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Getting Engaged At Disney World

Propose At A Disney Hotel


Disney hotels are magical places in and of themselves, and there have been so many beautiful proposals across these properties.

For instance, you can propose at the Grand Floridian, home to the Disney Wedding Pavilion.

You could propose at your favorite Disney hotel that holds lots of memories for you, or you could choose somewhere with an incredible backdrop and one of the best Disney resorts for couples, like the beaches of the Polynesian with Magic Kingdom in the background, Animal Kingdom Lodge with the animals roaming in the background, or Wilderness Lodge with its famous geyser shooting up in the air behind you.

Of course, dont forget your Disney themed wedding ideas and Disney honeymoon resorts to keep the excitement going!

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At Disney World In Florida

Disney is a huge part of many peoples lives. We grow up watching all of the movies, have favorite characters that we love so much, and visit Disneyland and Disney World. The Disney Parks are often referred to as the happiest place on Earth, so it comes as no surprise that so many people want to tie the knot there.

Due to this, Disney offers lots of planning services, packages for Disney Weddings, so that you can have your big day in one of the most beautiful, nostalgic and fantastical places in the world. Who doesnt love a fairytale ending?

So, if youre wondering what itll cost you to get married in Disney World in Florida, then this guide is perfect for you.

Can You Pay To Stay In Cinderellas Castle

Therefore, unfortunately, making a reservation for Disneys Cinderella Castle is impossible. It is only offered to prize winners and very occasionally Disney VIPs. The Cinderella Castle Tour offers you access to the Suite, but you cannot stay overnight. Money cant buy a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite.

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+ Best Places To Propose At Disney World: Magical Disney Proposal Ideas

Whether youre looking for the best places to propose at Disney World or youre someone who just loves creeping on other peoples proposals , I have done the difficult task of rounding up some of the best places to get engaged at Disney, complete with photo proof of people who have done it so we can all revel in their Disney joy.

And what place could possibly be more magical to ask your best friend to spend their life with you?

Youve got built in entertainment, a willing and able photographer in most places, and you can celebrate by stuffing your faces with cupcakes on Main Street so YES, PLEASE.

This idea list of where to propose at Disney World is all about the actual ask the moment where you choose the perfect spot in a Disney theme park or resort and try and elicit the I do .

Here are the best places to propose at Disney and the reason why you should consider them!

Day : We Had Our Ceremony At Epcot’s Italy Pavilion Then We Slept And Ended The Night With A Dessert Party

I still can

In-park weddings typically come with a very early wake-up call to adhere to park schedules.

At 5:00 a.m., my hair and makeup artists arrived. They worked on me and my bridal party, then we enjoyed mimosas together before our limo came at 8:00 a.m. to take us to Epcot’s Italy Pavilion.

The groomsmen arrived at the ceremony location at 7:00 a.m. to take their pictures.

Our limo took us through the backstage area of Epcot because the park was closed. We entered through the American Adventure Rotunda. Our planner hid Mike in the back of the pavilion so he couldn’t see me taking bridal photos.

Four days earlier, The International Flower and Garden festival installed new structures on top of the pavilion where my ceremony was supposed to be, so we had to completely readjust our plan.

Fortunately, my planner made it so I was allowed to use the stairs to walk down during the ceremony.

I waited in a storage room as my guests arrived.

The ceremony concluded by 10:00 a.m. right as parkgoers were allowed inside Epcot.

We took our family and bridal photos as our guests were shuttled backstage to our reception venue at Sea Breeze Point at the Boardwalk.

Even though we had a short amount of time to take photos, they came out amazing.

At the reception, we had an assortment of pastries for our guests instead of a cocktail hour as they waited for us to arrive for brunch.

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How Much Does It Cost To Have Mickey And Minnie At Your Wedding

Couples can also hire Mickey and Minnie Mouse to appear at their wedding for a 30-minute set starting at $1,700. Music accompaniment runs from $835 for a bagpiper to $8,500 for a full live band. Themed entertainment options include Major Domo for $1,565 during the ceremony and an additional $100 for the reception.

Day : We Had Our Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties In The Parks Then A Welcome Dinner

On Monday, March 29, we headed out bright and early to the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

I took the girls to Magic Kingdom and gifted them Loungefly backpacks I purchased in advance from resale sites to save money. I treated them to lunch at the Be Our Guest restaurant, which is modeled after the Beast’s enchanted castle.

The bachelor party headed over to Hollywood Studios for a day in Galaxy’s Edge. My husband, Mike, and his crew built lightsabers at Savi’s Workshop, which was a fully interactive building experience.

They also got drinks at Oga’s Cantina, a bar modeled after the watering hole from the films.

We later met our family and friends for a welcome dinner at the Tamu Tamu courtyard in Animal Kingdom. Park times kept fluctuating so we decided to skip a rehearsal for the ceremony.

At 6:30 p.m., we met all 27 of our wedding guests at the front gates of Animal Kingdom. A park attendant escorted us back to our venue location, which was one of my favorite parts. Guests in the park cheered us on and made us feel like VIPs.

There was a buffet for us when we arrived and waiters provided wine pairings. We ended the meal with Tiffins’ Lion King dessert.

The park usually stays open an hour after the posted schedule so most people were gone by the time we were done. We were escorted over to Pandora The World of Avatar in Animal Kingdom.

Our park attendant let us capture photos before escorting us through the fast-pass line of Flight of Passage.

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Saying I Do On A Disney Cruise

If youre searching for a unique wedding venue that guestst dont hear of often, host your wedding on a Disney Cruise. The wedding itself does not even have to be on the cruise. Many of the Disney cruises stop at Disneys private island Castaway Cay. Wedding ceremonies can be hosted on this private island with beautiful views of sparkling clear ocean water. The atrium on the cruise offers a grand entrance for the bride, while the decks on the cruise offer a more casual vibe for a wedding.

Having a Disney wedding is an experience like no other and youre sure to be impressed and less stressed by having Disney handle all the planning for you. To get more of an idea of how these weddings work, we recommend you watch a few episodes of Disneys Fairytale Weddings on Freeform. These episodes will give you more insight on real people who have had their weddings planned by a Disney Fairytale Weddings expert! So what are you waiting formake your dreams come true, and say I do at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Thanks for visiting! Want to go to Disney? For a FREE quote on your next Disney vacation, please fill out the form below and one of the agents from MickeyTravels, a Platinum level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, will be in touch soon!

Best Time Of Day To Propose At Disney

Want to Get Married at Walt Disney World? Heres What You Need to Know

The best time for a proposal will depend on a couple of things: crowd level, temperature/weather, and the kind of ambience you want. For minimal crowds, I like waiting until very late at night for great photos. Many people also swear by rope drop and early arrivals, but Im not a morning person! I loved having a later in the evening proposal because we celebrated with champagne and lots of photos in the park and had no crowds to worry about!

Midday is always going to be the hottest , but if you want bright sunshine or just cant wait any longer, its great! Note than if youre planning for Florida in the summer, most afternoons have heavy rainstorms that may interfere.

Many idillic spots outdoors also look very different at time of day. Disney lights up park icons starting at dusk, so plan accordingly if you want them in their natural glory or if you prefer the lights. If you want to propose at a character meet and greet, many of those close in advance of park closing, so be aware of their meeting times!

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Where To Propose At Disneyland

The Castle

Sleeping Beautys castle is stunning and has lots of Photopass photographers stationed around to help you out. The castle also closes for fireworks, so if you want a nighttime proposal with the castle lit up in the background, get in line for an empty background castle shot after the fireworks and be sure to tell the photographers what your plan is so they help you out!

Pixar Pier

Lets just say that if I were to get engaged again, Id have a Pixar Pier proposal. Pixar Piers stunning redesign at California Adventure is vibrant and exciting, with the Incredicoaster roller coaster making a statement in the background. Proposals here could happen at the super cute boardwalk posters of Pixar characters, on the other side of the bridge to Pixar Pier with the whole lagoon behind you, or on the boardwalk on your way to Incredicoaster.

Fastpasses For Her Favorite Rides

  • First, get acquainted with the FastPass+
  • Find a non-suspicious way to get her to help you gain access to both accounts on your phone.
  • If you are a passholer, you can search for FastPasses as far as 30 days in advance.
  • If you have hotel reservations on-property, you can search 60 days in advance.
  • Remember: You can only choose three at a time and only one park at a time.
  • Find the hardest three to get first and go from there.
  • Many of her favorite rides will not require a FastPass. Be patient and entertain her while yall wait in the 45-minute line.
  • You can also book FastPasses for her favorite shows.
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    If She Likes Doing Character Meet N Greets Play Along

  • This is a great chance to show her a side of you she has probably wanted to see since yall started dating.
  • Bro it out with Aladdin while she chats with Jasmine.
  • Challenge Gaston to a pushup contest
  • Warning: Its rigged, and you will lose, but the fact you play that hard and do it is whats important. The video will probably go viral too.
  • Lightly throw it back when Stitch and Chip n Dale push you around.
  • Its all good fun.
  • Day : We Said Goodbye With A Farewell Brunch

    Getting Engaged At Disney World

    On March 31, we had a farewell brunch at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ restaurant for a chance to relax and say a final goodbye to our loved ones.

    We enjoyed a family-styled brunch on the patio with our favorite moonshine flights. After, many of us headed to World of Disney to shop.

    Mike and I ran to Gideon’s Bakehouse to get in the virtual queue for cookies, which was a perfect way to end an amazing week.

    Finally, we headed to our Magical Express service to begin our trip back home.

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    Where Are The Top 5 Places To Propose At Disneyland

    2. Snow Whites Wishing Well 3. During a show World of Color at at Disney California Adventure4. In front of the Mickey’s Ferris Wheel at Disneyland California Adventures5. Along Main Street USA

    how to propose At Walt Disney World

    If you are planning your proposal at Walt DisneyWorld, they offer a dedicated Disney Engagement planner for those seeking something entirely custom and over the top.

    It will be a completely customized to suit your styleand designed to surprise and delight your beloved. Plus, they’ll handle all the behind-the-scenes details for you, so you can relax and enjoy an unforgettable moment as a couple.Call to get started.

    Happily Ever After Conclusion

  • Time: 16:20-End
  • Suggestion: Okay, here is the moment. Right after the Narrator is done with his conclusion. He ends his part with the call to action: Reach out and find your Happily Ever After.’ So, do it. Get down on one knee, put that ring on her finger, make that woman your fiance, and find your Happily Ever After.
  • Okay! We got a basic plan for the fireworks show, but what are you going to say when the time comes? Or, how should you approach any other proposal method besides this? Its time to talk about your Disney Proposal Script.

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    Its A Full Disney Day And Its All About Her

    What? Do you really think you could just pop the question during a normal Disney day? Thats hilarious. Yeah, nah, boys. Whether you love Disney as much as she does, or you cant stand to even set foot on-property, I highly doubt there has been a Disney Day where yall have done everything she wanted to do. So make this day that day!

    This means:

    Disneyworld Proposal Ridiculed As Couple Get Engaged In Front Of The Castle As Another Bloke Proposes In The Background

    High School Sweethearts Get Engaged At Disney World
    • 8:03, 27 May 2021

    A PROPOSAL at Disneyland has been slammed as cheesy after a couple got engaged in front of the castle – while another bloke got down on one knee in the background.

    Some women dream about getting engaged at the fairy-tale resort, but it seems the destination has proved too popular after the couple were photobombed by another bloke on one knee.

    The snap has gone viral after it captured the double proposal, with people slamming it as cheesy and unoriginal.

    The photo was uploaded to Facebook group Thats It Im Proposal Shaming, where it was captioned: When you get the prime spot so the guy at the back has to propose by a bench.

    More than 2,000 people have reacted to the snap, with one person saying: If I were the guy in the back I’d pick a different spot.”

    Another asked: Why not wait an hour and come back or do it the next day. I don’t get it.

    This person wrote: So cheesy and cliché.”

    A third commented: If you’re gonna get engaged at Disney at least pick somewhere not so common lol.

    Someone else thought: If bench guy wanted to propose there he could have just waited five minutes for them to move.

    While this person added: If someone else is proposing in the same area as you at the exact same time as you, that’s your clue that your idea is completely unoriginal.

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    How To Let Everyone Know You Got Engaged At Disney

    First and foremost, get yourself a button! Or several buttons! Disney has free buttons for many occasions, and will gladly load you up with them when you get engaged. They also make for a great photo op with the ring! Plus, youll find that people go out of their way to share their congratulations when they see you wearing the buttons!

    Ears are also a great way to celebrate a Disney proposal. Disney has several options for bride ears as well as a groom ear hat, but you can also plan ahead and surprise your partner with some custom made engagement ears! Below are some of my favorite custom ears.

    If you want to both get in the spirit of your engagement, this matching set is a gorgeous choice. 3D printing has been a total game changer for the world of custom ears, and I am all for it.

    For a classy and elegant pair of bridal Minnie ears, this has got to be favorite set. Floral ears are very popular, but I love this take on the trend with the flowers making a bouquet in the shape of the mouse ears.

    For the girl who loves to sparkle, this pair of Minnie ears, complete with a veil, is perfect. These ears will look gorgeous in photos and will definitely have all eyes on her as you celebrate your engagement.

    Adventure is an important part of most relationships AND Disney movies, so I think these matching shirts are an adorable way to commemorate a new adventure with your partner.

    Grand Floridian photos by Sugar Peach Productions.

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    Where Are The Top 5 Places To Propose At Walt Disney World

    1. In front of Cinderella Castle 2. While dining at Cinderellas Royal Table in Cinderella CastleCall here to make arrangements 407- 824-4477 3. Cinderellas Wishing Well in Walt Disney World 4. Disneys Animal Kingdom On the safari, in front of the Tree of Life5. One of the countries in the Epcot World Showcase often France or Italy

    How Can I Get My Proposal Photographed?

    Whether it is an impromptu moment with Disney PhotoPass or a planned photo session, Disney can help capture your special moment. Disney PhotoPass photographers are found all around the parks, especially at well known proposal spots.

    You can make a aware of your romantic intentions so that they can be ready to snap the picture-perfect moment.The above link also lets you know exactly where PhotoPass Cast Members are all over the park to help you plan better. If you have been taking photos all day long using your Disney Photopass+, your beloved will never suspect a thing.

    Bought the ring. Location picked out. Signed up for Photopass+. Congratulations you are now ready for a truly magical Disney style proposal.

    Now … you are going to need a few Disney inspired props to really make this a magical event. You can purchase props before hand like the above mouse ears. Just be sure to hide them before the event. Shop mouse ears here.

    more amazing disney proposals

    Planning to get engaged at Disneyland? Be sure to pick her up a Minne Mouse Bride Hat to celebrate your Happily Ever After.


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