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Guide To Disney World Parks

Are Standby Wait Times Longer Or Shorter Now In Walt Disney World

An Idiots Guide to WALT DISNEY WORLD

Any kind of line-skipping service makes the standby queue longer by default because it has to start up and slow down constantly to let guests in the Lightning Lane go ahead.

Since the Genie+ and Lightning Lanes were implemented in October 2021, we have noticed a slight increase in wait times across the board, but when comparing things to the FastPass+ era, overall wait times should be lower. Well understand this better once crowds return to the parks 100%.

Dont Miss Your Return Times

Another thing to keep in mind when stacking Genie+ reservations is to make sure the timing isnt too close where you end up missing one of your return times. Its up to you to know when your return times are so make sure its doable.

Dont make them too close together if they are physically spaced out too far from each other. This is good advice if you have ones in your group that are not fast walkers and it takes them a while to get from A to B. Also, take into consideration what type of attractions they are.

For example, at Disneys Animal Kingdom, if you book Kilimanjaro Safaris, Festival of the Lion King, and Dinosaur all with return times of 2:00 pm 3:00 pm, it might be difficult to do them all in time if you dont do them in the right order.

The Festival of the Lion King is 30 minutes long, and Kilimanjaro Safaris is 20 minutes. Allowing for a few minutes in line, delays, and the time it takes then to walk all the way over to Dinosaur, you are likely looking at more than an hour. If you do Dinosaur first, then Kilimanjaro Safaris, then Festival of the Lion King though, its much easier.

If you are at the Magic Kingdom, a good example of planning would be to book Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Pirates all together. They are short rides and located right next to each other so you will have no problem doing them in less than an hour.

Disney Memory Maker Advance Purchase

Disney Memory Maker advance purchase will save you a few bucks if you intend to purchase Disney photos taken by Disney photographers. Youll get access to unlimited pictures taken throughout the parks, as well as unlimited digital downloads if you want this package. Purchase Memory Maker at least three days ahead of time, and youll spend $169 instead of $199.

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Best Rides In Animal Kingdom

This park has our favorite ride: Avatar Flight of Passage a state-of-the-art flight simulator that takes you on a journey through Pandora, the World of Avatar.Its a realistic dive into the world of the famous movie, Avatar. The stunning details make this a top-rated attraction. At night, the world comes alive with shimmering color and sounds from the forest.This flight simulator takes you on a journey from the back of banshee over the gorgeous world of Pandora.More great rides include:

  • The famous Expedition Everest which takes you to the edge of a broken track, where you spot the Yeti protecting Forbidden Mountain, and then it propels you backward. A must-do for thrill-seekers!
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris which gives you an up-close look at animals like lions, tigers, giraffes and zebras, all in their natural habitat
  • Dinosaur which is a mad, motion simulator that depicts a chase from a real dinosaur. And yes, sometimes I scream on this one!

Within minutes, you can go from spotting giraffes on Kilimanjaro Safaris to spotting the Yeti on Expedition Everest.

Pro Tip: Disney Hotel Split Stays

The complete guide to Walt Disney World Park with babies ...

If youre considering one Disney hotel, why not two? Disney will transfer your luggage between any of their hotels. This makes doing a split staywhere you stay at two different Disney hotels on the same tripquite convenient. In particular, we like to pair hotels across tiers, usually a longer value stay with a shorter deluxe stay.

If you can do a split stay that gives you access to Extended Evening Hours during your deluxe stay, youll really have a winning trip.

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When Should I Start Planning My Disney Trip

Ideally, start planning as soon as possible. Hotels, Park Passes, and other reservations fill up fast. I like to start planning about a year ahead, but we definitely recommend planning at least 9 months ahead.

You definitely can take a last minute trip to Disney World, but just know that some things you want to do or places you want to stay may not be available.

Salons & Spas At Disney World Resorts

After a hard workout , what better way to unwind than with a restorative treatment at the salon or spa? After all, everyone deserves a little bit of luxury while on vacation. Pamper yourself with a massage, facial, manicure, or even a haircut during a trip to one of the several Disney spas on property.

A full-service spa or salon offering all the essentials can be found at these Disney resorts:

  • Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House Zahanti Massage & Fitness Center
  • Disneys Coronado Springs Resort La Vida Health Club
  • Disneys Grand Floridian Resort Senses Spa and Ivy Trellis Salon
  • Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort Senses Spa
  • Disneys Wilderness Lodge Resort Salon by the Springs
  • Disneys Yacht Club Ship Shape Health Club

Other health clubs at Disneys deluxe resorts may also offer spa treatments, though in a much sparser setting. Although they arent operated by Disney, two other hotels on Disney World property also boast indulgent spas. Over at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resorts, the Mandara Spa envelopes guests in relaxing, Balinese-inspired treatments. For an even more extravagant experience, book something at The Spa at Four Season Resort Orlando, an elegant retreat at Disney Worlds most exclusive hotel.

Have you done an adult Disney vacation? How do you like to do Disney World as an adult? What do you think is the best Disney hotel, park, or restaurant for adults? Let us know in the comments!

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Walt Disney World In A Nutshell

Whatever youre envisioning, think bigger. With four theme parks, two water parks, multiple golf courses, a sports complex as well as 25 hotels and countless restaurants, its less a vacation destination and more of a city sprawl with Mickey Mouse as mayor, as ends of the property span as far as a half-hour drive. Unlike Disneyland, this theme park behemoth is impossible to conquer in one day, so prepare to pace yourself.

All About The Disney World Parks

Walt Disney World ATTRACTION GUIDE – All Rides in All Four Parks – 2021 – Orlando, Florida

2 water parks.

1 massive shopping district.

The Disney World parks have something for everyone but with so much to offer you may find yourself wondering where to start.

We can help.

We have comprehensive guides that cover everything there is to see and do at the parks.

Plus, we have all the necessary tips and FastPass+ resources youll need to put together a touring plan that keeps you out in the parks having fun instead of wasting your valuable vacation time in lines.

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The Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World With Kids 2020

What Makes the Kids Guide Different from the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World?

  • Five new kids have joined our team to give you tips on how to make your Disney trip the best vacation ever
  • All you need to know about the new 14-acre Star Wars: Galaxys Edge land, including ride descriptions and touring plans
  • Details about Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway ride, and a review of the Wonderful World of Animation and Lightning McQueens Racing shows at Disneys Hollywood Studios
  • Our take on Storybook Dining, the new character dining offered at Disneys Wilderness Lodge
  • The latest on new hotels coming to Orlando, including Disneys Riviera Resort The Cove, a new hotel opening as part of the Disney World Swan & Dolphin complex and Gran Destino Tower, the latest addition to Disneys Coronado Springs Resort
  • Review of the Margaritaville Resort Orlando and its on-site Island H2O Live! waterpark
  • Updates on all the Universal Orlando attractions, including news from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and information on the new on-site Endless Summer Resort

About This Planning Guide

Not a day goes by when someone on the internet doesnt bemoan the amount of planning that goes into Walt Disney World vacations these days. Some people think Disney requires too much planning, and others think that bloggers simply tell you theres too much planning.

While this guide doesnt cover every nook and cranny of Disney World planning, it is pretty thorough, and we wont apologize for that. We write primarily for people planning a first or only visit who want to put in all the time they can to make sure their experience is magical.

Can you have a magical experience at Walt Disney World with no advance planning? Definitely. Will you miss out on a ton with no planning? Definitely.

Heres the thing, you can always stop reading about Walt Disney World if you feel youre just getting too deep or you run out of time. You cannot go back in time to learn things you missed out on once youre there.

At about 6000 words, this guide should take an average person about 30 minutes to read straight through. Of course, as I said, this guide links out to a ton of other material.

Regardless, 30 minutes to introduce you to pretty much every concept you need to know for booking a Walt Disney World vacation really isnt a bad use of time, especially as some of the tips and tricks in here can save your hundredseven in rare cases thousandsof dollars.

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How To Get Around

Walt Disney World Transportation shuttles guests between Disney hotels and theme parks every 20 or so minutes, with drop-offs just a short distance from the front gate of each park. Because of this, Disney World is entirely doable without a car, yet some families prefer one for convenience. Standard parking costs $20 each day at theme parks, which can be used at all interchangeably. There are options more scenic than cars, like the Disney Monorail which shuttles guests between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot or boats which operate between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. As for Uber, Disney parks have become lenient to the ride-share service, but integration across the property is not yet seamless. If youre trying to find your way through the parks themselves, the My Disney Experience app offers reliable walking directions and arrival times.

Is Disney World Worth It For Adults

Ultimate Guide to the 4 Disney World Parks

Wholeheartedly yes. Disney World for adults may seem like a bit of an oxymoron. But we promise, there are plenty of fun things to do at Disney World for adults. Whether youre looking for lighthearted, theme park thrills, a sophisticated escape with luxurious touches, or anything in between, you can find it at Walt Disney World.

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Best Things To Do & Food To Eat In Epcot

As you stroll through the countries, here are some of my favorite things to do and eat:

  • Ride Frozen Ever After in Norway a boat ride featuring Anna and Elsa and grab one of their famous Anna cupcakes in the bakery.
  • In France, drink sparkling champagne and hit the bakery for macaroons or tasty eclairs.
  • When Im in Mexico, I always grab a few churros and enjoy a cocktail at the La Cava del Tequila. Then pick up some handmade trinkets in the Pyramid shops.
  • Fish and chips on the go, wrapped in newspaper, with a Guinness is a must-have at the Rose and Crown Pub.
  • And yes, you may want to stop in America and get the world-famous funnel cake with ice cream on top.

Eat, ride and shop your way through Epcot from Norway to the UK.

Discover Enchantment At Magic Kingdom Park

  • Zoom across the galaxy past shooting stars, meteors and comets on Space Mountain. Then come back down to Earth, amid a magical assortment of critters at Splash Mountain before an exciting 5-story splashdown!
  • Its off to rocking youll go on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, an exciting coaster thats part adventure, part fantasyand as groundbreaking as the classic film that inspired it!
  • Return to a long-forgotten time when swashbuckling buccaneers ruled the seas at Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Marvel at all the spectacular surprises and time-honored attractions at Magic Kingdom park like the Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

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Other Things To Do At Disney World For Adults

Going on rides all day is fun for the kids, anyway. But if youre doing Disney World as an adult, chances are that youll be itching to spend some time out of lines and away from the crowds. Luckily, there are tons of fun things for adults to do at Disney World that dont require a theme park ticket.

How Do I Get The Lightning Lane

The 2022 Guide To DISNEY PARKS – Disney News – Jan 1, 2022

The easiest way to book Individual Lightning Lane attractions is by using the Tip Board in the My Disney Experience app. To do this, navigate to the Menu button at the bottom of the screen and click Tip Board.

There you will see a list of all the attractions in that park. Scroll down until you find the Individual Lightning Lane attraction you are looking for where you will see the next available return window and purchase price. Click the box to continue.

TIP: If you dont see the attraction you are looking for, make sure the right park is selected. To change parks click the Change Park button underneath todays date.

On the next screen, search and select your preferred return time.

To see your current plans and if there are any conflicts during the selected return time click the Plans During This Time button. The app wont warn you otherwise if you have conflicting plans, so look through here to see if you have any prior Advanced Dining Reservations or Genie+ attractions scheduled.

Next, we need to confirm our party. If there are members missing that should be there, or people in the list that shouldnt be, click the Edit button to make the appropriate changes. This is important because you cant modify the reservation once its purchased.

Select your party members and click Confirm Party.

Once your party is confirmed, click Continue at the bottom of the screen.

Next, you are sent to a confirmation screen.

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Beyond Disney: The Unofficial Guide To Universal Orlando Seaworld & The Best Of Central Florida 9th Edition

Includes comprehensive coverage on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Both Universal Orlando and SeaWorld remain in the top theme parks to visit in the United States – each with attendance of almost 5 million per year.

Theres Another World Out There

If you think that central Florida consists only of Walt Disney World, youre wrong. Whats more, youre passing up some great fun and amazing sights. Admittedly, its taken a while, but Walt Disney World now has plenty of competition that measures up toe-to-toe. And though it may sound blasphemous to suggest a whole vacation in central Florida without setting foot on Disney property, its not only possible but also in many ways a fresh and appealing idea.

The big four non-Disney theme parks are Universal Studios Florida, Universal Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens. Each is unique. Universal Studios Florida, a longtime rival of Disneys Hollywood Studios, draws its inspiration from movies and television and is every bit the equal of the Disney movie-themed park. Universal Islands of Adventure is arguably the most modern, high-tech theme park in the United States, featuring an all-star lineup of thrill rides that make it the best park in Florida for older kids and young-at-heart adults.

All four parks approximate, equal, or exceed the Disney standard without imitating Disney, successfully blending distinctive presentations and personalities into every attraction.

How Do You Purchase Genie+

Using Genie+ is a 2-step process. First, you need to purchase Genie+ as a service, then you can make ride reservations.

The Genie+ service can be purchased ahead of time as part of your vacation or ticket package which lasts for the duration of your visit, or it can be purchased for individual days of your trip.

If you choose to purchase Genie+ for your entire vacation this must be done before arriving at Disney World. You can do this through the official Walt Disney World website or by using an

Genie+ for individual days are available to buy starting at 12:00 am on the date you plan on using it. You can purchase it using the My Disney Experience app.

We recommend buying it BEFORE 7:00 am on the day of your visit so it is ready to go right when ride reservations start.

*Its important to remember you need a valid theme park admission before purchasing Genie+.

To buy Genie+ open the My Disney Experience app, click on the menu button at the bottom of the page, and then click My Genie Day.

Youll see a button in the middle of the screen that says: Take Today to the Next Level, Get Disney Genie+ for Today.

On the next screen, you can add guests to your party who are connected with you in the Family & Friends list in My Disney Experience. If you are a family of 4 this is where you add the other members to the Genie+ purchase.

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