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Gluten Free Food At Disney World

Best Gluten Free Snacks In Disney World

Disney World Epcot Food & Wine Gluten Free Food Rankings!

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Just because youre on a gluten free diet doesnt mean that you cant enjoy something delicious from the happiest place on earth.

Below, youll find the top 10 gluten free treats that can be found all across Walt Disney World. Enjoy!

Heres Our List Of Some Of Our Favorite Disney World Restaurants Where You Can Eat Gluten Free

Note: To be certain your meal will be safe for you, speak to your server and the chef at Table Service restaurants or the Cast Member and manager at Quick Service restaurants. Theyll be able to get you ingredients lists and let you know of any possible cross-contamination. to learn more about dining with dietary needs at Walt Disney World.

Magic Kingdom Park: Frontierland

  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe This is a top allergy-friendly spot. Meals that can be milk allergy-friendly include the vegan/plant-based veggie rice bowl, chicken rice bowl, pork carnitas rice bowl, angus bacon burger, fajita platter, and taco trio. Many of these items can be made gluten-free and top allergen-free, and most have kids menu versions. Plus, they have PB& J Uncrustables and allergy-friendly cookies.
  • Westward Ho If you need a snack, stop here for a Mickey Bavarian-style pretzel and a slushy. Unfortunately, the churros do contain both milk and egg.

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Eat Breakfast In Your Room

This is an absolute must for us. Its just an easy way to cut down on some of the food costs. We typically go to a character breakfast or eat a pre-park opening breakfast at Be Our Guest once during a trip. But the rest of the time its breakfast in the room.

The type of room you stay in will impact that type of breakfast you can manage. If you are staying in a Deluxe villa you have access to a microwave or stove which ups the options considerably. However, below you will find some breakfast ideas that work in most other rooms.

Ideas for Breakfast in Your Room

  • Yogurt
  • PopTarts if that can be considered breakfast
  • Peanut butter and jelly because why not?

And yes, I will pack some of this stuff in my suitcase to bring from home. The bonus is that once you eat it all youve freed up space in your suitcase for souvenirs!

P.S. Just make sure you also pack spoons or other items you might need to eat and prepare the food.

Packing Your Own Gluten Free Goodies

Eating Gluten

Thankfully, if you dont want to buy any snacks on Disney World property, its perfectly acceptable to pack your own.

Yup thats right, you wont have to worry about sneaking in food and gluten free snacks onto Disney property.

For some delicious gluten free snack options, heres some great resources that you should check out:

This is just a handful of the great Disney World resources that you can use prior to and during your next visit to Disney World.

And if you know of any other great resources that you would love to share with everyone, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Im sure everyone would love to hear about some new and helpful gluten free Disney resources that can help readers make the most of their next visit.

Its greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading and hopefully you find something delicious and gluten free to eat during your next visit to Walt Disney World.

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Eating Gluten Free At Disney Springs & Disney World Resort Hotels

The table-service restaurants at Disney are often the easiest to accommodate allergies and special diets. When making your reservation, be sure to add a note of any allergies or specific needs. The restaurant staff will prepare all of the information youll need to dine. When you get to the restaurant , speak with the server about your requirements. Often, the chef will come out to speak with you about your specific needs and preferences in order to make sure your meal is delicious.

Gluten Free Restaurants at Disney Springs

Beyond the parks and resorts is the newly reimagined Disney Springs. Formerly known as Downtown Disney, this entertainment, dining and shopping area is home to many amazing restaurants and snack spots. There are plenty of tastes to explore in this ever-growing area of Disney World. Here are our favorite gluten-free restaurants at Disney Springs:

1. Chef Art Smiths Homecoming. Southern Chef and Food Network regular Art Smith brings classic Southern comfort food to Disney Springs. Nostalgic dishes such as Church Lady Deviled Eggs and vinegary Cucumber Salad will make you frog friends feel like youre at a Southern summer picnic. Shrimp & Grits or Fresh Florida catch grilled and served with iron skillet sweet potatoes are the perfect taste of the South.

Gluten Free Restaurants at the Disney World Resort Hotels

Gluten Free Counter Service Restaurants at the Disney Hotels

Is Disney World Truly Allergy

Many years ago, Chef Joel Schaefer spearheaded Disneys groundbreaking food allergy initiatives and ensured that all of their restaurants could better accommodate food-allergic guests. He recognized that Disney restaurants all strived to meet guests needs, but each restaurant handled food allergies differently, and each had its own food allergy procedures.

Schaefer streamlined Disneys food allergy protocols to create a more consistent system and ensure that every Disney restaurant followed specific company procedures. As a result, Disney Worlds various restaurants and hotels are widely considered the gold standard in serving food-allergic guests, allowing families with food allergies to truly enjoy the happiest place on earth.

Collaborating closely with Disneys food safety department, procurement team, legal team, restaurant chefs and managers, Chef Joel trained Disneys chefs, managers, cooks and servers on food allergy procedures. Additionally, he examined the various products they were using, checking to see which were free of the Big 8 allergens. During this process, he asked for guest feedback, wanting to know which brands and products food-allergic guests used themselves.

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Disney World Gluten Free Quick Service And Mobile Ordering

Youll find some hearty options here in addition to sandwiches and burgers. Most of the quick service options are decent for quick serve. The ones at the resorts tend to have more options than those in the parks.

Then when it comes to strictly quick serve, Mobile ordering is another option that Disney World has pushed in 2021- and good news! Its pretty easy to use with a non-life-threatening Allergy.

For those of you with severe allergies, Mobile Ordering is NOT the best option, and you need to walk up to the quick serve and talk to them about placing and order with a cashier and manager.

Why? Because accidents happen- even with the chefs. The thing about mobile ordering is that the person that hands you the food is not the person that prepares it and there are huge concerns about misplaced food and cross contamination.

Think grabbing a tray with spillage of allergens and then not changing gloves before handling your tray. And I simply dont expect the regular staff, many who have no allergy training, to understand this cross contamination.

When you talk to a manager or a Chef then you can alert them to how serious your allergy is and they can limit the number of people touching your food. Win Win!

And Bonus, it really only takes about another 10 minutes of your time, to speak with someone who understands allergies and can make sure you feel safe with yummy eats!

Sample $35 Day At Each Park

Tips for Gluten Free Eating in Disney World!

Im going to break down examples of lunch, dinner, and a snack at each of the parks and Disney Springs. These are just some examples but there really are any number of combinations you can come up with.

Animal Kingdom

  • D-Luxe Burger: El Diablo Burger, $12.49
  • Ghirardelli Soda Fountain: Double Scoop of Ice Cream, $6.55
  • Total: $30.45

Aside from the fact that each days total came in under $35 there is one major thing I want you to notice: you arent stuck eating burgers and fries everyday. This is one of the wonderful things about dining at Disney World. There is a tremendous amount of variety in your food choices.

Lets pretend that this menu represents a 5 day trip. This person spent $150.59 on all their food. For 5 fulls days at Disney World that is phenomenal. See, it really is possible to save money on food at Disney!

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Macarons At Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

So, I didnt think the churros could ever be dethroned, but then I discovered this gem at Epcot. Yes, the Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich was already listed, but trust me, these are different.

First, Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie offers standard macarons in the display case. They also offer a macaron collection which gives you six delectable macarons in traditional flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio.

These are delicious and should definitely be purchased and consumed with relish. The lemon and the raspberry were my personal favorites. However, the real gem is coming up next

I present to you, the Macaron with Raspberry and Lime Cream!

This unassuming little dessert is my #1 best gluten free snack at Disney World. Hands down.

The macaron was nice and soft, delicious in and of itself. But the real star is the combination of the raspberry and lime flavoring together. The lime cream is perfection, lip puckering, tart perfection.

This is a bit of a messy treat to eat so grab a knife and fork, but you wont be sorry.

Liberty Tree Tavern At Magic Kingdom

If you want good American cuisine and dont mind spending a little bit extra, then Liberty Tree Tavern is the place to go. Their all-you-can-eat buffet is $35 and has an allergy menu available upon request. They can even make custom dishes if you dont find what youre looking for from the options available.

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Guide To Eating Gluten

My husband and I popped into Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland a couple of years back and we had such a great time that we knew we had to bring our girls back. Good thing Disneyland does a great job with food allergies.

Finding gluten-free options in Disneyland and California Adventures was a breeze. There are so many resources out there, and if you don’t have time to do research before you go just make a quick stop at City Hall on Mainstreet, U.S.A inside Disneyland. They have a packet listing all the restaurants and snack locations and what gluten-free options they offer.

We’ve been to Disneyland a few times, so we already had planned to stop and enjoy some of our favorite gluten-free Disneyland foods, but we grabbed a packet in case there was something new for us to try.

We flew down for a short getaway and spent Friday night in Disneyland, attending Mickey’s Halloween Party. Saturday we ventured over to California Adventures before flying home Sunday.

Anything From Erin Mckennas Bakery


As Im sure youve noticed, many of the items on this list involve ice cream of some sort. This is partially due to my all consuming love of ice cream, but mostly because ice cream is simply an easy gluten free option.

Thats why Erin McKennas Bakery, located in Disney Springs, is such a big deal. For a person with a gluten intolerance to walk into a bakery and order whatever they want, well, its just amazing. You can find cupcakes, donuts, cookies, teacakes, and more.

You can find Erin McKennas items at some other locations around the parks, but not the full array of options. The Boardwalk Bakery on Crescent Lake often has a small selection of cupcakes from Erin McKennas Bakery. In addition, if you go to breakfast at Be Our Guest, the assorted pastries that come with your gluten free meal are from Erin McKennas Bakery.

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Raglan Road And Cookes Of London

If you ask around on gluten-free message boards and Facebook groups where you should eat gluten-free at Disney Springs, youll definitely receive replies raving about Raglan Road .

This Irish Pub is well worth a visitnot just for the daily live music and the Raglan Irish Dancers, but for gluten-free menu items such as gluten-free Fish and Chips and huge gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

By the way, did you know that I have a where we share gluten-free tips, recipes, and support? Id love for you to join,

Are Mickey Waffles Gluten Free

This is an important question because they use different mixes across property! Namaste, Bobs red mill, and Golden Malted Gluten Free are the most common options. Gluten Free Mickey Waffles are also made with Cup4Cup and a homemade Rice Flour. Ask your server before you order to make sure you are comfortable with the brand.

To learn more about Mickey Waffles, head over to our love letter all about those famous Allergy Friendly Mickey Waffles!

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Magic Kingdom Park: Liberty Square

  • Liberty Market Square This is a snack spot with turkey legs, Mickey Bavarian-style pretzels , fruit, pickles, and some other grab-and-go munchies.
  • Liberty Tree Tavern This is an all-you-can eat restaurant with a fixed price for kids and adults for lunch and dinner. They have milk allergy friendly options for salad, mashed potatoes, herb rice bread stuffing, seasonal vegetables, the patriots platter , and vegan Impossible meatloaf.
  • Sleepy Hollow At last check, they did not offer a vegan, gluten-free, or allergy-friendly waffle option at this restaurant. They do offer turkey legs for snacks, and their house-made chips might be dairy-free please report back if you find out!

Best Gluten Free Foods At Walt Disney World

Back At Disney World Trying Gluten Free Snacks At Epcot’s Food And Wine 2021 | Rope Dropping Epcot!

Walt Disney World is one of the most visited vacation destinations in the world, and its popularity increses every year, with the addition of new and exciting attractions and rides, new Disney Resorts, and many new magical adventures. The Disney Company is known for its attention to detail and making sure all their guests have a very memorable experience. This attention to detail includes Disneys concern with guests who have food allergies or special dietary needs. In this regard, there are special menus and choices at most of their restaurants and kiosks around the theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, and the Disney Hotel Resorts. Listed below are 10 of the best gluten free foods and where you can find them.

1. Columbia Harbour House Liberty Square Magic Kingdom

This beautifully decorated quick service restaurant captures the atmosphere and charm of a Colonial American coastal village dining establishment. If you have a GF allergy, there are some delicious choices for your needs: grilled salmon with steamed broccoli, GF chicken tenders and GF french fries, and GF chocolate chip cookies.

2. Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom

3. Pinocchios Village Haus Fantasyland Magic Kingdom

4. Tonys Town Square Restaurant Main Street Magic Kingdom

5. Sunshine Seasons Epcot Futureworld The Land Pavilion

6. 50s Prime Time Cafe Hollywood Studios

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Should You Get A Dining Plan

The next question is incredibly controversial, but not for the reasons you might think.

In a nut shell, , Disney World, Travel Agents, and Disney FB groups/Forums will almost ALWAYS emphatically recommend the Dining Plan.

But what I will say here and now is that you do not need the dining plan, and I really dont recommend you get it.

Why is it so controversial? Because Travel Agents make a percentage when you purchase the dining plan. Disney also makes out like a bandit because you rarely every come close to using up the amount that youd spend.

And thats without food allergies.

With food allergies the dining plan is of negative value. Many of the drinks included are not allergy friendly , desserts are harder to come by and ordering a la carte is a big no-no on the dining plan .

Can you get the Dining Plan with Food Allergies? You can but its not the same as without food allergies. I do not recommend it . Its very stressful trying to use the right credits at the right places and coordinate your meals to the dining plan when you are free from gluten in some locations.

Its also more expensive as you simply spend more money because you feel obligated to cash out all the credits. Its a clever marketing technique!

Honorable Mention: Nomad Lounge

Nomad Lounge has a small menu of small plates that is known to rotate during the year. One addition that came to the show here last year were the churros. Yes people, gluten free churros!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. These are not a special order they are made gluten free, in a safe fryer. They come with a vanilla sauce, and a spicy strawberry sauce . The churros are fresh, warm, and quite honestly they put any other WDW park churro to shame! I hope these dont ever leave the menu!

In a world where all too often the only gluten free option is a grilled chicken salad , its such a treat to have such a variety of options available at so many Disney restaurants. Fellow gluten free diners, whats your favorite place to eat in Disney? Tell me in the comments!

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Tiffins At Animal Kingdom

This is another great gluten-free dining option. Tiffins offers an upscale, culinary adventure inspired by international cuisine. The menu there is expansive from the Pumpkin Soup with Duck Prosciutto to the North African Spiced Tofu, as well as the Butter Chicken and the Tamarind-Braised Short Rib. There are also many gluten free desserts including a tropical sorbet.

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