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Droid Depot At The Walt Disney World Resort

Star Wars Galaxys Edge Build A Droid Options 2022

Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxys Edge at Walt Disney World

Of course, if youre looking for a new Star Wars droid astromech pal, you could potentially be worried about lack of options for the steep Galaxys Edge droid cost. Not to worry, Disneys build a droid options are out of this world.

There are two droids to choose from when it comes to Galaxys Edge Droid Depot options:

  • R-Series Droid
  • BB-Series Droid

As you can see above, the droid options at Disney world 2022 are an R-series, like R2-D2, and the second is a BB-series. Thats right you are able to build your very own BB-8 at Disney World! You have to make this decision when youre paying at the front.

This is without a doubt the most difficult question you will need to answer when assembling your Galaxys Edge build a droid. As you can see below, from the Droid Depot options, I went with the R-series as the original Star Wars movies will always be my favorite. However I cant wait to go back. The Galaxys Edge Droid Depot BB-series option is the perfect way to honor the newest movies which are equally just as awesome!

Can I Bring My Droid On A Plane

The TSA allows you to bring your Droid Depot astromech unit on the plane. It must be turned off before going through security. The airlines will allow one bag and two carry-ons for each traveler with no size restrictions when flying within the United States.

So personally, I would suggest taking your droids in a carry-on, if at all possible to prevent any damage. But if you feel comfortable with it, you can certainly put them in checked luggage as well.

Do Custom Droids Interact With Each Other In Galaxys Edge

Even though you have the option to store your custom droid for the remainder of your time in the park, we recommend utilizing the droid carrying box provided. If you choose to carry your droid around Star Wars Galaxys Edge with you, youll be delighted to hear your chosen Disney droid personality chip come to life! In fact, youll probably see a few freshly-built custom droids zipping around outside Galaxys Edge Droid Depot that your droid can interact with.

Youll also notice your droid beeping in response to areas as you make your way through Galaxys Edge. For example, if you chose a Resistance personality chip for your droid, youll probably hear it chirping nervously when you get near a storm trooper or Kylo Rens ship!

However, be warned that the provided droid box is made of stiff cardboard. If you want an option that is more comfortable to carry, one of the Disney droid accessories available for purchase is a stylish droid-sized backpack.

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Review: Droid Depot In Star Wars Land

Droid Depot is a build your own droid shop in Star Wars: Galaxys Edge at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World and at Disneyland. In this review, well detail the experience, whether its worth the $99 price tag, and how it compares to the $200 lightsaber experience in Star Wars Land.

As a bit of background, Droid Depot is a split retail space, with one half of the store having normal off-the-shelf Star Wars items you can buy while the other half is a workshop with stations for droid customization and purchase. Droid Depots building area is stocked with parts, chips, manuals guests can collect to construct droids.

After choosing a BB-series unit or R-series unit, youre given a basket and blueprint for parts. From there, you head to the parts station at the back of Droid Depot, which is literally a conveyor belt from which you pull items as they pass by. This is cool, and gives Droid Depot a certain authenticity. Plus, its fun to see and snag pieces as they pass you

From there, its on to the build station, where you take the four parts to follow placemat instructions. Assemble the droid its the proper sequence before the activation process begins.

Pretty simple and quick, and an experience thatll take under 15 minutes from start to finish .

Once finished, you can buy additional accessories, including a personality chip or carrying backpack.

It seems awkward to just carry them around, so I guess the other option is getting one of those baby slings.

Disney World Droid Depot Reservations 2022

Do More With Your Droid With Disney

Another common question we receive is, do I need a reservation to build a droid in Disney? The short answer is no, you do not need a reservation. However, a build a droid reservation at Disney World is recommended. If you do not have a reservation, you will be guaranteed to wait in the longer line thats meant for those without reservations. Disneys Droid Depot can be a pretty busy place, and it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, a reservation will save you from waiting on a long line and we strongly recommend making one if you know for sure that you will build a Droid at Disney World.

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How To Build Your Own Droid At Galaxys Edge In Disney World

Once youve paid, its time for fun! The process is basically split into two stages: the parts station and the building station.

At the parts station, youll choose which pieces to use for building your droid. Each style of droid has four different parts. The BB-series model has a dome, a dome connection plate, a body sphere and a motivator. Meanwhile, the R-series model has a dome, a body, a center leg and a pair of side legs.

These parts come in various styles and colors, so you can mix and match however you please. Just make sure youve got each of the four main parts! For easy selection, they move down a conveyor belt. If you miss something or change your mind about a piece, you can put it back on the belt and wait until another comes back around.

After you’ve selected all four parts, you’ll bring your basket to the building station where a cast member will assist you. You’ll follow instructions on your placemat or the digital monitors to assemble the parts in the right order. Once it’s completed, your droid will be paired with a remote control and activated! It was toadally cool watching my droid, F2-0G, come to life.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Droid At Disney World

The cost of building a droid at Droid Depot is $99.99 plus tax. This price includes a carry box and instructions .

It is worth noting that if you purchase additional accessories, enhancements, personality chips, or customizations for the R series and BB series droids, they come at an additional cost.

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S To Make A Droid At Hollywood Studios Galaxys Edge

  • Check-in to the Droid Depot
  • Start at the conveyer belt where you will pick out the pieces you need for your Droid. You are given a basket to collect your items that will show you what you need to collect.
  • Next go over to the building station where a cast member will assist you on how to put your Droid together.
  • Finally you and the cast member will activate your Droid.

Droid Interactivity Inside Galaxy’s Edge At Disney World

Inside Droid Depot at Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

These customizable droids use Bluetooth technology to communicate with other astromech units, as well as other elements and objects on Batuu and at Disney parks and resorts. Using the remote control to operate a droid while at the theme parks is generally not allowed due to safety, but you can carry it around in its box or bag so it can interact with these elements in the land and other droids.

After we walked out with F2-0G in its box, we noticed it started to make noise when we passed by the droids outside of the shop. F2-0G also started beeping and chirping around the Millennium Falcon. We chatted with a Batuu resident who mentioned that droids associated with the Resistance will have negative reactions to The First Order. Sure enough, F2-0G started to make noises around the TIE fighter.

However, if you’re spending more time in the park and don’t want to carry it around with you, you can send your droid to your Disney Resort hotel if staying on-site or held at a designated location near the Hollywood Studios main entrance for convenient pick-up as you exit the park. Just let the cashier know at the time of purchase .

Would you rather build a BB-series or an R-series droid? What would you name it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Is Droid Building At Disney Worth It

For us- Yes! We had a blast building our Droid and have even enjoyed it at home. I enjoyed seeing the kids personalities come out in their customization choices.

You end up with a really unique and one of a kind souvenir. Our droid is purple, blue, and red which may not make sense at all but it is a bit of all of us and brings back fun memories of our visit.

I cant tell you if spending an extra $100.00 on a souvenir is worth it though, because it is a personal decision. If you enjoy Star Wars even the slightest you will probably enjoy this add on experience.

If Star Wars is not your thing I would skip this.

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Droid Types And Pricing Logistics

First, you must pick between the two styles of astromech units: the R-series or the BB-series . Once you make your selection, you will be given a blueprint with assembly instructions and a basket to put the parts in.

Each droid unit costs $99.99, plus tax. It comes with a special carry box and instructions. Once youve built your droid, its nonrefundable, as the people of Batuu believe the droid and its person pair for life. However, the personalized building experience is part of the price tag and you’ve got a loyal friend for life. So, dont rush through choosing your parts, and try to have an idea of what you want it to look like beforehand! There’s a wall with all of the available options just to the left of the register. There are no discounts available, including the usual merchandise discount for annual passholders. For an additional charge, you can purchase personality chips for $12.99 each, as well as other various accessories, such as the droid backpack for $49.99.

In addition to the regular build-your-own droid at Galaxy’s Edge, Droid Depot also has model kits, pre-made and premium droids for sale. These range from small to larger authentic replicas of the droids from the films, such as D-0 from “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”

How Do I Make A Droid Depot Reservation In 2022

8 Things to Know about the Droid Depot at Walt Disney ...

You can make a reservation up to 180 days in advance through Disneys website or through Disneys My Disney Experience app. A valid credit card is required when booking, but wont be charged until you arrive at the shop. Please also note that if you need to cancel, you have to do it at least 24 hours before you cancel, or you will get charged a no-show fee. Also, if you are looking to go to Disney to create your own droid, the reservation is limited to the builder and one guest, and at least one person must be 14 years or older.

Dont worry, at the time of of making your droid reservation, you do not need to know any of the Galaxys Edge Droid Depot options. All of the Star Wars magic is created right inside of the Droid Depot, making the experience authentic and immersive.

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Start Planning Your Trip To A Galaxy Far Far Away

If you want an out-of-this-world experience and to build your very own droid at Droid Depot, located in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but arent sure where to begin planning Dont hesitate to reach out to our friends over at Academy Travel.

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Hollywood Studios Build A Droid Disney World Experience

If you are a Star Wars fan, and honestly even if you are not, you should consider the Hollywood Studios build a Droid Disney World Experience. Guests can build their very own customized Droid to take home and it is a unique experience to add on to your day at the park.

Disney park guests can build a Droid at Star Wars: Galaxys Edge area. Galaxys Edge is the immersive Star Wars land at Disneys Hollywood Studios. It includes two attractions as well as numerous shops and dining options.

Guests will be in awe when they find themselves leaving the theme park and stepping into a planet from a galaxy far far away.

Pro Tip: Allow a lot of time to explore Star Wars: Galaxys Edge. Check out the dining and attractions, meet some characters, and soak in the immersive land of Batuu.

One of the coolest experiences at Galaxys Edge is the Build a Droid Experience. Guests can customize their own Droid that can make sound, move around, and even interact with certain elements in the land.

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Are There Droid Merchandise Available

There is also the opportunity to purchase droid-themed merchandise. Check out the full shop for some awesome toys. They have a really cool collection of model kits, pre-built droids, premium droids, plus a unique collection of Disney artwork and upcycled objects crafted from scrap parts. Thats enough to build your own home planet!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Disney World

Droid Depot in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World

Our Disney Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We break down park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices, and average temperature. We also break down the best time to visit Disney World based on specific times of the year and special events.

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What Does It Cost To Build A Droid

Building a droid at Droid Depot costs $99 plus tax. There are no discounts with Disney annual pass or DVC for this experience, but you can use those discounts for any of the extras or accessories that you purchase for your droid.

The price above includes the building experience , the droid, a remote control, and a cardboard carrying case.

You can also purchase a backpack made especially for your droid for $49.99.

You will pay for your experience and these optional extras when you check in for your reservation. If you aren’t sure about the extras don’t worry, you can purchase them later if you would like. The Droid Depot is also a shop that sells pre-made droids, shirts, toys, droid accessories, and more. So you can always make additional purchases later .

If you want to just walk around the shop you can do that by entering through the shop entrance to the right of the main Droid Depot entrance. You’ll see droids standing outside. Look for this blue and white sign written in Arebesh.

How Does Building a Droid Work?

When you arrive at Droid Depot you’ll be given a choice of 2 types of droids that you can build:

  • R-Series DroidThis droid will be the style of the R2D2 droid. The parts you select to build include:
    • Dome
    • Body Sphere
    • Motivator

When you have all of the pieces for your droid you are brought to a building station. A Cast Member will help you to assemble your droid using instructions found printed on the basket you are carrying.

Ferry Droid Accessory Set $6999

The ferry droid was seen in an episode of The Mandalorian. This astromech droid has legs and arms attached to it so it can row a ferry boat.

With this accessory set, fans can turn their own astromech into a ferry droid.

The set comes with arms, legs, a head, and a staff for rowing. The accessories are compatible with Droid Depot R- and C1- series body canisters.

For more Disneyland Resort news and info, follow Disneyland News Today on , , and .

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How Does The Droid Depot Experience Start

As the official Walt Disney World and Disneyland websites state, first Guests will register their choice of the BB-series unit or R-series unit with the Cast Member at the start, whoâll provide a basket and blueprint for parts. Afterward, Guests will proceed to the following stations and begin their droid-building experience. Disney World and Disneyland say the following of the identical droid-building experiences at both parks:

First, register your choice of the BB-series unit or R-series unit with the clerk, whoâll provide a basket and blueprint for parts. Next, proceed to the following stations and begin your droid-building experience.

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