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Disney World Tips For First Timers

Most Important Tip For First Visits During Covid

11 ESSENTIAL tips for first timers at disney world !!

If your first time visit to Disney World coincides with continued capacity restrictions across the four parks, it is critical that you check the reservation calendar for availability before making either Disney resort reservations or purchasing theme park tickets.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, Disney World has reduced park capacity. In order to ensure that this attendance cap isnt exceeded, guests are required to book their place within a park by making a theme park reservation.

Reservations are made through the My Disney Experience app or on the Disney World website. If you omit this step before booking, you may find that there is no availability for you on certain days of your travel.

Currently, park reservations are required through 2022, and can be checked before booking by visiting the theme park reservation availability calendar. Once you purchase your theme park tickets, its a good idea to immediately make your park reservations to avoid getting shut out on any of your dates.

Dont Forget Your Favorite Pair Of Comfortable Shoes

Fashion over function, I always used to say. No more. On our first visit, I was more concerned about looking cute than visiting for comfort. Remember that 80s phrase, Its better to look good than to feel good? Yep, that was me. Even The Kid wore flippies to the parks- only to realize her feet were killing her after only a couple of hours.

Theres a reason why most Walt Disney World guests are dressed for comfort. After our third or fourth day straight in the parks, and even with really good walking shoes, our feet scream at us with each step.

Do: some research and find the best walking shoes- ones that will persevere and cushion. After all, its hard to have fun in a Disney park when youre wincing with every step. Break them in before you go, too. Make sure theyre exactly what you need in a walking shoe.

Consider Meals At Nearby Hotels

Theres little reason to constrain yourself to meals inside a park at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Particularly at Epcot, the Boardwalk and its hotels are right outside the park, so you should be open to meals at Boardwalk Inn, Yacht Club, and Beach Club.

At Magic Kingdom, youre looking at a bit of transit time getting to nearby hotels , but if youre not on a tight schedule you should be open to meals at Contemporary, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and even Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness.

You can walk from Hollywood Studios to the Boardwalk, but it will take about 15 minutes .

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Plan Disney Like A Military Operation

Now, I know this may not sound like fun, but trust me when I say youll have a significantly better time with a plan under your belt than if you wander around aimlessly and spend most of your day queuing in the baking heat. Make planning your Disney holiday part of the fun sit around the computer together, book your FastPasses, dining reservations and discuss each persons must-dos on the trip. Forming a rough plan each day around your reservations and desires will stand you in great stead. If you need a little help, there are thousands of blogs dedicated to planning a Disney trip, use them, theyre awesome!

Disney World Tips For First Timers #: Know What To Pack

6 Essential Disney World Tips for First Timers &  Planning ...

Tammi from My Organized Chaos shared an incredible packing list for Disney World. It includes things you would never think of for your first trip to Disney World, such as:

  • Ponchos for the Florida afternoon thundershowers
  • Autograph book to have characters sign
  • Mouse ears or kids costumes for the parks

You can get the full Disney Word packing list as a handy printable here.

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Cast Members Are Always Available To Help

Walt Disney World is renown for its amazing customer service.

Every single cast member is trained to provide the best service possible.

If you have a question or a problem while at the parks, no matter how small or silly, just talk to someone who works there.

If they arent able to help you, theyll point you to someone who does. We have almost never had anything but exceptional service at Walt Disney World.

If someone goes way above and beyond, I always make sure to thank them in a public way.

Its easy to thank a cast member in ways that will make a difference in their career.

Let them know you appreciated their service and the praise gets sent to their superiors at work to let them know they are doing a great job.

Your first time at Disney World will be an amazing experience! Just make sure you go informed about everything Disney has to offer so you can have the perfect vacation!

Did you know that theres a super magical moment at the Magic Kingdom every night that most people miss? Check out how you can experience the Kiss Goodnight!

The Magic Kingdom is extra enchanting at night! Read about the best things to do in this Disney Park after dark.

Standing In Ride Lines

The ride lines can be long and boring for younger kids. Disney has tried to make them more exciting by adding pictures and themed decorations for families to look at while waiting, but if your waiting an hour in line this is not enough.

A fun line game Disney has started is trivia games that you can only access while waiting in line on your My Disney Experience App. Both kids and adults will enjoy playing this together.

Make sure to have a few line game ideas ready before you go. Here are some easy games to play in line at Disney with Kids. No more hearing them say Im Bored while waiting in line.

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Dont Forget To Sign Up For Discounts Before You Go

This one was a little under the radar when I began planning my familys first Disney World vacation. By signing up for a free Disney vacation planning packet including a park DVD, youll be placed on the Disney lists- and may even score a pin code.

Whats a pin code? Its an exclusive code attached to your name and address. I was able to score free dining for our vacation. Sometimes its a room discount, sometimes a ticket discount.

Its also an easy way to get on the Disney radar. If Im even considering another Disney World vacation, the first thing I do is check to see if theres a pin code attached to my account. All you have to do is call WDW vacation planning and ask. A Castmember will ask for your email and address. Once youre connected to a Castmember, it doesnt take but five minutes to find out.

Ive also heard that by creating a My Disney Experience account and planning a trip via the official website, but leaving the vacation in your online cart, it may cause WDW to throw a discount your way.

Do: Create a My Disney Experience account well in advance of your trip. In fact, make one even if youre not planning a trip anytime soon. Its fun to use and you can always shop via the app and have items sent to your home in the meantime.

Tip #1: Decide If A Dining Plan Is Right For You

Tips for First Time Travelers to Walt Disney World

Flame Tree Barbecue, Animal Kingdom

Food is a subject unto itself at Disney World. There are hundreds of places to eat, from churro carts to 5-star fine dining.

If you decide that a dining plan is a good fit for your traveling party, then check out my popular post with tips and tricks for maximizing the Disney dining plan.

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What Can You Do At Walt Disney World

The large footprint of the Disney World Resort means that you can stay in the Disney Bubble during your entire trip. While Universal Studios Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando are nearby, theres plenty of things to do on-site at Disney World. You could spend a month there and still not see everything!

Hidden Mickey spotting!

The Disney World resort offers 4 different theme parks, two water parks, 20+ resort hotels, an outdoor shopping center and multiple golf courses. The hotels in themselves vary from value, moderate to deluxe and are spread out around the property, with amazing pools, scheduled entertainment and playgrounds for kids.

Ive traveled to Disney World with my family several times and have included links to articles that may help in your vacation planning. The following sections include questions you should ask yourself when planning a first Disney World vacation.

Best Disney World Tips For First Timers

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

    Planning your first trip to Disney World can leave you overwhelmed and confused.

    Thats why Im sharing the best Disney World tips for first timers from a bunch of Disney World pros in this post!

    Read on to get the inside scoop on planning an incredible first visit to the Mouse House

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    Walt Disney World Vacation Itinerary Day Four

    Want a curve ball? This is usually the day that well plan to head to Universal Orlando!After a couple days in the Disney Bubble, its fun to see things like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. Check out my article about 10 Things you should know about Universal Orlando before you go!

    But Fastpass+ Is Your Bff

    15 BEST Disney World Tips for First Timers

    Whether youre staying on site and can book 60 days out or can only book 30 days ahead of time, youll want to use the FastPass+ system to snag three of your favorite rides each day.

    The most popular rides wont be available on the day you arrive at the parks. Heck, some rides wont even be available 30 days ahead of time. Those long lines can be painful. Use FastPass+ wisely.

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    Walt Disney World Vacation Itinerary Day Six

    Lets assume that youre staying at Walt Disney World for longer than four or five daysmaybe youre there for a week. Maybe youll want to do a half & half day:First half: A Theme Park or Water ParkSecond half: Disney SpringsThe idea behind this day is more of a bridge to get you to start thinking about what you would want to either see again or last minute plans. Weve done this day as an Extra Magic Hours theme park morning, where we book our three FastPass+ attractions starting at 9am/10am/11am and then we head from the park to Disney Springs for the late afternoon and evening.Remember, this is just an ideabecause depending on where youre stayingyou could actually be ending your evenings at Disney Springs! When we did our stay at the Holiday Inn Disney Springs resort, we would take the bus from the parks to DS and then walk back to our hotel after we got some shopping done at World of Disney and the Coca Cola Store.Be open to revisiting this day throughout the vacation, because a resort dining reservation may come up that you didnt expect and this would be a great evening to do that!

    Advance Dining Reservations At Walt Disney World

    Did you know that you can make your dining reservations online at Walt Disney World up to 180 days in advance? It was a recent discovery even to me, and Ive noted it down for my next trip to Disney Orlando . Some restaurants and experiences like character breakfasts tend to fill up quickly, so booking well in advance is definitely a good idea. Make sure to book your table at less popular times for a better chance.

    As I already mentioned, always keep an eye on the Disney official channels for special offers and discounts!

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    How Can I Save Money In The Parks

    Once you are in the parks, all of the attractions and entertainment are included in your park admission. Your biggest expenses inside the parks will be food and merchandise.

    The easiest way to save money on food is to bring your own. Here are the rules:

    Guests are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverage items into the park for self-consumption, provided they are not in glass containers and do not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or temperature control and do not have pungent odors. Inform a Security Cast Member of any food items when you enter the park.

    While you cant bring a cooler full of snacks into Walt Disney World, you can pack simple snacks like energy bars, peanut butter sandwiches and trail mix.

    I can find food I love at all of the Disney Parks but I think the best snacks are at EPCOT.

    Cast Members Do Their Best To Give You Pixie Dust

    Top 10 Tips Visiting Disney World for the First Time

    Pixie Dust! Its what they call a cast member that goes out of their way to make your trip magical.

    Not all of Disneys cast members do this- but most of them are amazing.

    Offering you helpful suggestions, catering to your children, making you feel extra special.

    I love when we get pixie dust! We tend to give a shout out on Twitter with their name so that Disney can thank them.

    The cast members truly are part of the magic of Disney World!

    Ummm and you can get literal pixie dust in Magic Kingdom! Head to Sir Mickeys in Fantasy Land and ask to get Pixie Dusted. It is SO CUTE!

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    Walt Disney World Vacation Itinerary The First Day

    Okay, so this is a cop-out, because Ive done an article for the Arrival Day at Disney World. Check it outbecause it shouldnt count towards anything due to the number of factors that could be either in your favor or going against you. Dont stress about anything, because your real First Day is actually Day Two!

    Staying On Disney Property Has Some Great Perks For Your First Time At Disney World

    While there are a gazillion choices for where to stay while at Walt Disney World, I highly recommend paying a little extra and staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel.

    Disney World offers more than 25 unique resort hotels at every price point, and all of them come with extra perks only available to on-property guests.

    The perks include Extra Magic Hours at the parks, early access to Fastpass+ and dining reservations, and free transportation to the parks.

    Theres also something to be said for staying in the Disney Bubble where you never have to leave the magic!

    Our family has found that we absolutely love staying on Disney property, and almost never stay anywhere else.

    Some of the perks are currently on hold, but I have no doubt theyll be returning soon.

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    Finally Embrace The Magic

    There is nowhere else like Disney World and whether youve come on your own or with family, make sure you embrace everything Disney has created for you to enjoy. Theres a reason despite having been swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos, trekked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu and explored the Amazon Rainforest, I still always come back to Disney. It will bring magic to your life and I promise you will never forget your holiday to the happiest place on earth!

    Vet by day , searching for a cure for wanderlust – I’m confident it must be in one of the many countries I am yet to explore! When not caring for All creatures great and small in the UK, adventuring, eating and getting up close and personal with the worlds grunters, squeakers, roarers and squawkers are my passions in life. Like any good vet should, I make excellent “clinical notes” on my adventures at

    Dont Give Up On Booking Your Reservation

    26 Tips for Walt Disney World First Timers

    If you cant book that FastPass+ or RSVP to a special event, then check the my Disney experience app on the site around 7 A.M. the day of and see if you have any luck.

    The Disney World FastPass+ is a travel must have if youre looking to enjoy the most of Disney by spending less time waiting in line.

    Disney FastPasses are great in that they give you peace of mind that your must-do attractions are locked before you even start your vacation!

    I can attest to this because Ive done it before during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

    For example, I wanted to go to a beverage seminar that was booked up the whole month, then I tried the day of and I was able to get in.

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    First Time At Disney World 15 Essential Tips For First Timers

    DISCLAIMER: Our posts may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps us to keep things going at Seconds to Go. Thanks!

    After our first time at Disney World, I lamented to a friend who lived in Utah that a four-day trip hadnt been nearly long enough.

    As a long-time veteran of Disneyland in California, she was puzzled by this. How could I possibly spend more than four days at Disney parks?

    Her first misconception was that Disney World is only the Magic Kingdom. In fact, Disney World is a vast campus featuring 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and multiple additional activities that range from golf to horseback riding.

    In addition to the wide array of fun things to do, Disney World is home to numerous hotels, a staggering array of restaurants, and even some world-class shopping at Disney Springs. Navigating this vast new world will require some planning if you want to capture everything thats special about a first trip to Disney World.

    Follow these 15 essential Walt Disney World vacation planning tips, and youll be able to capture all of the magic of your first time at Disney World.

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