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Disney World With 4 Year Old

Navigating New Wait Times And Lines

4-Year-Old Gets Princess Sendoff To Disney World From Make-A-Wish

Disney has suspended FastPass, the system that allowed guests to reserve a return time for a ride or attraction, bypassing the standby line. This means all guests must wait in the standby queue for every ride except Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which utilizes a virtual queue.

While many parents initially balk at the idea of slogging through long standby lines with little kids in tow, most are pleasantly surprised at the reality. Despite some posted wait times of up to 60 and even 90 minutes, on our recent trip we found real wait times to be much shorter, rarely waiting more than 10 to 20 minuteseven during a holiday weekend.

Mom Tip:Queues are clearly marked with distance markers. Teach kids where to stand and how to watch for the next marker to open up so they know when to walk. They’ll take pride in following the rules and it becomes a sort of hopscotch game from one marker to the next.

Will A 4 Year Old Enjoy Disney World

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Planning a Disney World Vacation is fun at any age, but there is something so magical about taking a 4 year old to Disney!

At 4 years old, your preschooler is talking, walking and exploring- but their also a lot of fun to hang out with when you arent a human jungle gym!

Thankfully, Disney World has a ton of incredible things to do, see, and ride at Disney World with the average four year old, and great modifications for those kiddos that need a little extra assistance! Definitely make sure you pack the right things for vacation success.

If youre ready to plan a great vacation at Disney World with your 4 year old, youre in luck! Well cover the most important details for making this vacation as fun and stress free as possible with this Disney World Preschool Itinerary

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What Age Should My Kids Be

I think if you have the opportunity to take a Disney World trip, you should do it. Regardless of kids age. Disney is magical for everyone. I absolutely understand wanting to wait until your children can remember it, but youll also never see your kids absorb the magic quite like they do when theyre super little. AND, theyre free under three, so it can be a more economical trip if one or more of your kids are young. Point being, if you want and can financially afford to take a trip, dont feel like you have to wait until all your kids are elementary school age because everyone tells you youre crazy. Youre not! We started taking Arlo at age one and he had a BLAST, though his very first trip was at just two months old! For what its worth, if you do have a super young baby you want to bring along, just wear them! We wore Arlo on almost every ride we wanted to go on and had a blast. The Baby Care Centers are super helpful too, with places for feedings, diaper changes and quiet time.

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The Seas With Nemo And Friends & Turtle Talk With Crush

The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion should be on every familys Epcot must see list. Heres what youll find:1.) The Finding Nemoclamobile ride takes you into the main part of the pavilion. It is an easy ride that is appropriate for all ages.

2.) An impressive indoor aquarium featuring a huge saltwater aquarium, oceanography exhibits, and real marine life. There are often two rescued manatees on display especially interesting during feeding time.

3) Finding Dorys Friends Scavenger Hunt – pick up your free scavenger hunt booklet on the first floor of the Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion and solve the puzzles and clues to help Dory remember and find her marine friends. . 4) Turtle Talk with Crush An interactive animated film featuring Crush who tells jokes and answers questions from audience members. Entertaining and education, this tends to be very popular with kids. 5.) Coral Reef A table-service restaurant with one entire wall looking into the huge saltwater aquarium. The food is generally good but is on the expensive side. Coral Reef serves lunch and dinner. The restaurants entrance is on the outside of the Seas pavilion. Advance reservations recommended or check by the restaurant podium early in the day for last minute openings.

Which Disney Park Has The Best Rides For Toddlers


By far the best park at Walt Disney World for toddlers is the Magic Kingdom. It has a total of 27 rides and attractions that are suitable for toddlers giving you a wide variety of choices that you most likely will not be able to do in one day.

EPCOT and the Animal Kingdom both have a decent amount of rides for babies and small kids. The worst park for toddlers is Hollywood Studios as most of its best rides are specifically made for teens or adults and have a lot of thrills.

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First Time Disney With 4

Hi! I’m traveling to Disney this coming week with my 4 year old daughter! I’m sure this question has been asked a million times but…Where can my daughter meet and greet the characters? She’s crazy about those princesses! We tried to get tickets to the character breakfast but had no luck. Also, can anyone let me know of any not-to-be missed attractions for little girls her age. We only have 2 days and are going to try and cram in as much fun as we possibly can!! Also, we are planning on hitting the Magic Kingdom for sure, is there attractions for preschoolers at the other parks? Thanks for your help!! 🙂

Since you are only going to be there for 2 days, you probably don’t need the “Park Hopper” option which adds an extra $45 to the cost of each ticket. Just visit one park per day. You can easily fill two days at the Magic Kingdom but there are things for preschoolers at each of the parks. Disney World has “theme” parks – not “thrill” parks.

Here’s a link with princess locations at each of the Disney parks – you can search by parks or use the table that lists the princesses alphabetically and gives their locations:

Princess character meals – did you ask about the Princess Storybook breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Epcot? That one can sometimes be easier to get into.

Also, there is a Cinderella’s Happily Ever After dinner at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian resort.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Country Bear Jamboree


Festival Of The Lion King

Location AfricaHeight Requirement Any Height

When youve had enough walking around and need a break, bring your kids to the Festival of the Lion King show. This is a creative re-telling of The Lion King with amazing set pieces, costumes, music and acrobats on display.

Your toddlers will be amazed, and so will you.

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Set Aside Time For Toddlers To Rest

It is tempting to try and spend every moment possible at the parks during Disney World vacations. However, touring Disney World is tiring for adults and kids. Tired families are prone to have epic meltdowns which weve witnessed in families every Disney vacation.

Building in quiet time for toddlers to rest at the parks or returning to the hotel for an afternoon nap makes for a happier experience for everyone. Taking a mid-day rest is especially important when visiting Disney World when it is hot.

How To Visit Disney World With Toddlers

Taking on Disney with our 4 and 2 year old
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While there is no one perfect age for a first trip to Disney World, every year millions of families choose to visit with little ones in tow. And since theme park admission is free for kids under age 3, many families try to come at least once before a child’s third birthday.

Visiting Disney World with a toddler? Here are tips for getting the most magic out of your trip.

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Disneys Art Of Animation Resort

Disneys Art of Animation Resort is one of newest resorts on property. Its a value resort, but it offers family suites that can be great for larger families .

The family suites can accommodate up to six people and include one separate bedroom with a queen bed, and a living room with a pullout couch, a convertible table/double bed, and a kitchenette area, as well as two bathrooms.

There are four sections of the resort with individual theming including character statues and decor. The Finding Nemo, Lion King, and Disneys Cars sections of the resort all offer family suites while the Little Mermaid section has standard hotel rooms.

Amenities at the resort include the Big Blue Pool, which is the largest resort pool on Disney property. There are also two smaller pools in the Cars and Little Mermaid sections. Surrey bike rentals are also available, and theres an arcade in the main building.

Youll have a few different options when going to the theme parks. Theres a Skyliner station on the bridge between the Art of Animation and Pop Century resorts. You can take that to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. For the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, bus service is available.

Insider Tips For Planning The Best Trip

  • Book your trip to Disney well in advance of when you want to go. Booking in advance can help with pricing and availability. Have you heard about Disneys new pricing system? It offers date-based pricing. This means pricing is lower in off times. If you take a couple days off school or go during a quieter time, you will save.
  • Use to determine the best time to visit time to visit. Their crowd report ranks on a sliding scale 1 to 10 on what crowd size to expect.
  • Resist the urge to do too much. Step back and dont overdo it, and save a few things for your next trip to Disney.

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Other Attractions For Toddlers At Magic Kingdom

Here are the remaining attractions we think families with toddlers might consider. We leave off a fewlike Carousel of Progressthat we really enjoy but that arent particularly appealing for toddlers. We recommend you consider making them sit through these regardless. And dont forget that by using rider swap you can still visit attractions even if your toddler isnt tall enough to ride.

Our Hollywood Studios Tips + Faves

This is almost

Hollywood Studios turned out to be my second favorite experience with a toddler, errr it may have even tied Magic Kingdom actually. We really LOVED it between Toy Story Land and the amazing shows!!

Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land deserves its own category, its next level Disney magic. It is SO BEYOND colorful and really feels like you walk into the world the way a toy views it. The characters are walking through, Arlo loved watching the Slinky rollercoaster over and over and honestly I could have spent hours just soaking this land all in. SO SO well done. If your kid is into Toy Story this should be your number one priority.


  • Frozen Sing-Along: L-O-V-E-D this with a capital LOVE! The hosts of the show were hilarious, and they told the story of the movie while pausing for full-on audience sing alongs of all the songs. It was glorious.
  • Voyage of The Little Mermaid: This show is so perfectly untouched from my childhood. The special effects are fun and I just love how classic this show is.
  • Disney Junior Dance Party: If your toddlers watch Disney Junior theyll love seeing all their fave characters from the shows, plus they get to sing and dance around with a bunch of other toddlers. Ha, its toddler heaven.
  • Beauty and the Beast: This show doesnt need an introduction, right? You just cant go wrong! It is outdoors though so keep that in mind depending on the weather!

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The Best Disney World Park With The Most Play Places For Toddlers

We all know that kids love to play. And while Magic Kingdom has quite a few smaller hidden areas for the littles to run around, they are often small and tucked back.

But if you want an actual playground that you dont have to catch a boat or jump through a ride to get to, head to Epcot!

Yes! Epcot, which is world renowned for festivals catering to adults, actually has a lot of great stuff for the little ones. Youll find most of the larger play spaces in Future World. Theres a full-fledged outdoor playground in the middle of the world showcase.

Theres also two splash pads in this area AND if you go in the back entrance to Mission Space, there is a playground indoors with A/C.

Best Rides At Disney World For Toddlers Ranked

There are so many rides at Disney World for toddlers that we made a list of all the best ones so you know which ones to bring them on and which ones to skip. We broke down these rides by park and put them in order from best to worst.

It doesnt matter if you are going to the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or the Animal Kingdom, weve got you covered here!

While most of these attractions would be much lower if aimed at adults, we ranked them through the eyes of a child, taking into consideration which ones would be most fun for them. We also weighed ride length, theming and overall popularity.

Most of the rides we ranked have no height restrictions, and only a couple of them have very low height requirements of 32-35 inches, which the average 3 or 4-year old should be able to do.

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Tips For Doing Disney With Toddlers

Here are a few more helpful tips that will help you to navigate a Disney Vacation with toddlers and small kids:

Nap Time: While it may be tempting to go all-out in the parks, every day of your trip, your children might not be able to handle that fast pace. You know them best, and if they are the kind that need some downtime, we suggest scheduling some nap time in the afternoon.

Be Selective with Rides: You also know how much excitement your children can take and how adventurous they are. Encourage them to try new things, but dont force them to go on a ride they are scared of, or they may be traumatized and not be keen on coming back to Disney World anytime soon.

Spend More Time at the Magic Kingdom: By far the best park for toddlers is the Magic Kingdom and if you have small children you should allocate a good portion of your trip going there. We suggest spending two full days at the Magic Kingdom in order to do all the rides and not have to rush through which would be very stressful and not realistic with toddlers.

Use FastPass+: We always recommend people use the FastPass+ service at Disney World, but even more so if you have small children. FastPass+ lets you skip the lines for your favorite rides so you dont have to spend hours waiting in line.

Hollywood Studios Rides For Toddlers

Road trip to Disney world with a 4 year old and 2 dogs!!!!

There are many fewer rides for toddlers at Hollywood Studios, in fact, its the worst park for children ages 1-4. That being said, there are still some rides they will enjoy and we dont recommend skipping the park entirely unless you are really strapped for time.

Here is a list of the Top rides for toddlers and small kids at Disneys Hollywood Studios:

  • Vacation Fun
  • Lets look at each one in more detail

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    Planning Where To Eat

    With Disney World restaurants operating at reduced capacity, dining reservations are a must, especially during peak travel weeks like Thanksgiving and the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Dining features on the My Disney Experience app like Mobile Order at quick-service locations and Mobile Dining Check-In at table-service restaurants help reduce contact, and a new Walk-Up reservation feature makes it easier to snag same-day dining reservations. But, with kiddos in tow, it’s a safer bet to have something booked in advance.

    “With not all restaurants open and limited seating, it’s imperative to know where you’re going,” says Snelson. She also recommends allowing extra time for Mobile Order to avoid hunger meltdowns. “Mobile ordering is great, but at busy times, you should plan to order 30 minutes to an hour ahead of time.”

    A fun, festive spot that parents will love is Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs, which has been transformed into Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar for the season. The Indiana Jones-themed family-friendly lounge is bursting with holiday décor , plays great holiday music, and serves inventive cocktails, including seasonal specials like Jock’s Holiday Nog and the Mistletoe Mule. There’s no kids menu, so this spot is better for bigger kids up for sharing small plates flatbreads, apps, and tacos with parents.

    Start Here: Lower Your Expectations

    Before you dive into any of my tips and favorites, I want to start with my number one tip: Lower your expectations. If youve done Disney as an adult or with older kids, its a completely different experience with toddlers. But still SUCH an amazing and magical one, maybe even more so! I recommend picking 2-3 musts per day and focusing on hitting those rides, shows or attractions. Otherwise, I encourage you to enjoy the park and see where it takes you. There is SO much to see that doesnt involve long lines and your kiddo will LOVE that too. The fountains, the random bands that are always popping up with little shows, the characters dont forget to take time to just wander! If you go in with the goal of just experiencing the magic and hitting your absolute musts, youre golden.

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