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Do Disney Cruises Go To Disney World

How Do I Book In Both Elements Of My Land & Sea Getaway

What I Wish I’d Known Before Taking A Disney Cruise! Part 1

Let me just preface this section by saying that when it comes to something like a Land & Sea getaway which is heavy on logistics, it pays to work with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner who are skilled experts at organizing all of those teeny details so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation! At MickeyTravels we liaise with both Disney World and Disney Cruise Line to seamlessly connect both components of your getaway into one cohesive magical vacation.

That being said, if you prefer a DIY approach then there are two ways that you can typically go about booking a Land & Sea!

Purchase Disney Cruise Line Transportation

When you go to Disney World, transportation to your resort via the Disneys Magical Express is free. But if you are adding on the cruise you may want to choose the $70 upgrade. The services includes motorcoach access from Orlando International Airport to your resort, from the resort to Port Canaveral, and from the port to the airport. It makes everything easier and you dont have to worry about renting and parking a car.

Required Travel Documents When Cruising

When you are cruising, you need to make sure to bring along proper travel documents. So plan ahead and get those passports early. Most cruise lines require you to provide your passport number at least 75 days prior to sailing. Check Disneys website or U.S. State Departments Travel Website for proper documentations needed.

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Disney Cruise Vs Disney World: Service

Disney is known for their service. In all their parks and experiences, they have Cast Members who are ready to make your vacation the best it can be.

To me though, there is a clear winner when it comes to service. While service at Disney World is typically great, service on a Disney Cruise is unparalleled.

Lets start with your dining service. Every table has two servers who follow them throughout the cruise based on their dining rotation. They get to know you and you get to know them, and they make your dining service amazing. Even to the level of cutting up your childs food for you. Plus you have stateroom hosts who clean and prepare your room twice a day to a level of detail I have never experienced.

And everyone is so so kind. One of our favorite things about our Disney Cruise was chatting with people who worked on the ship. Disney Cruise crew members are from all over the world, and we loved getting know some of them.

While any Disney experience will likely provide you with a stellar level of service, there is just something about the level of service on a Disney Cruise that cant be beat.

Getting Some Disney Downtime

Do You Need to Book a Disney Cruise Placeholder?

As you would expect given Disney World’s mammoth size, there is a never-ending cavalcade of rides, attractions, restaurants, water parks, parades, fireworks, shows, shops, character meetings, and the like. You can, and should, carve out some downtime during your stay and relax by your hotel pool. Still, you’ll want squeeze as much fun as you possibly can out of your days and so you’ll inevitably be on the go most of the time. Wear comfortable shoes and expect to return home wiped out with kids who are enthusiastically telling their friends about all the rides they went on and showing pictures of their selfies with the Disney characters.

If you imagine that a Disney Cruise is like a floating theme park, you’re in for a surprise. The closest thing to a ride on a Disney ship is the AquaDunk water slide on the Disney Magic and the AquaDuck water coaster on the Disney Dream and Fantasy. Of course, there is a seemingly endless array of ways to have fun on the ship, between the pool deck, kids clubs, scheduled workshops and live shows, games, movies, and parties. But the kids have to be interested in non-ride experiences.

Even so, the pace on a Disney Cruise is far less go-go-go than at a theme park, and most people find it more relaxing. For this reason, if you book a land-and-sea package, do the cruise after the theme park.

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Book Your Disney Cruise Separate From Your Land Vacation

After you have made your selection and booked your Disney Cruise, transportation and insurance, then you can decide if you want to stay at the parks before or after your cruise. I personally prefer going to the parks before the cruise. I would much rather want to relax on my cruise for the next several days, after spending a fun but exhausting few days in the park.

You can add your hotel and tickets with the Disney Cruise package but note, not all resorts are available when you add on. Also, on the cruise most of your meals are free but that doesnt extend to your land portion of the trip. If you have your heart set on a certain resort and want to add dining to your park stay you may have to purchase your Walt Disney World vacation separately. Cancellation policies differ slightly with your Disney Cruise and Disney Land Vacation so it is easier to keep them separate. Just remember you will have two deposits and two final payments to take care if you do book these vacations separately.

What You Will Get To See On A Shore Excursion

Based on the options provided by many cruise lines, you will have between 6-8 hours in the park. Furthermore, cruises that stop at Port Canaveral tend to arrive either early in the morning or early in the afternoon . Your arrival time and overall time to spend in the park are two huge factors.

When determining what you could realistically do in this amount of time, we utilized the predictive analytics from Touring Plans and ran several scenarios. Below is a table outlining what we believe you could reasonably see in Walt Disney World on a cruise shore excursion. We ran scenarios with either a morning or afternoon call. We also compared Peak Times to Off Peak Times .

We choose the 15 top attractions at the park, minus meet and greets. Touring Plans then optimized all of the different scenarios we ran for several test days. The analysis maximizes the number of attractions you can visit, but if there are specific rides you want to see, you can input those into the analysis. However, keep in mind that it may affect how many attractions you will get to visit.

This analysis also does not include the FastPass+ system. You might be able to take advantage of this system to add a couple of rides during the day of your visit. If you register your ticket ahead a time, you can select three FastPass tickets 30 days before you depart. Then, you may be able to get additional fast passes in the park, once you have used your initial 3 bookings .


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Factors That Affect The Price Of A Disney Cruise

When looking at the price of a Disney cruise, many factors affect the price. The time of year of the cruise can often influence the price. Like other travel products like airfare and hotels, demand significantly influences the price.

With a limited supply of staterooms and only four ships , the price is definitely impacted by the current demand for staterooms.

Youll often find that Disney Cruises that take place during peak times of year will be more expensive than other weeks. Youll want to book those early to get the most stateroom options and the best Disney Cruise prices.

If you are thinking of doing a Caribbean cruise, January can be a great option and is often the cheapest month. Typically all four ships are sailing in the Caribbean, so there are lots of sailings to choose from, with a variety of different Caribbean itineraries.

In addition, because the Caribbean can sometimes be chilly in January, its not as busy. Ive been on several January cruises, and while sometimes the weather has been a little cool, weve also been very lucky with perfect weather.

Of course, most schools are in session for most of January, so it can be more difficult to sail then if your kids are in school. Martin Luther King weekend typically is more expensive than the rest of the month.

Special cruises, like the Very Merrytime Cruises and the Marvel Day at Sea, may also cost a bit more than a standard cruise. Often discounts arent available on these cruises.

Take To The Seas With Disney Cruise Line For A Magical Adventure

Disney Cruise Lineâs âFrozen, A Musical Spectacularâ | #DisneyMagicMoments

Venture forth with Disney Cruise Line to faraway lands. Visit the sunny Caribbean, home to the famous Jack Sparrow, or head off to the fairy tale lands of Europe to visit Elsa and Anna. Disney effortlessly blends family friendly with elegance for an extraordinary experience. Let the kids take full advantage of Disneys Oceaneer Club while the adults enjoy the tranquil spa. Try to see if you can spot all the hidden Mickeys onboard, and dont be surprised if some of your favourite characters show up to help. Plus receive a Costco Shop Card, courtesy of Costco Travel, with every sailing.

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San Juan Hotel Options

The San Juan hotel below can be added to your Disney Cruise Line reservation. If you have booked through a travel agent, contact your agent to add a pre-cruise and/or post-cruise stay. If you have booked directly with Disney Cruise Line, call them.

Pre/post-cruise stays can be added up until 31 days prior to check-in date . If you stay both before and after the cruise, both portions must be booked at the same hotel. Pre/post-cruise stays that are added to a cruise reservation must be purchased for ALL guests in the same stateroom.

Alternatively, you can book directly with the hotel through the links below, which may be less expensive:

  • The Caribe Hilton San Juan is a classic beachfront hotel with panoramic ocean views, right on the edge of Old San Juan. It was the first Hilton to open outside the continental United States, and the birthplace of the Pina Colada, invented by a bartender at the hotel in 1954! The Port of San Juan is approximately 2 miles away.

How To Save Money

Unlike most of the other cruise lines, Disney is generally very consistent in only moving its prices one direction over time: up! Disney very rarely runs sales, and as the ship fills they will raise the price of the remaining rooms. Some very popular cruises can go up in price on the first day of booking! The bottom line is that booking as early as possible is the surest way to save money on a Disney cruise. Occasionally Disney will run a sale at the last minute, but you cant be sure any particular sailing will have a sale.

Booking way ahead allows you to grab the best staterooms and have a better chance of getting the first seating at dinner . Especially for the most popular times of year , you would be well advised to book as early as you can, because those cruises often sell out and rates for those dates will just go up and up. In the rare case the fare drops after you book, Disney is very good about adjusting it. You or your travel agent just need to call and ask for the lower rate.

Other tips that can save you money:

  • Last but not least, theres information right here on MouseSavers about how to save before and after your cruise:
    • get a good deal on a hotel for the night before your cruise
    • find the best prices for transportation from the airport or your hotel to the cruise terminal
    • save on trip insurance

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    How To Do A 7 Day Land/sea Disney Cruise Package

    One of the most popular options for guests considering a Disney Cruise Line vacation is adding a stay at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, either before or after the cruise.

    Years ago, Disney offered a seamless package for guests to enjoy both Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line in one vacation with no hiccups. Disney ended this program, and now guests must plan each step of this process. That includes Disney theme park tickets, dining, resort stay, choosing a cruise, picking a stateroom, and transfers between Walt Disney World, the port, and to the airport. This is a critical reason to consider working with a travel agent. A knowledgeable agent can help you sort through all the options and make sure everything is as seamless as possible and remember, our agents can assist with as much or as little as you’d like it’s up to you!

    It’s important to note that if you book your vacation directly with Disney Cruise Line, and want to add a pre or post stay at Walt Disney World, they will be happy to do that. However, this comes with some drawbacks. First, the price youll be quoted for that room will be at rack rate . You will not be able to apply any discounts and you will not be able to book the Disney Dining Plan. In addition, if you want to add a ticket to this, the ticket must be a park-hopper ticket . So, in short, you can do this with Disney, but youre going to pay top dollar. .

    Tips And Tricks For Picking A Stateroom

    Disney Cruise Line Cruise Deals

    Disney Cruise Line has several different categories of staterooms with somewhat confusing names and descriptions. Heres an overview of the various types and the key differences between them, with some notes on our picks for the best value.

    How Important is Stateroom Location?

    There are two classic rules of thumb about stateroom location: higher on the ship is better and closer to the center of the ship is better. In our experience, those rules of thumb are not actually very helpful.

    Similarly, being higher on the ship doesnt hugely improve your views or experience. You get a slightly better view from a verandah on deck 8 than on deck 5, but only slightly. In the few cases where youd like a view from as high as possible , youll want to go up to the top deck for the best view anyway. Everything on the ship is a quick elevator ride away no matter which deck you are on.

    Category Numbers And Letters

    Disney is changing its classifications of room categories a bit starting in 2022, so some of this guide changes for those cruises. Any cruise that embarks in calendar year 2021 or before uses the old system, and any cruise that embarks in calendar year 2022 or later uses the new system. Where it makes a difference, well call it out below.

    Room Sizes

    Inside Staterooms

    Best bets for inside staterooms:

    Oceanview Staterooms

    Best bets for oceanview staterooms:

    Verandah Staterooms

    Best bets for verandah staterooms:

    Concierge Staterooms

    Best bets for concierge staterooms:

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    What Age Is Best For A Disney Cruise

    This brings me to what is the best age for a Disney Cruise. The kids club starts at ages 3 and up. There is an option for children 6 months-3 but you need to make reservations and pay the hourly fee.

    You also should consider how comfortable your kids are going to a day care like setting, on a cruise ship, with people they dont know. Some kids love it, some kids do not!

    My kids were in the 3-12 range when we first did a Disney Cruise and they liked it a lot. They had each other to support each other when we were not there and the cast member/counselors are amazing.

    Honestly, the kids never want to leave the kids club because there is so much to do!

    How Do Disney Cruise Prices Compare To Other Cruise Lines

    We all see the ads for a 3-night cruise for $299, while that can be great, comparing the $299 cruise to the Disney cruise cost is apples and oranges. If you want to make a fair comparison, take a look at the biggest competitors, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian & Carnival, and look at their newer fleet of ships .

    There you can see the best that each has to offer. I compared the Disney Fantasy in July to Royal Caribbeans Harmony of the Seas. The prices ended up being between $150-$200 more per person for the Disney Cruise.

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    Disney Cruise Vs Disney World: Crowds

    Ok, lets talk crowds. When youre planning a trip to Disney World, this is often one of the first things people start to think about: when can I go with lower crowds?

    Unfortunately in recent years, the crowds at Disney World have become more of a year-round thing, with less and less low seasons. So while there are definitely times you can go that will be less crowded , the crowd level isnt something you will have much control over.

    Disney Cruises though have a set crowd level since you are just experiencing it with whoever else is on the ship. This built-in crowd control also helps at places like Castaway Cay . More people wont be arrivingits just the people that are on your ship.

    And if you are worried about the ship feeling crowded, you really dont have to. Yes, there were a few times that it felt a little crowded . But most of the time you wont feel like the ship is too crowded, and its easy to find empty spaces!

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