen, Arrival Time, and Members of your Reservation Group.

    You can check the status of your Disney Park Reservations by either:

  • Go Online to the Disney World Website and check under My Plans in the My Disney Experience Menu.
  • Check My Plans in the My Disney Experience app on your mobile device.
  • Can I Modify My Park Reservations?Yes and no. Disney has said that no modifications will be allowed to existing park pass reservations. We have not found that to be entirely true so far.

    Guests are not allowed to modify the reservation, changing the park from one to another for example. If you book the Magic Kingdom and dont want that park anymore, you have to cancel the reservation and start over selecting the park you want to visit. There is a risk though any time you cancel and you arent guaranteed to get the new date you are trying to book.

    On the other hand, we have been able to add new friends and family to our existing reservations. You just need to make sure there is availability for that park on that date for this to work.

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    Disney World Dining Reservations

    Get full access to the WDW Crowd Calendar, Lines Mobile App, Touring Plans and More!

    “Our TouringPlans subscription was a lifesaver on our trip. One of the busiest days of the year, and we never waited longer than 20 minutes!”

    – Smith Family, KY

    All guests age three and up must have both valid park admission and a reservation for park entry to dine at any restaurant located within the theme parks. A dining reservation does not count as a park reservation.

    What Is Park Capacity Right Now

    The Disney World theme parks have been running at a reduced guest capacity since the parks reopened. Disney has confirmed they started at 25% but have now increased it to at least 35%.

    Whatever the capacity for the parks is, it needs to be enough to promote distancing between guests.

    Bob Chapek has said that the number of people Disney allows into the park will be a function of the CDCs 6-foot social distancing rule. So dont expect the walkways to be jammed with people like usual.

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    Dining Reservation Cancellation Policy

    For all table service restaurant reservations, guests will have to provide a credit card guarantee. If the reservation needs to be cancelled, but isn’t done one day in advance , a $10 per person charge will be made to the card. Reservations can be cancelled up to 11:59 p.m. the day before the reservation to avoid the charge. To cancel, guests can call WDW-CNCL, stop by any table service restaurant front desk, call , or use your My Disney Experience app. You may want to consider modifying your reservation to a different date as well. Reservations can also be made and cancelled online at

    Some locations require pre-payment, such as Cinderella’s Royal Table, Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, and the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show. If these reservations aren’t cancelled one day in advance, the full amount will be charged.

    This policy is in place for both Disney owned and operated restaurants, as well as operating participants.Whenever you make a dining reservation, you want to be sure to read the cancellation policy for each restaurant as it can vary by location and is subject to change at any time.

    What Happens If A Discount Comes Out After Ive Booked

    Disney World Dining Reservations Tutorial

    Discounts can be applied after youve booked your trip.

    It is relatively easy to do. Take a look at our step-by-step guide for applying discounts for info on how that works.


    Want to compare the differences in deposit and cancellation policies between room-only and package reservations? Read our post on How and When to Make All Disney World Reservations for more information.

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    Can I Have Multiple Genie+ Lightning Lane Reservations At A Time

    Yes, you are allowed to have overlapping or stacked Genie+ reservations. In the scenario I just described, you would have two Lightning Lane reservations overlapping: Test Track for 1:30-2:30 pm and Living with the Land for 1:45-2:45 pm. If you make overlapping plans, please keep in mind how far away the attractions are from each other. Disney World does offer a buffer period when it comes to Lightning Lane, so you can be 5 minutes early or 15 minutes late.

    Disney Genie+ Tip: The best way to maximize your Genie+ reservations is to make stack your Lightning Lane reservations as I just described. If your Lightning Lane reservation is sooner than the 2 hour rule, then be sure to check for your next Lightning Lane reservation immediately after you scan your ticket to get in the Lightning Lane for your current ride. If you make a Lightning Lane reservation for more than two hours later, set a timer for 2 hours to remind yourself to make your next reservation. I love using my Apple Watch for this, as it will silently tap my wrist instead of making a loud beeping noise.

    When To Book Your Resort

    How far in advance can I book my Disney vacation and resort? Photo by Brett Svenson

    Usually, guests can book a room-only reservation 499 days in advance. Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions and limited resort hotel capacity, guests can book as far in advance as September 27th, 2021.

    You wont be able to book that far in advance online however, youll need to call the Disney Travel Company and make your reservation old school style over the phone.

    Instead of calling yourself, reach out to Destinations To Travel and let them make the reservation for you!

    Agents have a dedicated line which can mean shorter hold times, access to additional information and its FREE.

    Booking before package prices are released does change the amount of your deposit. Instead of your usual $200 deposit to book, youll be required to pay the cost of a one-night stay.

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    Booking Your Advance Dining Reservations

    Secure your table at some of Disneys most popular restaurants by booking your Advance Dining Reservations. On-site Disney Resort Guests can make ADRs 180-days before their check-in date and can book them for up to 10 days past their check-in date. Off-site Guests can make their ADRs for each day at 180-days of their arrival date. Use the Advance Dining Reservations calculator to determine the dates on which youre eligible to book your selections.

    You can make dining reservations online, by calling WDW-DINE or 939-3463. The Disney Reservation Center phone line is available between 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Mon-Fri, and 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM Sat and Sun. Online booking starts at 6:00 AM EST.

    Another great option is to book your Disney World vacation through a reputable Disney travel agent. We highly recommend The Vacationeer for all your Disney travel needs. They are helpful and efficient, and their assistance is completely free of charge!

    Advance Dining Reservation Tips

    Remember to link your tickets on www.disneyworld.disney.go ...

    We have assembled a list of tips that might help you in getting the reservation you want.

  • Be flexible in your dining time. The most popular times will certainly book first. For lunch, that will be between 12:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. and for dinner, it will typically be between 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. The less popular dining times will be easier to secure.
  • Be aware of special events surrounding the restaurant of your choice. Getting a window seat at the California Grill during the Magic Kingdom fireworks show might take some advanced planning.

    HOT TIP: Even if you dine at California Grill at 5:00 p.m., you can return to the restaurant later in the evening to watch fireworks from the observation decks by simply showing your receipt at the check-in desk.

  • Be practical in booking your family’s reservation. Generally, breakfast is less expensive than lunch and lunch is less expensive than dinner. Booking a late reservation at one of the breakfast buffets might serve as your midday meal allowing you to beat the lunch rush and pay the less expensive amount. The same is true for a late lunch. Booking the last lunch seating might allow you to dine at the restaurant of your choice and pay the lower lunch prices. The other benefit to this is that you might find shorter wait times at the popular attractions during the popular dining times.
  • We hope these tips and tricks help you get the Disney dining reservation you want.

    Bon appétit!

  • Wine Bar George | Disney Springs
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    Use Multiple Devices But Only If Necessary

    In almost all instances, 1 person working on 1 computer is plenty. But if you are booking for a large group, traveling during an extra busy time of the year , or trying for lots of hard-to-get reservations all things that can make it more challenging to snag the reservations you want you might want to consider using multiple people on multiple devices.

    For example, put 1 person in charge of snagging that pre-park opening Advanced Dining Reservation for Be Our Guest while you work on everything else.

    How Far In Advance Can You Book Disney

    So how far in advance can you book Disney World for 2022? You can book a room-only Disney world hotel reservationup to 499 days ahead of time. This type of booking does not include tickets or any dining plan if Disney reintroduces a Dining Plan in 2021 or 2022. A room-only reservation needs to be made by your travel agent or by calling Disney directly. It cannot be reserved using Disneys online reservation system. If there is a specific room or extremely popular resort that you simply must have on your Disney Resort stay, this option will get that room reserved for you while you wait for resort packages to open up.

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    Disney Reservation Calculator Timeline

    WDW allows you to make advance reservations for lodging, dining, and other various activities around the park.

    As part of our Disney Reservation Calculator, use our Advance Dining Reservations calculator to determine when to book your dining and in-park reservations.

    Heres a timeline to help guide you through the Disney Reservation Calculator as you decide when to book certain aspects of your trip.

    Update: Advance Dining Reservation can be made up to 60 days prior to your arrival. Additionally, the Disney Dining Plan has been suspended until further notice. Stay tuned for more updates as 2021 progresses.

    Disney’s Dining Reservation Policy During Covid

    How to Make Walt Disney World Park Reservations

    Pre-COVID Disney guests used to be able to book dining reservations 180 day in advance. But now, all guests are able to make their Disney dining reservations 60 days in advance.

    If youre staying in the park at a Disney resort, you can book 60 days out plus 10 days into your total trip.

    But those staying on property still get an added advantage: If youre staying on-property , you can book 60 days out plus 10 days into your total trip. This means you’ll have a better shot at Disney’s most popular restaurants if you book them out a little later into your trip.

    If you’re staying off property, you can only book 60 days out, exactly. This means no booking ahead for your entire trip if you want to take full advantage of the 60 day lead time.

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    Book Disney World Advanced Dining Reservations At 180 Days

    Your best bet for getting the reservation you want it is to book the very day that you can, at the very first moment they open the reservations . This would be 180 days out. That is how youll get the most coveted slots like Cinderellas Royal Table, by being the early bird!

    You can either book online or call WDW-DINE by 7:00 am ET. Reservations often fill up within minutes of opening.

    How Far In Advance Can You Make Tee Time Reservations At Walt Disney World Golf

    Walt Disney World® Golf, operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management, offers our Guests the opportunity to easily make tee time reservations by calling our main phone number 939-4653 / WDW-GOLF or by using our online reservation system at:

    We offer differing advanced time windows for making your reservations, depending upon whether you are staying at a Walt Disney World® Resort hotel, a Disney Vacation Club® Member, a Walt Disney World® Annual Passholder, a member of our Armed Forces or are a Florida/Orlando area resident:

    Note that a major credit card will be required to confirm your tee time reservation.

    If you need to cancel or modify your reservation, please do so at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled tee time to avoid a possible payment penalty. If you made your reservation using the online system, you may cancel or modify your reservation using the online system as well.

    Also, be sure to sign up for our Walt Disney World® Golf eClub and we will send you periodic mailings with additional information on updates and special offers before anyone else!

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Happiest Place on TURF!

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    Dos And Donts For Making Advanced Dining Reservations At Disney World

    Disney dining reservations are a serious business! Disney dining is fantastic, and many of the restaurants are extremely popular with all reservations gone minutes after the reservations open for that date. If you are anxious about making reservations or really want to make sure you get a particular one, then definitely check out this great list of 9 DOs and DONTs for making advanced dining reservations at Walt Disney World:

    9 DO determine the exact date for your 60-day mark.

    Editors Note: Since July 2020 the dining booking window has been 60 days . This change appears to be here to stay, at least for the time being.

    You can begin making advanced dining reservations for Disney World restaurants exactly 60 days from the date of your arrival. If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel, you will be able to make your reservations for your entire stay at that one sitting. This can be helpful in snagging the restaurants that are tough to get. You will want to be sure that you have the exact right day so that you can plan to make your reservations.

    8 DONT underestimate the need to plan out your preferred restaurant dates, times, etc.

    7 DO check park hours and calendars to help plan around show times, fireworks, etc.

    6 DONT forget to set your alarm to get up early to make reservations.

    5 DO call if you are experiencing issues online.

    4 DONT give up if you didnt get all of your preferred reservations.

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