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Educational Opportunities At Disney World

The Educational Value Of Disney

Explore S.T.E.A.M. With Disney Youth Education Series

by Donna Sharick | Dec 27, 2014 | WDW Blog

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I know as a mom and a travel agent, its a hard decision to plan our Disney Vacation during the school year. I have struggled with pulling my kids out of school or just waiting for a school break. Disney is a very educational vacation that can and will teach your kids a lot during the time they are out of school.

Here are some of the things your kids can learn at each park while they are having fun and will not even realize they are learning!

WDW has a lot of educational opportunities. Photo by Laurie Sapp.

When you first walk in the Magic Kingdom you have to just pause and take in the castle! Then just hop on the train for a quick look around the kingdom! While on the train sit in the front car and learn from your conductor on how a steam powered train works!

For the History lesson head over to The Hall of Presidents! There you will have a unique look at the Presidents and how they interact with the American People and some of our nations history.

How about Literature next? As we take a ride on the Liberty Square Riverboat for a glance of what Mark Twain wrote about in his books and go explore the Tom Sawyer Island.

Tom Sawyer Island is a great place to explore! Photo by Brett Svenson.

Mission Space has lots of fun facts to share! Photo by Laura Jones

Learn about animals up close and personal! Photo by Bill Sferrazza.

Making Walt Disney World Educational

Okay. I admit it. Im a teacher. My husband is a teacher. Those of you who arent may look at the title of this post and roll your eyes. Really? Education at Disney? Ugh! Just let the kids have FUN!!

I get it. And agree, for the most part. However, at Disney, I truly believe that you can combine education and fun, and what better way to learn?

You may be looking for suggestions for a letter you need to write to your school district in order for your child to be excused for a trip to Disney during the school year. will remember far more about their trip to Disney than the math they will be learning that week!) You may just be looking for ways to insert a little learning into your vacation. Read ahead to find out how!

Conservation Station And Dinoland

These areas of the park are very different from one another, but no less educational than the rest of the park. The Conservation Station is full of ways to learn more about animals. Guests can visit with the animals us close and watch a veterinary procedure. In Dinoland guests can learn all about archaeology and what we have learned about the dinosaurs who roamed the planet before us.

Educational Attractions: Rafikis Conservation Station, Dinosaur, The Boneyard play area.

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How To Get A Walt Disney World Vacation Approved For A School Educational Trip:

There is no better educational theme park than Epcot. It features exciting attractions, international pavilions, award-winning fireworks & seasonal special events. There was no shortage of educational opportunities there.

At Epcot my son was able to design a virtual concept vehicle at Test Track and then go for a high octane ride in his creation. He was really excited because his design won! This attraction is definitely not one to miss.

We visited the attraction Mission Space where he was able to experience an authentic NASA-style training and a launch on a shuttle simulator to Mars. This was one of his favorite attractions. Next stop was Spaceship Earth where he was able to travel in time and explore the history of communication on a ride that took me from the Stone Age to the computer age.

Next up we visited Project Tomorrow. It was a great place to discover challenging games and engaging displays plus it features an interactive play area. One of our favorites was Innovations. You will entertain your curiosity about science and technology inside a vibrant pavilion with fun activities and hands-on exhibits that make you the scientist! Enjoy a show that demonstrates basic principles of science at the SpectauLAB.

There is so much to see and do and see in the Epcot World Showcases. You can simply walk through the countries or as we like to do “eat our way through the countries”. It is a great way to expand you cultural diversity without the expense of traveling.

Expedition Mars: Spirit And Opportunity

Disney Youth Education Programs: Educational Opportunities ...

One of the greatest adventures of the modern space age, Expedition Mars explores the epic trials and tribulations of Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. With an expected lifespan of months, these rovers lasted for years on the frigid, dusty, craterous landscape of Mars. Students will be in awe of these pioneering explorers that brought new life to NASAs Mars program. And now, Mars is a little less alien to all of us.

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Discovery Island And Oasis

Discovery Island is home to some great animal exhibits and in interactive adventure that will take guest all over the park. When looking for educational opportunities at Animal Kingdom the Wilderness Explorers program is the perfect activity. This activity points out educational lessons that are available as you tour the park. The Wilderness Explorer handbook may have both adults and kids learning some new facts about culture and about animals.

Educational Attractions: Discovery Island Trails, A Bugs Life, Wilderness Explorers.

Wdw Radio Show #192 Top Ten Educational Opportunities In Walt Disney World

There are many layers to the Walt Disney World experience, and part of what I try to do on the show, site and in my books and CDs is help you peel back many of them to help you enjoy the parks and resorts in new and exciting ways. From highlighting the stories, to the details, history trivia and overlooked experiences, visiting the parks is so much more than simply enjoying the attractions on their face. But one way to enjoy and explore the parks is to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available. This week, well explore just one of those ways as we look at the Top Ten Educational Opportunities in Walt Disney World. Not only for kids, there are countless opportunities to not just learn, but enhance your experience, as well as educate others about so many different things in so many different ways. This will be a fun look at the parks from a unique perspective that will help you look at your next visits as ones that are filled with wonderful opportunities.

Ill have a few announcements and then play more of your voicemails at the end of the show. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this weeks episode of the WDW Radio Show.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week!

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Educational Opportunities At Walt Disney World

While some go to Disney for a fun, magical getaway, others hope to gain more than a fun vacation. Disney World is the perfect place for enrichment and learning in addition to fun and fantasy. There are many opportunities all around the parks for learning about new people, places, and things. While it may seem like a trip to Disney could be entertaining but not educational, it certainly can be both! Disney has perfected what is known to many as edutainment. Learning experiences are important factors to many parents when considering a trip to Walt Disney World that may take children out of school for a few days. Disney provides plenty of enrichment so that everyone can learn something new.

Epcot Animal Kingdom Traveling Additional Experiences

Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide

Costumes | Discover the Disney College Program

Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel GuideDisney World Educational OpportunitiesWhat is Disney World Educational Opportunities.Disney World Educational Opportunities 2013.You Can Have A Disney World Vacation For A Fraction Of What Others Pay.Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide More info about Disney World Educational Opportunities

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Top 10 Educational Attractions In Disney World Parks

When we think of Disney World, we dont necessarily think of education. But, guess what there are several educational attractions in the Disney Parks! Plus, its our favorite kind of education for young and old alike, as Disney proves learning a thing or two can be fun. Countdown with us through our list of the top ten educational attractions in the Disney Parks.

Disneys Animal Kingdom offers two self-guided walking tours through beautiful scenery and wildlife. The Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail can be found near the exit of Kilimanjaro Safaris which is located in the Africa section of the park in the village of Harambe. The highlight of the Exploration Trail is the gorilla habitat which offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful creates in their natural habitat of grassy hills and waterfalls. Maharajah Jungle Trek can be found in the Asia section of the park near the exit of Kali River Rapids. This trail brings guests into the Royal Anandapur Forest where they can check out beautiful temple ruins, exotic landscaping, and beautiful Asian Tigers. Both trails offer a serene place for guests to get in touch with nature and enjoy all the beauty that it has to offer as well as an opportunity for many learning opportunities.

Whats your favorite educational attraction? Let us hear from you!

DisneyLists author Caitlin Corsello also contributed to this article.

School Absence Excuse Letters For Disney Vacations

Planning the perfect family vacation has enough stress, dealing with the hassle of school absence excuses shouldnt be one of them. We here at Disney Addicts know just how important your Disney vacation is to you and want to help you enjoy every minute of it. More and more, school districts are becoming sticklers for travel being educational in order to be excused. Sadly, this means many people put off their Disney vacations until the Christmas, Spring or Summer breaks to avoid unexcused absences but that is when the parks are most busy and if avoiding the crowds are important to you then you may want to consider taking the kids out of school. Disney Addict that you are, you know that a Disney vacation is truly an educational experience. Putting that into words to convince the school principal, however, can seem like a daunting task. Thats why weve compiled template letters for you, taking the worry out of the equation completely! We invite you to copy and paste and fill in details specific to your familys next journey.

Walt Disney World Resort:

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Watch The Hall Of Presidents

In college I was a political science major, and to this day I still get goose bumps when I watch the Hall of Presidents. While it does gloss over a lot of history, the Hall of Presidents does make for a good summary of the history of the American presidents. For children who are just starting to get interested in politics and the American presidents, this is a great educational opportunity.

Walt Disneys Carousel Of Progress

Walt Disney World

Walt Disneys Carousel of Progress is one of the best history lessons of the American experience I can think of. In 20 minutes this show tells the story of the American family, and how technology improved living throughout the 20th century. This show can help create a spark for young minds to become interested in science and technology.

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Educational Experiences At Disneys Magic Kingdom

Everyone sees Magic Kingdom in a different light depending on your age. Regardless of age, however, there are plenty of educational observations to be had.

To prove my point Id like to start by talking about the icon of Magic Kingdom, Cinderellas Castle. Way back when Walt Disney was buying up a truly decent amount of Florida wetlands, he learned that Florida law states that structures over 200 feet must have a beacon to help with air traffic. Now I know what you may be thinking, Ok sure, but how is that educational? Well if you were Walt Disney, you would put a great deal of thought into that pesky little law. You see, Walt Disney did not want to ruin the magic by reminding the public that they are still in the real world.

His solution you ask? Forced perspective. Cinderellas Castle is actually 189 feet tall, but when youre in the Magic Kingdom it feels much much larger. How do they do it? You may ask. Well Ill tell you. Forced perspective is an optical illusion in which as something gets bigger, proportions get smaller Simply put, if you take a second to stare at the castle, you will notice that the further up you look, the windows actually get much smaller. So small, that if you were right up against them, they would look like a very awkward sized window.

Its a Small World
The Walt Disney World Railroad
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
Swiss Family Treehouse
Tom Sawyer Island
Carousel of Progress
Mickeys PhilharMagic
Enchanted Tales with Belle

How To Make Your Trip To Walt Disney World Educational

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As it gets more and more expensive to travel during the school holidays, I know plenty of parents who take their kids out of school for a few days to visit Walt Disney World. While its great to spend time together as a family on vacation, taking kids out of school isnt always an easy decision, and I know many parents look for ways to make their trip to Walt Disney World educational to compensate for the time their children are missing in the classroom.

Similarly, I know a lot of homeschool families who use Walt Disney World as a learning experience for their children, and go on field trips to cover one subject or another. Walt Disney World can actually be a really educational vacation if you know where to look, so Ive compiled this list of ways to make your trip to Walt Disney World educational, while still being a super fun family vacation!

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Visiting Walt Disney World Is Of Course A Dream Vacation For Many Families Even Among The Numerous Fun Recreational Experiences Though There Are Educational Activities That Wont Feel Too Much Like Homework Yet Will Help Teach Too

For home-schooled children, Walt Disney World is an endless classroom. And even for those kids who missed regularly scheduled classes to go on their vacations, we offer some ideas for the requisite trip report that will be due when they return.

Here are reader- and staff-generated suggestions for learning opportunities in the four theme parks at Walt Disney World. Some are simple enough for elementary-age kids while others might be more appropriate for middle- and high-school students.

** Ask your child to document your vacation by creating a photo journal. Have the child use an inexpensive digital camera, or an iPod or cell phone with a camera, to take photos of experiences he or she thinks are worth noting. Then, when you return home, the child can select photos for the album, which can be created digitally or by printing the photos and pasting them into an album. Let your child sort the photos in a way that makes sense to him or her, such as by character, attraction, location or date. Adding captions under the photos helps preserve memories and helps teach communication skills. This project is suitable for all ages.

** Bring a world map with you. After your visit to World Showcase at Epcot, have your child find all the countries represented in the park on the map. Once youre home, you can mount the map and use stickpins to mark his or her travels.

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Make Your Disney Trip Educational

Learning While On Disney International Programs

If you want to make your student groups dream trip to Disney a reality, add one of these incredible educational programs and buff up the itinerary. Disney professionals are world-class experts in their fields and most classes meet one or more national education standards.

Performing in the parks before an international audience is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for many students. Unfortunately, not every administration understands the value of these learning experiences. They do, however, appreciate a solid education session Make your Disney trip educational and its a safe bet your board will approve!

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Best Educational Experiences At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is full of educational opportunities. With a number of shows, parades and exhibits, there is so much to experience. Here are the 10 best educational experiences at Walt Disney World:

1. Agent Ps World Showcase Adventure Dive into the countries around the World Showcase as you try to help Agent P on his secret missions. Kids and adults alike will enjoy trying to find all of the clues and seeing areas of the countries they have never noticed before.

2. Tom Sawyer Island Straight out of Mark Twains novel, this area of the park is full of educational experiences including caves to explore, a fort to navigate and woods to trek through. Youll feel like you are somewhere other than the middle of the Magic Kingdom.

3. Kidcot Stations Each country in Epcot has a Kidcot station where the kids can color a Duffy bear, get their Duffy bear stamped and even get their name written in the countrys native language if they ask nicely. Each countrys Kidcot station is manned by a Cast Member who is on a one year work visa from that country! So Canadas is manned by a native Canadian, Chinas is manned by a native Chinese person, etc. Additionally, you can visit the Tower Gift Shop located at the beginning of the World Showcase and purchase a World Showcase Passport that you can have stamped in each country.

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