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Food Delivery Walt Disney World

Is Disney World Grocery Delivery Free

Everything to know about Grocery Delivery at Walt Disney World!

Well, it used to be. But Disney World recently started charging guests a $6 fee to have bell services bring a grocery delivery to your hotel room. I believe this will show us as a room charge on your folio at checkout.

If you have groceries delivered and pick them up from bell services yourself, you will NOT be charged the delivery fee. The fee only applies if bell services delivers your order to your room. The $6 charge is per grocery order, not per bag of groceries.

So if you want to save money, either meet your Instacart delivery person in the lobby or pick your order up yourself at bell services.

Summon A Taxi Or Rideshare

If you wont have access to a vehicle during your trip, its still pretty straightforward to get around. Youll want to summon a taxi or use an Uber or Lyft app to request a rideshare.

Note: Disney operates its Minnie Van rideshare program via the Lyft app, but you wont be able to use it for grocery shopping. Minnie Vans operate only on Disney property or to/from Orlando International Airport.

Prime Pantry Prime Now

This one is my favorite, we use it all the time just for our regular household supply stock up. But Prime Pantry isnt just for at home use this also works great for trips too. Simply go to the Amazon website pick out your groceries and have it shipped to the hotel. For Prime Pantry if you spend $50 you can get free shipping, otherwise, its a $5.99 shipping fee.

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Grocery Delivery Walt Disney World Tips With Garden Grocer

  • Save up to 10% by ordering your groceries 60 days out
  • You can sign up for text and email notifications when your groceries arrive
  • You can have your groceries delivered to your room for an additional $6.00

Special Note: Please remember to tip your driver, bell services, and cast member, as their hard work allow us to take advantage of these great services!

How To Order Groceries From Instacart

The Best Food Delivery Near Disney World
  • Enter the zip code for your hotel and then select the store you want to order your groceries from.
  • Add your desired items to your cart.
  • Head to check out and add your resorts address and adjust the tip amount if desired.
  • After completing your order, you will receive updates about your order and will also be made aware of any out of stock items or substitutions.

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Ship Groceries To Your Resort

This may be the easiest way to get the groceries you want for your trip with the least effort and time without using of the food delivery at Disney! Ship your groceries right from home to your resort! You can either shop your favorite store at home or ship from a company, but this allows you to not have to use any of your vacation time to get groceries and your items will be waiting for you when you arrive.

You will of course have to pay for shipping plus Disney World charges a $5 fee for the delivery. Just to be sure they arrive on time, ship your items about a week before your arrival. How you address the groceries for delivery to your resort is as follows:

Name on the hotel reservation

c/o your Disney World hotels front desk

arrival date: xx/xx/xxxx

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

My Experience With Instacart

I tried out ordering from Publix with Instacart on our last trip to Disney World. I had the order delivered to our resort on our first full day there and overall had a great experience with the service.

First, I loved that I got the exact same prices as I would have in-store. This includes sales! You can even clip digital coupons and get the same specials that are offered in-store.

The Instacart app had all of the items I was looking for, including the soy milk that Amazon Now did not have when I checked. I got fresh fruit at a MUCH lower price than in the food court for example, bananas were $0.21 each, compared to $1.69 each at the food court!

The earliest youll likely be able to get groceries delivered from Instacart is 11 am. I placed my order pre-7am and the first delivery time was 11 am-noon that day. While you may be able to get a delivery within an hour later in the day, youll have to wait if you order in the morning.

It was easy to select Animal Kingdom Lodge as my delivery location, and you can enter your room number if you have. If you dont have your room number yet, you can still place an order under your name.

I got updates on my phone as my order was closer to being delivered. I recommend enabling notifications in the app to get updates, even if you normally dont like app updates like me.

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Best Grocery Delivery In Walt Disney World

When traveling with a family or staying at a villa you may want to consider having grocery delivery in Walt Disney World. Even if you wont be cooking meals it may still be nice to have diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, cases of water, snacks, fresh fruit, muffins, bagels, milk, and other grocery delivery in Walt Disney World. is the way to go. You can go online and order your groceries before you leave home. Pick the delivery date and time that works for you. Orders are delivered between 8am and 9pm 7 days a week. You must order a minimum of 36 hours in advance but 72 hours or more is preferred to ensure a delivery window that works best for you.

The price is very reasonable as well. You will save money by buying from the grocery store over buying at the resort or filling another suitcase with things. You will also save the time of going to the store on your first day. They will charge $14.00 for delivery and offer FREE delivery for orders over $200. You can even get same day delivery for an additional $30 or next day delivery for an additional $20. The minimum order is $40.

During checkout you will be shown a calendar to choose your delivery date and 2 hour delivery window. You should give them your cell phone number and a driver will call you 30 minutes prior to delivery to coordinate your delivery.

You can get grocery delivery in Walt Disney World to the following Walt Disney World area hotels

Deliveries are made between 8am and 9pm 7 days a week.

How To Order Grocery Delivery From Walmart

Know Before You Go! Disney World Grocery Delivery
  • Enter the address of your hotel and select a delivery time. Same-day delivery is often available.
  • Add your items to your cart and then check out.
  • If you forgot to add any items, you have until 1:45 am the night before your scheduled delivery to make changes to your order.
  • When it is time for delivery, you will get a text or a notification from the Walmart app letting you know about any substitutions or out of stock items.
  • You will also receive a text/notification letting you know what time to expect your delivery. I usually leave a note to let the driver know where to meet.

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Check Groceries In Your Luggage

This is something we have done before, so we know it can be an easy way to take groceries with you as long as you follow all the rules. Most airlines allow you to check 40-50 pounds of luggage for your trip, and center airlines will allow you to check a bag for free based off of loyalty programs or elite status.

Unfortunately, this can be difficult because you wont be able to really bring anything perishable unless your flight is short, as well as you will have to check the bag if anything liquid is included. You may also have to pay for your checked bag , or extra bags, if you dont have an elite/loyalty program with your airline. If flying internationally, check with your airline and customs before choosing this option.

Options For Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery has become increasingly popular and common, and getting a delivery to your Disney Resort is typically fairly straightforward. Some things to keep in mind:

  • All of the delivery services listed below allow you to submit your order and select your delivery window before you even leave home. If you know your travel day will be too hectic to worry about placing an order for bottled water and Goldfish crackers, check that to-do off your list before you leave.
  • Bell services at the Disney Resorts will receive your orders for you. However, if you place an order with alcohol, the grocery delivery service might have its own policy requiring an ID check and/or a signature. Plan accordingly if thats the case.
  • You wont pay a fee for Bell Services to accept your grocery order on your behalf, but know that in some cases , your order may not be labeled clearly with your name, and that might lead to a bit of a delay when you pick it up.
  • Bell Services can store your grocery items in a cooler and/or freezer. We have had them make the error of storing only in AC, though, so beware that could be an issue.
  • If you want Bell Services to deliver your order to your room, you will need to arrange that with them, and there likely will be a $6 charge for the service.

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How To Order Grocery Delivery From Amazon Prime Now

  • The first thing you will want to do is to download the Amazon Prime Now app or Amazon app and enter your hotels zip code.
  • You can choose to order through Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh tends to have a longer delivery time, but has more grocery options. Amazon Prime now can have your order delivered in 1-2 hours, but is limited in food and pantry items compare to Amazon Fresh.
  • Fill your cart with the items you would like to eat on your Disney vacation. You can search these items by category, or you can search for them specifically.
  • Once you have finished adding your items, it is time to check out. At check out, you can choose your delivery time and also decide if you want to allow substitutions for items that may not be available or are out of stock.
  • Once you have placed your order, you can track it to stay up to date on your grocery delivery arrival.

Disney World Grocery Delivery Options


Garden Grocer is a grocery delivery service that has been operating in the Disney World area for over 10 years. They only deliver to Walt Disney World resorts and the Wyndham resorts closest to Disney World.

You basically choose from 5,000 items listed on their site and they will shop for you and deliver them to your resort. While the selection is wide, the prices are significantly more than you would pay in-store. For example, bananas are $0.49 each from Garden Grocer.

You also must choose from time slots that are available for delivery. Same day delivery costs $30 , next day delivery is $20, and beyond that delivery is $14.

delivers to the Walt Disney World area . 2-hour delivery is free with a $20 minimum order, but you must be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the service.

At this point, you can choose select items from Whole Foods, but you cant shop at a particular grocery store.

You can have a huge array of other items delivered as well, from personal care to electronics. A $5 tip for the driver will automatically be added to your bill, but you can adjust it up and down accordingly.

And finally, Instacart is an app and service that offers 1-hour grocery delivery from an array of stores. In the Orlando area, you can choose to shop at Publix, Whole Foods, CVS, Publix Liquors, or Costco.

If youve never used Instacart before, Id suggest waiting to.

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How Much Does Amazon Prime Now Cost

Grocery delivery through Amazon Prime Now is only available for Amazon Prime members. An Amazon Prime membership will cost you $12.99 per month or $119 per year.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, grocery delivery will be free if you choose to have your order delivered in two hours and have at least $35 worth of groceries in your cart.

If you select to have your groceries delivered in an hour or less, or have not met the $35 threshold, you will be charged a $4.99 delivery fee. Tips are also a separate charge and can be determined at checkout.

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Dont Shop As You Would At Home

Disney grocery store delivery can be convenient but you are limited to what you can buy. Its important to note that unless you plan on staying at one of the Disney Vacation Club villas many of the in-room appliance options are limited. In almost all cases Disney hotel rooms only have a small fridge. Its important to make most of your groceries nonperishable. I find

How Does Instacart Disney World Work

A grocery delivery service at Walt Disney World

The main difference between Instacart and a few of the other delivery service apps is there is no markup on their items. This means you would pay the exact same price as if you were shopping in the stores yourself, and you can even use digital coupons.

The service fee for Instacart is typically a flat 10% and they do charge a $4.00 delivery fee. However, depending on the size of your order this can be significantly lower than Garden Grocer.

Just like the services before this your Disney food delivery groceries will be left with Bell Services and any perishable items will be put in the fridge.

Instacart food delivery Disney World tips

  • Your delivery fee is waived if its your first order
  • Be sure to order in advance as one hour delivery can sometimes be full
  • You can sign up for text and email notifications when your groceries arrive
  • You can have your groceries delivered to your room for an additional $6.00

Special Note: Please remember to tip your driver, bell services, and cast member as their hard work allow us to take advantage of these great services!

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Groceries At Disney World

I hope that this post helps you to decide what service to use when ordering grocery delivery to your Disney resort, both on-site and off-site. Make sure to pin this post so you have it when you need it.

If you have any questions, comment down below or send me a message on social media! You can find me on , TikTok, , and !

Disney World Grocery Delivery Policies

We highly recommend you be available in person to accept your grocery order. This will help alleviate any extra headaches in case there are missing items or you need to sign something for alcohol delivery. Generally speaking, take the following into consideration when having groceries delivered and you are not able to be there in person.

  • Bell services at your Disney Hotel will accept your groceries for you from the delivery drivers
  • If you have ordered alcohol you should check with your specific delivery service to see what the policies are for bell services to accept. If identification is required the cast member will not be able to accept your order.
  • Be aware that sometimes your bags and packages might not be labeled clearly by your delivery service. This may cause mix-ups if many people are having bell services store their groceries at once
  • Bell services may make mistakes by not putting frozen things in the freezer, just in the refrigerator. Sometimes it happens, just be aware!
  • There is a $6 delivery fee to get your food delivered to your room by bell service.

You have quite a few options available to you when it comes to grocery delivery. If you use grocery delivery at home we suggest sticking with what you know. Always use Instacart or WalMart? Do that on vacation to make life easier.

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Tips For Buying Groceries At Disney World

Want groceries for your Walt Disney World vacation? Using a delivery service is a money-saving way to get snacks and foods brought to your hotel. This post offers tips, info, and a comparison of Garden Grocer, Amazon Prime Now, Walmart+ or Ubering to Target, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or Publix.

Note that even though Walt Disney World resorts have reopened with new health safety measures and protocol, grocery delivery is still allowed. Hotels still allow bell services and the front desk to accept groceries , with the same procedures and rules as before. See below for more info on all of that.

In fact, we are recommending grocery delivery at Walt Disney World more than ever. There are several reasons for this, but suffice to say, one of the most frustrating aspects of visiting right now is dining. Well explain why below. For this reason, we recommend using Garden Grocer, Amazon, Walmart Plus, nearby convenience stores or grocery delivery for inexpensive breakfast, beer, fruit, vegetables, and other things typically sold for a large mark-up by Disney

On top of that, the imbalance of dining capacity and demand has resulted in the Disney Dining Plan being temporarily unavailable for much longer than originally anticipated.

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