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Disney World Year Pass Price

Walt Disney World Pauses Annual Pass Sales

New Walt Disney World Annual Pass Price Increase Goes Into Effect

Disney’s annual passes for non-Florida residents are currently unavailable.

Walt Disney World has paused sales of select annual passes until at least 2022.

Announced in a message posted to the park’s website this week, the move is aimed at managing park capacity as the holiday travel season gets underway.

Existing pass holders will be able to renew their passes, but anyone who doesn’t already have a pass will have to wait unless they live in Florida and have ample free time on weekdays.

The only annual pass currently available for Disney World is the Disney Pixie Dust Pass, which provides Florida residents with unlimited visits to Walt Disney World’s Florida theme parks on most weekdays for $399 a year and is the cheapest annual pass Disney offers in Orlando.

Disney’s Pirate Pass, which allows Florida residents to visit most days of the week including weekends for $699 a year won’t be available until at least 2022.

Neither of Disney’s annual passes for non-Florida residents which offer unlimited visits to Disney parks in Florida for between $899 and $1,299 a year are currently available. Those passes are also expected to become available again sometime in 2022.

Disney launched new versions of its annual passes in September as a way to help guests commemorate The World’s Most Magical Celebration all year long. Disney this year is celebrating its 50th anniversary with lots of special events and a number of promotions including a partnership with Southwest Airlines.

Universal Orlando Annual Pass Benefits Details & Specifications

There are eight different tiers of annual passes at the Universal Orlando Resort so how would you determine which one is right for you? Check out all the details and specifications below before deciding.

2-Park Premier Pass

The 2-Park Premier Pass benefits include 12-months of unlimited park-to-park access to both USF and IOA, Universal Express Pass after 4:PM at USF and IOA , early park admission to USF and IOA , free valet and preferred self- parking, one free Halloween Horror Nights ticket , free CityWalk Club Access and discounts on food, merchandise, tickets & hotel rooms.

There is also a monthly payment option at $29.48 per month with a down payment of $298.20 and an automatic renewal.

2-Park Preferred Pass

The 2-Park Preferred Pass includes 12-months of unlimited park-to-park access to both USF and IOA, early park admission with blackout dates , free self-parking, and discounts on food, merchandise, tickets & hotel rooms.

There is also a monthly payment option at $19.13 per month with a down payment of $210.34 and an automatic renewal.

2-Park Power Pass

The 2-Park Preferred Pass includes 12-months of park-to-park access to both USF and IOA with blackout dates, 50% of regular daytime self-parking, and discounted tickets & hotel rooms.

Blackout dates for the Universals Power Pass during 2021 2022 are as follows:

    There is also a monthly payment option at $19.13 per month with a down payment of $213.00 and an automatic renewal

    2-Park Seasonal Pass

            Hotels Are Each Priced Differently

            Even though Disney World Resort hotels are generally cheaper in the value season, not all the hotels follow exactly the same pricing patterns. Disney is constantly offering special deals on rooms for certain hotels which can give a bigger discount than normal.

            Some hotels dont fluctuate prices as much as others do or during different seasons. For example, the All-Star Resorts prices increase during the Summer season, while other resorts decrease. This is because those are the cheapest hotels and popular with families, who are more likely to go during Summer break.

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            Info On Lost Walt Disney World Tickets 2022

            As soon as you have your Disney World tickets in your hand, take a picture of the back so that if you lose your tickets you will have all the necessary coding and information for Walt Disney World guest relations to void your old tickets and print new Disney World tickets for you. This is especially important if you purchased discount Disney World tickets because the receipt from the cheap ticket resellers will not be able to pull up your ticket information, while a receipt from a purchase of Disney tickets from a Disney ticket booth can pull your ticket information.

            Even though Disney is not officially obligated to replace your tickets, they will almost always replace them for you. If you lose your tickets inside one of the theme parks, remain in the park and proceed to the guest relations office where they can assist you. They will be able to void your old Walt Disney World tickets and replace them. If you already exited the parks, ask a Cast Member where the Guest Relations window outside the park gates is.

            Even if you don’t have a photo of your Disney World tickets as suggested above, Walt Disney World Guest Relations can help you replace your tickets if you have any receipt or paper with your ticket information encoded on it.

            Lost Walt Disney World Annual Passports can be replaced easily by bringing a copy of your photo ID to any Disney World Guest Relations window.

            One final thought on lost Disney World tickets

            Walt Disney World Released The Prices For Its New Annual Passes And They’re Not Cheap

            Complete guide to Disney World Annual Passes (w/price ...

            ByDirk Libbeypublished 30 August 21

            When theme parks around the world shut down in March of 2020 it was a big deal for anybody that was planning a trip, and for those who owned annual passes and visited their favorite parks frequently, it really changed things. While the parks were closed, Disneyland actually ended its annual pass program, refunding everybody any outstanding balance, and starting fresh recently with the new Magic Key program. While Disney World didn’t go quite that far, it did cease selling new annual passes, but now the resort has announced that new passes will be going on sale soon. Great news? Well, they’re not quite the same, and they’re definitely not the same price.

            Today, Walt Disney World revealed the four new tiers of Annual Pass, The Incredi-Pass, the top of the line option, and the only one available to most guests, will go for $1299, though it doesn’t include any blackout dates. The step down is the Sorcerer Pass, which is available to Florida residents or members of the Disney Vacation Club. That pass will cost $899, but will include some blackout dates. The next two levels are only available to residents of the state of Florida, and include more blackout dates. The Pirate Pass will go for $699 and the Pixie Dust Pass will go for $399.

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            What Is Magicmobile And How Can You Use It With Your Annual Pass

            MagicMobile gives you the ability to use utilize your Annual Pass by linking it to the My Disney Experience app on your phone without having to take your physical Annual Pass card out of your bag!

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            MagicMobile is a great offering, and you can use it to enter the park and for FastPass+. It is truly an alternative to using a MagicBand and works for many people who are used to having their cell phones on hand during a Disney vacation Which is most people giving the integration of the My Disney Experience app to the in-park experience.

            Two Day And Longer Disney World Tickets

            The Magic Your Way Disney World tickets are all based off the amount of days you want on your base ticket to enter one of the four main Disney World theme parks .

            The lowest priced Disney World tickets for two days and longer can be purchased here.

            The base ticket allows you to visit any one of these theme parks for a day, with unlimited in and out privileges.

            You may upgrade your tickets to include the Park Hopper option which would allow you unlimited in and out privileges for all four theme parks in the course of a single day. The Disney World tickets with the Park Hopper add on are most helpful for people who plan on staying four days or longer and want to jump around in the later days after already having spent a full day at each Walt Disney World theme park.

            You may upgrade your ticket to a Park Hopper ticket any time within the fourteen days after your first day of ticket use.

            The other add on is the Water Park Fun and More option. This option allows for entrance into one of the extra special Walt Disney World experiences including the two water parks and and other activities like a round of golf. See our full section on the Disney World Water Park Fun and More tickets below.

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            Can I Upgrade My Regular Ticket To An Annual Pass

            When Annual Pass sales kick off again on September 8, youll be able to upgrade an eligible park ticket into an Annual Pass but for the time being, youll only be able to do so in person.

            At a later date, Disney will roll out upgrades via their website and in the My Disney Experience App.

            When you upgrade a ticket, you receive credit for the full original purchase price, even if youve used part of the ticket.

            This means, even if you dont decide until halfway through your trip that you want to upgrade, you can still do that and not lose any of the value of what you already spent on your original ticket.

            There are some quirks to be aware of, though:

            • Keep in mind that if you upgrade an existing ticket to an Annual Pass, your park reservations will automatically cancel, and youll have to rebook with the Annual Pass. Disney World recommends upgrading on the last day at the park.
            • When you upgrade, the start date for your Annual Pass will be the first day you used your original ticket and NOT the day you upgraded.

            Ultimate Nights Of Adventure Vip Tour

            Disney World raises annual pass price

            On this 4-hour group guided tour, discover a landscape shimmering with lights and brimming with life at night. Embark on an expedition through the icy peaks of the Himalayas. Ride in an open-air vehicle on the lush African savanna. Journey deep into a bioluminescent rainforest on a riverboat. And see a brilliant fusion of water, sound, and light at a show thats unlike anything youve experienced before!

            Pre-discounted price is $249 per person. Enjoy all this with expedited access via FastPass+ on this brand new, first-of-its-kind tour where youll enjoy signature snacks and a specialty beverage along with a souvenir lanyard, as well as experience attractions and a show:

            All Ultimate Day Private VIP Tours begin at Magic Kingdom park before moving on to one or more theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort. In addition, each Ultimate Day Private VIP Tour experience includes one table-service meal per person and can accommodate as many as 20 Guests.

            To make a reservation, please call WDW-TOUR or 939-8687. Guests under age 18 must have parent or guardian permission to call.

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            Expiration Dates On The Theme Park Tickets Are As Follows:

            Ticket Length Valid Use Period1-Day Only the start date selected2-Day Any 2 days within 4 days beginning on the start date 3-Day Any 3 days within 5 days beginning on the start date 4-Day Any 4 days within 7 days beginning on the start date 5-Day Any 5 days within 8 days beginning on the start date 6-Day Any 6 days within 9 days beginning on the start date 7-Day Any 7 days within 10 days beginning on the start date 8-Day Any 8 days within 12 days beginning on the start date 9-Day Any 9 days within 13 days beginning on the start date 10-Day Any 10 days within 14 days beginning on the start date

            Value dates under the new system are only midweek dates in the off season that dont fall on or near a holiday. All of spring break and summer is Regular or Peak. All of the week around Thanksgiving and several weeks around Christmas and New Years Day is Peak. The week between Christmas and New Years is Holiday. Weekends are all either Regular or Peak, so the longest stretch of Value dates you can get in a row is 5 days. Also, keep in mind that the per-day price of your tickets is based on all of the valid days, so even if you plan to go into the parks on 5 Value days in March, a 5-Day tickets per-day price will be based on averaging the price for all 8 valid days , which will necessarily include some Regular or Peak days.

            Disney has put a YouTube video online to help explain the changes.

            Most Expensive Time Of The Year At Disney World In 2022

            As we went over in our post on How much does is it cost to go to Disney World? a trip to the most magical place on Earth is an expensive proposition. Read that post for a detailed breakdown of all the costs.

            However, even though Disney World is expensive, you can still do it on a budget and make the trip manageable financially. The way to do that is to avoid going during the most expensive seasons. What is the most expensive time to visit?

            Here is a list of the Most Expensive Dates at Disney World in 2022:

            • 1/1
            • 11/19 11/27
            • 12/17 12/31

            Christmas & New Years: Historically, between the Christmas holiday and New Years is the most expensive time to visit Walt Disney World. Starting with the week before Christmas, these dates always have the highest prices for tickets and hotels when compared with any other season of the year.

            Easter, Thanksgiving, & Other Holidays: After Christmas, the next most expensive times at Disney World are any of the other national holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day.

            Spring Break: With schools and colleges out around the country, Spring Break is always super expensive at Disney. This year that encompasses almost the entire months of March and April.

            Also, make sure to avoid the marathon weekends which are in mid-February and mid-April. The Walt Disney World Marathon in January isnt expensive, so if you have to go during one of those events, that is the best choice.

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            Disney World Annual Pass Discounts

            The above section should have done most of the work of helping you decide whether or not to get a Disney World annual pass. But whether you are still on the fence or just want to read more about what perks youll get, were going to discuss the discounts and the other perks of Disney World annual passes.

            You should always check the specifics at the Disney World websites passholder benefits page, because restrictions apply, but heres a look at some of the passholder discounts.

            Prices Go Up Each Year

            How Disney Annual Passes can save you money (even if you ...

            Though some months are definitely cheaper than others in the same year, keep in mind that prices do go up every year and those same bargains arent as good if you compare with the previous year.

            Lets look at the Animal Kingdom Lodge as an example. Here are the lowest hotel rack rates for 2022 and the prior year so you understand:

              Looking at the prices is quite enlightening. If you were trying to decide between a trip to Disney in August 2021 or January 2022, the August prices from the previous year are only $3 more than the following January.

              If you waited until January 2022 to take your trip because you heard it was the cheapest month of the year, in this case, youd only be saving pennies. In years past, weve actually seen it where you are actually paying more. Instead of putting off your trip for 5 months, you could have taken it in August if you preferred.

              Yes, January is the cheapest month of the year, when comparing it to the other months in that same year. However, since Disney is always raising prices from year to year, sometimes its just better to go sooner instead of waiting.

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              Where To Buy 2022 Discount Disney World Annual Passes

              Annual Passes to Walt Disney World can be purchased at a variety of places. Make sure that you go to one of the locations listed below that sells Disney World ticket vouchers rather than one that sells active Annual Passports. The Walt Disney World ticket vouchers will not be activated until the first day you use your new Disney World Annual Pass, while the active Annual Passports have their clocks ticking from the moment you purchase them.

              When you purchase a Walt Disney World Annual Passport in advance you will be given a plastic card that is your ticket voucher that must be exchanged for the actual Annual Passport. To activate the passport you will need to provide a ticket finger scan and show photo ID. This finger scan will be associated with your Disney World ticket and be required for entrance to any of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

              When you activate your Disney World Annual Passport, make sure to confirm that the expiration date is 366 days from the date you are activating the pass. Sometime the system will glitch and mess up expiration dates.

              Definitely purchase a Walt Disney World Annual Passport before leaving for your trip so that you can start planning with the My Experiene app. You can use the app by entering the code on your ticket voucher.

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