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Disney World Trip Planner 2021

Consider Training For Longer Mask Use

The Best Disney Vacation Planner 2021

Again, you might be used to wearing your mask to go to the grocery store or when you head out for a walk, but some might not be used to wearing a mask for a whole day while outdoors in the heat. Especially for the kiddos, it might be a good idea to consider training for long mask use by wearing masks at home.

If you can get the family used to wearing masks essentially all of the time except when eating/drinking, when everyone has to do that in the parks, itll seem like just another ordinary day. Especially with little ones, it can help get them accustomed to that situation and make it a whole lot easier once your vacation begins.

Park Hours And Disney Park Pass Availability Changes

Park Hours and Disney Park Pass availability can change a LOT. One day, Park Passes may seem totally full, and the next day theyre replenished. Park hours can get extended or reduced. If youve got an upcoming trip, youll definitely want to check back with us here at AllEars as well as Disney Park Pass and Park Hours calendars frequently to see if your trip has been impacted.

Another tip: book your Park Passes as soon as you are able to do so. You can always decide to change them later depending on availability, but its best to at least have something booked than to run the risk that one or more of the parks you wanted to visit totally fill up in terms of Park Passes that day.

Planning A Trip In Walt Disney World

In summer and during other holidays, its wise to get to the front gates of the park about 30 minutes ahead of opening, partly because you can waltz right onto a marquee ride that way. Try not to leave any park as it closes, when crowds surge and waits for the parking tram become burdensome. Instead, depart early or linger awhile in the shops, which will be open a bit longer than everything else.

PARKINGEach Disney theme park has its own parking lot . As you drive in, attendants will direct you to fill the next available spot. This is probably the most dangerous part of your day, as the people around you will be distracted and youre at risk of hitting an excited child or knocking off an open car doortake it slow. Parking lanes are numbered and given names at the very least, remember your number. Dont stress out if your row is a high number at Epcot, for example, the front row is 27.

Youll board one of the noisy trams , which haul you to the ticketing area. At the Magic Kingdom, you still must take either the monorail or a ferryboat to the front gates, but at the other parks, the tram lets you off near the doorstep.

SECURITYGuests with bags larger than a small purse must queue at a checkpoint. If you are not carrying a bag, there will be a faster entry portal for you.

HEIGHT RESTRICTIONSTheyre on the maps. Take them seriously. They are always enforced.

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Complete Your Disney World Resort Online Check

During online check-in you can add special requests for your stay. Completing online check-in speeds up, or allows you to skip, the normal on-site check-in process. Online check-in is especially important after Disney Worlds COVID reopening to minimize person to person interactions.

Link your reservation to My Disney Experience and complete online check-in. After arriving at Disney World, guests get a notification on the My Disney Experience App when the room is ready. Check the app for your room number and then use your Magic Band or smart phone to unlock your room with no check-in desk required.

Arrange Your Disney World Transportation


Disney World no longer offers complimentary transportation to and from Orlando International Airport. The most common transportation options are now rental cars, private car service, Mears Connect, or ride shares.

People often think a rental car is the least expensive option, but add gas and rental fees to your reservation and its a lot more expensive than it seems. Mears Connect costs over $100 for a coach bus similar to Magical Express or $250 for express service for a family of four.

Ride shares are a reasonable option, but finding one with car seats is often difficult and expensive. After evaluating several Disney World transportation options we find Tiffany Towncar the best balance of comfort and price.

Book Tiffany Towncar

Tiffany Towncar is a great option for private transportation to and from Disney World. Weve used them many times over the last several years for trips to Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Port Canaveral. Tiffany Towncar has always been on time, professional, and have car seats or booster seats for young children.

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Top Disney World Restaurants For 2021

Disney World has over 400 restaurants and yes, thats overwhelming if youre trying to decide where you want to eat on your trip! But weve reviewed almost ALL of them, so were here to tell you which ones are worth your time. Heres a video with our top picks for this year!

We hope this helps you decide which restaurants to make reservations at, as well as which ones to skip!

Avoid Epcot Friday Evening Through Sunday During Festivals

Epcot is known to be a locals park because of the dining and date night options. However, this is especially true during any of the Epcot Festivals.

Because of this, Epcot tends to be at its busiest from Friday after work through Sunday evening.

Aside from the busy-ness factor, the festivals have a lot of drink around the world potential. This increases the likelihood of loud, drunk people wandering around World Showcase as the day wears on.

If this isnt your scene, dont go to Epcot on the weekends.

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Can You Make Monthly Payments On Disney Vacation

You should consider a Disney vacation payment plan 2021. Let me break everything down for you, the facts, and how to take advantage of a payment plan for your Disney Vacation.

So, you are ready to take the plunge and plan that magical Disney vacation. Your other half and the kids are on board and already making plans. Or maybe you and your group of besties are looking to get away and play out your childhood dreams.

You did your research. You know it will not be cheap. But totally worth the investment! Come on now Its Disney!!

You know me, Im all about a budget. Sometimes that budget does not let us pay out the sometimes hefty price of an adventure to the Magic Kingdom.

If you are planning on traveling this season, I have some tips for you to make that trip fit into your monthly budget.

Never heard of it? Then let me tell you more!

Leave it to the magnificent sales team at Disney to come up with a quick and easy way for anyone to afford to visit their parks and resorts.

My first suggestion to take full advantage of the Disney Vacation payment plan is to work with a Disney Vacation planner such as myself. Not only are our services free of charge, but we have access to deposit only vacations and know how to get you the best deal.

What you need is a package reservation. This is a combination of park tickets and a resort room stay. You can even add a dining plan. You do not want to miss out on any of those delectable cuisines!

Disney World Planning Guide

PLANNING A DISNEY TRIP IN 2021 | Disney World Vacation Tips 2021

Our 2022 Walt Disney World vacation planning guide offers tips & tricks on how to avoid crowds, save money & time, with info on Genie+ & Lightning Lanes, best rides, restaurant reviews, and itineraries for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios. Its a great resource for first-timers or annual visitors written by Florida locals who go to the parks weekly.

The Worlds Most Magical Celebration is underway! This 18-month event runs now through April 1, 2023 and offers new nighttime spectaculars, daytime entertainment, merchandise, decorations, food, and much more. This post covers the fundamentals of planning a vacationfor more on the festivities, see our Guide to Walt Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary!

Beyond the 50th Anniversary kickoff, a ton will continue to change at Walt Disney World in the coming weeks and months, through mid-2022. We visit the parks regularly, reporting on everything as it happensif you want to receive updates when discounts are released, new things are announced, etc., sign up to receive our FREE Walt Disney World Email Newsletter.

The biggest recent change is the launch of the new Genie system with paid-line skipping service that replaced free FastPass+. Genie is unnecessarily complicated, with three components. First, the free Disney Genie service in the My Disney Experience app thats basically a personalized itinerary feature to map out a day. This is useless, so dont bother with it.

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Become A Disney Travel Planner Through An Agency

Travel + Leisure explains that there are travel agencies that partner with Disney. Disney pays them a commission on all of the trips that they book. Therefore, if you want to become a Disney travel planner, then youll probably apply to work at one of these travel agencies. There are a large number of different travel agencies that partner with Disney. Therefore, you should find it relatively easy to come up with a list of companies you might apply with. In fact, the majority of travel planners work remotely so you might not even have to look in your own area to find an agency thats the right fit.

Should You Get A Disney Travel Agent Or Do Your Own Planning

Planning an epic trip to Disney World can be stressful, but a cure for the stress is using an authorized Disney Planner or Travel Agent.

A Disney travel agent is a specialist in all things Disney. They stay up to date on all the upcoming attractions and customize your itinerary based on all the interests of you and your family.

Many agents even attend a special Disney college to make sure they know the best way to put your package together.

Most travel agencies do not charge you to plan your vacation. Disney covers all agent fees themselves.

So, whether you book through them or do it yourself, theres no extra cost for the service!

A thorough conversation with your agent is usually all youll need to completely customize your vacation. If youre traveling with family, just let your agent know, and theyll be sure to include family-friendly events.

The reason I prefer top Disney Agents is because they are an earmarked agency with Disney. This means Disney recognizes them as an official agency.

As Laura explains in episode 27 oftheThemeParkHipster podcast, this also means Disney is more likely to honor special requests from them because of their legitimacy.

For a free service, I think thats pretty cool.

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Other Places To Go For Your 7 Day Disney World Itinerary

While I still maintain you should prioritize visiting all 4 of the parks, you certainly have other options you can entertain. If you dont want to have a rest day , here are several ideas of what you can do instead:

  • Disney World also has two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon
  • Universal Studios is a hop, skip, and a jump away
  • SeaWorld
  • Legoland
  • Of course, another Disney park day

My Ideal 7 Day Disney World Itinerary

How Planning a Disney Vacation for 2021 is Different in ...

Heres where I lay out the basic structure of your 7 day Disney itinerary. In reality, you can order things however you want to. However, my biggest recommendation is to insert a rest day smack in the middle of the park days.

Disney vacations are usually pretty exhausting, so everyone will be ready to recharge their batteries by then.

In terms of the park days themselves, truly, you can swap around the parks to whichever day you want. I dont think theres necessarily one order that gives you a better experience.

If you have a family full of Star Wars fans, make your Hollywood Studios day earlier in the trip. Looking forward to eating around World Showcase? Same deal.

I have one simple little caveat to this: if this is your first trip to Disney World you MUST make Magic Kingdom your first park day. Quite simply, Magic Kingdom is the foundation of Disney World.

There is nothing quite like rounding the corner onto Main Street and seeing the castle at the end. This is the moment youve been waiting for while planning this trip.

Nothing says, my Disney trip has started like this moment right here. Ive been to Disney many times at this point and the feeling never gets old.

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Big Choices Youll Need To Make For Your 2021 Trip

The hardest part of planning a Disney World vacation is making the tough decisions, right? Which hotel should you stay at? Where will you eat? Should you go in the winter or summer? Should you even consider a trip to Disney World in 2021? Heres everything you need to know to help you make those choices.

Lifes full of tough choices, innit? But were here to try to make them a little easier for you.

Should I Stay At A Disney Resort

This one is something that people are divided on. I have stayed both on and off property and for me and my family, we feel that staying on property is definitely the way to go! Heres why

We stayed off property the first time my husband and I went together way back for our 1st wedding anniversary. We didnt really think about it much and just found a cheap hotel. Then we had to rent a car, pay for gas, pay for parking and wait in traffic it was o.k

Then we had our daughter and once she was old enough we knew we wanted to take her to Disney. I had heard some friends say they had stayed on property and loved it. I honestly thought it was out of our price range but wanted to check it out for fun.

What I found was that after figuring in all of the expenses we paid for by staying off-site we didnt really save any money! The room we chose was at Art of Animation, one of the best value resorts for kids, and we had so many perks by staying onsite I knew we would never stay off-site again!

The benefits are overwhelming!

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A Split Stay Changes Everything

If you plan on booking a split stay , ignore absolutely everything you read before this.

In the case of a split stay, I always base our park days on the location of that resort.

For example, we recently did a split stay between Beach Club Resort and Bay Lake Tower. Because of their locations, we went to Hollywood Studios and Epcot while staying at Beach Club, and Magic Kingdom while staying at Bay Lake Tower.

Animal Kingdom didnt matter because theres not much thats easy and close about that one.

Transportation needs are the main reason behind this strategy. We could walk or take the Skyliner to Epcot and HS while at Beach Club. And we could walk to Magic Kingdom from Bay Lake Tower. Any time you can avoid the bus is a thumbs up in my book.

Youll Enjoy This Job If

2021 Disney World Planning 101 – Watch Before You Plan Your Disney Trip

You might want to become a Disney travel planner if youre looking for a new part-time or full-time career. Youll likely enjoy this job if:

  • Youre able to work independently. Often, you may work remotely.
  • Everything about Disney and Disney travel appeals to you.
  • If you could go on vacation right now, youd choose a Disney vacation.
  • You enjoy figuring out the details of trip planning.
  • You work well with people, provide strong customer service, and are able to adapt to changing requests from clients.
  • Sales and marketing come naturally to you or youre willing to learn.

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Free 2022 Walt Disney World Planners

December 11, 2021 by

Modern Life is Good is an excellent source of information to plan your Walt Disney World Vacation. The planning process has changed considerably for 2022 Disney Vacations but remains an essential process. Eventually, you will want to start putting your plans down in writing. Our Free 2022 Walt Disney World Planners are a great resource that can help create a perfect Walt Disney World Vacation Plan.

We have updated our Walt Disney World Vacation Planners for 2022 and have added several new tools so you can plan an even better Walt Disney World Vacation. You are welcome to download the planners and edit them for your requirements. Can you believe other Walt Disney World Blogs charge for similar sheets?

Our Planners include new sections for the latest changes at Walt Disney World, including Disney Genie+ and Early Morning Magic. Our Free 2022 Walt Disney World Planners will ensure you miss nothing out on your vacation plans.

Some of the planners we have available include:-

  • A vacation overview including prompts on items you might easily forget
  • A Walt Disney World budgeting planning sheet
  • A Weekly Walt Disney World planning sheet
  • Several different styles of daily planners

Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation is fantastic fun, and you will enjoy your vacation more if you have planned your trip.

Consider Taking A Break

You may have been used to getting up before the sun and staying in the parks until late into the night without any breaks. Now that guests must wear masks at all times in the park except when stationary and actively eating/drinking or in a mask-free Relaxation Station, you might find that you want to just take a break, put up your feet, and take off your mask for a few minutes.

Consider scheduling in some down time during your day. Whether that means going all the way back to your hotel or simply getting a cold drink and sitting at a Mask Relaxation Station for a few minutes, that break could help everyone stay happy and get them reenergized for the day.

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