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Genie Pass At Disney World

Enhancements To Disneys Disability Access Service

Genie + & Lightning Lane..Paying for Fastpass at Walt Disney World | Our Experience at Magic Kingdom

The Disability Access Service program is available to assist guests who have a hard time tolerating extended waits in a regular queue environment due to disability, letting guests request a return time for a specific attraction that is comparable to the current standby wait time.

Space Mountain DAS and Rider Switch

Disney is adding enhancements to the existing DAS program with the Disney Genie with two new features.

What Is Disney Genie

Disney Genie is a complimentary trip planning service that builds a personalized itinerary for you based on your preferences. From more general interests like princesses and Star Wars to specific choices like a favorite ride or must-see show, you tell Genie how you want to spend your day, and itll create a custom itinerary with suggestions that will help you spend less time in line and more time having fun.

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You can also view current and forecasted wait times, make a list of favorite restaurants and attractions on your tip board, make dining reservations and mobile food orders, hop in virtual queues for certain attractions, and get help from a virtual assistant.

Disney Genie is also flexible. Because the program can access real-time information, Disney Genie will continuously update your itinerary throughout the day based on your location and current wait times.

Basically, if you are more of a go with the flow Disney planner, Disney Genie will make your job that much easier. You dont have to look up showtimes, operating hours, or wait times because Disney Genie does it all for you and maps out your day. And if you do have must-do attractions, you can use Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane individual attraction selections as needed to make sure you dont miss out on those.

My Disney Genie Journey Began Before We Left For Disney World

A few days before our trip, I paid the $15 plus tax per person to add Genie+ to our existing tickets. I also set up my Disney Genie preferences in the My Disney Experience app and poked around to get familiar with the new features. I added a lot of favorite rides and interests , which I think may have been a mistake. Ill share why in a moment.

I also made our first Genie+ selection. You can do this beginning at 7 a.m. on the day of your visit and then make selections throughout the day after you use each one or after two hours have passed since you booked your last one. I went with Haunted Mansion because its one of our Magic Kingdom must-dos and the return time was far enough out that wed have time for breakfast and one or two rides beforehand.

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Disney Announces New Genie App

Disney guests have been anticipating since Disney World reopened in June 2020 if executives would bring back the FastPass+ system. In September, Disney announced they will officially retire the old system and introducing the Disney Genie app.

With reservations still being required to enter one of Disneys theme parks, now you must pay an additional charge as well to use this new app. FastPass+ system used to be free, but the Disney Genie app is not.

For your Disney vacation, the Disney Genie app helps you navigate your day by suggesting ideal times to visit attractions. They will show you when to dine at Disneys restaurants or wait in line for rides.

Faster Lines No Longer Free

While this does come at a price, $15 per day per person for the Disney Genie app at Disney World does not seem like too much when you see its perks. This service allows you to pick the next available time to access certain attractions and experiences.

To skip the lines, you will enter a Lightning Lane entrance similar to the old FastPass+ line. We confirmed that you will also have access to unlimited Disney World PhotoPass downloads. Photo and audio features like augmented reality glasses will be a fun feature to try out!

Whats Not Included?

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What Exactly Is Disney Genie

Presley: Day 2

Disney Genie is a new, FREE tool in the My Disney Experience app at Disney World. You can use this new technology to guide you through the theme parks with tips to help you reduce time in lines, discover Disney magic and take the guesswork out of planning your day.

Genie includes a personalized itinerary and recommendations feature that will map out your entire day. Just let Disney Genie know what you want to do under the “My Day” tab by selecting attractions, entertainment, dining and enchanting extras . You can personalize your day even more by selecting general interests you may have. Change your mind? Genie can handle that and readjust your itinerary to include what interests you while you are on the go. You can view your favorites and suggestions in one place on the “Tip Board” tab. You can also request to see height requirements and accessibility when planning out your day.

You can start planning your trip ahead of time with Disney Genie, but you’ll need to purchase tickets and link them to the My Disney Experience app first. Once you make your theme park reservations, you can start selecting your interests for each day of your visit. We recommend playing around with it at home before your trip so you can get comfortable with it. Remember, the free Genie tool is all suggestions and not set reservations, so you can follow the tip board perfectly or use it sparingly.

Disability Access Service Changes

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What Is Disney Individual Lightning Lane

Disney Individual Lightening Lane

Disneyworlds Individual Lightning Lane allows you to skip the line for Disneys most popular rides by paying an extra $8-15 .

Think of Disneyworlds Individual Lightning Lane as Genie Platinum.

LL Individual Lightning Lane is poorly named. It sounds like it is a skip the line feature for a single rider. Its not. Think of LL Individual Lightning Lane as a FastPass for premium rides.

So even if you have already paid $15 per day per ticket, youll need to pay $15 extra if you want to skip the line on popular rides like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Frozen Ever After, Avatar Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Space Mountain.

What Is Disney Genie +

Genie Plus is what replaced the FastPass system at Disney World in 2021.

Disney Genie + will give you much shorter waits for some rides for a fee.

You access Genie+ in the My Disney Experience app. If you purchase it you can make Lightning Lane selections throughout the day.

Read on to learn how to use Genie Plus and how to decide if you should spend the extra money for it on your vacation!

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Disney Genie Launch Dates

Disney Genie debuted on October 19, 2021 in Walt Disney World and .

In a statement about the new system, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh DAmaro noted, Disney Genie listens to the preferences that guests share with us to help design their best day and deliver an experience thats made just for them. Pairing incredible technology with more than 60 years of expertise about how our guests visit the parks, Disney Genie will personalize their Disney day, allowing guests to spend less time planning and waiting and more time doing the things they love.

What Is Disney Genie+ At Walt Disney World

Disney retires Fastpass, unveils paid Disney Genie service | ABC7

The new Disney Genie+ program is part of the new initiative that Disney has created called the Disney Genie service. This is a new free planning style service within the My Disney Experience app that helps guests to customize their full day with forecasted wait times for attractions, tip boards, and the ability to join waitlists for restaurants.

The new Disney Genie+ program is the paid aspect of the Disney Genie program at Walt Disney World. This new paid program includes over 40 of your favorite Walt Disney World attractions across all four theme parks.

The new Disney Genie+ costs $15 per day per person at Walt Disney World. This is actually $5 less per day per person than the Disney Genie+ service at Disneyland.

If you want to book any of the Disney Genie+ Individual Lightning Lanes this will be an additional cost per person, per attraction. This price will vary depending on peak times of the year and crowd levels. More about this below!

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If You Want To Ride An Individual Lightning Lane Attraction Its Time To Rise And Shine

I was told 2 weeks ago by Disney leadership that if a guest wants to purchase an Individual Lightning Lane, they should do it earlier in the day rather than later. Very. True. Words. If youre staying at a Walt Disney World resort, you have the opportunity to purchase an ILL starting at 7am, but if youre a local or staying off property, you cannot purchase them until the park has opened for the day. You dont have to be in the park to purchase the Individual Lightning Lane, but you should definitely be in the app as soon as the hour ticks over so that you have the best selection of times from which to choose. On launch day, the ILLs for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance were gone less than an hour after official park opening. Fortune favors the fast. And the early.

Disney Genie+ Tips And Tricks

  • All guests can purchase Disney Genie+ starting at 12am the day of their trip
  • Starting 7am ALL guests can begin making their Disney Genie+ selections
  • We recommend choosing the earliest Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane selection you can
  • You can always modify/cancel your selection afterward if a better Genie+ Lightning Lane time slot opens up
  • When in doubt, try to book anyway! The Disney Genie+ system seems to be a work in progress, and you will only lose out if you dont try and book experiences you want.
  • This is a live system, your return times CAN change from the original selection to your final purchase screen. There is no guarantee for any selected time returns.

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What Are Lightning Lanes

This is the only easy part of this post. Lightning Lane is the new term for the FastPass line. That is, Lightning Lanes are shorter lines for rides that you need to get special access to. Lightning Lanes are how you skip the line at Disney World moving forward. As for how you get access to themkeep reading .

The Lightning Lane at Under the Sea

Secondly Can I Add Genie Plus Later Disneyland

Katharine Whitaker Westfield, IN Mommy Blogger  A Crafty ...

Unlike using Disneyland dining mobile order you cannot select a return time window and instead have to select the next available time. Pre-Purchase Disney Genie Plus on your tickets! You can either add Disney Genie Plus to your tickets each day of your trip or add them in advance when you purchase your tickets.

Walt Disney World Resort provides numerous accommodations for Guests with cognitive disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder

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When And How Can I Purchase Rides With Individual Lightning Lane Entrance Selection

If you wish to purchase a la carte attractions offering Lightning Lane, that process at Disneyland is same day only too. You purchase and book at the same time, unlike Genie+ which can be purchased before your trip as a new ticket add-on. Individual Lightning Lane sales at Disneyland only open up once youve scanned your ticket and entered a park for the morning .

Just like with Genie+, guests are only offered the next available return time window to ride . Again, this is different than at Walt Disney World where guests who purchase these individual Lightning Lane selections can pick their preferred time to ride.

When And How Can I Book Rides With Disney Genie+

Once youve purchased Disney Genie+, when can you start using it to book ride return times?

At Disneyland, you can start booking Genie+ attractions as soon as you have scanned your ticket to enter a park for the morning . This is similar to how MaxPass operated but different than the Genie+ rules at Walt Disney World where everyone can start Genie+ bookings from any location at 7:00 am daily.

Note that once you have entered any park for the day, you can then book Disney Genie+ return times from any location for the rest of the day. So if you take a mid-day break to back at your hotel, you can keep booking from there. The app will let you know when you are eligible to book your next attraction.

Its important to note that Genie+ offers you a 1 hour window for the next available time to ride the attraction. You cant select a time. Its possible that the time offered may overlap with a dining reservation you have . As a guest, you need to watch and make sure that you can actually return in the window given before you book or be prepared to cancel if for some reason you cant. The system does have a grace period of 5 minutes early and 15 minutes late, so that gives you a little more flexibility.

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Does Dfb Have Something I Can Access Easily To Remember All This Information

We sure do! Weve created a FREE DFB Printable that breaks down the basics about the free Disney Genie planning service, the paid Genie+ service, and the paid Individual Attraction Selection service provides you with a basic summary of different things you need to know about the systems, and even provides helpful tips!

To print or see it larger, click on the image below:

You can save the image on your phone, print it out for use in the parks, or just bookmark it so you can come back to it during your trip.

Disney Genie Pamphlet

The most important thing to remember is that Disney is always evolving and features of this system could change at any time. This guide will provide you with answers to some of the MOST frequently asked questions weve received from readers.

What Is The Disney Genie

Disney diehards upset about losing FastPass with new Disney Genie app

So, lets start with the most common question which is what is the Disney Genie? The Disney Genie is the newest fast pass system at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and offers an array of features for guests. Disney describes the service to be a complimentary service that will help create your perfect Disney day. To make it easier, the Disney Genie is going to be embedded right into your My Disney Experience app. That means if you already have the app, you can see these new changes without having to download another service.

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Customized Itinerary And Updates

As discussed above, youll receive a customized itinerary which takes into account your priorities to build the perfect itinerary for your group.

And the customized itinerary will update throughout the day! It will change depending on what happens on that day in the park, and can even change depending on the weather.

Disney Genie Complimentary Services

There are some active and passive features in Disney Genie. You can use it to look at attraction wait times , place a mobile order, add yourself to a restaurant wait-list, or have Genie suggest an itinerary for you.

Based on your preferences, Disney Genie will generate a Tip Board for you within the app. It suggests Experiences and Dining that would be a good option for you at various times. From these Tip Boards, you can see the current status of your must-do rides, restaurants, and shows. It will display current & forecasted future wait times, helping you predict when you might experience quicker entry to attractions and experiences. Genie will always recommend the free option but will also give you the option to upgrade to a extra cost service where available .

The My Day tab acts as the main hub for your day-of park plans. From when you should enter the standby line for Big Thunder Mountain, or place a Mobile Order at Jolly Holiday, the recommended windows are catered to your individual park priorities.

You can also view everything in park map mode, under View My Map. From there, you can see your location along with nearby low forecasted standby wait times and Lightning Lane availability.

It sounds easy enough so far . You can either use Genie or not, standby options remain available for all attractions.

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You Are Pressed For Time

Sometimes you just dont have a whole day to tour a park but you would still like to do a bunch of the attractions. This can happen when you only have a half-day for the parks due to another experience somewhere or on a travel day when you are arriving or leaving.

Purchasing Genie+ will maximize the short amount of time you do have available and let you ride the most attractions possible.

When Can I Purchase Disney Genie+

Disney Genie Fast Pass

You can do so on the day of your park visit starting at 12 a.m. EST. Basically, once the day changes, you can begin purchasing Genie+.

You can even buy Genie+ in the middle of your park day, if you want.

If you want to make that first Genie+ selection starting at 7 a.m., make sure you purchase Genie+ somewhat early to navigate the new system , especially if youve never used it.

Note: Genie+ wont sell out.

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