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Disney World Virtual Field Trip

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum Of American Art

4/10/20 Walt Disney World – Virtual Field Trip

Explore the museum galleries via the museum’s website with PDF versions of the object guides that are normally placed in each gallery. Learn the history behind the museum through two films available for streaming: A Legacy for the Community and The Tiffany Chapel: A Masterpiece Rediscovered. They’ve also added Virtual Spring at the Morse, showcasing selected portraits from the Morse Collection.

Disney Virtual Field Trip: Walk Or Run Through The Parks

If you dont need a race, per se, to get your Disney running fix, youll want to use this playlist to get your Disney virtual field trip on.

Each park at Walt Disney World and Disneyland can be found.

Do you love Animal Kingdom? Take a walk through it!

Need some Epcot in your life? This virtual Disney World field trip walkthrough will satisfy that need.

Dearly miss all things Disneyland? Me too, yall, me too. But I can run through Disneyland on this virtual field trip and get that itch scratched!

All these videos come from Run The Impossible, and you REALLY need to give them some love by following their account.

Ive been using these on my treadmill walks all month and its making me feel a little more hopeful- try them out!

You can even speed up a little if you want to feel more real-time on your treadmill run by hitting the gear on the YouTube playback menu. Speed things up and get your heart pumping.

My Virtual Class Field Trip To Disney World

Below you can see the virtual class field trip to Disney World I created. Just click the Mickey Mouse ears. My teachers were so awesome to send me their Bitmojis to include. In the original I added their names. The map was created with a template provided by Amanda Sandoval , who I definitely recommend following, because she shares so many amazing free Google Slides templates.

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Virtual Walt Disney World Series

Our virtual Walt Disney World series is just a fun way to explore and enjoy the parks when you cant be there. Because the majority of these videos are from the guests point of view , they can be even more fun viewed through VR headsets for your phone, or by projecting it on a wall or viewing on a big screen tv.

You can even get creative and make ride vehicles to sit in and add your own special effects. Have fun with it!!

And because its all virtual, you can hop from park to park as much as you want. Here are the links to the other parks:

Would You Rather Disney Questions


Participants are asked 2 Would You Rather Disney questions. Each participant should only choose one answer, as choosing both or neither isnt allowed. Peter Pan, Cinderella, Captain Hook, and Mulan are all included! Even would you rather Disney TV show questions!

This resource includes 30 questions, and an answer sheet is included. Each question has a #1 or #2 and depending on which answer the student wants to choose. Answers can be written on the answer sheet that can be found in this Would You Rather Disney Edition resource. This Disney-themed resource is offered in two formats: digital and PDF. So, whether you are searching for a fun digital game when teaching online or for an in-class activity, this resource will work for you.

If you are not using this activity for your classroom, thats okay. Its still a great option. Make the family trip to visit Disney World a fun one and play this game in the car with your kids. Trust me, this game will certainly pump them up! You also can play while waiting in lines at Disney World or Disneyland. The best part is that if you play the PDF version, it will give your kids a break from screen time!

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Virtual Field Trips Are For Adults Too

Look, while the parents are the ones who are seeking out free ways to entertain kids, I know there are some adults that need this too.

So settle in, saddle up, and enjoy this virtual vacation through the Magic Kingdom: no matter what your age is!

Dont forget to subscribe to these favorite YouTube channels and hit the bell for notifications.

Disney World Virtual Field Trip

This Disney World Virtual Field Trip will give students a very unique experience. The best part is this resource is offered in two different formats: a Disney Virtual Field Trip Google Slides version and a Disney Virtual Field Trip PowerPoint version. You choose whats best for your classroom and students based on your needs. You can assign as a whole group activity or a treat for Fun Friday or good behavior.

So what are you waiting for? As you can see, this virtual field trip is one you must take! So many exciting things and must-see attractions.

Want to save money? Check out this MEGA BUNDLE of NO PREP Virtual Field Trips! Social Studies and Science Virtual Field Trips included!

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Let The Magic Begin A Virtual Field Trip To Disney World

Welcome students on a virtual field trip to Disney World! Disney World is commonly known as the happiest place on Earth. Im not sure about you, but I completely agree. For students, a Walt Disney World virtual field trip is an experience they will never forget. This magical place is full of beloved characters for any age.

Travel The Globe Through The World Showcase

Janae Sturma – Virtual Field Trip to Walt Disney World (Part 1)

Now that youve travelled through the future, youre ready to head back into the present in the World Showcase.

Before you begin this journey around the world, you have to decide: to drink or not to drink. One of the most popular things to do in Epcot is drink around the world. And you can do this at home too! While you could go all out and whip up a few different Disney-inspired international drinks, you could also just grab your adult beverage of choice and sip as you travel through this Disney virtual tour.

The first country up: Canada! Visit the winter wonderland of North America through the wonderfully crafted O Canada! film.

After exploring the magical landscapes of Canada, you can explore the charming scenery of France in the film Impressions de France. Watch the hot air balloons float along the Loire Valley and feel the hustle and bustle of a Normandy marketplace.

As you make your way around Epcots World Showcase, youll walk through each country, taking in the atmosphere, architecture, and culture. Youll pass Morocco, Japan, the U.S., Italy, Germany, and China before you reach your next ride in Norway. Along the way, grab some international snacks, watch impromptu shows, and maybe take a few photos.

In Norway, you ride Frozen Ever After, a Frozen-inspired ride aboard a Viking ship filled with unexpected twists and turns.

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Planning An Interactive Virtual Field Trip Amusement Park Day

How do you take a virtual field trip to Six Flags?

Like many other amusement parks, several Six Flags locations have allowed Google to do a Street View tour of their park. Google Street View is easy to navigate, but if you arent familiar with it and want to learn about all of the features read this article.

Of course, if you were planning a real trip to Six Flags, you wouldnt go to just walk through the park.

And theres no reason that your virtual tour has to be just a walkthrough either.

All you need to do to make a virtual tour into a full virtual vacation day is add in some virtual rides, carnival games, and at-home activities, all of which you will find tips and suggestions for below.

As youre doing your walkthrough of the park, stop and take a virtual ride when you reach each attraction.

If youre touring a park that has carnival games, set some up in your backyard or living room and take a break from the screen when you reach the game area.

Another great way to take a break from the screen is to plan some other amusement park themed projects and activities for your kids.

Not only will these activities make the trip more interactive and fun for your kids, but it will help you stretch a short virtual tour into a full day of fun at home.

For tips on how to organize your virtual field trip amusement park day read How to Take a Virtual Vacation.

Want more virtual travel tips and ideas for kids?

Check out Making Virtual Tours for Kids Interactive.

Virtual Reality Rainforest Tour

Even if you had the budget to fly your class to the Amazon, a real-life tour would be too risky for a field trip. A virtual tour lets students experience panoramic views of lush rain forests while learning about indigenous communities and conservation efforts. The tour is viewable as an immersive experience via virtual reality devices, or as a 360 degree video on regular devices. By participating in the Under the Canopy tour, students come to understand the importance of the rain forest and its connection to human life as a whole.

Embark on a virtual reality rain forest tour.

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The Ultimate Virtual Disney World Tour: Virtual Vacation To The Happiest Place On Earth

By Lia Garcia | March 3, 2021

Things are changing rapidly – please double check what’s open before your trip and follow all local guidelines to keep yourself and others safe! Also, ads are how we pay our bills and keep our blog free for you to enjoy. We also use affiliate links if you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Disney World is the happiest place on earth. Chances are youve spent so many happy hours there that you can practically traverse the parks by memory. Especially if you used to be a Cast Member, like me!

Every so often, youll hear the notes of a song or catch a whiff of freshly baked waffle cones and BAM, youre right back in the parks, as clear as day, and it doesnt matter that youre stuck at home, in quarantine, or just in between Disney trips because theres a great big beautiful tomorrow, and your next trip to Disney is just a dream away!

Today, were going to lean into the abilities of our imaginations and take a leaf out of Walt Disneys book himself. Today, well visit Disney World on an imaginary vacation, through the magic of a little something called Virtual Travel.

Youll be visiting a magical version of Disney World where everything is perfect and nothing bad ever happens, where no there are no lines and no height restrictions, where everything is FREE and the weather is always perfect.

So sit back, relax, and lets take a virtual vacation to Disney World together!

Disney Closure Got You Down Take A Virtual Vacation To The Magic Kingdom

Virtual Field Trip Ideas: Disney World Magic Kingdom ...

Posted on Last updated:

Parents, I know you are looking for virtual field trips with your kids. As the next few days roll into weeks, consider taking virtual vacations to Disney. The best part: this vacation is free and easy to do with kids! Heres how you can take a virtual vacation to the Magic Kingdom to enjoy Disney at home.

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This Resource Works Well With

Please note, we did our best for find videos with little background noise but you are at a crowded theme park. Please let us know if you find or hear anything that should be replaced. Thanks.

The Hub at Disneyland. This is a tour around the center of Disneyland. Here you can access most lands, see the Walt and Mickey Statue, and see the castle. If you have been to Disneyland before, this video captures the sights, the sounds, and feeling perfectly! . *

We always go to Tomorrowland first. This video walks you down the walkway and shows you everything. The sounds in this one is great because it has everything from the Astro Orbiter announcement to the music over by Space Mountain! *

Our first ride is almost always Astro Orbiter! This is a super quick video that your students will enjoy! *

Next is Astro Blasters. This is a fun ride because many students know the movie Toy Story. *

Are you ready to ride SPACE MOUNTAIN? This 3 and half minute video walks you through the last section of the line and takes you on the ride! Hold on friends! *

Now we are off for a drive! Buckle up and have fun at Autopia! *

Straight off of Autopia and onto Finding Nemo! Another great ride because students know the storyline. *

And now we are off to the Matterhorn! This fun filled bobsled ride will have you sitting on the edge of your seat! *

Now we are off to Toon Town! We usually go straight to Mickeys house so we can say hi to him and Pluto! *

And we are off to Adventure Land! *

Exploring Fantasyland On Your Disney Virtual Tour

All of that adrenaline flowing through your body on Space Mountain makes you super hungry. By some fairy godmother-like magic, you snag a last-minute reservation at Be Our Guest. You even try the grey stuff .

When your belly is full and satisfied, your notice that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has NO LINE! You didnt have to fuss over a FastPass+ or anything. You rush over to the ride and get on without having to wait a single second.

Once you get off the ride, youre ready for another one, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is right around the corner! Why not say hi to your friends from the Hundred Acre Woods?

Then, after wandering through the Hundred Acre Woods, you dive under the sea and pay a visit to Ariel and her gang at Under the Sea Journey of The Little Mermaid. You swim around with Flounder, Sebastian, and the rest of the crew!

After three rides in a row, you consider taking a pause for a photo or a snack. And then you see it: Peter Pans Flight without a wait! This is the one and only time that this miracle will happen, so you take advantage of this opportunity.

You wrap up your slew of rides in Fantasyland with one of the best rides in Magic Kingdom: Its a Small World! You sing along to the song as you relax on the air-conditioned boat ride.

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Video Tours Of Resorts

If youre taking a Hershey Park virtual field trip, you may want to take a quick tour of Hershey Lodge, Hershey Hotel, or the Hershey Camping Resort too.

While youre on the theme parks website looking for rides and entertainment, make sure you check to see what accommodations they have too.

Many theme parks have their own hotels and resorts that are worth checking out, and luckily there are a lot of YouTubers who have posted virtual tour videos of them too.

Disneyland Virtual Field Trip

ELA Week 7 Day 3 (6/3/2020)-Virtual Field Trips-Disney World

Take your students on a virtual field trip this school year to the one and only Disneyland with these teacher-approved videos. No need to be stuck inside the classroom or home when you can provide your students the experience of traveling to Disneyland! Keep reading to find out how!

Disneyland is one of our favorite places to visit as a family and so it is only fitting we help teachers have a virtual field trip there. In this article we will load you up with videos to visit Disneyland with your students. Many videos are long, so we suggest you show the parts you love the most!

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Virtual Tour Of The Louvre

The Louvre is one of the most famous museums in the world, but many people will never visit in person. By taking your class on a virtual tour of the Louvre, you save airfare and time spent waiting in line.

The Louvre offers high resolution, 360 degree tours of various exhibitions on its website. Your class can explore Egyptian antiquities, classic Italian paintings, and the remains of an underground moat, all without leaving the classroom.

The Louvre site also directs visitors towards a downloadable VR Mona Lisa app that provides an up close peek at the famous painting, and other video and at-home experiences.

Visit the Louvre.

Discover The Land Of Africa

Now that youve restocked your energy reserves, youre now prepared for the long walk over to the Land of Africa. One of the best Animal Kingdom rides is definitely Kilimanjaro Safaris. Why? Because its a 20-minute ride filled with real animals! Zebras, lions, and giraffes oh my!

After riding Kilimanjaro Safaris, you feel like youve been transported to the landscape of The Lion King, which is only appropriate considering that the Festival of the Lion King is just about to start! Singalong with your favorite songs from The Lion King, including Hakuna Matata, The Circle of Life, and Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

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School Of Croc At Gatorland

A at 10 a.m. every morning showcases animals and adventures. In the afternoon, their YouTube channel shares live-action encounters with animals including Burmese pythons, crocodiles, alligators and monitor lizards.

Every Wednesday, this airboat tour operator and nature park is hosting listening adventures on and Instagram with its #WildWednesday program. The uninterrupted natural sounds will range from daybreak on the Florida swamps to giraffes enjoying their dinner.

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