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Do You Need Magic Bands At Disney World

I’m A Frequent Disney World Visitor Do Have To Get A New Magicband For Every Stay

Do I Need Magic Bands at Disney World?

There is now an option on MyDisneyExperience to decline receipt of a MagicBand with your hotel stay. If you’ve already got enough MagicBands to have them double as Christmas tree garland, you may want to decline additional bands. However, you should be aware that the internal MagicBand batteries have an advertised shelf life of two years, regardless of use level. Even if you love your favorite MagicBand you should consider getting a new one periodically.

Magicbands No Longer Offered Complimentary To Disney World Guests

Starting today, January 1, 2021, MagicBands are no longer being provided complimentary to Walt Disney World guests. This puts into effect what was originally announced back in June 2020 as part of a movement to due away with the MagicBand system.

Guests looking for MagicBand functionality like charging to their room, park entry and room entry now have the following options:

  • Use an old MagicBand from a previous stay
  • Purchase a new MagicBand
  • Use a Key to the World Card

Just to be clear, MagicBands still work and Disney is still allowing guests to use them, they just arent sent to guests free before their vacation as in the past.

In the rest of the article weve outlined what the future of MagicBands could be as Disney starts phasing them out.

Will Magicbands Fit Me Or My Child

How can one size really fit all when it comes to a little soft plastic wristband? Disney has wisely created MagicBands to have a tear away layer to make the band much smaller for the smallest of guests. We have been able to fit a MagicBand on my sons wrist when he was as young as 2 as well as all the adults in our extended traveling family. Of course, getting a toddler to keep a MagicBand on was a different matter entirely.

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What Are Your Options Now That Disney No Longer Offers Free Magicbands

Planning on visiting Walt Disney World next year? One big change youll want to know about is Disney will no longer be giving complimentary MagicBands with 2021 vacations. Heres everything youll need to know about your options for MagicBands for your 2021 vacation.

Purchase New MagicBands

You wont get a complimentary MagicBand, but you can purchase a new band for your 2021 Disney World vacation. The Walt Disney World Resort website shares the following:

Please note: Starting in 2021, we plan to unveil an innovative new offering as part of the My Disney Experience app that will bring features of a MagicBand to your smart devices. Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels with an arrival date through December 31, 2020 will continue to receive complimentary MagicBands. With the new My Disney Experience offering, MagicBands will no longer be provided on a complimentary basis with new reservations for Disney Resort hotel Guests with arrivals beginning January 1, 2021 and beyond.

Adding a MagicBand to your vacation through My Disney Experience will cost anywhere from $5 to $20 each.

Reuse Old MagicBands

You do not have to purchase a MagicBand for your new Disney World vacations. But, if you like using them, you can reuse a band from one of your previous trips. As long as your MagicBands are active, you can use them. Just make sure they are linked to your My Disney Experience account.

Dont Use a MagicBand

How Safe Are Magicbands What If I Lose It


Not only are MagicBands very functional, they are very safe as well. When you arrive at your Walt Disney World Resort, or if you perform online check in, you need to set a PIN number.

This keeps your band safe from someone charging back to your account or redeeming your dining credits if your MagicBand is lost. If you do lose your band, just visit Guest Services. They will give you another one, and make sure all your information and Fastpasses are linked!

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Can I Have Multiple Magic Bands

Yes. You can reuse Magic Bands that youve had from prior trips, and you can get new ones. Youre able to have multiple Magic Bands linked to your account. This allows you to change your band to suit your mood, or to coordinate with your outfit or the park youre visiting.

The batteries in the Magic Bands are supposed to last 2-3 years, but weve had some that have lasted even longer.

How To I Link My Park Tickets To My Magicband

If you have purchased a full package from WDW, your park tickets should already be loaded onto your MagicBand. If you have a room-only reservation, you can manually add your park tickets to your MagicBand via the My Disney Experience website. This works both for tickets purchased through Disney and for tickets purchased through third party vendors such as Undercover Tourist or Maple Leaf Tickets. On the MDX site, go to My Reservations, scroll down until you see Link Tickets, and follow the steps from there.

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Now That Disney Mobile Magic Is Here Are Magic Bands Obsolete

How does the Disney Magic Band work compared to Mobile Magic? Disney describes their Mobile Magic as âa convenient and another contactless way to access MagicBand features, like theme park entry, through the power of eligible iPhones, Apple Watch or Google Pay enabled Android phones. Guests will be able to create a Disney MagicMobile pass through the My Disney Experience app and add it to their smart deviceâs digital wallet.â

Essentially, Disney Mobile Magic turns your phone into your Magic Band. To use this service, you will have to set it up in the My Disney Experience App. Once it is activated, you will simply hold your phone up to any location where a Magic Band is used.

This system does have its downsides. The Magic Bands reportedly scan faster, and work more often on the first scan.

The benefits of Magic Bands do outweigh the cost. First off, Magic Bands allow you to display your Disney fashion sense with an array of fun and exclusive designs.

Magic Bands are also the choice of families, as many younger members of a family do not have smartphones. Magic Bands do not require you to dig through your bag to find your phone, and scan faster than the Mobile Magic system.

It is worth noting that those with an apple watch can utilize the Mobile Magic service on their watch, which combines the benefits of Mobile Magic and the Magic Band system.

Disney Magic Band Summary

How to Use Magic Band at Disney World (Vacation Planning Tips)

Magic Bands are also sometimes referred to as:

  • Disney bands
  • Disney arm bands
  • Disney Fast Pass bands

Since I travel with a little one in tow, I usually dont have an extra hand for digging around in a purse or pocket for my room key or credit card. I LOVE having everything I need on my wrist.

Often when we leave our hotel room the only thing I have to remember is our Magic Bands. If I am just heading to the food court or to the pool for the afternoon, I dont take anything else with me.

If Im heading to the parks and taking a bag anyway, I will bring my ID and a backup credit card, just in case I get carded or somethings not working with my band .

I hope this post answered the popular What is Disney Magic Band? question.

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Can I Use My Magicband At Places Other Than Walt Disney World

Right now, the only non-WDW application of the MagicBand involves the new Disney Infinity electronic game system. Apparently if you place your MagicBand on the game controller, Tinker Bell flies out of your TV and fluffs the pillows on your living room couch. Or maybe not, we’re not really gamers.

MagicBands are not currently used at any of the Disney theme parks outside Orlando, nor are they in use on the Disney Cruise Line ships.

Your Choice Of Magicbands

Now you can choose MagicBand colors and characters that make it more fun than ever before!

  • Colorful MagicBands: choose from 8 solid hues: pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue and gray.
  • Premium MagicBands: choose from designs featuring some of the worlds most-loved Disney friends, from Mickey Mouse to Super Heroes and beyond.

How Disney Resort hotel Guest can order MagicBands at pre-arrival prices

  • Create or sign into your Disney account
  • Link your reservation to your Disney account
  • To order your MagicBands at pre-arrival prices, visit My MagicBands and Cards.
  • Remember to place your order at least 11 days before your arrival if you would like your MagicBands shipped to your home and at least 6 days before your arrival to have them shipped to your Resort hotel.

    Once your pass is activated upon first admittance into the theme parks, your MagicBand order will display in your My Disney Experience account.

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    When Will My Magicbands Be Shipped And Arrive

    If you are an on-property guest who has decided to purchase MagicBands, youll be shipped a set of MagicBands before your trip. Note that you must customize and request them through your My Disney Experience online account in advance.

    The key date to watch is to order them at least 11 days before your vacation so they have time to ship. Make sure your address on file is correct .

    What if you forget or are too late? Back when MagicBands were free, you could still select a band if you were 6-10 days in advance of your vacation to wait for your arrival at the front desk of your Disney hotel. Disney has not announced whether this will be possible now that MagicBands are no longer free, so stay tuned for updates!

    Use Apple Watch Instead

    Disney Magic Bands: Everything You Need to Know!

    Many of our friends and family members use an Apple Watch and naturally dont feel like wearing a MagicBand too. Thats no problem. You can get many of the features MagicBands have right on your Apple Watch instead by using the aforementioned Disney MagicMobile.

    Apple Watch features in the Disney theme parks include:

    • Theme park admission
    • Access to the Virtual Queue and Lightning Lanes

    The Apple Watch may not include all the new features that MagicBand+ has, but it definitely can still handle all the basic stuff.

    To use it, It works just like a MagicBand does. Just tap your Apple Watch to one of the tap points when entering a theme park or an attraction queue.

    If you have Express Mode activated, you dont even need to unlock your Apple Watch to access these features, use My Disney Experience or access your Apple Wallet to use your Disney MagicMobile Pass.

    Read our Guide to Disney MagicMobile for step-by-step instructions on how to link your tickets to a Disney MagicMobile Pass and then an Apple Watch.

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    Can You Link Your Reservations Or Credit Card Details To Your Magic Band

    Yes and no. It is a common misconception that you can link things such as reservations or credit card details to your Magic Band. While you can use your Magic Band for these things, your Magic Band is really linked to your My Disney Experience account, also called MDE for short. The technology in the band allows the touch of the band to relay data from your My Disney Experience account, to the device touched. None of your information is linked to the band itself.

    You can access or create your My Disney Experience account on the website, or on the app on your mobile device. My Disney Experience allows you to see all your plans, and it allows you to make some plans. It also allows you to share info and planning with others you are traveling with.

    Having the app on a mobile devices is a huge advantage for anyone visiting Disney. Some of the conveniences are the ability to make Genie+ and Lightning Lane reservations and dining reservations while youre at Disney, and to order ahead at many counter service restaurants using Mobile Ordering. You can then use your Magic Band to check in.

    What If I Dont Have A Magicband

    You need a park pass reservation to enter the parks, Magic Bands are no longer free, the Disney Magical Express Bus will end after this year, Extra Magic Hours and FastPass+ are not available and now your iPhone or Apple Watch can act as your ticket thanks to the magic of the new MagicMobile Pass.

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    Using Magicbands For Fastpass+

    What to do with old Walt Disney World Magic Bands- Recycling Program?????

    The best thing about using a MagicBand? You can use them to access your FastPass+ reservations throughout the park! All you do is touch your band to the FastPass+ censor and you’re good to go!

    Update: FastPass+ has now officially been retired! The new replacement Disney Genie+ will launch sometime this Fall. This new program will still utilize the previous FastPass lines so guests will likely still use MagicBands to scan in!

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    Are Magicbands Free If Not How Much Do Magicbands Cost & Where Can I Buy Them

    For many years, solid colored MagicBands were free to on-property hotel guests for every trip. But things changed effective January 1, 2021. All guests who wish to use a MagicBand must now purchase a new one or reuse one from a prior trip.

    Disney explained the reason for this change over the previous summer as follows:

    In 2021, we plan to unveil an innovative new offering as part of the My Disney Experience app that will bring features of a MagicBand to your smart devices, building on the apps existing digital key feature. With this new offering on the horizon, we will be retiring our complimentary MagicBand distribution to Disney Resort hotel guests for new reservations with arrivals beginning Jan. 1, 2021. Disney Resort hotel guests will continue to have the option to purchase new MagicBands at a discount, and well be introducing even more colors and designs featuring favorite Disney characters in the future. Guests who prefer not to purchase a discounted MagicBand will be able to use the My Disney Experience app or a Key to the World card during their visit. We will still offer MagicBands in retail locations and on, and guests will be able to continue using the wearables throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

    Ordering discounted premium MagicBands has been a very popular option. That means many of the premium choices have fluctuating availability. I recommend checking early and often for the premium choices, as bands come in and out of stock.

    Are There Any Medical Contraindications With Using The Magicband

    The MagicBand packaging does include a few medical notices, particularly for guests using implanted pacemakers or cardioverter-defibrillators. If you use these or any other medical device such as an insulin pump, neurostimulator, or hearing aid, youre encouraged to seek medical counsel about RFID interaction with your physician and/or your medical device manufacturer. Please read the warnings enclosed with your MagicBand.

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    How Do I Get A Magicband

    At this point, you may have a hard time imagining your Disney vacation without a MagicBand. The convenience of all that power right on your wrist is irresistible. So how do you get a MagicBand?

    MagicBands used to come complimentary with any stay at a Walt Disney World resort. Complimentary MagicBands ended. As of January 1, 2021 you will need to pay $14.99 if you wish to purchase and attach a MagicBand to your stay. Since the functions of the MyDisneyExperience app have been upgraded you technically dont NEED a MagicBand but in our experience they come in handy. Phone batteries drain FAST at Disney and the peace of mind of not having to worry about your phone dying before you unlock your door is worth it! If you do venture forth with the app we highly recommend a portable charger to make sure your phone has juice.

    Even if you are not staying at a Disney resort, you can and should purchase a MagicBand. Theyre available at a variety of price points, based on the customization you choose. MagicBands can be linked to your park tickets through the My Disney Experience app.

    MagicBands also can be purchased online, from the ShopDisney app, at the theme parks, from select stores in the resort hotels, or at Disney Springs.

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