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Disney World Wheelchair Access Rides

Obtaining Pass And Redeeming Wait Times

5 Wheelchair Accessible Rides at Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom

The disabled guest in your party, hereafter referred to as the DAS holder, must be present when initially requesting the DAS. The DAS holder MUST ride the ride with their party. They scan into the ride first so the Cast Member can see that they have a DAS Return Time or DAS Advanced Selection.

The DAS holder does not need to be present to obtain the return times. Another party member can go to the ride to request a time for the group.

You can only ever be waiting for one ride on your DAS return times. As stated, the DAS return times can be used with Genie+ selections, Individual Lightning Lane Selections and DAS Advanced selections. But, you may not ask for another DAS return time while still waiting for your last return time.

Handicapped Accessible Space And Storage

Handicapped accessible rooms have some notable differences that may make you reconsider whether they are the best choice for you. Unless you actually need the handicapped bathroom, ECV users who are able to stand and walk for very short distances may prefer the regular rooms. There is plenty of room for ECVs at night, and the regular bathroom may be more convenient. A regular room typically has more storage space than a handicapped accessible room as well.

Disabilities That Make Waiting In Traditional Line Hard

People can face trouble standing in a long line due to their disability. If your disability creates a barrier for you to wait in lines, then the disability pass is exactly what you need. Many people have some kind of disability that makes their health condition worse if they wait in a long line. DAS is a lifesaver for these people.

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Wheelchair And Ecv Transferring Procedures The For Disney World Rides

Will you need help now boarding and getting off Disney World rides? For detailed information on what kind of help you can expect, read this article: Boarding Rides and Getting Help at Disney World

How do I actually transfer onto a ride or attraction from my wheelchair or ECV?

If youre able to park your ECV/wheelchair and walk short distances, you can usually park your chair right in the attraction car boarding area, fairly close to the attraction seat. Youll then walk to the ride car. On some rides you can ride right up to the ride seat to transfer. A Cast Member will take your wheelchair or ECV and park it for you after youre seated.

On this website were in the process of posting in-depth information about each ride at Disney World, along with specific tips for transferring, where relevant. Check the Rides and Attractions section!

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Walt Disney World Handicap Accessible Rides

You wonât need any magic to enjoy this Harry Potter themed world, located inside Universal Studios, from your wheelchair. Most shopping and dining facilities here are wheelchair accessible so make sure to try some of the famous butterbeer. Some fast food queues and shop aisles are too narrow for wheelchairs, but a staff member will provide assistance when asked. Some rides and places will have alternate routes, like the elevator at Gringotts which allows wheelchair users to bypass the stairs. Bathrooms are accessible as well â even the one in which you can hear the character Moaning Myrtle!

The main attraction in the park, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey offers wheelchair users a chance to practice transferring to the ride vehicle on a test vehicle. It also has a separate area where those who need extra time getting on and off the ride can do so with no pressure. The Universal Orlando Attraction Assistance Pass can also be used here.

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Special Needs & Disability Services In Orlando

In Orlando, we pride ourselves on building perfect vacations that make dreams come true for all visitors. To that end, we strive to accommodate all guests, especially those with physical disabilities or cognitive disabilities, such as autism.

Orlandos theme parks, hotels and resorts, and countless attractions and recreational opportunities offer special accommodations to ensure that every Orlando visitor is given the full experience. Orlando businesses also follow American Disability Association guidelines, providing limitless adventures for all guests to enjoy. And no matter where your adventures take you in Orlando, you can count on enhanced cleaning and sanitization measures to help protect you during your visit!

Please note: Depending on the timing of your visit, some experiences may be temporarily modified. Learn more about healthy travel in Orlando, and check with your favorite attractions, restaurants and other businesses for their current status.

Theme Park Services | Service Providers

Now Available: Return Time Self

Disney has rolled out 2 new features to the DAS system:

  • The option to pre-register for Disability Access Service ahead of your visit, and
  • The ability to self-select your return times via the My Disney Experience app instead of having to request a time by speaking to a Cast Member at each attraction.
  • Plus, guests that pre-register will also be eligible pre-select up to two attractions per day to visit. More on that below.

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    Hollywood Studios/epcot Area Watercraft

    The second boat route covers the area between Hollywood Studios and the International Gate of EPCOTs World Showcase. These roomy Friendship motor launches travel the canal and lake between Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The launches stop at all resorts located in that area between the two theme parks.

    There are five stops depending on the direction youre going: Hollywood Studios main entrance, Swan & Dolphin Resort, Yacht & Beach Club Resort, Boardwalk Resort & Entertainment Area, and International Gateway at Epcot. These launches can accommodate two wheelchairs/ECVs per boat, and they will load you at the rear of the boat. There are portable ramps to allow you to board on and off the launch. These launches constantly ply this route in both directions. A nice plus is that they are enclosed & air-conditioned . The travel time for these launches is about 20 minutes in each direction.

    Pro Tip: The route between Hollywood Studios and EPCOT also has a very nice and scenic walking path that follows the canal and goes thru the resorts located around the lake and on to the EPCOT International Gateway. The distance is about a mile an a half, and there are two bridges that have hills.

    Accessible Rides In New Orleans Square & Critter Country

    Disneys Hollywood Studios Handicap Accessible Rides (Wheelchair) Disney World

    Most attractions in New Orleans Square & Critter Country require a transfer from your wheelchair. Keep reading for more details.

    • Disneyland Railroad. Wheelchair accessible stops include Mickeys Toontown, New Orleans Square and Tomorrowland stations. Proceed up the exit ramp nearest the Haunted Mansion and wait outside the exit gate behind the yellow line for a Cast Member to provide boarding instructions.
    • Haunted Mansion. Enter through the standard queue. When you approach the front porch, wait for a Cast Member for boarding instructions. A transfer accessible vehicle is available.
    • Indiana Jones Adventure. Use the standard queue for transfer instructions prior to boarding.
    • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Enter through the standard queue to request an accessible vehicle. ECV must transfer.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean. Enter through the exit near Blue Bayou restaraunt. Transfer is required.
    • Splash Mountain. Proceed through the exit, located across from Pooh Corner. Wait for a Cast Member at the unload area for boarding instructions and transfer.

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    Bill Frederick Park At Turkey Lake

    A 187-acre park, this is truly your chance to get away. Since itâs so big, not all of its trails are wheelchair accessible, but the park does offer partial access for wheelchair users. You will want to avoid the natural surface nature trail along the parkâs western edge, but the paved bike bath that encircles the park in a 2.4 mile loop is a fine choice for wheelchair users. There are many bathrooms located along the bike path, and you can even stop by a farm if youâre an animal lover.

    Where Can I Park

    If you and your party are driving to the theme parks, medical parking is available in specified lots that are much closer to the park entrance. Disney provides a complimentary wheelchair if needed for transportation from your vehicle to the Disney wheelchair rental station. There are also trams available that will take you to the park entrance.

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    Tips For Using A Wheelchair At Disneyland

    Overall, our friend had an amazing day using a wheelchair at Disneyland. I mean, she had us frogs there to hop along to help her maximize her time, guide her toward gentle rides she could enjoy and set the perfect pace to her day. On top of that, everyone at Disneyland was helpful and kind. They never rushed her and encouraged her to take her time getting in and out of rides. Her safety and dignity were of the utmost importance to the cast members. That made a huge difference in the whole experience and made for special memories for everyone.

    She used MaxPass along with DAS to accomplish everything she wanted to do. She scheduled shows and indoor meals during the heat of the day to keep cool, and we all took advantage of the USB ports on the ECV to keep our phones fully juiced! We frogs got to experience things weve never seen when rolling with her , and we got to experience the stretching chamber in reverse! It was hoppin fun for all!

    Have you used a wheelchair in the parks? Tell us about your experience. Have questions about using a wheelchair at Disneyland? Share them in comments below!

    Disneyland In A Wheelchair Rides In Tomorrowland

    Disneyland Disability Access Service Card
    • Autopia. Enter through the standard queue and proceed around the tower to the lift, where a Cast Member will assist you to a transfer device.
    • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Enter the standard queue and proceed through the door just prior to entering the loading zone, where a Cast Member will offer boarding instructions. ECV must transfer.
    • Disneyland Monorail. Both stations in Downtown Disney and Tomorrowland offer wheelchair access via ramp or elevator.
    • Disneyland Railroad. Wheelchair accessible stops include Mickeys Toontown, New Orleans Square and Tomorrowland stations. Find wheelchair access in Tomorrowland Station via the exit ramp. Wait behind the yellow line for boarding instructions.
    • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage offers a unique, and much shorter wait time, viewing experience. Your entire party can join you in the viewing room for an alternate, no-transfer needed ride.
    • Space Mountain. Enter through the attraction exit and follow the arrows to the left. Proceed to the attraction loading area and contact a Cast Member for boarding and transfer instructions.
    • Star Tours The Adventures Continue. Inquire at main entrance about transfer accessible vehicle.
    • Star Wars Launch Bay. Use the ramp at the entrance for admission.
    • Tomorrowland Theater allows wheelchair access, no stairs required.

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    Getting Around Disney World With Mobility Disabilities

  • Parking
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    Walt Disney World is one of the most accessible and handicap-friendly vacation destinations in the world. Disney World is built to be accessible and cast members know exactly how to accommodate the needs of guests with disabilities. To satisfy their guests with mobility challenges, they offer wheelchair accessible resort rooms, wheelchair rentals in the parks and much more. Making your trip enjoyable is their main goal.

    When you call to book your reservation, please let us know what your degree of mobility is and what your special needs are so that we can do our part to giving you the best vacation ever.

    Who Can Use The Das Pass

    Anyone who has a disability or condition that necessitates waiting outside a traditional line environment may be eligible to use the DAS pass. This includes disabilities that are both seen and unseen.

    If your family member needs a scooter or wheelchair or has needs that can be met by using a mobility device, and they do not have any other disability that might hinder them waiting, they are NOT eligible for a DAS pass as the ride lines are handicapped accessible.

    So if grandma just had knee surgery or Johnny just broke his arm in a baseball game, the DAS pass is not for you.

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    Obtain A New Return Time

    After completing your ride or attraction you can go on to get another return time. Thankfully, there is no limit to using the DAS pass. You can use it as many times as you want. But only for one ride or attraction at a time.

    When you are done with your previous ride, you can again obtain a new return time for the same ride or any other ride or attraction you want.

    Companion Care Restrooms Throughout The Parks

    All the Wheelchair Accessible Rides at Disney World – Epcot/Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios #Shorts

    Everybody needs to take a break at some point and Walt Disney World offers a host of restrooms throughout the parks, both standard restrooms and companion care restrooms.

    Companion care restrooms are placed throughout the parks and offer a more private and larger space to take care of your needs, either as an individual or with a caregiver, family member or friend. This feature throughout each of the four theme parks makes Disney optimal for wheelchair users, as its fairly easy to locate a restroom to take care of your needs no matter where or when youre in the park.

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    Ecv Rules For Disney World Rides & Attractions

    Guests can usually stay in their ECVs for theater type shows, and in most attraction queues. For some ride queues, Disney requires guests using ECVs to transfer into a manual wheelchair before entering the queue. The cast members at the attraction will provide you with a manual wheelchair free of charge at or near the entrance. Remember that the cast members are not permitted to push you through the queue even if youve transferred to a manual wheelchair.

    ECVs are not permitted on the majority of ride cars. If a ride permits the use of manual wheelchairs on the ride cars, youll have the option to transfer into a manual wheelchair provided free of charge by a cast member at the attraction. On some rides youll be required to transfer from your ECV or manual wheelchair to a ride seat. Well let you know the requirements of each attraction in the Rides and Attractions section of this website.

    Accessible Rides In All Four Parks

    Some of the major draws to Walt Disney World are the rides, and there are wheelchair-accessible rides at all four of Disneys theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Each of these parks has rides in which someone can remain in their own wheelchair throughout the duration of the ride. This is a great feature of the parks, as wheelchair users can board the ride in their manual or motorized wheelchair and enjoy it without having to transfer onto the ride and leave the wheelchair at the loading and unloading zone.

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    The Walt Disney World website also makes it very easy to look up the accessibility of each ride, giving wheelchair users an opportunity to learn about the types of accessibility the rides provide before entering the park. This makes it easier to plan ahead and make choices during your day in the park.

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    Disneyland In A Wheelchair Rides In Galaxys Edge

    As mentioned in my Star Wars: Galaxys Edge article, wheelchair guests can enjoy both attractions at Galaxys Edge, as well as enjoy easy navigation through the land.

    When Disneyland Park was built, queues were smaller and pathways were more narrow. Compare that to when California Adventure was builtmassive walkways and every attraction queue can accommodate wheelchairs.

    Mike Farnham of the popular says, ADA Riders You can enjoy BOTH rides just like everyone else. . Smugglers Run there are stationary pods for you to ride the ride. Not a part of the turntable, mounted to the floor. They are the same exact pod as the others, so you will have to xfr to a seat to ride. Not rushed to get in your seat like the rest. ** NOTE since you are not on the turntable, technically the CM could make your ride last longer! Be nice to your CM and ask, who knows!?

    Disney Springs Area Watercraft

    Florida Special Needs and Disabled Access Traveler Guide

    The third watercraft route covers the area around Disney Springs the lake resorts of Saratoga Springs and Old Key West and Port Orleans French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside Resort on the Sassagoula River. These launches are split into two routes.

    One route runs between Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside to the dock at Disney Springs Marketplace. The second route runs between Old Key West Resort and the dock at Disney Springs Marketplace. A third route runs between the Marketplace launch and the West Side launch.

    The launches on all of these routes are open air pontoon boats with canopies. All these pontoon boats can accommodate up to two wheelchairs or ECVs. There are portable transition ramps to allow you to board on and off the boat. The travel time for any of these routes is 15 to 20 minutes in each direction.

    Pro Tip: There are also paths to allow you to reach Disney Springs from the Saratoga Springs main resort. One goes around the east end of the lake near the Marketplace bus depot. The other goes from the through the golf course and enters Disney Springs at West Side. Old Key West also has a path that goes through the golf course to Disney Springs West Side.

    Monorail Transportation: Monorail transportation is available from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT and all of the Resorts located on the line around Seven Seas Lagoon .

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