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Grocery Stores That Deliver To Disney World

Disney World Grocery Delivery Summary

Grocery Delivery at Disney World

I was overall very pleased with my savings and the efficiency of getting groceries delivered to our resort with Instacart. I saved over $30 just on the yogurt, fruit, and milk I ordered compared to what I would have spent in the food court!

If you are going to eat more meals in your room, you could potentially save way more.

Both Prime Now and Instacart will deliver to any location in the Disney World area any hotel and rental vacation homes. You can right before your trip!

I think Instacart offers the best value and ease of use of all grocery delivery options at Walt Disney World. If you have any questions about grocery delivery, just and Ill get right back to you!

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Closest Grocery Store To Disney World

Disney consists of over 30,000 acres so the closest grocery store to someone staying at Saratoga Springs is not the closest grocery store to someone staying at Fort Wilderness Lodge.

My suggestion is to download the Google Maps app if you dont already have it. I am a huge iPhone fan and own one but Google Maps is better than regular Maps. Once you download the app type in Publix to find the closest one to you.


8145 Vineland Ave Orlando, FL 32821 and 29 Blake Blvd, Celebration, FL 34747


3250 Vineland Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Other Ways To Get Groceries At Wdw

Now, onto alternatives. In addition to Garden Grocer, there are some other, similar services in Orlando. Four of those options are: Grocery Express, Kroger Grocery Delivery, Shipt, and Instacart. If you have a membership to any of these, you probably already know how they work and have your favorite. If you dont, theres no point getting one for Walt Disney World.

If you have a rental car, you might just go to the grocery store yourselfunless you want to save time. Even if you dont have a rental car, you might consider going yourself. Thanks to Uber, you can make a round-trip grocery run yourself for about $25-35 depending upon your Walt Disney World hotel, the store to which you go (see addresses below for closest location, and how long it takes you to shop.

For starters, use our Tips for Using Uber at Walt Disney World post as a primer if youre unfamiliar with Uber. Next, when you request an Uber, make sure to contact the driver immediately and inform them that youre doing a grocery run, to see if its okay with them. Drivers will more likely be okay with this if you tell them they can drive around the parking lot while they wait for you .

If youre going to get groceries yourself, hit up Whole Foods , Publix , SuperTarget Target at Flamingo Crossings or Trader Joes .

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How Much Does Instacart Cost

Instacart charges $3.99 for same-day delivery if your order reaches a $35 threshold. If you select one-hour delivery, delivery from a club stores like Costco and BJs, or if you order is less than $35, the fee will vary.

Another thing to note is that there will also be a service fee or 5% charged and you will also need to tip your delivery driver.

You can sign up for a 2-week free trial of Instacart Express which will give you free deliveries over $35 and reduced service fees. If you choose to keep this service, you will be charged $99 per year after the trial.

Groceries You Have Shipped To You

How to Save Money With Grocery Delivery at Disney World


  • When shipping from home, it makes it easy to only bring the quantities you need


  • Disney charges $5 per box for items shipped to the resort
  • Even if your box is delivered ahead of your arrival, delivery to your resort may be delayed several days
  • You cant easily ship items that need to remain chilled

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Does Disney Charge For Grocery Delivery

Disney World recently started charging guests a $6 fee to have bell services bring a grocery delivery to your hotel room. I believe this will show us as a room charge on your folio at checkout.

If you have groceries delivered and pick them up from bell services yourself, you will NOT be charged the delivery fee. The fee only applies if bell services delivers your order to your room. The $6 charge is per grocery order, not per bag of groceries.

So if you want to save money, either meet your Instacart delivery person in the lobby or pick your order up yourself at bell services.

Is Disney World Grocery Delivery Free

Well, it used to be. But Disney World recently started charging guests a $6 fee to have bell services bring a grocery delivery to your hotel room. I believe this will show us as a room charge on your folio at checkout.

If you have groceries delivered and pick them up from bell services yourself, you will NOT be charged the delivery fee. The fee only applies if bell services delivers your order to your room. The $6 charge is per grocery order, not per bag of groceries.

So if you want to save money, either meet your Instacart delivery person in the lobby or pick your order up yourself at bell services.

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Where To Pick Up A Grocery Delivery At Your Resort

When you get a notification that your order was delivered, you can pick it up at any time from the Bell Service desk at your resort.

Dont make the mistake of trying to get it at the front desk like I did . If your order needs to stay cold, Bell Services will keep it in a fridge until you pick it up or they deliver it.

I got free delivery on my order but I was charged a 10% service fee .

Pros Of Using Garden Grocer

Best Grocery & Alcohol Delivery at WDW
  • Incredibly reliable service with lots of guests recommending them.
  • There is NO minimum order cost. You simply order your groceries and on orders under $200, there is a $14 delivery fee.
  • For guests who order in advance, there is a discount structure available .
  • They will deliver alcohol if purchased.

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Pros Of Using A Car Delivery Service

  • Any groceries that are ordered using this method will be dropped off at Bell Services. The good news is that they have a great storage arrangement, including refrigeration units meaning that all your goods will be kept at the appropriate temperature until you either collect or arrange delivery to your room.
  • Youre in control of delivery windows and can select the one that best suits your day. It should be noted however that this is subject to change depending on the company you use.
  • Some stores are happy to deliver alcohol, for those looking for a bottle of spirits. Even if you have been walking around drinking all day!

Top 3 Grocery Delivery Services At Disney World

Leah Althiser

Flying into Orlando and using Disney transportation to get around can make your vacation both relaxing and affordable. But unfortunately, the Magical Express doesnt allow you to stop and pick up some groceries to stock your villa fridge!

There are many options for getting groceries delivered to your Disney resort hotel, including Amazons Prime Now, Garden Grocer, Instacart, and more.

In this post, Ill weight the pros and cons of the frontrunners, describe my experience with my top pick for getting groceries delivered right to your Disney World resort, and share some tips for having the best possible experience!

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How Does Instacart Disney World Work

The main difference between Instacart and a few of the other delivery service apps is there is no markup on their items. This means you would pay the exact same price as if you were shopping in the stores yourself, and you can even use digital coupons.

The service fee for Instacart is typically a flat 10% and they do charge a $4.00 delivery fee. However, depending on the size of your order this can be significantly lower than Garden Grocer.

Just like the services before this your Disney food delivery groceries will be left with Bell Services and any perishable items will be put in the fridge.

Instacart food delivery Disney World tips

  • Your delivery fee is waived if its your first order
  • Be sure to order in advance as one hour delivery can sometimes be full
  • You can sign up for text and email notifications when your groceries arrive
  • You can have your groceries delivered to your room for an additional $6.00

Special Note: Please remember to tip your driver, bell services, and cast member as their hard work allow us to take advantage of these great services!

Cons Of Using Garden Grocer

All the Options for Disney World Grocery Delivery To Your Hotel ...
  • You are restricted only to the products available on their website.
  • They will only deliver groceries to Disney World resorts.
  • Deliveries to the following resorts are available only between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk Resorts, and Disney campgrounds.
Buy from Garden Grocer here

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Final Thoughts On Garden Grocer Whole Foods And Instacart Disney World Grocery Deliveries

Getting groceries for Disney World is a huge time and money saving vacation tip. Ultimately which Disney World grocery delivery service to use is a personal choice.

Garden Grocer is still my preferred Disney World grocery delivery service. Although the most expensive option, their reliability and ability to deliver alcohol often makes the convenience worth the extra expense.

For trips where groceries are nice, but not essential, or when budget is a concern, Instacart is my Disney World grocery choice. A wide variety of products delivered least expensively makes Instacart a good Disney World grocery delivery option.

For those with a strong preference for organic or hard to find items, Whole Foods may be the right choice. Personally, Ive moved away from using Whole Foods and Amazon for Disney World groceries because the fees are high and the food selection limited.

Whether you pick up groceries yourself of use one of these Disney World grocery delivery services, I highly recommend having some food in your Disney World resort.

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Grocery Delivery From Publix

Get groceries delivered directly to your DVC Villa or anywhere Publix Super Markets delivers! Save money and time, and enjoy Publix quality on your Disney vacation!

DVC Resale Market, Inc. is proud to partner with Publix. From our site, you can link directly to Publix resort delivery service!

Its super easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Pick the items you want.
  • Schedule delivery time and location, and pay on the website.
  • Well have your groceries to you usually on the same day, often in as little as an hour.

    Receive $10 off and Free Delivery on your first order of $35 or more. Just enter promotion code PublixDVCResale102 at checkout. Offer Expires 12/31/2021.

    Publix mission is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world. After nearly 90 years, Publix is the largest grocery store chain in the South, and in 2018, Fortune Magazine ranked Publix #1 on their 2018 list of Worlds Most Admired Companies in the Food & Drug Stores sector.

    *Item prices vary from in-store prices. Service fees may apply. Available in select zip codes. Customers must be present to receive.

    How to Buy DVC Resales

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    Other Ways To Receive Groceries

    Checked luggage is an excellent way to transport groceries. All you need to do is ensure youve paid to have that luggage and consult your airlines guidelines on food transportations and weight requirements on luggage. This is a simple and easy way to get your groceries from A to B while remaining in full control and not having to worry about delays and deliveries. It is worth noting, however, that it can be a little bit more difficult to make sure you get perishable goods there safely.

    In-room grocery delivery is available for guests staying at Disney Vacation Club Villa and the Fort Wilderness cabins. You can order any groceries available at their on-site stores and must be ordered 3 days in advance to be delivered to your accommodation. It comes at a cost of $10 but is an easy, reliable system to use where you will be working directly with your resort. It is worth considering though that you will pay a premium to use this service, the goods come at a higher cost, much like youd expect from on-site stores.

    Do You Have To Be Present For Deliveries

    Everything to know about Grocery Delivery at Walt Disney World!

    I have always been present when Ive had groceries delivered at my hotel to avoid issues and mix-ups, but I know that many Disney hotels and surrounding off-site hotels will accept grocery deliveries for you and hold them at the bell desk. Some will even keep your items refrigerated.

    Before relying on this though, I would call your hotel and double check with the front desk or bell desk, just to be sure.

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    Plan To See Two Holidays In One Trip

    Yep, you read that right! Sometimes you can get both Halloween and the Holidays all in one trip. If you book your Disney World vacation at the end of October leading into the first week of November, you really can have it all.

    Magic Kingdom will be in full Halloween mode on October 31st , but as soon as that clock strikes midnight, BAM! ITS CHRISTMAS! Disney gets to work quickly, transforming ghosts and pumpkins into a holly-jolly winter wonderland.

    Jack Skellington certainly knows how to do both holidays at once!

    Disneys After Hours Halloween event took place from August through Halloween night in 2021.

    Disneys After Hours event for the holiday season started on November 8th in 2021, so if thats the same timeframe for this year, you could potentially go to both the Halloween and Holiday After Hours events in one trip if you so desire. But, that could be a long vacation for you!

    Note that as of writing, Disney has not yet confirmed whether these specific After Hours events will be returning for 2022 or if well see the return of the previous holiday parties or new events. Be sure to check our newsletter for the latest updates!

    Disney After Hours Boo Bash

    If you dont want a long vacation, what you can do is go to Magic Kingdom during its Halloween After Hours event and then wake up the next morning and go straight back to Magic Kingdom to get your picture with the Christmas Tree and all of the other holiday decor!

    The Holidays in Magic Kingdom!

    Instacart Disney World Cost & Fees

    Some items we commonly order are:

    • Fresh fruit
    • Beer and wine
    • Sunscreen

    Ive even ordered other random items such as medicine when my daughter caught a cold, bubble solution for her bubble wand, and swim floats to use at the pool.

    In my experience, groceries are VERY reasonably priced when using Instacart to order from Publix.

    For example, bananas cost $0.18 each from Instacart, compared to $1.99 in Disney food courts. You can even get the same sales available in the store!

    If your order is over $35 then a delivery fee of $3.99 will be applied.

    The delivery fee for an order under $35 varies depending on the size of your order and the time period during which you want it delivered. The range seems to be from $5.99 to $10.99.

    You will have to pay the delivery fee for each store you order from unless your order qualifies for free delivery.

    The other costs associated with an Instacart Disney World order are a 5% service fee and a recommended 5% tip .

    I think these fees are a small price to pay for the convenience of getting groceries delivered. I also know that we save far more than we send compared to what we would pay for these items at our hotel!

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    Say No Thank You To Upgrades

    Disney World has a lot of vacation enhancements you can add on to your trip like a Park Hopper, Disney Genie+, Fireworks dessert parties, and more. But, you dont HAVE to have ALL of these Disney upgrades to have a good time at the parks. Can they make things more convenient? Sure! But sometimes they can end up being a big cash grab for Disney , an expensive experience for you, and not truly necessary for your trip.

    Our dessert party plate

    You can outsmart Disney by saying, Thanks, but no thanks. Turning down these upgrades can save you a big chunk of change! Instead of spending the money on these extras, you can try the free version of some of these upgrades.

    If you want to do more than one Disney experience in a day but dont want to buy a Park Hopper, you can try spending half your day in a park and then the other half at Disney Springsor doing fun things at your Disney hotel or other Disney hotels.

    Hang out at your hotels pool!

    If you want to skip some long lines, you can use those single rider lines at certain rides to potentially get you up to the front faster . You can also take advantage of things like Early Theme Park Entry or Extended Evening Hours to get extra time in the parks with less crowds.

    Expedition Everest Single Rider Line

    Fireworks from behind the castle!

    There ya have it! Those are some of the ways you can outsmart Disney World on your vacation, but if you want to know more, check out our video below!

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