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How Busy Is Disney World In September

What To Wear To Disney World In September

Disney World Planning Journal!

What should you wear to Disney World in September? For the most part you should wear exactly what you would here in the summer months. September is hot every day so that means you want to dress light during the day and most nights too.

Like all the summer months its nice because that means less space used in your suitcase for clothes, and more space for gifts to go home with!

Whether at night or during the day, most of the time you are going to want to wear shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. Sweating is like breathing in Florida in September so you want to be as comfortable as possible.

We dont recommend bringing many pairs of pants unless you are going to be doing some fancy restaurants like Victoria & Alberts. Button-down shirts are ok, again as long as they are light and comfortable.

Those are sensitive to air conditioning might want to bring a light sweater or jacket for eating in the restaurants at dinner. Air conditioning is always blasting and sometimes it is just too cold.

Even though these are the normal situations, we suggest checking the weather forecast in the days leading up to your trip. Things can change so pack according to what the weather will be in the days you are there.

You definitely want to bring your swimsuit with you in September as youll probably spend a good amount of time hanging out by the pool. Sunscreen and sunglasses are both musts in Florida in September because even though there is a lot of rain, there is also plenty of sunshine.

Wdw Seasonal Events In September

To answer a common question: yes, you will see Halloween decorations if you visit Walt Disney World in September. Any day in September . However, the only park that gets decked out for Halloween is Magic Kingdom, and thats true in any year, not just 2022.

It remains to be seen whether Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party happens in 2022. Its possible that beloved Halloween party returns, and its also possible that Magic Kingdom brings back the Disney After Hours Boo Bash Halloween Party for one more year. This limited-capacity separately ticketed event features cavalcades, character greetings, shorter waits for attractions, and other entertainment.

Another event thatll occur throughout September 2022 is the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. This is a great way to graze and sample different cuisines, or attend instructive seminars, or other foodie special events. Its also a great way to lighten your wallet, as it is very easy to spend a lot of money at Food & Wine Festival on these small samples.

Especially if you buy booze: not only can you spend a lot on the drinks, but the drinks might cause you to relax your credit card swiping hand and use it more freely on snacks. Not that we know from experience or anything. Check out our Epcots International Food & Wine Festival Guide for more tips and tricks for this event.

The Best Time To Visit Disney World In May 2022

So as school breaks start to officially wind down towards the end of April, your family might be wondering how busy is Disney in May? Historically, May has been a slower month compared to April and the summer months. If youre picking a full week to travel we recommend the week of May 11th-17th, but if you are looking for the slowest time to go to Disney World for a day, try May 12th or 13th.

The middle of May has two of the best weeks to visit Disney throughout the entire year. This is because guests will have access to all of the attractions and water parks but enjoy lower crowds than March and April. Guests can also still take advantage of the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival. The only downside to visiting Walt Disney World in May is that this is when Florida temperatures start to go from warm to hot.

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The Best Time To Visit Disney World In August 2022

August has always been the best summer month to visit Disney World. So when is the best time to visit Disney World in August? If you are planning a full week, we recommend August 22nd 28th. If you are only visiting Disney for one or two days in August, we recommend the 25th or 26th.

August has typically always been the calmest summer month as many of the schools in the southern part of the United States are back in session. Plus, Disney runs some amazing vacation deals. One of the coolest parts about August is also the fact that Disney allows you to get a head start on your Halloween celebration as the first Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Partytakes place around August 13th.

Visiting Walt Disney World In September 2022

5 Best Times Of The Year To Visit Disney World If You Hate Crowds  Nerdism

If you are considering a visit to Walt Disney World in September, there are definitely a few things to keep in mind. Two major events typically take place throughout the month including Epcots Food and Wine Festival as well as Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. In terms of crowds, its considered to be one of the lightest months of the year. This is mostly due to the not-so-great weather as well as the fact that September is the beginning of a new school year. But if these are non-issues for you, September can be a great month to visit Walt Disney World!

**The reopening of Walt Disney World is an ongoing process that is constantly changing. Be sure to visit our guide to visiting Disney World during the phased reopening for updated information to guide your vacation planning!

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What Is The Best Time To Go To Disney World

A lot of factors play into the best time to go to Disney World. Are you wanting the easiest trip, the most exciting one, or one that your kids will never forget?

Disney World offers all of these things, albeit at different times of the year. Good thing you found our Disney crowd calendar to help you sort it all out! We have sorted through everything for you and figured out the best times for comfort, excitement, and perfect childhood memories.

Read on to figure out the best time to come depending on what you are looking for.


Disney World is a paradise, and it can also be a bit of an ordeal sometimes between the Florida heat and the Disney crowds. If you love Disney World, but want as easy and comfortable experience as possible, come in January or September.

Florida temperatures in January are pretty mild and easily survivable. While the first week of January is crowded, as mentioned above, the rest of the month is much less crowded. January is also solidly outside of hurricane season too, making it less likely that you will have to cut your vacation short for a storm.

Temperatures and humidity are much higher in September, but they are still better than August. And, as mentioned above, September is the least crowded time of year.

Both January and September, due to the smaller crowds during these times, offer lower prices for pretty much everything so that you can keep your wallet a lot more comfortable too.



Weekly View Includes All Entertainment Options Weather And Fastpass/dining Booking Dates

Be sure to print in landscape mode with background image turned on!

If you are viewing on a desktop/laptop, you will see a week at a time with all the full details. It is printable. If you are on mobile, it will show in mobile format that will stream down the page. You must subscribe to Character Locator in order to see Friday/Saturday in Mobile View.

My Crowd Calendar includes park hours, Extra Magic Hours, special entertainment options, 180 Days Dining Window, 60 and 30 Day Fastpass+ Booking Windows!

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Things To Keep In Mind For February:

  • There are a few holidays and special events sprinkled throughout this month that have historically drawn large crowds.
  • The Epcot Festival of the Arts is one of the shorter festivals, but it is definitely worth checking out.
  • The weather in February is some of the best youll have.

Get park hours and info on refurbishments and special events on the .

Epcot Food And Wine Festival

Is Disney World Getting More Crowded and What Does It Mean for YOU?

The EPCOT Food & Wine Festival is the original EPCOT food festival and this year is going to be bigger than ever. In 2021 the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival is starts July 15th and is runs through November 20th. That means 129 days of eating and drinking your way around World Showcase.

Really, if you havent been before its a great time to go as there are over 30+ different food marketplaces where you can try food and drinks from many cuisines from all over the world. They also have plenty of gluten-free and vegan choices if you have particular dietary needs.

We recommend dedicating a full day to the Food & Wine Festival to do it right, and even then you wont be able to try anywhere near everything. There are even kids activities to keep the little ones interested and you can always do some rides in between snacking sessions.

If you are going, make sure to read our Complete Guide to EPCOT Food & Wine Festival for more info and tips. Its also helpful to look over the Food & Wine Menus and our guide to the Best Snacks at the Food & Wine Festival so you know exactly what to eat.

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Disneyland Paris Low Season /high Season

The first point of this Disney Crowd Calendar 2022 is about the Disneyland Paris low season /high season. High season and low season in Disneyland Paris are the same as in the capital. The Disneyland Paris low season is considered from 1st November to 31st March, except for the holiday season .

The low season is the best time to go to Disneyland Paris to avoid the crowds, and Disneyland Paris tickets are also cheaper, but the weather may not be ideal.

Also, there may be fewer scheduled shows and events during these periods.

The high season in Disneyland Paris is considered from 1st April to 31st October. It means better weather and more hours of daylight but also more crowds and long lines for the rides.

Things To Keep In Mind For July:

  • Weather has always been a factor when planning Disney World trips, but the temps and humidity in July can be particularly brutal.
  • Storms will also likely be a factor, so we highly recommend you plan mid-day breaks from the sun and rain during your trip.
  • In 2021, the Flower and Garden Festival ended in July and the Food & Wine Festival started. Dates for 2022 have not been released.

Get park hours and info on refurbishments and special events on the .

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How To Deal With Bad Weather In Disney

There are certainly ways to prepare and conquer the parks during the hottest and most humid temperatures. Hydrate! Sealed, unopened bottles of water are permitted in the parks, so pack a backpack cooler! Plan for pit stops. Whether its stopping at Gastons Tavern for a sip of LeFous Brew at the Magic Kingdom or stopping at Pizzafari for a Mandarin Orange Lemonade, there are plenty of air-conditioned areas to stop and cool off while sipping on something frosty. And lastly, plan on heading back to your Disney resort for a splash in the pool or a quick nap. Consider planning your FastPass+ options around a midday break!

We also outline which Disney World Resortswe feel are best for midday breaks based on location, transportation, and budget! Depending on whats most important to you or your family , one things for sure theres NEVER a bad time to go to Disney World! From large crowds to scorching temperatures, there are plenty of ways to plan around certain things that are out of your control. From locking in FastPass+ selections, to reserving those must-try dining locations and a whole lot more, youre one step closer to creating memories thatll last a lifetime!

Which Disney Park Is Least Crowded On Wednesday

Disneyland in September: Best &  Worst Days to Go  Is It Packed?  Real ...

We have found Mondays and Wednesdays to be the least busy days at EPCOT. Disneys Hollywood Studios Park- Hollywood Studios has consistently had the longest attraction wait times and been the hardest park pass reservation to obtain since reopening. Due to this, we recommend trying to avoid this park on weekends.

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Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar 2021

Are you going to Walt Disney World in 2021? Would you like to know what you can expect from the crowds? Are you trying to determine the best time to head to Walt Disney World? Then take a look at our Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar for 2021.

Our crowd calendar will help you prepare and make the best decisions for planning the dates of your magical Disney vacation. While days with more substantial crowds may occur, this crowd calendar will give you a traditional idea of what you can expect.

    Know What Are The Best Times To Go To Disney

    *Based on Disney Parks in Orlando, Florida, USA

    Youll notice that , while March has crowd sizes ranging from Moderate to High .

    While youre planning that perfect day to go, dont forget to to view the crowd level of each day!

    Best Time of Year to Visit Disney World

      These months are closely followed by March, May, September, and October as still pretty decent visiting times.

      Worst Time of Year to Visit Disney World

        Florida Weather at Disney World

        Florida is mostly filled with perfect weather however, there are moments when I question my sanity of living here.

        Summertime in Florida is like no other state, especially for theme park goers.

        If youre a resident of an area that experiences all four seasons with mild summers, then you will definitely be taken aback by the hot, humid, indescribable weather that Florida is known for.

        The weather can truly affect your choice when deciding what season to visit the parks.

        Youll want to be prepared for surviving the Disney heat, but dont worry I have some summertime survival tips here.

        Have a DIFFERENT kind of Orlando vacation with a Resort home next to Disney World.Find Your Disney Resort Vacation Rental here!

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        Why Crowd Calendars Are Helpful

        Using a Disney crowd calendar to find the right days to go to the parks means:

        • Less time wasted waiting in line for rides
        • Less time in line for food
        • Easier to get Advanced Dining Reservations
        • Easier to get Genie+ reservations for the popular attractions
        • More space when navigating the parks
        • Having more freedom to choose what to do once you get to the parks
        • More entertainment showtimes

        Not all parks have the same attendance nor crowd flow. There are certain times of the year when a given theme park will flow differently than other times of the year. Even attraction lines behave very differently from season to season or week to week, with much dependant on how many cast members are working that day ride efficiency and how many people are in the park.

        For example, if you try to ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance on a holiday or one of the busiest days of the year, you will have to get there well before the park opens if you dont want to wait for hours in line.

        Also, crowd levels in the parks can vary throughout the day from morning to afternoon and evening. That means its important to react and know what to do when peak crowds start arriving. If you have a basic understanding of how crowds work, you will have a much better time!

        Lets Talk About The Weather

        A BUSY DAY AT HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS | Disney World Vacation September 2017 Day 5

        Orlando temperatures have warmed considerably over the past decade. As recently as 2011, daily low temperatures were often in the 60s.

        Thats rarely the case now. According to WeatherSpark, the average low temperature hovers between 72 and 75 degrees.

        Temperatures lower than 68 degrees are rare now, although far from unprecedented.

        On the other side, September is much more temperate than July or August.

        The average high temperature ranges between 86 and 89 degrees. Believe me when I say that the difference between 89 degrees and, say, 95 degrees is dramatic.

        You wont need to escape the sun much, if any at all, when the temperature falls in the 80s. But, when its in the mid-90s, well, thats a different story.

        Thankfully, Septembers high temperatures in Orlando rarely go higher than 93 degrees and could be as low as 81 degrees.

        As such, September proves an ideal time to visit. Its the kind of Florida weather that has made the state such a dream vacation destination.

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        Learn How To Use Genie+

        The next way to avoid crowds in Disney World is to have a good Genie+ strategy. This is the replacement service for FastPass+, and it also was created to allow you to essentially skip the lines on whatever attractions you make reservations for, giving you very minimal wait times.

        There are 2 ride reservation systems, Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane selections, both of which you need to pay extra for if you want to use. Guests with reservations then use the Lightning Lane to bypass the standby line.

        Genie+ costs $15 per day, per guest. With that fee, guests can make reservations for attractions they want to ride throughout the day in a specific time slot like FastPass+. They then come back when that time slot is called.

        Attractions included in Individual Lightning Lane selections on the other hand let you skip the line for a one-time fee and not an all-day pass. This is useful if you just want to pay for one ride and not the whole day.

        The process starts each morning at 7:00 am when you can start making Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lane reservations for that day using My Disney Experience.

        The best strategy is to get a Lightning Lane reservation for the most popular rides with the longest wait times, that way you can avoid the longest lines when you visit that park.

        Read our Guide to Disneys Genie service for more info and tips.

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