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Disney World Year Pass Florida Resident

Disney Pixie Dust Go :

Getting the Disney World FLORIDA RESIDENT Annual Pass! (Moving to Florida)

The Pixie Dust Move is the most cost-productive of the four. It will allow you to maintain up to 3 park reservations at a time . The biggest issue to be aware for this go is the block-out dates. You can see the block-out calendar in this article. Mainly, every single Saturday and Sunday is blocked out as effectively as all holiday break weekends, the 50th Anniversary major dates , and the regular extended periods around important holidays.

So When Does It Make Sense To Buy An Annual Pass

In the past, it was relatively easy to make a case for 1 person in a group to get an Annual Pass in order to take advantage of things like free PhotoPass and resort discounts.

But, that is no longer the case.

And, because ticket prices are now date-based , it is more difficult than ever to give a blanket recommendation on who should and shouldnt purchase an Annual Pass.

Take a look at our charts below.

We pulled numbers for 2 different times of the year: early May and the week of Thanksgiving .

You can see that even on trips that span 10 days, you are hundreds of dollars from breaking even on ticket prices.

This is true even for offsite guests that get a bit more value out of their Annual Pass considering they can save on theme park parking:

That means, unless you are planning multiple trips or unless you are positive youll be able to save big on a resort stay, it probably doesnt make sense to purchase an Annual Pass.

Can I Get More Park Reservations If I Stay At A Resort

When you stay on Walt Disney World Property as an Annual Passholder, you get a guaranteed park reservation. This does not count as one of your reservations through your pass.

For example, if you have the Incredi-Pass with five park reservations and currently have four used up, you can book a stay at Pop Century with guaranteed park reservations and still leave that final park reservation up for grabs for another day.

Still have questions about the 2021 Disney World Annual Pass program? Head to to join the conversation and make your question heard.

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How Do The 2021 Disney World Annual Pass Tiers Compare To The Old Annual Passes

The big perk for the new Annual Pass program is the increase in park reservations. And, well, thats about it.

Otherwise, the cost has increased, and the perks have gone down. Heres what annual passes cost when they were last on sale under the old program:

  • Disney EPCOT After 4 Pass: $309
  • Disney Weekday Select Pass: $369
  • Disney Theme Park Select Pass:$439
  • Disney Silver Pass: $539
  • Disney Platinum Pass: $1,195
  • Disney Platinum Plus Pass: $1,295

Its important to note that Disney is no longer offering comparable passes to the EPCOT After 4, Weekday Select, and Theme Park Select passes.

Further, the Platinum and Platinum Plus passes were both available to anyone, regardless of where they lived. But only the top-tier Incredi-Pass is available to those outside Florida in the new system.

The top-level pass is now $4 more, with fewer perks.

Disney Again Restricts Annual Passes With Surprising Twist

Disney Annual Pass Tickets For Florida Residents

Disney World in Orlando, Florida is once again restricting sales of its annual passes, but this time, its targeting a different group.

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Merchandise Discount Is Usually 20%

The merchandise discount is much more generous than the dining discount, and it isnt matched by the Chase Disney Visa cards 10% discount. Mostly, if youre looking to buy standard Disney merchandise in the parks, hotels, or Disney Springs, youll get 20% off.

Merchandise obviously includes things like t-shirts, but you might be surprised to see youll get a discount for basically anything sold in the stores, including things like diapers at the baby care centers.

What If I Live Just Outside Of Florida

Some Georgia and Alabama residents may live a literal stones throw away from the border between them and Floridaand they might be much closer to Orlando and Disney World than, say, someone in Miami or Key West.

Even so, only Florida residents are eligible for the Florida Resident Monthly Payment Program and the three tiers of passes that are reserved for Florida residents only.

No exceptions, alas.

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Hold More Park Reservations

Depending on the pass type, Passholders may now hold up to five Disney Park Pass reservations at a time. Bonus reservations will be added to the park pass calendar from time to time, so Passholders can make an additional park reservation without it counting against the reservation hold limit.

I am really curious about the new bonus days that were mentioned by Disneys official website. These bonus days are days with park pass availability that will not count against your total park reservation allotment. I was a Walt Disney World Cast Member for nine years, including time in Revenue Management, so it would seem to me these bonus days are days that arent being booked up. These would make for a great last-minute Disney day without large crowds.

Annual Pass Programupdated 8/30/2021

Breaking Down Disney World Annual Passes for Florida Residents

In August 2021, Disney announced four new types of Annual Passes for Walt Disney World. These replace the older tiered system that included Platinum Passes, Gold Passes, etc. The new Passes each have their own inclusions read on to see which Pass works for you!

Disney Pixie Dust Pass$19 per month for FL resident with $205 downRenewal Price: $339 plus tax

$99 per month for FL resident with $205 downRenewal Price: $1104 plus tax

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Annual Passholder Information For Those Who Renewed Their Pass Prior To September 8 2021

Annual Passholders who renewed their Pass prior to September 8, 2021 retain all of their same benefits and inclusions , until they renew into the new Program, with one of the four new Passes noted above. Disney has also stated that blockout dates and our Florida Resident Monthly Payment Program will remain the samefor active Disney World Passholders renewed under the previous Annual Pass Program.

Any Passholders who renew from September 8th and onward must renew into one of the four new Passes noted above.

Disney shared the following THANK YOU:Thank you to all of our current Annual Passholders for your continued loyalty, passion and dedication, particularly over the past year and a half. If you are a current Passholder, please know you may continue to use your Annual Pass as you do today when it is time for you to renew, you will be able to renew into one of our new passes . Plus, beginning Sept. 8, 2021, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus Annual Passholders will also be able to hold more reservations* at a time!

  • *Renewal rates for the NEW passes are as follows:
  • Disney Incredi-Pass: $1,104
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass: $764
  • Disney Pirate Pass: $594
  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: $339
  • *As of September 8th, Platinum Plus, Platinum and Gold Annual Passes will be able to hold up to 5 reservations at a time Silver Annual Passes will be able to hold up to 4 reservations at a time.
  • Disney Platinum Pass:All 4 Theme Parks with no blockout dates included

    How Much Does A Disney Weekday Pixie Dust Annual Pass Cost

    The Disney Weekday annual pass is only available to Florida residents with proof of Florida residency, such as a Florida drivers license or State issued identification card. The cost, has gone up substantially with the rollout of Disneys brand new Annual Pass options available on September 8, 2021.

    For example: The previous Weekday Select Pass for ages 3 and older was $286.49 which included tax. When hubby and I attained our goal of 12 yearly visits, the cost was less than $24 a visit for each of us! You cant get a better Disney deal than that .

    However, the pricing for the newly named Disney Pixie Dust Pass has increased to $399 + tax! Thats an increase of $113 + tax on every Weekday Pass sold. Many Florida-residents are upset to hear of the huge price increase. Most of us assumed there would be a 10-15% increase based on the massive losses Disney experienced as a result of the long-term park closures because of COVID. But a nearly 40% rate hike was totally unexpected and frustrating, to say the least. Disney is, however, still offering the very popular monthly payment program with the new Annual Passes.

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    How Much Is A Disney Annual Pass For Non Florida Residents

    Lets use the Platinum Pass as an example, this one is now currently priced at $1,295 per adult who are not Florida residents or DVC members. A five-day ticket with park hopper is currently priced at around $520 per adult depending on the time of year.

    Company Only Selling Weekday Passes With Blackout Dates

    Walt Disney World Increases Annual Passes, Parking, and More

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. If your holiday plans include getting an annual pass to Walt Disney World, you may be out of luck.

    Walt Disney World has temporarily stopped selling most of its annual passes.

    The annual pass page on the company website has been replaced with a message that tells visitors that new annual pass sales are on hold.

    Currently, the only pass available is the Pixie Dust Pass for Florida residents. The Disney Incredi-Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, and the Disney Pirate Pass are not available.

    Walt Disney World brought back the sale of new annual passes in September but warned at the time it could pause sales in the future as they continue to manage park attendance.

    Disney says current annual passholders will still be able to renew their passes, into any of the four pass levels, and at the renewal rate.


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    Expect Some Special Perks During The 50th

    Disney has yet to announce exactly what additional perks will be available, but passholders who plan to attend throughout the official celebration dates will be in for a few surprises. We expect a few specialty merchandise options to be available for passholders, and maybe some special access to celebration events.

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    Do Disney World Annual Passholders Get Ticket Discounts

    As a general rule, no, Disney World annual passholders do not get ticket discounts. There are occasionally special offers that allow them to buy discounted tickets for limited dates, and they can get discounted tickets to many special events, but they do not have general access to special discounts on Disney World tickets.

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    Disney World Suspends Sales Of Most Annual Passes

    ORLANDO, Fla. â Disney World has temporarily stopped new sales of most of its annual passes.

    What You Need To Know

    • Disney World has stopped selling most of its annual passes
    • The only pass currently available for purchase is the Florida residents-only Disney Pixie Dust Pass
    • Disney has not said when annual pass sales will resume

    â”New sales of select annual passes are currently paused,” an update on the Disney World website said.

    The Disney Pirate Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass and Disney Incredi-Pass are listed as unavailable for purchase. The only pass that can still be purchased is the $399 Disney Pixie Dust Pass, which is only offered to Florida residents.

    Disney World has paused new sales of select annual passes. Right now, the Pirate Pass, Sorcerer Pass and the Incredi-Pass are unavailable for purchase.

    â Ashley Carter

    All passes remain available for current passholders who want to renew.

    Disney World suspended sales of annual passes last year when it closed its parks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales of new annual passes resumed in September of this year, along with the launch of a revamped passholder program.

    At the time, Disney said that annual passes could become unavailable for purchase as it “continues to manage attendance.”

    The pause on annual pass sales are expected to remain until sometime next year.

    The change comes as the busy holiday season approaches and park pass availability becomes limited.

    Disney World Annual Pass Discounts

    Walt Disney World suspends sale of most annual passes

    The above section should have done most of the work of helping you decide whether or not to get a Disney World annual pass. But whether you are still on the fence or just want to read more about what perks youll get, were going to discuss the discounts and the other perks of Disney World annual passes.

    You should always check the specifics at the Disney World websites passholder benefits page, because restrictions apply, but heres a look at some of the passholder discounts.

    Ticket Bridging To Save On Your Walt Disney World Annual Pass

    Ticket bridging is the process of upgrading a discounted Disney World ticket to an annual pass in order to save money on the annual pass.

    The process basically works like this:

  • Purchase a discounted Walt Disney World ticket

  • Go to guest services during your trip to upgrade your ticket to an annual pass

  • Guest services will work their Magic, and theyll credit your annual pass purchase with the pre-discounted price of your ticket

  • Pay the difference between the full value of your ticket and your annual pass

  • Confused? Lets say you didnt buy a discounted ticket. And lets say you paid $300 for a ticket and an annual pass costs $1300. You can go to guest services at any point during your visit and pay $1000 to upgrade to an annual pass.

    Now, lets say you instead got that $300 ticket for $250. When you go to upgrade to an annual pass, Disney guest services will give you credit for the full $300 price of the ticket. So youll pay an additional $1000 to upgrade, getting an annual pass for a total of $1250, or $50 off.

    Your annual pass will be dated retroactive to the first date you used your park ticket, but your Photopass benefit will not be retroactive. I complained to Disney about this and they gave me access to my Photopass photos from my trip. We bridged in June 2018 successfully with no difficulty.

    Is The Disney World Incredi

    Again, if youre a DVC member you can choose between an Incredi-Pass and a Sorcerer Pass. If youre a Florida resident, you can choose between all four of those passes. In those cases, read this section and then keep reading for more analysis of those passes.

    But if youre not in those buckets, your only pass option is the Incredi-Pass, so the analysis is pretty straightforward.

    A five-day adult Disney World ticket with park hopper in April 2022 from Undercover Tourist costs $582. This means two five-day trips will run you about $1,164 for tickets, or about $219 less than an Incredi-Pass.

    If youve got three trips, youll probably have little difficulty justifying the Incredi-pass. If your two day trips are shorter than five days, it might be a little more difficult . With one long trip, its unlikely youll be able to justify the Incredi-pass.

    For our example, well stick with our two five-day trips totaling around $1,164. If youre not staying at a Disney resort, the parking benefit will save you $25 per day or $250 over the course of ten days in Disney World, which justifies the pass.

    Otherwise, youd need to spend at least $1,095 on select dining and merchandise to justify the Incredi-pass. Thats just over $100 per day, which isnt that much if you have at least one table service meal per day for at least two people .

    What This Shift Means

    The move to Pixie Dust-only passes suggests that the resort is very busy on weekends. Not all annual pass holders are Floridian, and guests outside of the sunshine state spend money on resorts when they visit as well as in restaurants and on merchandise in and around the resort. Given that this pass is only available to locals on weekdays, they are looking for a specific type of audience, primarily retirees to fill parks when out-of-town families arent able to visit as often. This has been confirmed anecdotally both by members that have suggested they would not be able to buy and use passes given the restrictions and by those who can. Its entirely possible that there are other local Floridians the parks are targeting who can only access the parks during the week.

    It also means that response to the new passes has sold well enough that the parks dont need more regular visitors, and park sales generally are strong. Day park tickets are the highest margin ticket Disney sells and fluctuates slightly based on demand. Oddly, park revenue was lower than expected in the last quarter, sending DIS down on the news.

    The park business unit may be shifting to a new revenue model whereby they pick customers more strategically, targeting a particular set of customers to fill a need rather than making passes generally available. It also may not be possible to sell passes and park tickets without limitations due to the higher than normal demand.

    Disney Has Restricted Annual Pass Sales

    Why all Florida Residents should get a Walt Disney World ...

    After announcing its new Annual Pass options for both global and Florida residents that no longer included the aforementioned features, passes went back on sale with new names and new prices. Park ticket sales have flourished as pent-up travel demand brings visitors to Disney World resorts to the extent that Walt Disney World website has once again restricted annual pass sales.

    All of them except one.

    The Pixie Dust pass remains on sale and has unique restrictions. It is, shockingly, the least expensive pass available, only open to Florida residents and restricted to weekday off-peak visits. From both the targeted market and the limited access coupled with the low price point, this is the lowest margin guest possible.

    Pixie Dust Passes are offered to Florida residents only for $399/annually or $205 down and $18.33/month for 12 months.

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