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Family Of Four Trip To Disney World

Possible Disney World Transportation Costs To Include: Road Trip Expenses Plane Tickets And/or Train Tickets

Disney World Trip TRAVEL DAY 2022! | Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Flight! | LOUISE PENTLAND
  • If driving down to Walt Disney World, check out to help compute road trip costs. Dont forget things like overnight lodging for on the road , gas, and food & snacks.
  • If flying, check to help you budget.
  • If flying and staying offsite, be sure to factor in rental car or car service costs plus the cost for parking at the theme parks.
  • If flying and staying onsite, check out your options for getting from the airport to your resort. And, keep in mind that the Disney World resorts now charge for overnight parking, so youll want to make sure to include that in your budget if you plan to rent a car.

Determine If You Really Need Disney Genie+

Disney Genie+ is a relatively new service at Walt Disney World that replaces the former FastPass system. The service costs $15 per day per person, which adds up quickly if youre traveling with a large group. Before going to Walt Disney World you should think hard about if your group really needs to purchase Disney Genie+.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO:Ultimate Guide to Disney Genie and Genie+

The parks where its most useful are Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. Both EPCOT and Disneys Animal Kingdom can both be managed without Disney Genie+ if you plan to either get up early to be at the park before it officially opens or plan to stay late. So, if your priority lists for those parks are small you may not need to spend the extra money for Disney Genie+. Anyone staying at an official Walt Disney World hotel should be aware that hotel guests get 30 minutes of extra time at each park every morning.

To check the time of early entry for each part, open the park hours section of the My Disney Experience app. If youre staying at a Disney Vacation Club resort or Disney deluxe resort, there are also certain nights throughout the week that you can have either EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, or Disneys Hollywood Studios to yourself for two hours after the park closes. These less-crowded times are also great time to hit rides that you didnt get to do during the day or werent necessarily on your priority list.

Additional Information On Walt Disney World Resort Activities:

A trip to Walt Disney World® in Orlando is the ultimate family vacation. Follow your dreams to a magical place where storybook fantasies come to life for children and adults alike. Family activities and fun-filled entertainment are endless and there is no shortage of theme park rides and exciting attractions to choose from to fill up each day and night of your Disney vacation.

A family Walt Disney World® Resort vacation package offers four unique and exciting theme parks. There are so many things to do such as experience Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park.

Other Disney attractions include Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney Springs, and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Please note: flight service for Walt Disney World® vacations is into Orlando.

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Less Than $3000 Budget

Lots of people plan amazing trips on budgets of $3,000 or less.

Here are some examples of you can do with that amount of money:

Example 1: Less than $3,0002 adults and 2 kids

How many nights do you typically stay?3 nights, 4 days
Where do you stay?
How many Quick Service meals do you eat per day ?1
What best describes your breakfast routine?On most days we either skip it or eat breakfast in our room with maybe 1 special breakfast at a restaurant per trip
What is your souvenir budget :$200 or more per person
What is your budget for extras ?$250-$500
TransportationWe fly and use Magical Express

Transportation To/from Disney World And The Airport

How Much A Disney World Trip Really Costs For A Family Of Four

Next, since the trip is set for 2022, Disneys Magical Express will already be discontinued. That means the family will need to figure out how to get to and from the airport to their Disney World hotel. There are a variety of options they could use including a rideshare service, a taxi, a private car transfer, and more.

One specific option quite a few families may be interested in is Mears Connect. Mears Connect is a new service that will be offered by Mears starting in 2022. Mears is the company that has been operating the Magical Express on behalf of Disney. Mears connect is said to provide the same reliable, safe, express service guests are used to, though it does have some differences compared to Magical Express.

The price for Mears Connects Standard Service which is a shared service that includes large vehicles and monitored wait times is about $32 per adult and $27 per child .

For our trip, it wouldnt let us look for a Mears Connect transportation as far as December of 2022, so we just got an estimate based on dates in January of 2022.

The total cost was $118.

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Make The Most Of Disney Rides

  • Plan for Height Restrictions – Research height restrictions online for all the parks you are planning to attend. Know before you go which rides and slides will work for your children. Doing this will help prevent disappointments.
  • Use Your Fast Pass Wisely – When you purchase a park ticket, Fast Pass is a complimentary benefit that allows you to make three reservations per ticket to an attraction by signing up for a specific date and time. Purchase your tickets in advance, so your family can use this timesaving tool. Sign up for Fast Passes online or via the My Disney Experience App.
  • Make Fast Pass Reservations Early – When you stay at a Disney hotel, you can make Fast Pass Selections up to 60 days before arrival. If you are not staying at a Disney hotel, you can utilize your Fast Pass up to 30 days in advance.
  • Earn Three Additional Fast Passes – After using your first three Fast Passes, you can sign up for three more via the My Disney Experience App regardless of where you are staying.
  • Know the Best Rides for Fast Pass – Utilize the line-skipping system for attractions that constantly have the longest lines. Magic Kingdoms Splash Mountain, Hollywood Studios Toy Story Midway Mania and Epcots Frozen Ever After, Test Track and Soarin are the rides with the longest lines.
  • Plan a reunion at Disney World with an online sign up. SAMPLE

    Food Costs Include Table Service & Quick Service Meals Snacks And Any Groceries You Buy For Your Stay

    • Food is an easy area to spend big or save a lot.
    • Breakfasts in your room is an easy way to save time and a lot of money.
    • Kids under 3 can eat free.
    • You can pick up items to take to your resort or have grocery items delivered to your resort.
    • Ice water is free at most Quick Service locations and makes a great alternative to buying bottles of water.
    • There are lots of different ways to budget for food, so check out our food budget guide to see which method will work best for your trip.

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    The Priciest Place On Earth: Family Of Four Hit With $8480 Tab For Five

    • In February, the entertainment conglomerate raised ticket prices with a four-day standard ticket now costing a minimum of $447.70
    • The four-day Park Hopper Ticket now costs a minimum of $540.89, and a four-day Park Hopper Plus ticket is now $559.53
    • At the same time, Disney is getting rid of cost-saving options like a free shuttle from the airport and free parking at its resorts
    • Now, some average American families say they cannot afford to visit the Happiest Place on Earth as the median income is $67,521 a year

    Disney World Tips For Your Family’s Next Vacation

    Walt Disney World Family Packing Tips

    Posted by Sara Kendall

    Youre ready to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney World but where do you start? With a wonderful world of choices, planning a Disney trip can seem overwhelming. Get the most out of your Disney vacation with these tips. Dont delay: Many popular experiences and restaurant reservations must be booked 180 days in advance.

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    Disney World Restaurant & Food Types

    Before we discuss the specifics of the different dining plans, it is helpful to clarify a few terms. For the purposes of the dining plans, there are three types of meals at Walt Disney World: table service, quick service, and snack. The full list of table service and quick service restaurants is available here.

    Free Dining At Walt Disney World

    Please Note: We now have a full post covering Free Dining at Disney World in more detail. This section will see less frequent updates and serves just as a summary version of the full post.

    Since 2005, Disney has annually released a promotion colloquially called Free Dining. The terms and conditions of free dining vary year by year, but there a few common aspects to the promotion.

    If youre interested in booking a stay at Walt Disney World, we recommend getting a quote from Lauren Quirk at Travel With Character LLC.

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    How Much Does The Food At Disney World Cost

    When planning a Disney World trip, there are 2 budget items where it is relatively easy to spend big or save a lot: food & lodging.

    Want to save some money? Disney makes it easy to keep your expenses low by allowing you to bring food into the parks.

    But, if cost isnt a factor, they also offer lots of restaurants where you can easily spend upwards of $150 for a family of 4.

    Important note: The Disney Dining Plan is currently unavailable, however, Disney has announced that it will return at a later date.

    And, let us not forget about the Disney Dining Plan. This is an add-on that is only available to guests staying onsite at a Walt Disney World owned hotel.

    It includes 4 different options, and depending on which one you select youll receive a certain number of credits to use throughout your trip:

    • Quick Service Dining Plan
    • Regular Dining Plan
    • Plus Dining Plan
    • Deluxe Dining Plan

    When putting together your cost for dining at Disney World, make sure you consider:

    Getting Around Disney World

    Disney Destinations

    Once you get to Walt Disney World, you need to know how to get around. Disney has their own complimentary transportation system guests can use and if you have your own car, you can park it at the hotel, or drive it to the parks.

    Transportation costs are sneaky at Disney World, and all the fees and parking can really add up quickly. Here are your options

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    Overall Disneyland Vacation Thoughts

    Our kids have never been obsessed with Disney, but weve never been anti-Disney either. Weve been to Hong Kong Disneyland once, Disney World twice, and Disneyland maybe ten times . And weve done three Disney cruises in Europe. Especially when the kids were younger, they were constantly watching Disney movies and being subjected to Disney commercials on the Disney Channel, and they would ask to go to Disneyland frequently. So we would drive down in the morning, spend the day, stay overnight, and by lunch the second day, without fail, they would be ready to head home. Then they wouldnt ask to return for about six months, at which point they had forgotten about the heat and the lines and tantrums.

    But we lived less than two hours away. For a family without annual passes whos flying in from out-of-state, its a much more expensive proposition. How expensive? Theres no perfect answer, since every family is different and it varies by date, but the basic elements are the same. For a family of four, you need four plane tickets, a shuttle between the airport and the hotel, a hotel , park passes , and food. Im doing the basic calculations below. And then Im going to list some international destinations where you can take your kids for less. Maybe think about skipping Disney, especially if youve been before, and showing your kids the world instead!

    How Much Does Transportation To Disney World Cost

    Will you be flying in to Orlando International Airport or driving from home? Staying offsite or at a Disney Resort?

    Although some prices are fixed, transportation expenses can vary greatly depending upon where you are coming from, how you are getting there, and how many people youll be traveling with.

    When putting together your Disney transportation expenses, make sure you take these things into account:

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    Top 9 Tips For A Successful Multi

    Taking a multi-generational trip to Disney World has been one of our best theme park memories! We visited the most magical place on Earth with Tad and Lily’s grandparents just last year, and it was an absolute blast. It was Tad and Lily’s favorite trip so far … but that couldn’t just be because they got spoiled with souvenirs by their grandparents, right?

    When planning a trip to Disney World with grandparents or other extended relatives, there are some additional factors to consider. Visiting with grandma and grandpa means extra fun and extra special memories, but it also means going at a different pace than you usually might. For many parents, considering what other adults want to do on the trip may be new, and this can be tough when accommodating tadpoles as well. In many cases, a multi-generational trip to Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so we’re here to offer you our top tips for planning and enjoying the experience to make sure everyone involved has a leapin’ good time!

    Additional Ways To Save Money At Disney World:

    Pack With Me Walt Disney World 2021 | Packing For A Family of 4
    • Pack Lunch & Snacks – A single hot dog in the park is $10

    • Bring a Water bottle to refill OR ask Starbucks for an ice water – A single water bottle in the park is AT LEAST $4

    • Use the Disney World campus shuttles

    • Forgo the extras.but we chose to buy a few extras on Lathams birthday including 2 balloons , Lefous Brew , a hot dog , Dole Whips

    • Not buy souvenirs in the park shops. It was $87 for 2 t-shirts and 1 towel when we had to buy shirts and a towel to clean up throw up. Talk about some sticker shock. We bought all of our actual souvenirs at the Disney Outlet and Wal-Mart before we left for the trip.

    EpcotS Morocco

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    How Much Does A Walt Disney World Hotel Cost

    Although some people choose to stay with family or friends, most people visiting Walt Disney World will need a place to stay.

    The good news is youll have a ton of options both onsite and offsite.

    Want to save some cash? You can save some money on your hotel by staying offsite.

    The downside is that when you stay offsite, youll need to consider the other expenses youll incur to do so . And oftentimes, those other expenses can add up, so definitely make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

    If you are considering staying onsite, Disney has 4 different levels of hotels to choose from: Value, Moderate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Villas.

    The Value resorts are the least expensive and, aside from the family-suites, have the smallest rooms.

    The Deluxe and Deluxe Villas will cost you the most. But, in return, youll generally have larger rooms and be closer to the parks if you stay in one.

    Make sure you take a look at our Pros and Cons of all Onsite Resorts for more info on each of your options.

    Keep these things in mind when putting together your budget for your Disney World hotel:

    Making The Dining Plan Worth It

    If you find out the dining plan wont save you money based on your typical dining habits, you may decide you want to try to make it worth it anyways. I would never dine at Akershus Royal Banquet hall for the $60 it would cost me, but if I could fit it into a dining plan and get it for less than $60, I might try it.

    My typical dining habits are based on wanting to save but if I was able to craft a set of experiences that appealed to me at the price of the dining plan , then it might make sense to go with the dining plan.

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    Should I Stay At A Disney Hotel

    If youre looking for the full Disney experience, staying at one of the themed hotels can be worth it. Disney puts a lot of effort into the overall feel of the hotels so you can really get fully immersed. One good example is the Star Wars hotel which makes it appear that youre on a starship. Its also worth mentioning that some of the best Disney restaurants are located on the properties. That said, staying at a hotel outside of Disney isnt a bad thing if youre looking to enjoy more things outside of the parks.

    Do Make Time For Everyones Top Priorities

    What we learned from our first family trip to Disney World with kids ...

    Instead of zooming around all four Disney World parks with the extended family in tow, have everyone in your group make a priority list of things they want to do, whether thats visiting Disneys Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios, devouring a specific Disney World food theyve been craving, or screaming their heads off on a favorite roller coaster.

    WATER WORLDS:Tips and Tricks for Visiting Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon

    Use these priority lists of plan your vacation, making sure to build in time for everyone to do their favorite things in a way that makes sense based on which park or parks youll be visiting in a given day. Then as park pass reservations are made, and dining reservation windows get close, you can come up with a solid strategy for your multigenerational Disney trip.

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