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Disney World Weather By Month

Disney World In February 202: Festivals Dry Weather Ideal Crowd Levels

Disney World reopens for the first time in nearly four months.

Disney World in February is a great time of year for guests to visit Orlando with mild weather and low crowd levels! There’s unique performances in Epcot, Valentine’s Day treats to be found, and a running marathon to enjoy.

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When To Go And When Not To Go To Disney World: More Info

Although January and February have lower rates, decent weather, and shorter lines, this is the part of the year where Disney is most likely to schedule ride maintenance. The park will be open and most rides will be open, but there will be closures of some rides for maintenance.

Gay Pride Week is annual visit to Disney World by the gay and lesbian community. For some this is a reason to go, whereas for others it may be a reason to avoid the parks. This event is not sponsored by Disney but nor is there information about it on their site. One of the key complaints is not knowing. For those that want to avoid that week, but it is the only time period you can go, there is good news. The gay and lesbian community is there enjoying the park for the week, but they do have a schedule which highlights which day they will be at which park. This schedule is accessible through Google search.

Disney World Weather In September

You might think that September means the arrival of more mild and fall-like weather in Orlando. Nope. September is still summer in Florida.

Expect lots of humidity, highs in the 90s, and almost daily afternoon thundershowers.

The average high temperature for Disney World in September is 89°F and the average low is 74°F.

Thats 32°C for the high and 23°C for the low.

Trying to stay cool in Galaxys Edge

If you are traveling during hurricane season I suggest getting trip insurance in case you need to change plans at the last minute.

Chilled Rose at Epcot Food & Wine Festival

I suggest wearing light-colored tops, a sun hat, taking breaks in the AC, and taking a dip in the pool in the afternoon if you can swing it.

It is a fairly rainy month with an average of 9 days of rain plus the common afternoon thundershower.

Heres what to pack for Disney World weather in September:

  • Light-colored t-shirts and tank tops
  • Shorts or skirts
  • Sun hat and good sunscreen
  • Poncho or umbrella

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Disney World Weather In January

The average high in Orlando in January is 71°F and the average low is 52°F.

Thats an average high of 22°C and 11°C.

You can expect cool but mild weather in January with the occasional cold snap. And yes, there are flowers blooming in Florida even in January!

Youll definitely want to be prepared for potentially cold temperatures at night. It is common that the temperature drops into the 40s at night which means youll really need to bundle up.

This past January we had to buy a blanket for my daughter and an warm hat for me because we werent prepared for the chilly temps once the sun set!

So I suggest bringing a warm coat and a hat for your January trip to Disney World.

You may also get high temperatures in the mid 70s, so dont leave your bathing suit at home. Disney World pools are open year round and heated to about 84°F so its possible to get to swim even in January, though those days arent super common.

While it may rain some in January, it is less common than other times of year. The average number of rainy days in January is 5 days. It also is one of the least humid months of the year.

Heres what to pack for a trip to Disney World in January:

  • T-shirts for warmer days
  • Jeans or pants
  • A swimsuit in the chance youll get a warm day

Should I Visit Walt Disney World In December Or January

Disney World Weather: What To Expect Each Month

Except for weather, which is mostly the same, these two months are very different experiences. Holiday celebrations are done with the start of January, and while you might find some decorations still up and merchandise still for sale, its not something to plan around.

Historically, January has seen a bit of a drop in crowds from December, but thats changing . Early December crowds are slightly more appealing than mid-January crowds, in our opinion, so if youre able to visit those first few weeks of December, we recommend experiencing the holiday season.

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Disney World Prices In May

Disney Worlds hotel and ticket prices vary throughout the year. You can see the 2022 hotel rate table at MouseSavers. Lets look at two tables with rates from All Star Movies, Port Orleans Riverside, Wilderness Club, and Yacht Club. First, the median May rate vs. the minimum, median, and maximum nightly rates for 2022:

In line with the mostly average crowds, May has mostly average pricing. If youre looking at the first half of the year, May actually has some of the lowest prices. Notice that if you wait until June youll find better prices on the non-value resorts but worse prices on the value resorts:

Prices dont move until the last week of the month, when summer brings lower deluxe prices and higher value prices:

Take Advantage Of Park Hours

If you go to Disney World during the busiest times of the year, one perk is that the parks will have extended park hours. Take advantage of the early mornings and late nights when crowds are the thinnest. The late nights are one of the best times to visit the Star Wars attractions at Hollywood Studios.

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Walt Disney World Monthly Weather Averages

The Floridian weather is well known for being completely unpredictable. One minute it can be blazing hot sunshine, the next minute you won’t be able to even see past your car windshield from all the rain! One great thing is that generally, on a hot day it’ll rain VERY heavily for about 30 minutes in the early afternoon, then it’ll be sunny again. During the summer, the rain can be a welcomed interruption to the heat.

We’ve put together the table below which shows you the average temperatures and rainfall. This is based on averages from several years and is by no means a guarantee of what the weather will be like. It can however be a useful tool when planning your Walt Disney World vacation.

  • Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through to November 30.
  • From mid-August to mid-October is considered to be the peak time for hurricane activity.
  • Summer is generally considered very wet in Florida, however don’t let that statistic change your plans.
  • Most rainfall over the summer lasts under 30 minutes per day, and is very heavy .

What To Wear To Disney World In January

Disney World reopens nearly 4 months after closing

This is going to be the month you have the greatest chance of needing your winter gear, but equally it is very possible to be wearing shorts and t-shirts to Disney World in January, so again, thank you Florida weather!

For a longer trip where you dont have the luxury of knowing the weather for your whole trip before you go, consider taking the following things to Disney World in January.

Long pants

Its not always shorts weather in Florida in January, though it often is for people who come from out of state.

Floridians have a very low tolerance to temperatures below about 75 degrees, so theres a very large chance that the people in line with the heaviest winter clothes are locals, but the weather should generally be comfortable for long pants regardless of where you come from.

Opt for jeans for more travel-friendly pants like these.

Or you can get really crazy and wear your Disney leggings because it is literally the only place in the world you can do that and get complimented rather than weird looks .


I KNOW, its January, the rest of the country is knee deep in snow, whatever.

Its very possible youll encounter 75+ degree days at some point in January, and you dont want to be that person sweating up the Disney bus because you forgot you were going to Florida.

Hint: you should bring tennis shoes to Disney World every month of the year.

They work just as well in January as they do the rest of the year.


Bonus points for wearing Disney ones like these.

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Crowds At Walt Disney World In February

As far as crowds go, Valentine’s Day itself has no appreciable impact on traffic. But the parks do see elevated crowds because of Presidents Day, which is Feb. 21, 2022. Many people book their vacation around the federal holiday, boosting crowds in the park. For those of you visiting during this time, take advantage of our Orlando planning app for iPhone and make sure you get to the park before opening to take advantage of the lowest crowds! Check the crowd calendar to see recommended days for the whole month . Also, be sure to book your Disney Park Pass reservations! For more information about crowds in 2022, hop over to our full post.

Average Monthly Temperature Rainfall And Daylight Hours

While Orlando typically experiences nice weather year-round, temperatures, rainfall totals, and daylight hours can plummet in the winter and skyrocket in the summer at Disney World. Before you plan your perfect Disney vacation, check out the following climate data to help you choose the best time of year to go.

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours

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Dont Visit Disney World In January If

  • You like warm weather and want to spend time in the resort pools or waterparks.
  • Going to special events is important to you.
  • Riding Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids is a must.

Make sure to read our Disney World Vacation Planning Guide for more tips on your upcoming trip and everything you need to know!

The Best Time To Visit Disney World In September 2022

Disney World Weather: What To Expect Each Month

September is a great time to visit Disney World if you are looking for very low crowds. Schools throughout the entire country are now back in session and it is one of the cheapest times to visit Disney World. So when is the best time to visit Disney World in September? If you are planning a full week we recommend September 6th 11th. If you are only visiting Disney for one or two days in September we recommend the 14th or 15th.

Just like in August, one of the coolest parts about visiting Disney in September is the fact that you can attendMickeys Not So Scary Halloween Partyas well as the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival. Guest can also head over to Universal Orlando and attend one of the amazing Halloween Horror Nights events. You will also find the ticket prices for most events in the month of September to be cheaper.

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The Best Time To Visit Disney World In June 2022

The beginning of summer has historically been a very popular time to vacation, but isWell get into the pros and cons in a minute, but the best week to visit Disney World in June is the 1st-6th. We anticipate the best day to go to Disney World in June to be the 7th or 8th.

Were going to start with a pro because truth be told, there are a lot of cons. June and July typically give families more flexibility to take longer trips since they dont have to worry about school. As you can probably guess, the downside are the crowds. They typically start to pick up towards the end of June and lasts through early August. Plus, Florida temperatures are notoriously humid in the summer.

With all of that being said, summer vacations at Walt Disney World can still be a blast! Make sure to be prepared and plan your trip in advance if you are trying to avoid being out in the heat. You can always split your days up and take pool breaks.

What To Wear To Disney World In August

So technically July is actually the warmest month of the year in Orlando, but when youre looking at a difference of 97 degrees per day and 95 degrees per day, theres not much in it.

Figuring out what to wear to Disney World in August is very much still a case of: less is more.

Oh, and dont forget the best cooling towels for Disney World.

Short sleeve shirts

It is not time for long sleeve yets, people!

Embrace your inner cheesy Disney lover and wear matching short sleeve t-shirts with your kids and family or opt for your own fashionable tank top or crop top.

You do have to wear A shirt to Disney World shirts and shoes required at the theme parks, but it doesnt have to be crazy with loads of fabric.

Keep it simple, keep it Disney-themed.


Try to wear the shortest socks you can get away with so youre not absolutely dreading putting them on in the mornings when any fabric feels like lava on your skin because its so hot out.

If youre wearing flip flops or Crocs or similar, you can forgo this part, just make sure to bring a change of shoes.

Tennis shoes

I still advise tennis shoes in August, despite the heat, as long as you make sure your shoes are breathable and meant for exercise.

Small Disney jewellery

If you love being Disneyfied when you visit the parks, I think you should still steer clear of dramatic costumes and hot and sweaty Mickey Ears in August.

Keep it simple maybe a little Disney pin to wear on your shirt or a thin Disney bracelet around your wish.

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If You Have Some Flexibility To Plan Your Trip And Want To Make An Educated Decision Based On Historic Disney World Crowds And Disney Weatherthen Definitely Read On In This Post I Will Break Down The Weather Average Crowds And Give The Pros Of Cons Of Visiting Walt Disney World For Every Month Of The Year

Lets get the obvious out of the way if you are wondering when its the best time to plan your Disney trip, the answer is simple whenever you can!

Disney World is the Happiest Place On Earth andlets be realis there ever a bad time to visit the Happiest Place on Earth?

That being saidwhen trying to decide when you should plan your family vacation to Disney World, crowds, weather tend to be the main concerns.

Coldest Months: January. Highs may be in the 80s, but evenings can drop into the 30° ranges.

Hottest Months: July and August, highs in the mid- 90°s

Rainiest Month: August, average of 7.5 inches

    Disney World Crowds In May

    Will the weather be magical for Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration this weekend?

    Our position on Walt Disney World crowd calendars is that people often put too much weight into them, but thats its still good to know general trends as well as specific events that impact crowds. The bulk of May, prior to Memorial Day weekend, sees average to below average crowds, but 2022 might be busier.

    The end of May marks the start of summer vacation, but prior to Memorial Day most kids are still in school. Its also clear of spring break season , making it similar to September in bookending the school year.

    Summer temperatures start to arrive in May, but youre still a few degrees shy of the brutal July and August temperatures. The month is overall quite pleasant, but most families wont be able to justify a trip until later in the month, keep crowds moderate most of the month.

    The big unknown for 2022 is when Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will open. The new coaster at Epcot will bring a surge in crowds and a new wrinkle in planning. As of this update, Disney has only confirmed the coaster will open summer 2022, which would technically be June 21 to September 22, but I dont think anyone would be surprised if, e.g., Memorial Day was in play.

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    The Best Time To Visit Disney World In July 2022

    There are very few places in the country that celebrate the 4th of July like Walt Disney World! So when is the best time to visit Disney World in July? If you are planning a full week we recommend July 25th 31st. If you are only visiting Disney for one or two days in July we recommend the 28th or 29th.

    Guests will be able to enjoy specially themed fireworks at the Magic Kingdom for a few nights leading up to the 4th, and it has always been one of the most popular times to visit. With that being said, one of the most interesting trends over the past few years has been more and more discounts in late July and early August than in years past. We believe this is due to people choosing to hit the beach to stay cool during those hot Florida months! For this reason, if you can grab a discountedDisney vacation package or Disney World tickets, this can be one of the cheapest times to visit Disney World.

    January Notable Dates In Disney World

    Well talk more specifically about crowds and events below, but we like to start with some dates to flag. If youre thinking about these dates for your visit, keep in mind that normal rules might not apply.

    This is New Years weekend. Its essentially an extension of Christmas Season, as far as crowds and strategies go, though holiday celebrations will typically end before the weekend. You should also skim our post if youre visiting during this time.

    This is the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. There are pros and cons to visiting this weekend.

    This is the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, with the holiday itself being Monday, January 17 in 2022. Its usually a holiday worth avoiding.

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