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Flash Pass For Disney World

Which Rides Should I Fastpass+ At Each Park

Walt Disney World suspends sale of most annual passes

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pans Flight are the most in-demand at Magic Kingdom, while Avatar Flight of Passage and Navi River Journey take top billing at Animal Kingdom. Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disneys Hollywood Studios each have tiered FastPass+ reservation systems, which offer one choice from a first category and two choices from a second category. Animal Kingdoms top tier includes both Pandora The World of Avatar attractions, so opt for Flight of Passage if you can, as its one of the most in-demand rides across all of Walt Disney World. Only two choices are offered in Disneys Hollywood Studios first tier Slinky Dog Dash and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run both of which are worthy choices, but our pick would be the Toy Story-themed family coaster. At Epcot, choose Frozen Ever After in the first category if its available, otherwise select Test Track or Soarin.

Disney Fast Pass 202: Ultimate Guide + Free Printable Cheat Sheet

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Disney Fast Pass was retired in 2021 and has been replaced by Disney Genie+. Read on to get my guide to Genie+ and your free printable cheat sheet!

Waiting in line is probably everyones least favorite part of a Disney World vacation.

You can avoid a lot of waiting with Disney Genie Plus and the Individual Lightning Lanes,but only if you know how to use them!

In this post, Ill answer all of your questions and show you how to get the most out of these services at Walt Disney World.

Im All Set Is There Anything Else I Should Know

The name of the game is skipping out on lines, so pay attention while youre there. You can always change your FastPass+ reservations on the fly from the app, so if you see the wait time for the attraction youre about to board is less than 15 minutes, consider rebooking for a different ride with a longer line. More rides, more fun, more memories now thats how a Disney vacation is done.

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What Time Do You Recommend Booking Fastpass+ For

It depends. Since dining reservations can be booked up to 180 days in advance, chances are youll already have some items in your schedule to work around. Still, the best time is mid-morning, which allows for early risers to sneak in a few quick rides before standby wait times swell, and leave enough time leftover to book multiple one-at-a-time additional FastPasses.

Can I Park Hop With Genie Plus

Disney World Ticket Flash Sale

Yes, you can park hop and use Disney Genie Plus.

In fact, it is particularly helpful when you are park hopping!

When you are in the Tip Board, click on Change Park and youll be able to select which park youd like to hop to later in the day.

As long as you have a ticket with Park Hopper, you can hop on over to another park starting at 2 pm, as long as that park isnt at capacity.

You can make Genie+ Lightning Lane selections for the park you want to hop to throughout the day.

I suggest doing this since the afternoon and evening always have the longest wait times of the day!

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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Disney’s fifth resort and its second in Asia, opened September 12, 2005. The resort is located in , , Hong Kong. The resort consists of theme park, , and three hotels, with land reserved for future expansion. It is owned and operated by , an incorporated company jointly owned by and the . The first phase of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort occupies 320 acres .

How Many Fastpass+ Do I Get Per Day

Three is the short answer. Well, three that can be booked in advance.

And your first 3 FastPass+ reservations must be for all different rides.

However, you can get more FP+ reservations after you use the ones you booked in advance.

Once your initial 3 FastPass+ reservations are used, you can use the My Disney Experience app . You can also go to a kiosk and get another.

After that one is used, you can get another. And so on.

These additional FastPass+ reservations can be in the same park or a different park and can be for the same ride over and over, if you want.

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How Would I Figure Out Whether It Is Worth The Price

Unless you are rolling in the dough , you’re probably going to think twice before spending so much extra money for a day at the park. What might sway you one way or the other to buy a pass?

Think about what you and your park posse hope to accomplish. Will you be visiting a park with lots of coasters and other rides that you really, really want to give a whirl? If you show up on a day when the park is packed, it would be impossible to pull that off without THE FLASH Pass.

How much value do you place on packing in as many rides as possible when you visit a park? How frequently might you be visiting the park? If you are from out of the area, might this be your one chances to experience the rides at a park? What is your tolerance, and the tolerance of those who will be joining you, for long lines? What would you be willing to pay to avoid infernal lines? Your answers to these and other questions could help you decide whether to spring for the passes.

Magic Kingdom Lightning Lane Advice And Tips

The Best and Worst Uses of your Walt Disney World FastPass!

Get full access to the WDW Crowd Calendar, Lines Mobile App, Touring Plans and More!

“Our TouringPlans subscription was a lifesaver on our trip. One of the busiest days of the year, and we never waited longer than 20 minutes!”

– Smith Family, KY

This page accompanies our Lightning Lane Overview for Walt Disney World Resort.

Lightning Lane is Walt Disney World’s extra cost ride and show reservationsystem. On this page you will find Lightning Lane tips and strategies,how and where to make Lightning Lane reservations in Magic Kingdom, andLightning Lane rules and restrictions.

There are currently more Lightning Lane attractions in Magic Kingdom than in any other Walt Disney World theme park:

Magic Kingdom Lightning Lane Attractions ยท January 12, 2022


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Top 10+ Rides To Get Fast Passes For At Disney World

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There are a lot of rides at Disney World and as a first timer its overwhelming to book your rides before you get there. Here are the top 15 Disney rides to get your Fast Passes before you arrive. If you dont like rollercoaster then you can check out this post here about the top 10 FastPass without rollercoasters.

Some Disney rides can have long lines an hour into the day. If you arent careful you could spend hours in line everyday. If you have checked out our Disney FastPass Secrets, you will know there are things that you can do to get the most out of your DisneyWorld experience. The Best Walt Disney World Rides To Get a FastPass for each park are as follows .

Best Rides at Disney World: Top Rides to Get FastPasses for at Disney World

Disney Fastpass Secrets: The Best Strategy to Optimize Your Disney FastPass

Important Disney Dates: Key Dates Before You Leave for Your Walt Disney World Trip

Disney Genie+ Tips & Tricks

Now that youve got the basics down, here are some very important tips and tricks for getting the most out of Genie Plus.

1) Be sure to have these things already done well before 7 am: have your resort reservation linked , have park tickets purchased for everyone in your party, have tickets linked to My Disney Experience, and have a Park Pass secured for that day.

2) If you are adding Genie+ day by day be sure to add it in advance of 7 am. You want to be ready to make your first reservation right at 7 am.

3) The Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations for Slinky Dog Dash will disappear faster than for any other attraction. Grab a Lightning Lane reservation immediately at 7 am, especially if you are park hopping and want an earlier time.

4) The most popular Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations in Magic Kingdom are for Peter Pans Flight and the Jungle Cruise. I suggest grabbing a Lightning Lane reservation right at 7 am for Peter Pans Flight. And as soon as you check-in for that attraction, grab a reservation for the Jungle Cruise. The rest of the attractions at Magic Kingdom should be easier to get.

5) For Epcot and Animal Kingdom, you can wait until you are actually in the parks to decide if you want to purchase Genie+ for that day. If the standby waits are getting long and the Lightning Lane return times are good, you can purchase it on the fly. This is better than buying it ahead of time only the discover you didnt need it at all that day.

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Theme Parks Where You Can Use The Walt Disney World Fastpass+

All in all, there are 4 different theme parks where you can use your Walt Disney World FastPass+. These parks are:

Magic Kingdom Park

The king of all of Disney’s parks, the Magic Kingdom Park is home to your favorite characters and is consistently referred to as the most magical place on earth’. Here you’ll find numerous attracts like the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Cinderella’s Castle. You’ll also get to have some character fun at several in-park restaurants that let you dine with your favorite characters nearby. Love Mickey? You’ll get to meet him and the crew all over the park, making it extra special for the little ones in your group.


Great for those young and old, Epcot wows with attractions made for your imagination. Here you’ll find yourself traveling around the entire globe without even having to step outside of the park’s grounds. Like the other parks on this list, you’ll also find many different attractions that celebrate our favorite movies, including Frozen and Addian.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Here you’ll find a world of nature just waiting to be discovered. From The World of Avatar’ to Kilimanjaro Safaris, you’ll see it all in one, single place. You’ll also find a wide variety of dining options and shops to enjoy as well. This park is perfect for those who love seeing wildlife up close and personal as well as for those who love a good trilling ride to cap off the day.

What Is Fastpass Plus

Disney PhotoPass Service Simplifies Access to Walt Disney ...

FastPass Plus is a free service at Walt Disney World which allows those who have valid tickets linked to their My Disney Experience account to make reservations ahead of time for many of WDWs attractions, shows, and experiences.

You do so by logging into your My Disney Experience account. You are allowed to make reservations a set number of days in advance depending on where you are staying for your vacation.

Those staying at Disney World owned Resorts, Shades of Green, the Swan and Dolphin, the Disney Springs Hotels, and the Four Seasons can make their FastPass Plus reservations 60 days prior to their check in date. They may make reservations for the entire length of their stay through the checkout date.

Note: If your stay is longer than 2 weeks, then FastPass+ selections can be made for up to 14 of the days in your window.

Note: if you have fewer days on your ticket than the length of your stay, while each day of your trip will be available for making FastPass Plus reservations, you will only be allowed to make reservations for the number of days available on your ticket.

So If Im staying for seven nights and eight days, but only have a 4-day ticket, Id be able to make reservations on any of those eight days, but once Id made the 4th day of reservations, no more days would be available.

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How Much Does Disney Fastpass Cost At Every Park

Paid FastPass is officially at Walt Disney World! Genie+ and Lightning Lanes have debuted, meaning from now on youll be paying to skip the lines at Walt Disney World.

This post covers free vs. paid Fastpass at every Disney park in the world, including how much the paid Fastpass option costs. If youd like, you can click below to jump to a specific park/resort:

    The specifics of Fastpass vary by resort, but the basic formula is the sameselect attractions offer Fastpass lines. If you get a Fastpass for that ride, you can take the shorter line. For the resorts where we have detailed Fastpass guides, we link to them.

    Do Fastpasses Ever Expire

    Sort of. Not really. Sometimes.

    They can only be used during the official window. In the past, FastPasses used to drop off of your account if they werent used, but that isnt always the case anymore.

    But, keeping in mind that your first 3 have to be used before you can get a 4th this is an important piece to the extra/bonus FastPass puzzle.

    If you fail to scan your ticket or MagicBand for a FP+ reservation, you have a few options:

  • Move it to something else that has a return time before your 3rd FastPass of the day and then be sure you scan there so that you can clear that FastPass out. You dont even have to ride it, just scan and go.
  • Try cancelling it in My Disney Experience. This doesnt always work, but it is worth a try.
  • Visit Guest Relations. Theyll be able to clear out old/past FastPasses to free you up to get your 4th.
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    Disney Fast Pass Vs Disney Genie+

    How is Genie+ different from the Disney Fast Pass system?

    Well, the first difference is cost. Fastpass was free whereas Genie+ costs $15 per person per day.

    The second difference is that Disney Fast Pass required making plans as far as 60 days before your visit. With Genie+ you decide that day what attractions youd like to prioritize.

    And with Fastpass youd get to pick your return window. But with Genie+ you have to select the next available time.

    Can I Buy More Fast Passes At Magic Kingdom

    Jake & Christian – Downtown Disney Flashmob Proposal

    Currently, there is no way for most guests to buy additional FastPasses.

    The only guests who can buy additional FastPasses are those staying Club Level at select Disney Deluxe Resorts. The minimum cost is $150 for three days of additional FastPasses and you can use these FastPasses at any park.

    The cost involved with staying Club Level and buying these additional FastPasses is extremely high. This means that for most visitors, there is no way to buy more FastPasses.

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    Individual Lightning Lane Attraction Selections:

    • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
    • Space Mountain
    • Remys Ratatouille Adventure
    • Frozen Ever After
    • Avatar: Flight of Passage
    • Expedition Everest
    • Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway
    • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
    • Radiator Springs Racers
    • WEBSLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

    The timing for when a user can make a first Individual Attraction Selection for the day varies depending on which property theyre visiting and whether theyre in a participating Resort hotel.

    • At Disneyland Resort, Individual Attraction Selection users must be in the Park before they can make their first reservation.
    • At Walt Disney World, select Resort guests can make their first reservation at 7AM . All other users will have to wait until Park opening to make their first Individual Lightning Lane Attraction Selections.

    What’s Included With Disney Genie

    Every park visitor will have access to Disney Genie though the My Disney Experience and Disneyland mobile apps.

    One of its highly-touted features is the ability to create custom itineraries for guests.

    “Just tell Disney Genie what you want to do and it will do the planning for you,” a Disney Park press release said, noting that the tool aims to “take the guesswork out of ‘what’s next.'”

    Guests can also use Disney Genie to join virtual queues, see current and forecasted attraction wait times, mobile order food, make reservations at restaurants and more.

    There’s even a virtual assistant to help along the way.

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    Our Top Disney World Fastpass Tips

    Make sure all of your party members are connected as friends and family, and your tickets are linked in My Disney Experience.

    Before you make reservations, make sure all of the members of your party are linked as friends and family, and all of your tickets have been linked. While all adults can make or change reservations, we generally find it’s easier if one person makes reservations for the whole group.

    Book FastPass+ reservations early.

    Resort guests have the ability to book up to 60 days in advance of their check-in date, while non-resort guests can book up to 30 days in advance. We recommend booking as soon as your window opens, so that you can secure a reservation for the most in-demand attractions. This means you will need to know which park you will be visiting on each day of your trip. On the day your booking window opens, you can start making FastPass+ reservations at 7 a.m. EST. Mommy Frog usually sets an alarm to try to snag FastPass+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Flight of Passage and Slinky Dog Dash. If these aren’t your priority, you may be able to sleep in without worrying about missing out, but we still recommend making your reservations as soon as possible, as availability is limited.

    Choose your FastPass+ selections wisely.

    Mind the tier system at EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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